Proceedings of the Congress at New-York.
Stamp Act Congress

From the Province of Pennsylvania.

  • JOHN DICKENSON, Esquire.
  • JOHN MORTON, Esquire.
  • GEORGE BRYAN, Esquire.
Who produced the following Appointment in Assembly, September 11st. 1765. A. M.

The House resumed the Consideration of their Resolution of Yesterday to appoint a Committee of Three or more of their Members, to attend the General Congress of Committees, from the several Assemblies on this Con|tinent, to be held at New-York, on the first of October next: And after some Time spent therein.

Page  8 RESOLVED, That Mr. Speaker, Mr. Dickenson, Mr. Bryan, and Mr. Morton, be, and they are hereby nominated and appointed to that Service. A true Extract from the Journals, CHARLES MOORE, Clerk of Assembly.