Proceedings of the Congress at New-York.
Stamp Act Congress

From the Colony of New-Jersey,

  • ROBERT OGDEN, Esquire.
  • JOSEPH BORDEN, Esquire.
Who produced the following Appointment, viz.

At a Meeting of a large Number of the Representatives of the Colony of New-Jersey, at the House of Robert Sprowl, October the 3d. 1765,

At the Desire of the Speaker of the House of Representatives as afore|said, and at the earnest Request of many of our Constituents, to consider of some Method for humbly, loyally, and dutifully joining in a Petition to his Majesty, that he would be graciously pleased to recommend it to the Parliament of Great-Britain, to redress our Grievances, by repealing several of the late Acts of Parliament affecting the Northern Colonies, particularly that called the STAMP-ACT;

Robert Ogden, Esq Hendrick Fisher▪ Esq and Joseph Borden, Esq were desired to attend at the Congress, now met at New-York, and join in the Measures there to be concluded on for the Purposes aforesaid, and to make Report of their Proceedings therein, at the next Meeting of General As|sembly.

Signed by Order, JOHN LAWRANCE