Proceedings of the Congress at New-York.
Stamp Act Congress

Die Jovis, 9h. A. M. the18th October 1764.

ORDERED, That the said Committee appointed to correspond with the said Agent, be also a Committee during the Recess of the House, to write Page  7 to, and correspond with, the several Assemblies, or Committees of Assem|blies on this Continent▪ on the subject Matter of the Act, commonly called the Sugar Act, of the Act restraining Paper Bills of Credit in the Colonies from being a legal Tender, and of the several other Acts of Parliament lately passed, with Relation to the Trade of the Northern Colonies; and also on the Subject of the impending Dangers, which threaten the Colonies of being taxed by Laws to be passed in Great-Britain.

Extracted from, Compared and Examined with, the Records of the Pro|ceedings of the General Assembly for the Colony of New-York, by ABRAHAM LOTT, Clerk.