Proceedings of the Congress at New-York.
Stamp Act Congress

At a General Assembly of the Governor and Company of the Colony of Connec|ticut, holden at Hartford, (by Special Order of his Honour the Governor, of said Colony) on the 19th Day of September, Anno Domini 1765.

INSTRUCTIONS to the Commissioners of this Colony, appointed to meet Commissioners from the other Colonies, at New-York, on the first Tuesday of October next.


YOU are to repair to the said City of New-York, at said Time, or at the Time which according to the Intelligence you may receive of the Convening of the other Commissioners, it may appear to you seasonable and best, to consult together with them on the present Circumstances of the Colonies, and the Difficulties to which they are, and must be reduced, by the Operation of the Acts of Parliament for laying Duties and Taxes on the Colonies, and to consider of, and propose, a general, and united, duti|ful, loyal, and humble Representation of their Condition, to his Majesty and the Parliament, and to implore Relief.

In your Proceedings you are to take Care, that you form no such Junc|tion with the other Commissioners, as will subject you to the major Vote of the Commissioners present.

Page  5You are to inform the Governor and General Assembly, at the Session in October next, of all such Proceedings as shall appear to you needful and convenient, to be communicated for Consideration, and to observe all such further Instructions as you may receive.

And you are to Report your Doings, with the Doings of the Commissioners, at such Meeting, to the General Assembly of this Colony, for Acceptance and Approbation.

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