Proceedings of the Congress at New-York.
Stamp Act Congress
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From the Colony of Connecticut,

  • ELIPHALET DYER, Esquire.
  • DAVID ROWLAND, Esquire.
Who produced the following Appointment, viz.

At a General Assembly of the Governor and Company of the Colony of Connec|ticut, holden at Hartford, (by Special Order of his Honour the Governor, of said Colony) on the 19th Day of September, Anno Domini 1765.

WHEREAS it has been proposed, that a Congress be attended by Commissioners from the several Governments on this Continent, to confer upon a general, and united, humble, loyal, and dutiful Repre|sentation to his Majesty and the Parliament, of the present Circumstances of the Colonies, and the Difficulties to which they are, and must be reduced, by the Operation of the Acts of Parliament, for laying Duties and Taxes on the Colonies, and to implore Relief, &c.

RESOLVED by this Assembly, that Eliphalet Dyer, William Samuel Johnson, and David Rowland, Esquires, or any Two of them, be, and hereby are ap|pointed Commissioners on behalf of this Colony, to repair to New-York, to attend the proposed Congress in the Matters above referred to, and his Ho|nour is hereby desired to Commissionate them accordingly.

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