Proceedings of the Congress at New-York.
Stamp Act Congress

Mr. Speaker laid before the House, a Letter from the Honourable Speaker of the Honourable House of Representatives of the Province of the Mas|sachusetts-Bay, to the Speaker of this Assembly, proposing a Meeting, of Committees, from the several Assemblies of the British Colonies on the Continent, at New-York, to consider of a general, united, dutiful, loyal, and humble Representation of our Circumstances, and for imploring his Majesty and the Parliament for Relief: Which being Read,

RESOLVED, That notwithstanding we are Sensible such Representation ought to be made, and approve of the proposed Method for obtaining there|of, yet the present Situation of our Governmental Affairs will not permit us to appoint a Committee, to attend such Meeting, but shall be ready to join in any Address to his Majesty and the Parliament we may be honoured with the Knowledge of, probable to answer the 〈…〉.

〈…〉, Clerk.

The Two foregoing Letters, are true Copies from the Original. Attest. JOHN COTTON, Clerk.

Adjourned to To-Morrow Morning IX o'Clock.