Proceedings of the Congress at New-York.
Stamp Act Congress

Savannah, in GEORGIA, September 6, 1765.


(COPY.) YOUR Letter dated in June last, acquainting me, that the House of Representatives of your Province, had Unani|mously agreed to propose a Meeting at the City of New-York, of Com|mittees, from the Houses of Representatives of the several British Colonies on this Continent, on the First Tuesday in October next, to consult together on the present Circumstances of the Colonies, and the Difficulties to which they are, and must be reduced, by the Operation of the Acts of Parliament for laying Duties and Taxes on the Colonies, and to consider of an humble Representation of their Condition to his Majesty and the Parliament, and to implore Relief, came to Hand at an unlucky Season, it being in the Re|cess of the General Assembly of this Province; nevertheless, immediately upon the Receipt of your Letter, I dispatch'd Expresses to the several Re|presentatives of this Province, acquainting them with the Purport thereof, and requesting them to meet at this Place without delay, and accordingly they met here on Monday last, to the Number of Sixteen, being a large Majority of the Representatives of this Province, the Whole consisting of Twenty-five Persons; but his Excellency our Governor being applied to, did not think it expedient to call them together on the Occasion, which is the Reason of their not sending a Committee, as proposed by your House, Page  25 for you may be assured, Sir, that no Representatives on this Continent, can more sincerely concur in the Measures proposed, than do the Representatives of this Province now met together, neither can any People, as Individuals, more warmly Espouse the Common Cause of the Colonies, than do the People of this Province.

The Gentlemen now present, request it as a Favour, you'll be pleased to send me a Copy of such Representation as may be agreed upon by the se|veral Committees at New-York, and acquaint me how, and in what Man|ner, the same is to be lain before the King and Parliament, whether by any Person particularly authorized for that Purpose, or by the Colony Agents. The General Assembly of this Province stands Prorogued to the 22d Day of October next, which is the Time it generally meets for the Dispatch of the Ordinary Business of the Province; and I doubt not, the Representatives of this Province, will then, in their Legislative Capacity, take under Con|sideration, the Grievances so justly complain'd of, and transmit their Sense of the same to Great-Britain, in such Way, as may seem best calculated to obtain Redress, and so as to convince the Sister Colonies of their inviolable Attachment to the Common Cause. I am, SIR,

Your most obedient, And most humble Servant ALEXANDER WILLY.


To SAMUEL WHITE, Esq Speaker of the House of Re|presentatives of Massachu|setts, &c.