Proceedings of the Congress at New-York.
Stamp Act Congress

TUESDDAY, October 8, 1765, A. M.

The Congress met according to Adjournment.

Upon Motion, Voted, That the Provinces be called every Morning at the Time that it is Adjourned to.

Voted, That Mr. Justice Livingston, Mr. McKean, and Mr. Rutledge, be a Committee to inspect the Proceedings and Minutes, and Correct the same.

Then the Congress took into Consideration the Rights and Privileges of the British American Colonists, with the several Inconveniencies and Hard|ships to which they are, and must be subjected, by the Operation of several late Acts of Parliament, particularly the Act called the STAMP-ACT; and after some Time spent therein, the same was postponed for further Con|sideration.

Then the Congress Adjourned to To-Morrow XI o'Clock.