Proceedings of the Congress at New-York.
Stamp Act Congress

THURSDAY, August 8, 1765.

ORDERED, That the Speaker do inform Thomas Lynch, Christopher Gads|den, and John Rutledge, Esquires, that they are appointed a Committee, to meet the Committees of the several other Colonies on this Continent, on the first Tuesday in October next, at New-York, and that he do acquaint them, it is the desire of the House, that they repair to New-York, on the said First Tuesday in October next, for the Purposes mentioned in the Re|port of the Committee, as agreed to by this House, on Friday the 26th Day of July last.

Page  13ORDERED, That Three Copies of the Proceedings of this House, rela|tive to the said Matter, be made out, and Signed by the Speaker, and that he deliver One of the said Copies to each of the said Gentlemen.

RAW. L••••DES, Speaker.

Then the said Committees proceeded to chuse a Chairman by Ballot, and Timothy Ruggles, Esq on sorting and counting the Votes, appeared to have a Majority, and thereupon was placed in the Chair.

RESOLVED, Nomine Contradicente, That Mr. John Cotton be 〈◊〉 to this Congress, during the Continuance thereof.

Then the Congress took into Consideration the several Appointments of the Committees from New-York, New-Jersey, and the Government of the Lower Counties on Delaware, and

RESOLVED, Nomine Contradicente, That the same are sufficient to qualify the Gentlemen therein named, to sit in this Congress

RESOLVED ALSO, That the Committee of each Colony, shall have One Voice only, in determining any Questions that shall arise in this Congress.

Then the Congress Adjourned till To-Morrow Morning at IX o'Clock.