Proceedings of the Congress at New-York.
Stamp Act Congress

FRIDAY, July 26, 1765.

Capt. Gadsden Reported from the Committee appointed to consider of the Letter sent from the Speaker of the House of Representatives, of the Pro|vince of the Massachusetts-Bay, to the Speaker of this House, and to report their Opinion thereupon, of the Expediency and Utility of the Measures therein proposed, and the best Means to effect the Relief therein mentioned:

That they are of Opinion, the Measure therein proposed, is prudent and necessary, and therefore recommend to the House, to send a Committee, to meet the Committees from the Houses of Representatives, or Burgesses, of the several British Colonies on this Continent, at New-York, the First Tues|day in October next.

Page  12That the said Committee be ordered to consult there, with those other Committees, on the present Circumstances of the Colonies, and the Dif|ficulties which they are, and must be reduced to, by the Operation of the Acts of Parliament, for levying Duties and Taxes on the Colonies, and to consider of a general, united, dutiful, loyal, and humble Representation of their Condition, to his Majesty and the Parliament, and to implore Relief.

That the Result of their Consultation, shall, at their Return, be imme|diately laid before the House, to be confirm'd or not, as the House may think proper.

And the said Report being delivered in at the Clerk's Table, and Read a second Time, the Question was severally put, That the House do agree to the First, Second, and Third Paragraphs of the said Report. It was Re|solved in the Affirmative.