Proceedings of the Congress at New-York.
Stamp Act Congress

From the Province of Maryland,


INSTRUCTIONS from the Honourable the Lower House of Assembly, of the Province of Maryland, to William Murdock, Edward Tilghman, and Thomas Ringgold, Esquires, a Committee appointed to join the several Com|mittees, from the several Colonies in America, at New-York.


You are to repair immediately to the City of New-York, in the Province of New-York, and there join with the Committees from the Houses of Representatives of the other Colonies, in a general and united, dutiful, loyal, and humble Representation to his Majesty, and the British Parliament, of the Circumstances and Condition of the British Colonies and Plantations, and to pray Relief from the Burthens and Restraints lately laid on their Trade and Commerce, and especially from the Taxes imposed by an Act of the last Sessions of Parliament, granting and applying certain Stamp Du|ties, and other Duties, in the British Colonies and Plantations in America, whereby they are deprived, in some Instances, of that invaluable Privilege of Englishmen, and British Subjects, Trials by Juries. That you take Care that such Representation shall, humbly and decently, but expressly, contain an Assertion of the Rights of the Colonists, to be exempt from all and every Taxations and Impositions upon their Persons and Properties, to which they do not consent in a Legislative Way, either by themselves or their Representatives, by them freely chosen and appointed.

Signed by Order of the House, ROBERT LLOYD, Speaker.