Proceedings of the Congress at New-York.
Stamp Act Congress

Kent County, to wit. WE whose Names are hereunder written, Members of the General Assembly of the Government of the Counties of New-Castle, Kent, and Sussex, upon Delaware, for the said County of Kent, tho' sensible of the Impropriety of assuming the Functions of Assembly-Men, during the Recess of our House, yet zealous to concur in any Mea|sure which may be productive of Advantage to this Government, and the other British Colonies on the Continent of America, in general, have Ap|pointed, and as much as in us lies do Appoint, Jacob Kollock, Esq Caesar Rodney, Esq and Thomas McKean, Esq Members of said Assembly, to be a Committee, to meet with the other Committees already appointed, or to be appointed, by the several and respective Assemblies of the said other Colonies, at the City of New-York, on the First Tuesday in October next, in Conjunction with the said other Committees, to consider of the Page  10 present distressful Circumstances of the said Colonies, occasioned in some Measure, as we apprehend, by several late Acts of Parliament, and to join with them in an humble Address to his most Gracious Majesty and the Parliament of Great-Britain, for Redress of our Grievances, or in any other expedient that shall be agreed on by the said Committees, which may tend to promote the Utility and Welfare of the British Dominions in America.

September 13th 1765.