Proceedings of the Congress at New-York.
Stamp Act Congress

From the Government of the Counties of New-Castle, Kent, and Sussex, on Delaware,

  • CAESAR RODNEY, Esquire.
  • THOMAS M'KEAN, Esquire.
Whose Appointments are as follows, viz.

Caesar Rodney, and Thomas M'Kean, Esquires, appeared from the Govern|ment of the Counties of New-Castle, Kent, and Sussex, upon Delaware, and inform'd this Congress, That the Representatives of the said Government, could not meet in General Assembly after the above Letter was wrote, and before the first Day of this Instant, that the said Assembly consists of 〈◊〉 Eighteen Members, Fifteen of whom have appointed the other Three to attend here, &c. by Three several Instruments of Writing which are in these Words, viz.

Page  9 To all to whom these Presents shall 〈◊〉.

KNOW YE, That we the Subscribers, Five of the Representatives of the Freemen of the Government of the Counties of New-Castle, Kent, and Sussex, upon Delaware, sensible of the weighty and oppressive Taxes im|posed upon the good People of this Government, by divers late Acts of Parliament, and of the great Infringement of the Liberties and just and established Rights of all his Majesty's Colonies on this Continent, occasioned by the late Measures in England, and being of Opinion, that the Method proposed by the Honourable House of Assembly of the Province of Mas|sachusetts-Bay, is the most likely to obtain a Redress of these Grievances; and taking into Consideration the Misfortune we at present labour under, in not having it in our Power to convene as a House, and in a regular Man|ner to appoint a Committee; yet zealous for the Happiness of our Consti|tuents, think it our Duty in this Way to serve them, as much as in us lies, (assured of the hearty Approbation of any future House of Assembly of this Government) and therefore do hereby Nominate and Appoint Jacob Kollock, Thomas McKean, and Caesar Rodney, Esquires, Three of the Re|presentatives of the same Government, a Committee, to repair to the City of New-York, on the First Day of October next, and there to join with the Committees sent by the other Provinces, in One united and loyal Peti|tion to his Majesty, and Remonstrance to the Honourable House of Com|mons of Great-Britain, against the aforesaid Acts of Parliament, therein dutifully, yet most firmly, asserting the Colonies Right of Exclusion from Parliamentary Taxation, and praying that they may not in any Instance, be stripped of the antient and most valuable Privilege of a Trial by their Peers, and most humbly imploring Relief.

In Testimony whereof, we have hereunto set our Hands, at New-Castle, the Twenty-first Day of September, Annoque Domini 1765.