Proceedings of the Congress at New-York.
Stamp Act Congress

Extracts from the Journals of the House of Representatives for the Province of Pennsylvania.

WEDNESDAY, September 11th 1765, A. M.

The Committee appointed to prepare Instructions for the Deputies nomi|nated by this House to attend the proposed Congress, at New-York, on the first of next Month, reported an Essay for that Purpose, which they pre|sented to the Chair, and the same being read and agreed to by the House, follows in these Words, viz.

INSTRUCTIONS to the Committee appointed to meet the Com|mittees of the other British Continental Colonies at New-York.

It is Directed by the House, That you shall, with the Committees that have been, or shall be appointed by the several British Colonies on this Continent, to meet at New-York, consult together on the present Cir|cumstances of the Colonies, and the Difficulties they are, and must be reduced to, by the late Acts of Parliament for levying Duties and Taxes upon them, and join with the said Committees, in loyal and dutiful Ad|dresses to the King and the Two Houses of Parliament, humbly repre|senting the Condition of these Colonies, and imploring Relief, by a Re|peal of the said Acts; and you are strictly required to take Care, that such Addresses in which you join, are drawn up in the most decent and respectful Terms, so as to avoid every Expression that can give the least occasion of Offence to his Majesty or to either House of Parliament.

You are also directed to make a Report of your Proceedings herein, to the succeeding Assembly.

A true Extract from the Journals,

September 26th 1765. CHARLES MOORE, Clerk of Assembly.