The American instructor: or, Young man's best companion. Containing, spelling, reading, writing, and arithmetick, in an easier way than any yet published; and how to qualify any person for business, without the help of a master. : Instructions to write variety of hands ... How to write letters on business or friendship. Forms of indentures, ... releases, &c. : Also merchants accompts, and a short and easy method of shop and book keeping; with a description of the several American colonies. : Together with the carpenter's plain and exact rule: shewing how to measure carpenters ... To which is added, The poor planter's physician ... And also, prudent advice to young tradesmen and dealers. The whole better adapted to these American colonies, than any other book of the like kind.
Fisher, George, accomptant., Slack, Ann Fisher, 1719-1778.

To make Cyder.

Grind, stamp or pound your Apples, and put them into a Press, and Squeeze them through Hair Bags into a Tub; then let it settle, and, according to your Quantity of Juice, put in some Sugar at Discretion; then work it up with Ale-Yest, and let it stand a Week; then prepare your Ves|sels according to the Quantity, clean and dry; then put it up; after which put into a Bag two Pounds of stoned Rai|sins, two Ounces of whole Ginger, and two Ounces of Isingglass, and see it tied tight with a strong String fixed without-side the Barrel, that the Bag may sink to the Bot|tom; and after two Months it will be fit for Use.