* 'Tis not without a Precedent of this Nature from the Word of God, that the Governour, and Rulers of a people should take Care that the Ministers of Religion have their Dues. Nehemiah that glorious Reformer and Governour in the Land of Judah, when he perceived that the portion of the Levites was not given them: He contended with the Rulers, that effective Care might be taken of their Support; in this way the matter was accommodated, and the people bro' in their dues into the Treasuries, Neh. 13. 10, 11, 12, 13.

'Tis far from me to Aggrandize the Ministry;—Riches and Grandeur are a Temptation that we don't desire. All I mean is to have their Peoples Covenants made good to them, according to their true and honest Intention.

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