The resolve refer'd to above, and in part quoted, it's tho't proper to insert at large; and is in these words.

At a great and general court or assembly for his majesty's province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England, be|gun and held at Boston, upon Wednesday May 26. 1725.

The following resolve pass'd both Houses, and was consent|ed to by his honour the lieutenant Governour.viz.

Upon serious consideration of the great distresses that many of the ministers of the gospel within this province labour under, with respect to their support or maintenance, their salaries being generally paid in the public bills of credit of this province, al|tho' many of the ministers contracted with their people in the time when Silver money passed in payment; and the necessa|ries of life, such as cloathing, provisions, together with labour and other things, now demand so much more of the bills of cre|dit than heretofore;

Resolved, That it is the indispensable duty of the several towns precincts and parishes of this province, to make such ad|ditions to the salaries or maintenance of their respective ministers, as may honourably support and encourage them in their work; and therein to have regard as well to the time of the contract between the minister and people, and the specie therein mentioned, as to the great and growing difference in the value of the bills of credit, from what they have sometimes been. And this court do therefore most earnestly recommend the speedy and chearful prac|tice of this duty, to the several congregations and reli|gious assemblies within this province: And that this re|solve be publickly read on the next Lord's day after the receipt hereof, in the afternoon before the congregation be dismiss'd, and at the anniversary meeting of the seve|ral towns or precincts in the province in the month of March next.

By order of the great and general court of assembly,

Josiah Willard, Secr.

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