A confession of faith: or, A summary of divinity. Drawn up by a young gentle-woman, in the twenty-fifth year of her age. ; And now published, for the benefit of all, but more especially of young persons; that they may attain to a competent knowledge, in saving and divine truths.
Fiske, Sarah, 1627-1692., Fiske, Ann, 1663-1708.
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A CONFESSION OF FAITH OR, A Summary of Divinity.

Drawn up, By a Young Gentle-Woman, In the Twenty-Fifth Year of her Age.

And now Published, for the Benefit of ALL, but more especially of YOUNG Persons; That they may Attain to a competent Knowledge, in Saving and Divine Truths.

Boston, Printed for, and Sold by Benjamin Eliot, under the West End of the Exchange. 1704.