A Journal of the proceedings in the late expedition to Port-Royal, on board Their Majesties Ship, the Six-Friends, the Honourable William Phipps Knight, commander in chief, &c. A true copy, attested by Joshua Natstock clerk.
Phips, William, Sir, 1651-1695.

Here followeth a List of the Mames of all the Superiour Officers under the Command of the Honurable Sr. William Phipps, Knight; General of their Majesties forces for this present Expedition, against Nova Scotia or L'Accadie and also the Number of all the Inf••••• Officers Sea-men and private Centinels belonging to the said Forces both by sea and Land.

1st. The Admiral, the Six Friends, 42 guns mounted. 〈◊〉 Gregory Sugars Capt-Lieut, Samuel Adams Lieut. Samuel Emes Master, Briant Smith Mate John Winslow, Richard Willy, William Gibbins, & Daniel Pounding Reformadoes. Francis Knox 〈◊〉 Joseph Fuller Carpenter. John Rose 〈◊〉. Daniel Stddard 〈◊〉 Philip Nineham Cook, with 106 inferior officers Sea-men & Boyes. 120

2. The Porupine. 16 gunns and 6 petteraroes besides small 〈◊〉 Capt. Cyprian Southack Commander, David Mason Lieut. David as|sot Master. with 114 inferior Officers, seamen & boyes. 117

3. The Mary Sloop. 8 gunns besides small Armes. 〈◊〉 Capt. John Alden Commander. William Alden Master. Isaac Reed ••nner and 9 sea-men 12, 12

4. The Ship Union, 4 gunns. Capt. John Brown Commander, Jonathan Gardner mate; and 13 inferior Officer & sea-men 15

5. The Mary Ann Ketch, 2 Gunns. Capt. Gregory Sugars Command. Thomas Miller mate, and 7 inferiour officers & seamen. 9

6. The Lark Ketch, John Walk Command. William D••nten mat. and 5 Seamen. 7

7. The Batchelour-Ketch John Welch, Commander, a Mate, 3 men and one Boy. 6

Belonging to the Fleet. 286

Page  16The Foot Regiment.

1. William Johnson, Major, Edward Willy, Captain-Li••• Edward eeden, 〈◊〉. Four Serjeants, Four Corporals, one Clerk, one Drum, and 53 private Centinels. 6

2. Nathaniel Wade, Captain. Nathaniel Barsham, Lieutenant Thomas Emmons, Ensign. 4 Sarjeants. 4 Corporals. One Clerk one Drm, and 72 private Centinels. 8

3. Andrew Gardner, Captain, Samuel Craft, Lieutenant, Samue Sumner, Ensign, one Clerk, one Drum, and 1 private Cent. 64

4. Edward Creek, Captain, Richard Keates, Liutenant, Thomas Groce, Ensign, 4 Sarjeants, 4 Corporals, one Clerk, one Drum, and 55 private Centinels. 68

5. Stephen Cross, Captain, Robert Knowlton, Lieut', Philip Nelson, Ensign, 4 Sarjeants, 4 Corporals, one Clerk; one Drum, and 44 private Centinels. 57

6. Daniel King, Captain, Jonathan Gardner, Lieutenant, James Dennis, Ensign, 4 Sarjeants, 4 Corporals, one Clerk, one Drum, and 42 Centinels. 55

7. Thomas Barnard, Captain, William Shiprive, Lieut', Joses Bucknam, Ensign, 4. Sarjeants, 4 Corporals, one Clerk, one Drum, and 38 private Centinels. ••

The Foot Regiment. 446

Belonging to the Fleet. 286

The Reverend Mr. Joshua Moodey, Minister, Mr. Henry Dearing, Commissary-General, Caleb Ray Marshal, and Joshua Natstock Clerk.


The whole Mumber 736

GOD Save King WILLIAM and Queen MART.