An essay for the recording of illustrious providences: wherein, an account is given of many remarkable and very memorable events, which have happened in this last age; especially in New-England.
Mather, Increase, 1639-1723.
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OF Remarkable. Sea-Deliverances. Mr. Anthony Thacher's Relation, concerning his and his Wives being marve|lously preserved alive, when all the Ships Company perished. The wonderful preser|vation of Major Gibbons and his Company. Several other Remarkable Sea-deliverances mentioned by Mr. Janeway, wherein New|England Men were concerned. Mr. Graf|ton's preservation. A Vessel lately coming from Bristol for New-England saved out of great distress at Sea. Some providen|tially met with by a New-England Vessel in an open Boat, many Leagues off from any shoar, strangely preserved. An account of a Remarkable Sea-deliverance which hap|ned this year. Another like unto it above twenty years ago. Page. I.

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A further Account of some other Remar|kable Preservations. Of a Child that had part of her Brains struck out and yet lived and did well. Remarkable Deliverances which some in Windsor had experience of. Several in the late Indian War. The Relation of a Captive. Skipper How's memo|rable Preservation. Several Examples somewhat parallel, wherein others in other parts of the World were concerned. Page. 32.


Of Remarkables about Thunder and Lightning. One at Salisbury in New-En|gland struck dead thereby. Several at Marshfield. One at North-Hampton. The Captain of the Castle in Boston. Some Remarkables about Lightning in Roxbo|rough, Wenham, Marble-head, Cam|bridge, Hampton: And in several Vessels at Sea. Some late parallel Instances. Of several in the last Century. Scripture Ex|amples of Men slain by Lightning. Page 72.

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Some Philosophical Meditations. Con|cerning Antipathies and Sympathies. Of the Load-stone. Of the nature and won|derful effects of Lightning. That Thunder|storms are often caused by Satan; and some|times by good Angels. Thunder is the voice of God and therefore to be dreaded. All places in the habitable World are subject to it more or less. No Amulets can preserve Men from being hurt thereby. The mise|rable estate of wicked Men upon this ac|count, and the happiness of the Righteous, who may be above all disquieting fears, with respect unto such terrible Accidents. P. 99.


Concerning things Praeternatural, which have hapned in New-England. A Remark|able Relation about Ann Cole of Hartford. Concerning several Witches in that Colony. Of the Possessed Maid at Groton. An account of the House in Newbery lately troubled with a Daemon. A parallel Story of an House at Ted worth in England. Concern|ing Page  [unnumbered] another in Hartford, and of one in Portsmouth in New-England lately dis|quieted by Evil Spirits. An account of the Woman at Kitry molested with Apparit|ons, and sometimes tormented by invisible Agents. Page 135.


That there are Daemons. And posses|sed persons. Signs of such. Some Mani|acks are Daemoniacks. Notwithstanding many fabulous Stories about Witch crafts, that there are Witches proved by three Arguments. That Houses are sometimes troubled by Evil Spirits. Witchcraft of|ten the cause of it. Sometimes by the De|vil without Witchcraft; ordered by provi|dence as a punishment for sin. The distur|bance in Walton's house further considered; with a parallel Story. That the things re|lated in the preceding Chapter were un|doubtedly preter-natural and Diabolical. Page 168.


Concerning Apparitions. That they are Page  [unnumbered] not so frequent in places where the Gospel prevaleth as in the dark corners of the Earth. That good Angels do sometimes visibly appear. Confirmed by several Hi|stories. That Cacodaemons oftentimes pretend to be good Angels. That Satan may appear in the likeness of Holy men; proved by notable Instances. Concerning, the appearance of persons deceased. The procuring cause thereof is usually some sin committed. Some late Remarkable Exam|ples. Of Mens covenanting to appear af|ter their Death. It is an heavy Judgment when places are infested with such doleful Spectres. Page 202.


Several Cases of Conscience considered. That it is not lawful to make use of Herbs or Plants to drive away Evil Spirits. Nor of Words or Characters. An Obje|ction answered. Whether it be lawful for Persons Bewitched to burn things, or to nail Horse-shoes before their Page  [unnumbered] doors, or to stop Urin in Bottles, or the like in order to the recovery of Health. The negative proved by several Arguments. Whether it be lawful to try Witches by cast|ing them into the Water. Several reasons evincing the vanity of that way of proba|tion. Some other Superstitions witnessed against. Page 248.


A strange Relation of a Woman in Wey|mouth in New-England that hath been Dumb and Deaf ever since she was three years old, who nevertheless hath a compe|tent understanding in the mysteries of Reli|gion; and is admitted to partake of the Sacrament. Some parallel Instances. Of wayes to teach Deaf persons to speak. Of a Man in Hull in New-England under whose Tongue a Stone bred. Concerning that pe|trification, which Humane Bodies are sub|ject to. That divers sorts of Animals have sometimes been formed in the Bodies of Men. Page 289.

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Concerning some Remarkable Tempests in New-England. A Remark upon the Hurricane, Anno. 1635. An observable Accident by a sudden freezing of Rain in the Year 1659. A strange Whirl-wind in Cambridge, A. D. 1680. Another at New-Haven the last year. An Hail-storm at Springfield. Some parallel Instances. Of Earth-quakes in this Countrey. Land wonderfully removed. Parallel Stories. Of remarkable Floods this year, not only in New-England but in other parts of the World. An account of a prodigious Flood in France five years ago, with conjectures concerning the natural reason of it. P. 311.


Concerning some Remarkable Judgments. Quakers judicially plagued with Spiritual Judgements. Of several sad Instances in Long-Island; And in Plimouth Colony. That some of the Quakers are really posses|sed with Infernal Spirits. Proved by a late wonderful and astonishing Example of Page  [unnumbered] one in Balsham in Cambridge-shire. Of several that have imprecated Vengeance upon themselves. The woful end of Drun|kards. And of those that have designed e|vil against the Churches of Christ in New|England. Page 358.


An Account of some Remarkables at Norwich in New-England. Special An|swers of Prayer made in that place. That People marvelously preserved The scan|dalous miscarriage of one so over-ruled by providence as to become an occasion of the Conversion of several. A further Account of some personal Deliverances in Norwich. Concerning sudden Deaths which have hap|ned in New-England. Page 363.