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01 Aristotle on the Purity of Forms in Metaphysics Z.10–11 Meister, Samuel PDF (398kb)
02 On the Transcendental Freedom of the Intellect McLear, Colin PDF (487kb)
03 Epistemic Worth Whiting, Daniel PDF (391kb)
04 Aristotle on Divine and Human Contemplation Reece, Bryan PDF (379kb)
05 Imagination and Perception in Film Experience Terrone, Enrico PDF (1.1mb)
06 The Creeps as a Moral Emotion Fischer, Jeremy; Fredericks, Rachel PDF (367kb)
07 Locke on Space, Time and God Gorham, Geoffrey PDF (348kb)
08 Actual Issues for Relevant Logics Standefer, Shawn PDF (368kb)
09 Moral Worth and Consciousness: In Defense of a Value-Secured Reliability Theory Robison, John W. PDF (349kb)
10 Kant on Inner Sensations and the Parity between Inner and Outer Sense Liang, Yibin PDF (360kb)
11 On Predicting Cariani, Fabrizio PDF (224kb)
12 Leibniz’s Lost Argument Against Causal Interaction Flattery, Tobias PDF (338kb)
13 Motor Imagery and Action Execution Nanay, Bence PDF (280kb)
14 Against Romanticism Shpall, Sam PDF (362kb)
21 Letter from the Editors Bradley, Ben; Edwards, Kevan; Jones, Nicholas; Kirkham, Nin; Schwenkenbecher, Anne; Wilson, Alastair