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01 Racializing Races: The Racialized Groups of Interactive Constructionism Do Not Undermine Social Theories of Race Msimang, Phila PDF (328kb)
02 Frege's Conception of Truth: Two Readings Kim, Junyeol PDF (236kb)
03 Obligation, Permission, and Bayesian Orgulity Nielsen, Michael; Stewart, Rush T. PDF (169kb)
04 Epistemic Oughts in Stit Semantics Horty, John PDF (644kb)
05 Wronging Future Children Chambers, K. Lindsey PDF (406kb)
06 What Defines a Conceptual Resource? Podosky, Paul-Mikhail Catapang PDF (328kb)
07 Bootstrapping, Dogmatism, and the Structure of Epistemic Justification Nair, Shyam PDF (457kb)
08 An Argument for Objective Possibilism Graham, Peter A. PDF (756kb)
09 The Passions and Disinterest: From Kantian Free Play to Creative Determination by Power, via Schiller and Nietzsche Lichtenstein, Eli I. PDF (373kb)
10 Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink: Nudging is Giving Reasons Levy, Neil PDF (333kb)
11 Multiculturalism, Autonomy, and Language Preservation Nowak, Ethan PDF (308kb)
12 A New Puzzle for Phenomenal Intentionality Clutton, Peter; Sandgren, Alexander PDF (318kb)
13 Self-Respect and the Disrespect of Others Bratu, Christine PDF (305kb)
14 Conceptualizing Kant’s Mereology Marschall, Benjamin PDF (296kb)
15 What's Wrong with Machine Bias Castro, Clinton PDF (191kb)
16 Stakes, Scales, and Skepticism Francis, Kathryn B.; Beaman, Philip; Hansen, Nat PDF (825kb)
17 Wolff’s Science of Teleology and Kant’s Critique Hamid, Nabeel PDF (389kb)
18 Unifying Group Rationality Kopec, Matthew PDF (407kb)
19 The Unique Badness of Hypocritical Blame Fritz, Kyle G.; Miller, Daniel PDF (347kb)
20 'Yep, I'm Gay': Understanding Agential Identity Dembroff, Robin; Saint-Croix, Catharine PDF (198kb)
21 Interpersonal Moral Luck and Normative Entanglement Story, Daniel PDF (326kb)
22 Explaining Fictional Characters von Solodkoff, Tatjana PDF (329kb)
23 Anhedonia and the Affectively Scaffolded Mind Tate, Alexander James Miller PDF (360kb)
24 Depth, Value, and Context Grindrod, Jumbly PDF (272kb)
25 Non-Repeatable Hedonism Is False Timmerman, Travis; Pereira, Felipe PDF (242kb)
26 Philosophy’s Undergraduate Gender Gaps and Early Interventions Piovarchy, Adam PDF (543kb)
27 Hume’s Deontological Response to Scepticism Qu, Hsueh PDF (354kb)
28 Consciousness Science Underdetermined: A Short History of Endless Debates Michel, Matthias PDF (556kb)
29 The Nature of Perceptual Expertise and the Rationality of Criticism Lord, Errol PDF (258kb)
30 The State of the Discipline: New Data on Women Faculty in Philosophy Conklin, Sherri Lynn; Artamonova, Irina; Hassoun, Nicole PDF (803kb)
31 Relaxing about Moral Truths Tiefensee, Christine PDF (352kb)
32 The Normative Challenge for Illusionist Views of Consciousness Kammerer, Francois PDF (415kb)
33 Group Knowledge, Questions, and the Division of Epistemic Labour Habgood-Coote, Joshua PDF (450kb)
34 Probabilistic Promotion and Ability Elson, Luke PDF (286kb)
35 Difference Minimizing Theory Meacham, Christopher J. G. PDF (327kb)
36 Gun Control, the Right to Self-Defense, and Reasonable Beneficence to All Crummett, Dustin; Swenson, Philip PDF (324kb)
37 De Se Exceptionalism and Frege Puzzles Shaw, James R. PDF (250kb)
38 Imagination and the Distinction between Image and Intuition in Kant Tracz, R. Brian PDF (371kb)
39 Anscombe on Practical Knowledge and the Good Frey, Jennifer A. PDF (353kb)
40 The Sunk Cost "Fallacy" Is Not a Fallacy Doody, Ryan PDF (387kb)
41 The Past Tense View of Counterfactuals Revisited Schulz, Moritz PDF (221kb)
42 A Reasonable Little Question: A Formulation of the Fine-Tuning Argument Barnes, Luke A. PDF (325kb)
43 What Is an Action? Peter Auriol vs. Thomas Aquinas on the Metaphysics of Causality Frost, Gloria PDF (347kb)
44 Intersectionality as a Regulative Ideal Gasdaglis, Katherine; Madva, Alex PDF (426kb)
45 Deliberative Authority and Representational Determinacy: A Challenge for the Normative Realist McPherson, Tristram PDF (350kb)