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01 Passing as Privileged Silvermint, Daniel PDF (401kb)
02 Understanding, Communication, and Consent Millum, Joseph; Bromwich, Danielle PDF (320kb)
03 Morality, Agency, and Other People Walden, Kenneth PDF (359kb)
04 Collective Testimony and Collective Knowledge Faulkner, Paul PDF (321kb)
05 Experience and Time: Transparency and Presence Hoerl, Christoph PDF (364kb)
06 Davidsonian Causalism and Wittgensteinian Anti-Causalism: A Rapprochement Queloz, Matthieu PDF (302kb)
07 Consciousness as Inner Sensation: Crusius and Kant Indregard, Jonas Jervell PDF (357kb)
08 A Perceptual Theory of Hope Milona, Michael; Stockdale, Katie PDF (312kb)
09 On the Very Idea of Metalinguistic Theories of Names Gray, Aidan PDF (328kb)
10 Prestige Bias: An Obstacle to a Just Academic Philosophy De Cruz, Helen PDF (560kb)
11 Kant’s Revised Account of the Non-Moral Imperatives of Practical Reason Papish, Laura PDF (378kb)
12 Verbal Disputes in the Theory of Consciousness Gottlieb, Joseph PDF (377kb)
13 Pulling Apart Well-Being at a Time and the Goodness of a Life King, Owen C. PDF (319kb)
14 He/She/They/Ze Dembroff, Robin; Wodak, Daniel PDF (249kb)
15 Aquinas and Gregory the Great on the Puzzle of Petitionary Prayer Hill, Scott PDF (244kb)
16 Willing the End Means Willing the Means: An Overlooked Reading of Kant Lee, Wooram PDF (338kb)
17 Implicit Bias and the Idealized Rational Self Berenstain, Nora PDF (364kb)
18 Does Mole’s Argument That Cognitive Processes Fail to Suffice for Attention Fail? Saran, Kranti PDF (177kb)
19 Our Bodies, Our Selves: Malebranche on the Feelings of Embodiment Chamberlain, Colin PDF (325kb)
20 On Persistence in Aristotle O'Connor, Scott PDF (224kb)
21 What is Wrong with Dewey's Theory of Knowing Bulle, Nathalie PDF (328kb)
22 Is Value under Hypothesis Value? Nissan-Rozen, Ittay PDF (297kb)
23 Intention and the Basis of Meaning Buchanan, Ray PDF (273kb)
24 Dispassion as an Ethical Ideal Carey, Jeremiah PDF (300kb)
25 The "Fourth Hypothesis" on the Early Modern Mind-Body Problem Strickland, Lloyd PDF (444kb)
26 Failing to Treat Persons as Individuals Beeghly, Erin PDF (626kb)
27 Toward an Account of Gender Identity Jenkins, Katharine PDF (359kb)
28 Token-Reflexivity and Repetition Radulescu, Alexandru PDF (207kb)
29 Imaginary Foundations Schwarz, Wolfgang PDF (222kb)
30 Essential Truths and Their Truth-Grounds Michels, Robert PDF (241kb)
31 How to Unify Jones, Nicholas K. PDF (230kb)
32 Practical Deliberation and Background Conditions on Normative Reasons for Action Johnson, Rachel PDF (323kb)
33 Content and Target in Pictorial Representation Greenberg, Gabriel PDF (968kb)
34 What Is a Sexist Ideology? Or: Why Grace Didn’t Leave Hänel, Hilkje Charlotte PDF (326kb)
35 What is Fake News? Mukerji, Nikil PDF (329kb)
36 Getting Expressivism Out of the Woods Raskoff, Sarah Zoe PDF (313kb)
37 A Language for Ontological Nihilism Diehl, Catharine PDF (214kb)
38 Ontic Explanation Is either Ontic or Explanatory, but Not Both Wright, Cory; van Eck, Dingmar PDF (384kb)
39 A Formal Apology for Metaphysics Baron, Samuel PDF (221kb)
40 Why Do Desires Rationalize Actions? Gregory, Alex PDF (344kb)
41 Descartes’s Anti-Transparency and the Need for Radical Doubt Paul, Elliot Samuel PDF (804kb)