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01 The Transitivity and Asymmetry of Actual Causation Beckers, Sander; Vennekens, Joost PDF (217kb)
02 A Dutch Book Theorem for Quantificational Credences Lennertz, Benjamin PDF (340kb)
03 Replacing Race: Interactive Constructionism about Racialized Groups Hochman, Adam PDF (359kb)
04 Naive Validity, Internalization, and Substructural Approaches to Paradox Rosenblatt, Lucas PDF (230kb)
05 Objectivism and Perspectivism about the Epistemic Ought McHugh, Conor; Way, Jonathan PDF (302kb)
06 Biased against Debiasing: On the Role of (Institutionally Sponsored) Self-Transformation in the Struggle against Prejuice Madva, Alex PDF (379kb)
07 The Logic of the Chiasm in Merleau-Ponty's Early Philosophy Muller, Robin M. PDF (435kb)
08 Names, Masks, and Double Vision Rieppel, Michael PDF (266kb)
09 Halfhearted Action and Control Shepherd, Joshua PDF (292kb)
10 Bullshitting, Lying, and Indifference toward Truth Fallis, Don; Stokke, Andreas PDF (343kb)
11 Leibniz on Fundamental Ontology: Idealism and Pedagogical Exoteric Writing Whipple, John PDF (666kb)
12 Is Everything Revisable? Baumann, Peter PDF (275kb)
13 The Epistemology and Auto-Epistemology of Temporal Self-Location and Forgetfulness Spohn, Wolfgang PDF (612kb)
14 Model Theory, Hume's Dictum, and the Priority of Ethical Theory Woods, Jack; Maguire, Barry PDF (190kb)
15 Kant on Animal Minds Fisher, Naomi PDF (316kb)
16 Intellectual Humility: An Interpersonal Theory Priest, Maura PDF (336kb)
17 The Paradox of Gustatory Taste Furey, Heidi PDF (407kb)
18 Utterance Understanding, Knowledge, and Belief Dänzer, Lars PDF (337kb)
19 Francisco Suárez on Eternal Truths, Eternal Essences, and Extrinsic Being Embry, Brian PDF (309kb)
20 Cognitivism, Motivation, and Dual-Process Approaches to Normative Judgment Cline, Brendan PDF (340kb)
21 Moral Worth and Moral Hobbies Lockhart, Jennifer Ryan PDF (176kb)
22 Phenomenal Privacy, Similarity and Communicability Raleigh, Thomas PDF (347kb)
23 The Inaccessibility of Religion Problem Cuneo, Terence PDF (302kb)
24 A Semantic Problem For Stage Theory McKeever, Matthew PDF (146kb)
25 Diachronic Norms for Self-Locating Beliefs Schwarz, Wolfgang PDF (232kb)
26 Evidence One Does Not Possess Wieland, Jan Willem PDF (255kb)
27 From Models-as-Fictions to Models-as-Tools Currie, Adrian PDF (359kb)
28 Shifty Contextualism About Epistemics Perl, Caleb PDF (245kb)
29 Mendelssohn, Kant, and the Mereotopology of Immortality Simon, Jonathan; Marshall, Colin PDF (337kb)
30 Is There High-Level Causation? Fenton-Glynn, Luke PDF (521kb)
31 The Contingency of Leibniz's Principle of the Identity of Indiscernibles Jorati, Julia PDF (370kb)
32 Repatriation and the Radical Redistribution of Art Matthes, Erich Hatala PDF (345kb)
33 Truth and Dependence Tallant, Jonathan; Ingram, David PDF (353kb)