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01 Substance and the Concept of Personal Identity Kipper, Jens PDF (298kb)
02 Conceptual History, Conceptual Ethics, and the Aims of Inquiry: A Framework for Thinking about the Relevance of the History/Genealogy of Concepts to Normative Inquiry Plunkett, David PDF (357kb)
03 Weak Discernibility, Again Møller-Nielsen, Thomas PDF (153kb)
04 A New Defense of Hedonism about Well-Being Bramble, Ben PDF (305kb)
05 Structural Reflexivity and the Paradoxes of Self-Reference French, Rohan PDF (183kb)
06 A Higher-Order Solution to the Problem of the Concept Horse Jones, Nicholas K. PDF (256kb)
07 Hume’s Correction of the Sentiments. Intersubjectivity without Objectivity Barkhausen, Max PDF (158kb)
08 A New Paradigm for Epistemology From Reliabilism to Abilism Turri, John PDF (945kb)
09 The Value-Based Theory of Reasons Maguire, Barry PDF (340kb)
10 Evidential Diversity and the Negation of H: A Probabilistic Account of the Value of Varied Evidence McGrew, Lydia PDF (388kb)
11 Belief Update Methods and Rules—Some Comparisons Wroński, Leszek PDF (244kb)
12 Responsibility in Descartes’s Theory of Judgment Jayasekera, Marie PDF (327kb)
13 Dynamic Conservatism Podgorski, Abelard PDF (340kb)
14 The Best Argument for “Ought Implies Can” Is a Better Argument Against “Ought Implies Can” Talbot, Brian PDF (312kb)
15 Caricatures and Prop Oriented Make-Believe Caldarola, Elisa; Plebani, Matteo PDF (591kb)
16 The Priority Argument and Aristotle’s Political Hylomorphism Chen, Siyi PDF (316kb)
17 Ur-Priors, Conditionalization, and Ur-Prior Conditionalization Meacham, Christopher J. G. PDF (304kb)
18 The Facts about Truthmaking: An Argument for Truthmaker Necessitarianism Asay, Jamin PDF (199kb)
19 What Is Language? Santana, Carlos PDF (282kb)
20 Vague Chance? Bradley, Seamus PDF (162kb)
21 Neo-Stoicism and What It Can Do Drucker, Daniel PDF (234kb)
22 Epistemic Exploitation Berenstain, Nora PDF (427kb)
23 Free Will Skepticism and the Question of Creativity: Creativity, Desert, and Self-Creation Caruso, Gregg D. PDF (311kb)
24 Cabbage à la Descartes Curry, Devin Sanchez PDF (329kb)
25 Reference Magnetism as a Solution to the Moral Twin Earth Problem Dunaway, Billy; McPherson, Tristram PDF (433kb)
26 Origins of Life Research Does Not Rest on a Mistake Knab, Brian PDF (181kb)
27 A Plea for Anti-Anti-Individualism: How Oversimple Psychology Misleads Social Policy Madva, Alex PDF (352kb)
28 Folk Intuitions about the Causal Theory of Perception Roberts, Pendaran; Allen, Keith; Schmidtke, Kelly Ann PDF (1.2mb)
29 Psychopaths, Ill-Will, and the Wrong-Making Features of Actions Clancy, Sean PDF (300kb)
30 Characterizing Invariance Woods, Jack PDF (232kb)
31 Demystifying Emergence Yates, David PDF (478kb)