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01 Structuralism and Its Ontology Gasser, Marc PDF (165kb)
02 Modern Greatness of Soul in Hume and Smith Corsa, Andrew J. PDF (158kb)
03 Fair Numbers: What Data Can and Cannot Tell Us About the Underrepresentation of Women in Philosophy Benétreau-Dupin, Yann; Beaulac, Guillaume PDF (281kb)
04 Leibniz on the Expression of God Duncan, Stewart PDF (121kb)
05 Betting, Risk, and the Law of Likelihood van Enk, Steven J. PDF (145kb)
06 Scientific Discovery: That-Whats and What-Thats Schindler, Samuel PDF (141kb)
07 Maps, Pictures, and Predication Kulvicki, John PDF (448kb)
08 Modal Monogamy Jenkins, C.S.I. PDF (114kb)
09 The Role of the Protocol in Anthropic Reasoning Halpern, Joseph Y. PDF (114kb)
10 Necessities and Necessary Truths. Proof-Theoretically. Stern, Johannes PDF (262kb)
11 The Logic of Mind-Body Identification Molyneux, Bernard PDF (169kb)
12 What Is It to Be Happy That P? Fantl, Jeremy PDF (168kb)
13 Comparing Substructural Theories of Truth Ripley, David PDF (199kb)
14 Why Is There Female Under-Representation among Philosophy Majors? Baron, Sam; Dougherty, Tom; Miller, Kristie PDF (180kb)
15 Leibniz, Spinoza and an Alleged Dilemma for Rationalists McDonough, Jeffrey PDF (138kb)
16 Finality without Final Causes? – Suárez’s Account of Natural Teleology Schmid, Stephan PDF (166kb)
17 A Harm-Based Solution to the Non-Identity Problem Gardner, Molly PDF (109kb)
18 Selfish Reasons Setiya, Kieran PDF (167kb)
19 Epistemic Modality De Re Yalcin, Seth PDF (529kb)
20 For Bayesians, Rational Modesty Requires Imprecision Weatherson, Brian PDF (187kb)
21 In Defence of Historical Constructivism about Races Diaz-Leon, E. PDF (253kb)
22 Partial Model Theory as Model Theory Lutz, Sebastian PDF (208kb)
23 Constructing Contexts Sherman, Brett PDF (169kb)
24 Naïve Realism and Illusion Millar, Boyd PDF (267kb)
25 Basic Problems of Haugeland’s Phenomenology Shockey, R. Matthew PDF (265kb)
26 Forget and Forgive: A Practical Approach to Forgotten Evidence Dogramaci, Sinan PDF (211kb)
27 Subjective Ought Carr, Jennifer PDF (251kb)
28 Group Knowledge and Epistemic Defeat Carter, J. Adam PDF (186kb)
29 Images and Kant’s Theory of Perception Matherne, Samantha PDF (379kb)