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But there was chaff within the flour,
And one was false in ten,
And reckless clerks in lust of power
Forgot the rights of men;
Cruel and blind did file their mind,
And sell the blood of human kind.
Your town is full of gentle names
By patriots once were watchwords made;
Those war-cry names are muffled shames
On recreant sons mislaid.
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What slave shall dare a name to wear
Once Freedom's passport everywhere?

See note to poem "Boston."

Mr. Charles Francis Adams's Life of Richard H. Dana gives light on the phrase used in the first of these verses. The following passage is from Mr. Dana's journal during the trial of Anthony Burns, the fugitive:—

"Choate, I had an amusing interview with. I asked him to make one effort in favor of freedom, and told him that the 1850 delusion was dispelled and all men were coming round, the Board of Brokers and Board of Aldermen were talking treason, and that he must come and act. He said he should be glad to make an effort on our side, but that he had given written opinions against us in the Sims case on every point, and that he could not go against them.

"'You corrupted your mind in 1850.'

"'Yes. Filed my mind.'

"'I wish you would file it in court for our benefit.'"

Shakspeare said,—

"For Banquo's issue have I filed my mind."

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