Page 133, note 1. Journal, 1838. "Swedenborgianism is one of the many forms of Manichaeism. It denies the omnipresence of God or pure Spirit."

Journal, 1839. "The Swedenborgian violates the old law of rhetoric and philosophy Nec deus intersit dignus nisi vindici nodus in its forcible interposing of a squadron of angels for the transmission of thought from God to man. I say I think or I receive, in proportion to my obedience, truth from God; I put myself aside, and let him be. The New Churchman says,—No, that would kill you, if God should directly shine into you: there is an immense continuity of mediation. As if that bridged the gulf from the infinite to the finite by so much as one flank. Would He not kill the highest angel into whom he shone just as quick?"

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