Page 124, note 1. Among fragmentary notes for a lecture are these with reference to the Swedenborgian sect:—

"What I mean by popular religion the Swedenborgians have not conceived, but it is true that who would see truly must forsake a great as well as a little conventionalism; that of Christendom as well as that of his parish."

"Fascination of Swedenborg.

"I cannot flatter the Swedenborgian by finding in him any resemblance to the genius and tendency of the great man whose name he bears."

"Very dangerous study to any but a mind of great elasticity Page  330 and power. Like Napoleon as military leader, a master of such extraordinary extent of Nature and not to be acted on by any other, that he must needs be a god to the young and enthusiastic."

"Exceeding good behavior of the Sect a few years ago: he was pilloried in a pamphlet of garbled extracts:—the Swedenborgians circulated his book."

"Their excellent spirit of superior tactics—nothing vulgar in their propagandism; they treated men respectfully and had the manners of people holding valuable truth."

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