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Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [1510?] The p[ro]uerbes of Lydgate
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [ca. 1535] This lytell treatyse compendiously declareth the damage and destruction in realmes caused by the serpente of diuision.
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [1520?] The vertue of [the] masse
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [In the yere of our lorde god. MCCCCC.XXXI. 1531 The fyrste daye of the moneth of Nouembre] This boke is compyled by Dan Iohn Lydgate monke of Burye, at the excitacion [and] styrynge of the noble and victorious prynce, Kynge Henry the fyfthe, i[n] the honoure glorie [and] reuerence of the byrthe of our moste blessed Lady, mayde, wyfe, [and] mother of our lorde Iesu Christe, chapitred as foloweth by this table
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [1477?] The temple of glas
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [Anno. M.D.L.IX. 1559 the. iiii. of May] The serpent of diuision Whych hathe euer bene yet the chefest vndoer of any region or citie, set forth after the auctours old copy, by I.S.
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [1476?] Stans puer ad mensam
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [1497?] Prologus Here begynneth the prologue of the storye of Thebes
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [1493] Problemys of olde siknesse and figures Whiche p[ro]uyd been fructuous of sentens and haue auctorities grounded on scripture by resemblance of notable apperannce [sic] with moralities concludynge on prudence.
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [1484] [The lyf of our lady]
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [1513] The hystorye, sege and dystruccyon of Troye
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [1477?] [The horse the ghoos & the sheep]
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [the fourth day of april the yhere of god .M.CCCCC. and viii. yheris 1508] Here begynns the mayng or disport of chaucer
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [ca. 1552] The cronycle of all the kynges: that haue reygned in Englande: sythe the Conquest of Wyllyam Conqueroure And sheweth the dayes of theyr crownacion. And howe many yeres they dyd reygne. With the dayes of theyr death. And wher they were buryed.
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [ca. 1495] Here begynneth a lytell treatyse of the horse, the sheep, and the ghoos
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [1534] Here begynnethe the glorious lyfe and passion of seint Albon prothomartyr of Englande, and also the lyfe and passion of saint Amphabel whicheconuerted saint Albon to the fayth of Christe.
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [1520?] Here begynneth the testame[n]t of Iohn Lydgate monke of Berry which he made hymselfe, by his lyfe dayes.
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [1506?] Here begynneth the temple of glas
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [1495?] Here begynneth the Temple of glas
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [1497?] Here begynneth the chorle [and] the byrde
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [ye yere of our lorde a. M.CCCCC. and X 1510] The courte of sapyence
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [1477?] [The chorle and the birde]
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [1531?] The cõplaynte of a louers lyfe
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [An. M.D.L.V. 1555] The auncient historie and onely trewe and syncere cronicle of the warres betwixte the Grecians and the Troyans and subsequently of the fyrst euercyon of the auncient and famouse cytye of Troye vnder Lamedon the king, and of the laste and fynall destruction of the same vnder Pryam, wrytten by Daretus a Troyan and Dictus a Grecian both souldiours and present in all the sayde warres and digested in Latyn by the lerned Guydo de Columpnis and sythes translated in to englyshe verse by Iohn Lydgate moncke of Burye.
Lyly, John, 1554?-1606. / [1584] Sapho and Phao played beefore the Queenes Maiestie on Shroue-tewsday by Her Maiesties children and the boyes of Paules.
Lyly, John, 1554?-1606. / [1597] The vvoman in the moone As it was presented before her Highnesse. By Iohn Lyllie maister of Artes.
Lyly, John, 1554?-1606. / [1589] Pappe with an hatchet Alias, a figge for my God sonne. Or cracke me this nut. Or a countrie cuffe, that is, a sound boxe of the eare, for the idiot Martin to hold his peace, seeing the patch will take no warning. VVritten by one that dares call a dog, a dog, and made to preuent Martins dog daies.
Lyly, John, 1554?-1606. / [1592] Midas Plaied before the Queenes Maiestie vpon Tvvelfe day at night, by the Children of Paules.
Lyly, John, 1554?-1606. / [1594] Mother Bombie As it was sundrie times plaied by the children of Powles.
Lyly, John, 1554?-1606. / [1601] Loues metamorphosis A vvittie and courtly pastorall, vvritten by Mr. Iohn Lyllie. First playd by the Children of Paules, and now by the Children of the Chappel.
Lyly, John, 1554?-1606. / [1578] Euphues. The anatomy of vvyt Very pleasant for all gentlemen to reade, and most necessary to remember: wherin are contained the delights that wyt followeth in his youth, by the pleasauntnesse of loue, and the happynesse he reapeth in age, by the perfectnesse of wisedome. By Iohn Lylly Master of Arte. Oxon.
Lyly, John, 1554?-1606. / [1584] A moste excellent comedie of Alexander, Campaspe, and Diogenes played beefore the Queenes Maiestie on twelfe day at night, by her Maiesties children, and the children of Poules.
Lyly, John, 1554?-1606. / [1592] Gallathea As it was playde before the Queenes Maiestie at Greene-wiche, on Newyeeres day at night. By the Chyldren of Paules.
Lyly, John, 1554?-1606. / [1591] Endimion, the man in the moone Playd before the Queenes Maiestie at Greenewich on Candlemas day at night, by the Chyldren of Paules.
Lyly, John, 1554?-1606. / [1580] Euphues and his England Containing his voyage and his aduentures, myxed with sundrie pretie discourses of honest loue, the discription of the countrey, the court, and the manners of that isle. Delightful to be read, and nothing hurtfull to be regarded: wherein there is small offence by lightnesse giuen to the wise, and lesse occasion of looseness proffered to the wanton. By Iohn Lyly, Maister of Arte. Commend it, or amend it.
Lynford, Thomas, 1650-1724. / [1687] Some dialogues between Mr. G. and others with reflections upon a book called Pax vobis.