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Lucan, 39-65. / [1631] Lucans Pharsalia: or The ciuill warres of Rome, betweene Pompey the great, and Iulius Cæsar The whole tenne bookes, Englished by Thomas May, Esquire.
Lucan, 39-65. / [1614] Lucans Pharsalia containing the ciuill warres betweene Cæsar and Pompey. Written in Latine heroicall verse by M. Annæus Lucanus. Translated into English verse by Sir Arthur Gorges Knight. Whereunto is annexed the life of the authour, collected out of diuers authors.
Lucian, of Samosata. / [1663] Part of Lucian made English from the originall, in the yeare 1638 by Jasper Mayne ..., to which are adjoyned those other dialogues of Lucian as they were formerly translated by Mr. Francis Hicks.
Lucian, of Samosata. / [1532?] A dialogue betwene Lucian and Diogenes of the life harde and sharpe, and of the lyfe tendre and delicate
Lucinge, René de, sieur des Alymes, 1553-ca. 1615. / [1606] The beginning, continuance, and decay of estates vvherein are handled many notable questions concerning the establishment of empires and monarchies. Written in French by R. de Lusing, L. of Alymes: and translated into English by I.F.
Lucretius Carus, Titus. / [1700] Lucretius his six books of epicurean philosophy and Manilius his five books containing a system of the ancient astronomy and astrology together with The philosophy of the Stoicks / both translated into English verse with notes by Mr. Tho. Creech; To which is added the several parts of Lucretius, English'd by Mr. Dryden.
Lucy, William, 1594-1677. / [1670] A treatise of the nature of a minister in all its offices to which is annexed an answer to Doctor Forbes concerning the necessity of bishops to ordain, which is an answer to a question, proposed in these late unhappy times, to the author, What is a minister?
Lucy, William, 1594-1677. / [1663] Observations, censures, and confutations of notorious errours in Mr. Hobbes his Leviathan and other his bookes to which are annexed occasionall anim-adversions on some writings of the Socinians and such hæreticks of the same opinion with him / by William Lucy ...
Lucy, William, 1594-1677. / [1673] An answer to Mr. Hobbs his Leviathan with observations, censures, and confutations of divers errours, beginning at the seventeenth chapter of that book / by William Lucy ...
Ludlow, Edmund, 1617?-1692. / [MDCXCVIII. 1698] Memoirs of Edmund Ludlow Esq; Lieutenant General of the Horse, Commander in Chief of the forces in Ireland, one of the Council of State, and a Member of the Parliament which began on November 3, 1640. In two volumes. Vol. 1.
Ludlow, Edmund, fl. 1691-1692. / [1692] Ludlow no lyar, or, A detection of Dr. Hollingworth's disingenuity in his Second defence of King Charles I and a further vindication of the Parliament of the 3d of Novemb. 1640 : with exact copies of the Pope's letter to King Charles the first, and of his answer to the Pope : in a letter from General Ludlow, to Dr. Hollingworth : together with a reply to the false and malicious assertions in the Doctor's lewd pamphlet, entituled, His defence of the King's holy and divine book, against the rude and undutiful assaults of the late Dr. Walker of Essex.
Ludlow, Edmund, fl. 1691-1692. / [1691] A letter from Major General Ludlow to Sir E.S. [i.e. Sir Edward Seymour] comparing the tyranny of the first four years of King Charles the martyr, with the tyranny of the four years reign of the late abdicated King : occasioned by the reading Doctor Pelling's lewd harangues upon the 30th of January, being the anniversary or General Madding-day.
Luis, de Granada, 1504-1588. / [Anno. Dom. 1598] Granados spirituall and heauenlie exercises Deuided into seauen pithie and briefe meditations, for euery day in the vveeke one. Written in Spanish, by the learned and reuerend diuine, F. Lewes of Granado. Since translated into the Latine, Italian French, and the Germaine tongue. And now englished by Francis Meres, Maister of Artes of both Vniuersities, and student in Diuinitie.
Luis, de Granada, 1504-1588. / [1614] A paradise of prayers containing the purity of deuotion and meditation / gathered out of all the spirituall exercises of Levves of Granado ; and Englished for the benefit of the Christian reader.
Luis, de Granada, 1504-1588. / [Anno. Dom. 1598] The sinners guyde A vvorke contayning the whole regiment of a Christian life, deuided into two bookes: vvherein sinners are reclaimed from the by-path of vice and destruction, and brought vnto the high-way of euerlasting happinesse. Compiled in the Spanish tongue, by the learned and reuerend diuine, F. Lewes of Granada. Since translated into Latine, Italian, and French. And nowe perused, and digested into English, by Francis Meres, Maister of Artes, and student in diuinitie.
Luis, de Granada, 1504-1588. / [1598] Granados deuotion Exactly teaching how a man may truely dedicate and deuote himselfe vnto God: and so become his acceptable votary. Written in Spanish, by the learned and reuerend diuine F. Lewes of Granada. Since translated into Latine, Italian and French. And now perused, and englished, by Francis Meres, Master of Artes, & student in diuinity.
Luis, de Granada, 1504-1588. / [1601] The flowers of Lodowicke of Granado. The first part. In which is handled the conuersion of a sinner. Translated out of Latine into English, by T.L. doctor of phisicke
Luna, Miguel de, 16th/17th cent. / [1693] The life of the most illustrious monarch Almanzor and of the several revolutions of the mighty empire of the caliphs, and of the African kingdoms. Together with the history of the conquest of Spain by the Moors. Composed in Arabick by Abulcacim Tariff Abentariq, one of the Generals in that Spanish-Expedition; and translated into Spanish by Michael de Luna, interpreter to Philip the Second. Made English by an eminent hand.
Lupset, Thomas, 1495?-1530. / [M.D.XXXIII. 1533] A treatise of charitie
Lupset, Thomas, 1495?-1530. / [Anno. M.D.XLVI. 1546] Tho. Lupsets workes
Lupset, Thomas, 1495?-1530. / [Anno .M.D.XXXV. 1535] An exhortation to yonge men perswading them to walke in the pathe way that leadeth to honeste and goodnes: writen to a frend of his by Thomas Lupsete Londoner.
Lupset, Thomas, 1495?-1530. / [An. 1534] A compendious and a very fruteful treatyse, teachynge the waye of dyenge well written to a frende, by the flowre of lerned men of his tyme, Thomas Lupsete Londoner, late deceassed, on whose soule Iesu haue mercy.
Lupton, Donald, d. 1676. / [1642] A warre-like treatise of the pike, or, Some experimentall resolves, for lessening the number, and disabling the use of the pike in warre with the praise of the musquet and halfe-pike, as also the testimony of Brancatio, concerning the disability of the pike / penn'd for the generall good of our nation, by a well wisher to the compleat musquetier.
Lupton, Donald, d. 1676. / [1632] London and the countrey carbonadoed and quartred into seuerall characters. By D. Lupton
Lupton, Donald, d. 1676. / [1634] Obiectorum reductio: or, Daily imployment for the soule In occasional meditations upon severall subjects. By Donald Lupton.
Lupton, Donald, d. 1676. / [1640] The glory of their times. Or The liues of ye primitiue fathers Co[n]tayning their chiefest actions, workes, sentences, and deaths.
Lupton, Donald, d. 1676. / [1658] Flanders, or, An exact and compendious description of that fair, great, and fat countrey of Flanders wherein the inhabitants, bounds, length, breadth, division, riches, rivers, forrests, cities, towns, and villages, castles, principalities, sea-ports, courts of justice, abbeys, with the chief estates are observed : as also a distinct relation of some battels fought and towns won unto the now victorious proceedings of the English and French armies therein, with the taking Mardike, Dunkerk, Winnoxbergh, Vuern, and Dixmude, to the present besieging of Graveling.
Lupton, Donald, d. 1676. / [1636] Emblems of rarities: or Choyce observations out of worthy histories of many remarkable passages, and renowned actions of divers princes and severall nations With exquisite variety, and speciall collections of the natures of most sorts of creatures: delightfull and profitable to the minde. Collected by D.L.
Lupton, Thomas. / [1580] Siuqila too good, to be true : omen : though so at a vewe yet all I tolde you is true, I vpholde you, now cease to aske why? for I can not lye : herein is shewed by way of dialogue, the wonderful maners of the people of Mauqsun, with other talke not friuolous.
Lupton, Thomas. / [1579] A thousand notable things, of sundry sortes Wherof some are wonderfull, some straunge, some pleasant, diuers necessary, a great sort profitable and many very precious. ...
Lupton, Thomas. / [1581] The second part and knitting vp of the boke entituled Too good to be true Wherin is continued the discourse of the wonderfull lawes, commendable customes, [and] strange manners of the people of Mauqsun. Newely penned and published by Thomas Lupton.
Lupton, Thomas. / [Anno. 1581] A persuasion from papistrie vvrytten chiefely to the obstinate, determined, and dysobedient English papists, who are herein named & proued English enimies and extreme enimies to Englande. Which persuasion, all the Queenes Maiesties subiectes, fauoring the Pope or his religion, will reade or heare aduisedlye ...
Lupton, Thomas. / [Anno 1578] A moral and pitieful comedie, intituled, All for money. Plainly representing the maners of men, and fashion of the world noweadayes. Compiled by T. Lupton ...
Lupton, Thomas. / [1589] A dreame of the diuell and Diues most terrible and fearefull to the seruantes of Sathan, but right comfortable and acceptable to the children of God : plainely described by way of dialogue, verie necessarie to be read aduisedly, and heard attentiuelie, both of rulers and inferiours, rich, and poore, younge and olde, wise and simple, that wish rather to dwel in heauen, then in hell.
Lupton, Thomas. / [1582] The Christian against the Iesuite Wherein the secrete or namelesse writer of a pernitious booke, intituled A discouerie of I. Nicols minister &c. priuily printed, couertly cast abrod, and secretely solde, is not only iustly reprooued: but also a booke, dedicated to the Queenes Maiestie, called A persuasion from papistrie, therein derided and falsified, is defended by Thomas Lupton the authour thereof. Reade with aduisement, and iudge vprightly: and be affectioned only to truth. Seene and allowed.
Lusty gallant. / [1695?] Enfield Common: or, The young damsel cured of the green sickness by a lusty gallant, vvho happen'd to meet her in the mid'st of Enfield Common. To an excellent new tune.
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [1570] A very comfortable and necessary sermon in these our dayes made by the right reuerend father and faithfull seruaunt of Iesus Christ Martin Luther ; concerning the comming of our Sauior Christ to Iudgement and the signes that go before the Last Day, which sermon is an exposition of the Gospell appointed to be red in the church on the second Sonday in Aduent ; and is now newly translated out of Latin into English and something augmented and enlarged by the translator with certaine notes in the margent.
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [1564] A treatice co[n]teining certain meditatio[n]s of trew & perfect consolatio[n], ... Written in the Frenche tung, and translated in to Englishe by Robert Fills
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [In the month of May. M.D.Liiii. With the most gracious licence and pruilege of god almightie, king of heauen and earth. 1554] A faithful admonition of a certeyne true pastor and prophete sent vnto the Germanes at such a time as certain great princes went about to bryng alienes into Germany, [and] to restore the papacy; the kingdom of Antichrist. [Et]c Now tra[n]slated into English for a like admonicion vnto all true Englyshe harts; wherby they may learn and know how to consider [and] receiue the procedinges of the English magistrates and bishops. With a preface of M. Philip Melancthon. ...
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [1538] An exposicion vpon the songe of the blessed virgine Mary, called Magnificat Where vnto are added the songes of Salue regina, Benedictus and Nu[n]c dimittis. Translated out of latine into Englysh by Ihon Hollybush.
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [1577] A commentarie vpon the fiftene Psalmes, called Psalmi graduum, that is, Psalmes of degrees faithfully copied out of the lectures of D. Martin Luther ; very frutefull and comfortable for all Christian afflicted consciences to reade ; translated out of Latine into Englishe by Henry Bull.
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [1581] A commentarie or exposition vppon the twoo Epistles generall of Sainct Peter, and that of Sainct Jude. First faithfullie gathered out of the lectures and preachinges of that worthie instrumente in Goddes Churche, Doctour Martine Luther. And now out of Latine, for the singuler benefite and comfort of the godlie, familiarlie translated into Englishe by Thomas Newton
Luzvic, Stephanus, 1567-1640. / [1634] The devout hart or Royal throne of the pacifical Salomon. Composed by F. St. Luzuic S.I. Translated out of Latin into English. Enlarged with incentiue by F. St. Binet of the same S. and now enriched with hymnes by a new hand