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Fialetti, Odoardo, 1573-1638. / [1660] The whole art of drawing, painting, limning, and etching collected out of the choicest Italian and German authors : to which is added exact rules of proportion for drawing the heads of men, women and children , of what bigness soever / originally invented and written by the famous Italian painter Odoardo Fialetti, painter of Boloign ; published for the benefit of all ingenuous gentlemen and artists by Alexander Brown ...
Fidelitas. / [1574?] Fidelitas. A distinct declaratio[n] of the requiring of the Lorde and of the godlie testimonies of the holie spirit of the loue of Iesu Christ. Set-fourth by Fidelitas, a fellowe-elder with HN, in the famelie of the loue. Translated out of Base-almayne
Fidge, George. / [1652?] VVit for mony being a full relation of the life, actions, merry conceits, and pretty pranks of Captain Iames Hind the famous robber both in England, Holland, and Ireland : with his new progresse through Berkshire, Oxfordshire, and adjacent counties begun on Monday the first of March, 1651, with the judges of the assize for that circuit.
Field, John, 1652-1723. / [1700] The Christianity of the people called Quakers asserted, by George Keith: in answer to a sheet, called, A serious call to the Quakers, &c. Attested by eight priests of the Church of England ... and affirmed by George Keith, or the new sworn deacon.
Field, John, 1652-1723. / [1699] An apology for the people called Quakers, and an appeal to the inhabitants of Norfolk and Suffolk, or whom else it may concern
Field, Nathan, 1587-1620? / [1612] A vvoman is a vveather-cocke A new comedy, as it was acted before the King in White-Hall. And diuers times priuately at the White-Friers, by the Children of her Maiesties Reuels. Written by Nat: Field.
Field, Nathan, 1587-1620? / [1618] Amends for ladies VVith the humour of roring. A comedie. As it was acted at the Blacke Fryers, both by the Princes seruants, and the Lady Elizabeths. By Nat. Field.
Field, Richard, 1561-1616. / [1628] Of the Church fiue bookes. By Richard Field Doctor of Diuinity and sometimes Deane of Glocester.
Field, Richard, 1561-1616. / [1604] A learned sermon preached before the King at VVhitehall, on Friday the 16 of March: by M. Doctor Field: Chaplaine to his Maiestie
Fielde, John, d. 1588. / [1581] A caueat for Parsons Hovvlet concerning his vntimely flighte, and seriching in the cleare day lighte of the Gospell, necessarie for him and all the rest of that darke broode, and vncleane cage of papistes, vvho vvith their vntimely bookes, seeke the discredite of the trueth, and the disquiet of this Church of England. VVritten by Iohn Fielde, student in Diuinitie.
Fiennes, Nathaniel, 1607 or 8-1669. / [1641] A speech of the Honourable Nathanael Fiennes, second son to the right honourable the Lord Say, in answere to the third speech of the Lord George Digby concerning bishops and the city of Londons petition : both which were made the 9th of Feb. 1640 in the honourable House of Commons : in which is plainely cleared the severall objections that are made against the Londoners petition and also the great and transcendent evills of episcopal government, are demonstrated and plainly laid open.
Fiennes, Nathaniel, 1607 or 8-1669. / [1641] A second speech of the Honovrable Nathanael Fiennes, second son to the right honourable the Lord Say, in the Commons House of Parliament touching the subjects liberty against the late canons and the new oath.
Fiennes, Nathaniel, 1607 or 8-1669. / [Novemb. 9, 1642] A most true and exact relation of both the battels fought by His Excellency and his forces against the bloudy cavelliers the one on the 23 of October last, neer Keynton below Edge-Hill in Warwickshire, the other at Worcester by Colonell Brown, Captain Nathaniel and John Fiennes and Colonell Sands and some others : wherein the particulars of each battle is punctually set down at large for the full satisfaction of all people, with the names of the commanders and regiments that valiently stood it out: also the number and names of the chief commanders that were slain on both sides : all which is here faithully set down without favour or partiality to either army / written by a worthy Captain Master Nathaniel Fiennes ...
Fiennes, Nathaniel, 1607 or 8-1669. / [1643] A copie of the articles agreed upon at the surrender of the city of Bristol betweene Colonell Nathaniel Fiennes governour of the said city, on the one party, and Colonell Charles Gerrard and Captain William Teringham for and on the behalfe of Prince Rupert, on
Fiennes, Nathaniel, 1607 or 8-1669. / [1643] Colonell Fiennes letter to my lord general concerning Bristol
Fiennes, Nathaniel, 1607 or 8-1669, defendant. / [1643] Articles of impeachment and accusation, exhibited in Parliament against Colonell Nathaniel Fiennes touching his dishonorable surrender of the city and castle of Bristoll, by Clement Walker and William Prynne, Esquires : together with a letter from Mr. Prynne to Colonell Fiennes.
Figueiro, Vasco, gentleman of Portingale. / [1592] The Spaniards monarchie, and Leaguers olygarchie. Layd open in an aduerisement [sic], written by Signor Vasco Figueiro a gentleman of Portingale to the rebellious French: wherein is discouered the tyrannie of the one ouer the kingdome of Portingale, and the treacherous rebellion of the other in the kingdome of France, with a patheticall persuasion to the French to returne to the obedience of their naturall and legitimate king. Englished by H.O.
Filippe, Bartholomeu. / [1589] The counseller a treatise of counsels and counsellers of princes, written in Spanish by Bartholomew Phillip, Doctor of the ciuill and cannon lawe. Englished by I.T. graduate in Oxford.
Filleau de la Chaise, Jean, 1631-1688. / [1682] An excellent discourse proving the divine original and authority of the five books of Moses written originally in French by Monsieur Du Bois de la Cour, and approved by six doctors of the Sorbon ; to which is added a second part, or an examination of a considerable part of Pere Simon's critical history of the Old Testament ... by W.L.
Filmer, Robert, Sir, d. 1653. / [1653] Quæstio quodlibetica, or, A discourse whether it may bee lawfull to take use for money
Filmer, Robert, Sir, d. 1653. / [1680] The power of kings, and in particular of the King of England learnedly asserted by Sir Robert Filmer, Kt. ; with a preface of a friend, giving an account of the author and his works.
Filmer, Robert, Sir, d. 1653. / [printed in the year M DC LXXX. 1680] Political discourses of Sir Robert Filmer, Baronet, viz. Patriarcha, or the natural power of Kings. The free-holders Grand-inquest. Observations upon Aristotles politicks. Directions for obedience to government. Also observations upon Mr. Hobbs's Leviathan. Mr. Milton against Salmatius. Hugo Grotius de Jure Belli & Pacis. Mr. Hunton's treatise on Monarchy. With an advertisement to the Jurymen of England touching witches
Filmer, Robert, Sir, d. 1653. / [1680] Patriarcha, or, The natural power of Kings by the learned Sir Robert Filmer.
Filmer, Robert, Sir, d. 1653. / [1696] Observations concerning the original and various forms of government as described, viz. 1st. Upon Aristotles politiques. 2d. Mr. Hobbs's Laviathan. 3d. Mr. Milton against Salmatius. 4th. Hugo Grotius De jure bello. 5th. Mr. Hunton's Treatise of monarchy, or the nature of a limited or mixed monarchy / by the learned Sir R. Filmer, Barronet ; to which is added the power of kings ; with directions for obedience to government in dangerous and doubtful times.
Filmer, Robert, Sir, d. 1653. / [MDCLXXIX 1679] The free-holders grand inquest touching our Sovereign Lord the King and his Parliament to which are added observations upon forms of government : together with directions for obedience to governours in dangerous and doubtful times / by the learned Sir Robert Filmer, Knight.
Filmer, Robert, Sir, d. 1653. / [1678] A discourse whether it may be lawful to take use for money written by Sir Robert Filmer ; and published by Sir Roger Twisden, with his preface to it.
Filmer, Robert, Sir, d. 1653. / [1653] An advertisement to the jury-men of England, touching witches. Together with a difference between an English and Hebrew vvitch.
Finch of Fordwich, John Finch, Baron, 1584-1660. / [1641] The Lord Keepers speech to the Hovse of Commons at the passing of two bills together vvith the Kings Majesties message to both houses : concerning the raising of men for Ireland : the taking away of the bishops votes out of the House of Peeres the banishing of
Finch of Fordwich, John Finch, Baron, 1584-1660. / [1641] A letter sent to the right honourable the Lord Chamberlaine, from John Lord Finch, late Lord Keeper of the Great Seale of England, from the Hage.
Finch of Fordwich, John Finch, Baron, 1584-1660. / [1641] The Lord Finch his speech in the House of Commons the 21 of December 1641 hee being then lord-keeper.
Finch of Fordwich, John Finch, Baron, 1584-1660. / [1641] L. F. Lord Keeper his speech before the Kings Majesty and both Houses in the high court of Parliament concerning His Majesties reigne with the bishops, iudges, & peeres of the land : with the Kings Majesties speech or charge to the speaker.
Finch of Fordwich, John Finch, Baron, 1584-1660. / [1641] L.F. Lord Keeper his speech before the Kings Majesty and both Houses in the high court of Parliament. Concerning His Majesties reigne with the bishops, iudges, & peeres of the land. With the Kings Majesties speech, or charge to the speaker.
Finch, Edward, d. 1642? / [1641] An ansvver to the articles preferd against Edvvard Finch, vicar of Christ church by some of the parishioners of the same whereunto is added a just and modest reply to a most scurrilous, scandalous and malicious pamphlet, as by the title may appeare, of an uncertaine author / by Edvvard Finch...
Finch, Henry, Sir, d. 1625. / [1599 i.e. 1589] The sacred doctrine of diuinitie gathered out of the worde of God. Togither with an explication of the Lordes prayer.
Finch, Henry, Sir, d. 1625. / [1621] The calling of the Ievves A present to Iudah and the children of Israel that ioyned with him, and to Ioseph (the valiant tribe of Ephraim) and all the house of Israel that ioyned with him. The Lord giue them grace, that they may returne and seeke Iehovah their God, and Dauid their King, in these latter dayes. There is prefixed an epistle vnto them, written for their sake in the Hebrue tongue, and translated into English. Published by William Gouge, B. of D. and preacher of Gods word in Blackefryers. London.
Finch, Henry, Sir, d. 1625. / [1615] An exposition of the Song of Solomon: called Canticles Together with profitable obseruations, collected out of the same. Perused and published by William Gouge, preacher of Gods Word in Black-Friers, London.
Finch, Leopold William, 1663?-1702. / [1693] The case of Mr. Jonas Proast
Finch, Mr. / [ca. 1635] Finch his alphabet, or, A godly direction, fit to be perused of each true Christian
Finch, Richard, minister of East Ham. / [1590] The epiphanie of the church gathered out of the Holy Scriptures, declaring and plainly shevving, both the church that cannot but erre, and also the church that cannot erre : vvith so evident notes and manifest signes of either of them, that no man reading it, needeth be in doubt which he should beleue / written by R.P. in the yeare of our Lord God 1550 ; and now published in this yeare 1590 for the benefite of all such as desire the trueth concerning the church.
Fine, Oronce, 1494-1555. / [1558?] The rules and righte ample documentes, touchinge the vse and practise of the common almanackes, which are named ephemerides A briefe and shorte introduction vpon the iudiciall astrologie, for to prognosticate of thinges to come, by the helpe of the sayde ephemerides. With a treatise added hereunto, touchinge the coniunction of the planets, in euery one of the. 12. signes, and of their prognostications and reuolutions of yeres. The hole faithfully, and clerely translated into Englyshe by Humfrey Baker.
Finglas, John, Prebend of St. Audoens, Dublin. / [1690] A sermon preached in the Cathedrall Church of St. Patrick's Dublin, on the 5th of November, 1690 before the Right Honourable the Lords Justices of Ireland / by John Finglas ...
Fioravanti, Leonardo, 1518-1588. / [1580] A short discours of the excellent doctour and knight, maister Leonardo Phiorauanti Bolognese vppon chirurgerie VVith a declaration of many thinges, necessarie to be knowne, neuer written before in this order: whervnto is added a number of notable secretes, found out by the saide author. Translated out of Italyan into English, by Iohn Hester, practicioner in the arte of distillation.
Fire Office (London, England) / [1687] A table of the insurance offices one, against the Royal-Exchange in Cornhill; and the other, at the Rainbow Coffee-House, next the Inner-Temple-Gate.
Fire Office (London, England) / [February, 1683] A table of the Insurance Office at the back-side of the Royal- Exchange shewing the premium or rate of insurance for brick-houses ...
Firmin, Thomas, 1632-1697. / [1681] Some proposals for the imployment of the poor, and for the prevention of idleness and the consequence thereof, begging a practice so dishonourable to the nation, and to the Christian religion : in a letter to a friend / by T.F.
Fisher, A. Abigail. / [1696] A few lines in true love to the inhabitants of England, especially this great City of London, who are called Christians.
Fisher, Edward, fl. 1627-1655. / [1651] Madruddyn y difinyddiaeth diweddaraf: neu Llyfr saefoneg a elwir, = The marrow of modern divinity Oblegid y cyfammod oweithredoedd, a'r cyfammond o râs, a'u hymarfer hwy ill dau, a'r diweddion, dan yr hên Destament, a'r Testament Newydd. Ym mha un, y dangofir yn eglur, pa cyn bellhed y mae dyn yn fefyll ar y gefraith o rhan ei cyfiawnhaad, ac ar hynny yn haeddu ei alw yn ddeddfwr. A pha cyn bellhed y mae aràll yn bychanu'r gy fraith o rhan sacnteiddiad, ac ar hynny yn haeddu ei alw yn ddeddf-wrthwynebwr. A'r llwybr canolig rhwng y ddau, yr hon â arwain y fywyd tragwyddol trwy Jesu Christ. Mewn cyd-ymddiddaniad rhwng. Evangelista. Gwenidog yr efengyl. Nomista. Deddfwr, neu wr yn dal o ochor y cyfraith. Antinomista. Deddf-wrthwynebwr, neu wr yn llwyr bychanu'r gyfraith. Neophitus. Christion iefange. O waith E.F. yn y saefneg. O cyfiethiad J.E. i'r Gymraeg.
Fisher, Edward, fl. 1627-1655. / [1646] The marrow of modern divinity touching both the covenant of works, and the covenant of grace, with their use and end, both in the time of the Old Testament, and in the time of the New : wherein every one may cleerly see how far forth he bringeth the law into the case of justification, and so deserverh the name of legalist : and how far forth he rejecteth the law, in the case of sanctification, and so deserveth the name of Antinomist : with the middle path between them both, which by Iesus Christ leadeth to eternall life : in a dialogue, betwixt Evangelista, a minister of the Gospel, Nomista, a legalist, Antinomista, an Antinomian, and Neophytus, a young Christian / by the author, E.F. ; before the which there is prefixed the commendatory epistles of divers divines of great esteem in the citie of London ; whereunto is also added, the substance of a
Fisher, James, minister of the Gospel in Sheffield. / [1653] The wise virgin, or, A wonderfull narration of the hand of God wherein his severity and goodnesse hath appeared in afflicting a childe of eleven years of age, when stricken dumb, deaf and blinde through the prevalence of her disease, yet upon her wonderfull recovery was heard at severall times to utter many glorious truths concerning Christ, faith, and other subjects : to the wonderment of many that came far and neer to see and hear her / by James Fisher ...
Fisher, Jasper, b. 1591. / [1536 i.e. 1636] The priest's duty & dignity. Preached at the trienniall visitation in Ampthill 1635. August 18. by Jasper Fisher Presbyter, and Rector of Willden in Bedford-shire. And published by command
Fisher, Jasper, b. 1591. / [1633] Fuimus Troes Æneid. 2. The true Troianes, being a story of the Britaines valour at the Romanes first inuasion: Publikely represented by the gentlemen students of Magdalen Colledge in Oxford.
Fisher, John, 1569-1641. / [1605] A treatise of faith wherin is briefely, and planly [sic] shewed, a direct way, by which every man may resolue, and settle his minde, in all doubtes, questions, or controuersies, concerning matters of faith.
Fisher, John, 1569-1641. / [M.DC.XIV. 1614] A catalogue of diuers visible professors of the Catholike faith Which sheweth, that the Roman Church hath byn (as the true Church must be) continually visible, in all ages since Christ. Taken out of the appendix to the Reply of A.D. vnto M. Ant. Wotton, and M. Ioh. White ministers.
Fisher, John, 1569-1641. / [M.DC.XXVI. 1626] The answere vnto the nine points of controuersy, proposed by our late soueraygne (of famous memory) vnto M. Fisher of the Society of Iesus And the reioynder vnto the reply of D. Francis VVhite minister. With the picture of the sayd minister, or censure of his writings prefixed.
Fisher, John, fl. 1692. / [Printed in the year, 1692] A position and testimony against all swearing under the gospel In which may be seen, I. That Christ hath forbidden all sorts of oaths. II. What Christ hath substituted instead of an oath. III. Reasons for that prohibition and substitution. With an answer to all the material objections that are, or may be, alledged from the scriptures.
Fisher, John, of Chester. / [23. of March 1564 i.e. 1565] The copy of a letter describing the wonderful woorke of God in deliuering a mayden within the city of Chester, from an horrible kinde of torment and sicknes 16. of february 1564
Fisher, John, Saint, 1469-1535. / [Anno domini. M.CCCCC.ix. 1509] This sermon folowynge was compyled [and] sayd in the cathedrall chyrche of saynt Poule within ye cyte of London by the ryght reuerende fader in god Iohn̄ bysshop of Rochester, the body beyinge present of the moost famouse prynce kynge Henry the. vij. the. x. day of Maye, the yere of our lorde god. M.CCCCC.ix. whiche sermon was enprynted at the specyall request of ye ryght excellent pryncesse Margarete moder vnto the sayd noble prynce and Countesse of Rychemonde and Derby
Fisher, John, Saint, 1469-1535. / [1578?] A spirituall consolation, written by Iohn Fyssher Bishoppe of Rochester, to hys sister Elizabeth, at suche tyme as hee was prisoner in the Tower of London. Uery necessary, and commodious for all those that mynde to leade a vertuous lyfe: also to admonishe them, to be at all tymes prepared to dye, and seemeth to bee spoken in the person of one that was sodainly preue[n]ted by death
Fisher, John, Saint, 1469-1535. / [1521?] The sermon of Ioh[a]n the bysshop of Rochester made agayn the p[er]nicious doctryn of Martin luther w[i]t[h]in the octaues of the asce[n]syon by the assigneme[n]t of the most reuerend fader i[n] god the lord Thomas Cardinal of Yorke [and] legate ex latere from our holy father the pope.
Fisher, John, Saint, 1469-1535. / [1526?] A sermon had at Paulis by the co[m]mandment of the most reuerend father in god my lorde legate, and sayd by Ioh[a]n the bysshop of Rochester, vpo[n] qui[n]quagesom sonday, concernynge certayne heretickes, whiche tha[n] were abiured for holdynge the heresies of Martyn Luther that famous hereticke, and for ye kepyng and reteynyng of his bokes agaynst the ordinance of the bulle of pope Leo the tenthe.
Fisher, John, Saint, 1469-1535. / [1509] Here after foloweth a mornynge remembrau[n]ce had at the moneth mynde of the noble prynces Margarete countesse of Rychemonde [et] Darbye moder vnto kynge Henry the. vii. [et] grandame to oure souerayne lorde that nowe is, vppon whose soule almyghty god haue mercy
Fisher, John, Saint, 1469-1535. / [the. xxviii. day of Iune, the yere of our lorde. M.CCCCC.xxxii. 1532 Cum priuilegio. These bokes be to sell at London in Southwarke by me Peter Treuerys] Here after ensueth two fruytfull sermons, made [and] compyled by the ryght Reuerende father in god Iohn̄ Fyssher, Doctour of Dyuynyte and Bysshop of Rochester
Fisher, John, Saint, 1469-1535. / [1563?] A Godlie treatisse declaryng the benefites, fruites, and great commodities of prayer and also the true vse therof. Written in Latin, fourtie yeres past, by an Englyshe man, of great vertue [and] learnyng. And lately translated into Englyshe. 1560.
Fisher, John, student in Oxford. / [In the yeare of our Lord God M. D. L. VIII. The .v. daye of Marche 1558] [3 dialogues in verse, between Gelasimus and Spudaeus, Eda and Agna, and Wisdom and Wyll]
Fisher, Joseph, d. 1705. / [1695] The honour of marriage, or, The institution, necessity, advantages, comforts, and usefulness of a married life set forth in a sermon January 27, 1694, at Seven-Oak in Kent / by Joseph Fisher ...
Fisher, Payne, 1616-1693. / [1652] Veni, vidi, vici the triumph of the most excellent & illustrious, Oliver Cromwell, &c., set forth in a panegyricke / written originally in Latine, and faithfully done into English heroicall verse, by T.M. ... ; whereunto is added an elegy upon the death of the late Lord Deputy of Ireland, the much lamented, Henry Ireton, &c.
Fisher, Payne, 1616-1693. / [1690] Juxta suorum cineres repulverescit inclytus ... Coll. Henricus Norwood ...
Fisher, Payne, 1616-1693. / [Jan. I, MDCLXVIII 1668] Heic jacet bellicosissimus ille Robertus Bartu
Fisher, Payne, 1616-1693. / [1658] In obitum serenissimi potentissimique principis Olivari Septembris 3tio è terris in cœlum translati MDCLVIII.
Fisher, Payne, 1616-1693. / [MDCLVII 1657] Integerrimo vere viro cognatog sibi plurimisnominibus bonorando ... Gulielmus Freke ...
Fisher, Payne, 1616-1693. / [1658] Epitaphium Roberti Blakii nuper Thalassiarchæ ...
Fisher, Payne, 1616-1693. / [1649] Chronostichon decollationis Caroli regis, &c. tricesimo die Januarii, secunda hora Pomeridiana, anno Dom. MDCXLVIII. Ter Deno IanI Labens ReX SoLe CaDente CaroLVs eXVtVs SoLIo SCeptroqVe SeCVre.
Fisher, Payne, 1616-1693. / [1670] Elogium sepulchrale pro victoriosissimo Georgio Monacho, Britanniæ generalissimo ...
Fisher, Samuel, 1605-1665. / [1659] To the Parliament of England, and the several members thereof
Fisher, Samuel, 1605-1665. / [1656] The scorned Quakers true and honest account, both why and what he should have spoken (as to the sum and substance thereof) by commission from God, but that he had not permission from men, in the Painted Chamber on the 17th. day of the 7th. month 1656. before the Protector and the Parliament then, and there met together, with many more of no mean account, who were not of them, yet were then crowded in among them.
Fisher, Samuel, 1605-1665. / [1660] Rusticus ad academicos in exercitationibus expostulatoriis, apologeticis quatuor The rustick's alarm to the rabbies, or, The country correcting the university and clergy, and ... contesting for the truth ... : in four apologeticall and expostulatory exercitations : wherein is contained, as well a general account to all enquirers, as a general answer to all opposers of the most truly catholike and most truly Christ-like Chistians [sic] called Quakers, and of the true divinity of their doctrine : by way of entire entercourse held in special with four of the clergies chieftanes, viz, John Owen ... Tho. Danson ... John Tombes ... Rich. Baxter ... by Samuel Fisher ...
Fisher, Samuel, 1605-1665. / [1660?] One antidote more, against that provoking sin of swearing, by reason of which this land now mourneth given forth from under the burden of the oppressed seed of God, by way of reply both to Henry Den's epistle about the lawfulness, antiquity, and universality of an oath, and his answers to the Quakers objections against it, recommended (by him) to all the prisons in this city and nation to such as chuse restraint, rather then the violation of their consciences : and also to Jeremiah Ives his printed plea for swearing, entitituled, The great case of conscience opened, &c. about the lawfulness or unlawfulness of swearing, which said reply to these two opposers of the truth, as it is in Jesus, is recommended not onely to all the prisons in this city and nation, and to all such real Christians, as chuse restraint rather then the violation of their consciences, but also, to all such nominal Christians out of prison, as, rather then restrain, chuse to purchase their earthly liberties by swearing, to the violation of the command of Christ, who saith, Mat. 5.33, swaer not at all. Jam. 5.12, above all things my brethren swear not / by Samuel Fisher ...
Fisher, Samuel, 1605-1665. / [1655] Christianismus redivivus Christndom both un-christ'ned and new-christ'ned, or, that good old way of dipping and in-churching of men and women after faith and repentance professed, commonly (but not properly) called Anabaptism, vindicated ... : in five or six several systems containing a general answer ... : not onely a publick disputation for infant baptism managed by many ministers before thousands of people against this author ... : but also Mr. Baxters Scripture proofs are proved Scriptureless ... / by Samuel Fisher ...
Fisher, Samuel, 1605-1665. / [1662] The bishop busied beside the business, or, That eminent overseer, Dr. John Gauden, Bishop of Exeter, so eminently overseen as to wound his own cause well nigh to death with his own weapon in his late so super-eminently-applauded appearance for the [brace] liberty of tender consciences, legitimacy of solemn swearings, entituled, A discourse concerning publick oaths, and the lawfulness of swearing in judicial proceedings, in order to answer the scruples of the Quakers ... / by Samuel Fisher ...
Fisher, Samuel, 1605-1665. / [1653] Baby-baptism meer babism, or, An answer to nobody in five words to every-body who finds himself concern'd in't by Samuel Fisher.
Fisher, Samuel, 1605-1665. / [1661] Apokrypta apokalypta velata quædam revelata : some certain, hidden, or vailed spiritual verities revealed : upon occasion of various very prying and critical queries concerning God, the devil, and man, as to his body, soul, and spirit, Heaven, Hell, Judgement &c : propounded to George Fox, John Perrot, Samuel Fisher : and after that (with a complaint for want of, and stricter urgency for an answer) re-propounded to Edward Burroughs : by two persons, choosing to notifie themselves to us no other way then by these two unwonted (if not self-assumed) titles, viz. Livinus Theodorus, and Sabina Neriah : which truths (as there inspired by the spirit of God) are here expired in love to the souls of men / from ... Samuel Fisher.
Fisher, Samuel, 1616 or 17-1681. / [1655] A love-token for mourners teaching spiritual dumbness and submission under Gods smarting rod : in two funeral sermons / by Samuel Fisher M.A., late preacher at Brides London, now at Thornton in Cheshire ; unto which is added, An antidote against the fear of death, being the meditations of the same author in a time and place of great mortality.
Fisher, Samuel, 1616 or 17-1681. / [1673] Honour the king a sermon preached on the solemn fast, January 30, 1672/3 : wherein the duty of subjects to their sovereign is opened and asserted, the principles and practices inconsistent therewith are directed and condemned, and the innocent vindicated from unjust censures : at Birmingham in Warwick shire at the publick meeting-place there licensed according to His Majesties gracious declaration / by Samuel Fisher, M.A., late preacher of the word at Thornton in Cheshire.
Fisher, Thomas, 17th cent. / [1642] Warlike directions, or, The sovldiers practice set forth for the benefit of all such as are, or will be, scholars of martiall discipline, but especially for all such officers as are not yet setled or rightly grounded in the arte of warre, by a practitioner in the same art, T.F.
Fisher, William, student of diuinitie. / [1592] A godly sermon preached at Paules Crosse the 31. day of October 1591. By VVilliam Fisher, Master and keeper of the hospitall of Ilford in Essex. ... Seene and allowed
Fishing Society (Scotland) / [1670] The names of the members of the Fishing Society, anno 1670
Fit John, John. / [1577] A diamonde most precious, worthy to be marked instructing all maysters and seruauntes, how they ought to leade their lyues, in that uocation which is fruitfull, and necessary, as well for the maysters, as also for the seruants, agreeable vnto the holy Scriptures. Reade me ouer, and then iudge, if I be not well, then grudge: thinke well of him that mee made, for Gods worde shall neuer fade.
Fitz-Geffry, Charles, 1575?-1638. / [1596] Sir Francis Drake his honorable lifes commendation, and his tragicall deathes lamentation.
Fitz-Geffry, Charles, 1575?-1638. / [1631] The curse of corne-horders with the blessing of seasonable selling. In three sermons, on Pro. II.26. Begun at the general sessions for the county of Cornwall, held at Bodmyn, and continued at Fowy. By Charles Fitz-Geffrie.
Fitz-Geffry, Charles, 1575?-1638. / [an. Dom. 1637] Compassion towards captives chiefly towards our brethren and country-men who are in miserable bondage in Barbarie. Vrged and pressed in three sermons on Heb. 13.3. Preached in Plymouth, in October 1636. By Charles Fitz-Geffry.
Fitz-Gerald, Maurice. / [1681] A true discovery of the Irish popish plot made by Maurice Fitz-Gerald of Killcowan in the county of Lymrick, Jan. the 20th, 1680 [i.e. 1681] : by way of a guest.
Fitz-Gerrald, John. / [1681] The narrative of Mr. John Fitz-Gerrald late of the order of St. Francis, in the kingdom of Ireland ...
Fitzgeffrey, Henry. / [1617] Satyres: and satyricall epigrams with certaine obseruations at Black-Fryers? By H:F: of Lincolnes-Inne gent:
Fitzgeffrey, Henry. / [1618] Certain elegies, done by sundrie excellent wits With satyres and epigrames.
Fitzgerald, David. / [MDCLXXXI 1681] A true and brief account of the proceedings between Mr. David Fitz-Gerald and William Hetherington before His Majesty in councel on Friday the 11th of February, 1680/81 ... and also the articles of the said Hetherington against Mr. Fitz-Gerald : with Mr. Fitz-Gerald's answer to each article : with six high and transcendent articles preferred by the said Mr. Fitz-Gerald against the said Hetherington, fully proved before His Majesty in councel.
Fitzgerald, David. / [1680] A narrative of the Irish popish plot for the betraying that kingdom into the hands of the French, massacring all Englidh Protestants there, and utter subversion of the government and Protestant-religion, as the same was successively carryed on from the year 1662 : given in to both Houses of Parliament / by David Fitzgerald.
Fitzgerald, R. (Robert) / [1684] The supplement to a small treatise called Salt-water sweetned shewing the great advantages both by sea and land, of sea-water made fresh. Together with the Honourable Mr. Boyle's letter, and the approbation of the Colledge of Physicians, of the wholsomness of this water. And also the conditions on which the patentees and others concern'd, do intend to contract with such as shall please to deal with them for the use of his invention.
Fitzgerald, R. (Robert) / [1684?] A brief of two treatises formerly published concerning the making sea-water fresh and of some matters transacted since in relation to the same.
Fitzgerald, R. (Robert) / [1683] Salt-water sweetned, or, A true account of the great advantages of this new invention both by sea and by land together with a full and satisfactory answer to all apparent difficulties : also the approbation of the Colledge of Physicians : likewise a letter of the Honourable Robert Boyle to a friend upon the same subject.
Fitzgerald, R. (Robert) / [1684] Farther additions to a small treatise called Salt-water sweetned shewing the great advantages both by sea and land of sea-water made fresh : together with the Honourable Mr. Boyle's letter and the approbation of the Colledge of Physicians of the wholesomeness of this water.
Fitzharris, Edward, 1648?-1681. / [1681] The tryal and condemnation of Edw. Fitz-Harris, Esq., for high treason at the barr of the Court of King's Bench, at Westminster, on Thursday the 9th of June, in Trinity term, 1681 : as also the tryal and condemnation of Dr. Oliver Plunket, titular primate of Ireland, for high treason ...
Fitzharris, Edward, 1648?-1681. / [1682] Treason in graine that most traiterous, or libel of Fitz-harris, whereby he design'd to raise a rebellion amongst us the better to make way for a French invasion, and our utter destruction, as it was read in both Houses of Parliament at Oxford, and upon which the House of Commons impeached him of high treason. Falsly and malitiously called by him, the true English-man speaking plain English, in a letter from a friend to a friend.
Fitzharris, Edward, 1648?-1681. / [1681] Some short but necessary animadversions on the paper delivered to Dr. Hawkins together with a copy of the paper it self, entituled, The confession of Edward Fitz-Harris, Esq. written by his own hand and delivered &c. / reprinted from the copy published by the doctor, and these animadversions added to prevent the deluding of Protestants by it.
Fitzharris, Edward, 1648?-1681. / [1681] The proceedings in relation to the tryal of Edward Fitz-Harris, at the Kings-bench-bar in Westminster-Hall, who stands indicted for high-treason which proceedings were on Wednesday the 4th. and Saturday the 7th. of this instant May, 1681 ...
Fitzharris, Edward, 1648?-1681. / [1681] The last speech of Edward Fitz-harris at the time of his execution at Tyburn, the first of July, 1681
Fitzharris, Edward, 1648?-1681. / [1681] The examination of Edw. Fitzharris, relating to the Popish plot taken the tenth day of March, 1680/1 published in print by order of the House of Commons the twenty fifth of March, 1681.
Fitzharris, Edward, 1648?-1681. / [1681] The confession of Edward Fitz-Harys, Esquire written with his own hand, and delivered to Doctor Hawkins minister of the tower, the f[i]rst of July, 1681 ; being the day of his execution ; together with his last speech.
Fitzharris, Edward, 1648?-1681, defendant. / [1681] The arraignment and plea of Edw. Fitz-Harris, Esq. with all the arguments in law, and proceedings of the Court of Kings-Bench thereupon, in Easter term, 1681.
Fitzherbert, Anthony, Sir, 1470-1538. / [not after 1579] In this booke is contayned the offices of shyriffes, bayliffes of lybertyes, escheatours, constables, and coroners and shewed what euerye one of them may doe by vertue of their offices, drawen out of bookes of the common lawe and of the statutes.
Fitzherbert, John, d. 1531. / [The yere of our lorde god. M.D.xxiii. the. xv. day of Iuly. 1523] Here begynneth a ryght frutefull mater: and hath to name the boke of surueyeng and improume[n]tes
Fitzherbert, John, d. 1531. / [1530?] Here begynneth a newe tracte or treatyse moost p[ro]fytable for all husba[n]de men and very frutefull for all other persones to rede, newly correcte [sic] [and] amended by the auctour, with dyuerse other thynges added thervnto.
Fitzherbert, John, d. 1531. / [ca. 1540?] The boke of husbandry·
Fitzherbert, Thomas, 1552-1640. / [1602] A defence of the Catholyke cause contayning a treatise in confutation of sundry vntruthes and slanders, published by the heretykes, as wel in infamous lybels as otherwyse, against all english Catholyks in general, & some in particular, not only concerning matter of state, but also matter of religion: by occasion whereof diuers poynts of the Catholyke faith now in controuersy, are debated and discussed. VVritten by T.F. With an apology, or defence, of his innocency in a fayned conspiracy against her Maiesties person, for the which one Edward Squyre was wrongfully condemned and executed in Nouember ... 1598. wherewith the author and other Catholykes were also falsly charged. Written by him the yeare folowing, and not published vntil now, for the reasons declared in the preface of this treatyse.
Fitzherbert, Thomas, 1552-1640. / [M.DC.XIII. 1613] An adioynder to the supplement of Father Robert Persons his discussion of M. Doctor Barlowes ansvvere &c. Contayning a discouery, and confutation of very many foule absurdityes, falsities, and lyes in M. D. Andrewes his Latin booke intituled, Responsio ad apologiam Cardinalis Bellarmini &c. An answere to the apology of Card. Bellarmine. Written by F.T. ... Also an appendix touching a register alleaged by M. Franc. Mason for the lawfull ordayning of Protestant bishops in Q. Elizabeths raigne.
Fitzjames, Richard, d. 1522. / [1495?] Sermo die lune in ebdomada Pasche
Fitzwaters, Colonel. / [1642] Colonell Fitz-Waters his petition to the honourable House of Commons assembled in Parliament desireth auxiliary forces for the assistance of our poore brethren in Ireland : who being there resident was both a partaker and an eyewitnesse of their miseries : whereunto is added the lamentable estate they are like to fall into without some sudden supply of men for their defence against the rebells.
Fitzwilliam, John, d. 1699. / [1683] A sermon preach'd at Cotenham, near Cambridge, on the 9th. of September, 1683 being the day set a-part for publick thanksgiving for the deliverance of His Sacred Majesty and the government from the late treasonable conspiracy / by John Fitz-William.