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Du Bail, Louis Moreau, sieur. / [1669] The famous Chinois, or The loves of several of the French nobility, under borrowed names with a key annexed.
Du Bartas, Guillaume de Salluste, seigneur, 1544-1590. / [1592] The triumph of faith The sacrifice of Isaac. The ship-wracke of Ionas. With a song of the victorie obtained by the French king, at Yvry. Written in French, by W. Salustius lord of Bartas, and translated by Iosuah Siluester, marchant aduenturer.
Du Bartas, Guillaume de Salluste, seigneur, 1544-1590. / [1603] The second day of the First vveeke of the most excellent, learned, and diuine poet, VVilliam, Lord Bartas. Done out of French into English heroicall verse by Thomas VVinter, Maister of Artes
Du Bartas, Guillaume de Salluste, seigneur, 1544-1590. / [1604] The third dayes creation. By that most excellent, learned, and diuine poet, VVilliam, Lord Bartas. Done verse for verse out of the originall French by Thomas VVinter, Master of Arts
Du Bartas, Guillaume de Salluste, seigneur, 1544-1590. / [1611] Du Bartas his deuine weekes and workes translated: and dedicated to the Kings most excellent Maiestie by Iosuah Syluester
Du Bec, Jean, 1540-1610. / [1597] The historie of the great emperour Tamerlan VVherein are expressed, encounters, skirmishes, battels, sieges, assaults, skalings, taking of cities and strong places, defended, and assaulted, with diuerse stratagems of warre, the which this great and renowned warriour hath conducted and accomplished, during his raigne of fortie or fiftie yeares: with other instructions for the warre, which should not be vnknowen of them that would attaine vnto the knowledge of armes. Drawen from the auncient monuments of the Arabians, by Messire Iean du Bec, Abbot of Mortimer. Newly translated out of French into English, for their benefite which are ignorant in that language. by H.M.
Du Bosc, Jacques, d. 1660. / [1656] The accomplish'd woman written originally in French ; since made English by the Honourable Walter Montague, Esq.
Du Boscq, Monsieur. / [1638] The secretary of ladies. Or, A new collection of letters and answers, composed by moderne ladies and gentlewomen, collected by Mounsieur Du Bosque. Translated out of French by I.H.
Du Chastelet, Paul Hay, marquis, b. ca. 1630. / [1691] The politicks of France by Monsieur P.H. ... ; with Reflections on the 4th and 5th chapters, wherein he censures the Roman clergy and the Hugonots, by the Sr. l'Ormegreny.
Du Chesne, Joseph, ca. 1544-1609. / [1590] The Sclopotarie of Iosephus Quercetanus, phisition. Or His booke containing the cure of wounds receiued by shot of gunne or such like engines of warre. Whereunto is added his spagericke antidotary of medicines against the aforesayd woundes. Published into English by Iohn Hester, practitioner in the said spagiricall arte
Du Chesne, Joseph, ca. 1544-1609. / [1605] The practise of chymicall, and hermeticall physicke, for the preseruation of health. Written in Latin by Iosephus Quersitanus, Doctor of Phisicke. And translated into English, by Thomas Timme, minister
Du Chesne, Joseph, ca. 1544-1609. / [anno. Dom. 1591] A breefe aunswere of Iosephus Quercetanus Armeniacus, Doctor of Phisick, to the exposition of Iacobus Aubertus Vindonis, concerning the original, and causes of mettalles Set foorth against chimists. Another exquisite and plaine treatise of the same Iosephus, concerning the spagericall preparations, and vse of minerall, animall, and vegitable medicines. Whereunto is added diuers rare secretes, not heeretofore knowne of many. By Iohn Hester, practicioner in the spagericall arte.
Du Clos, Sieur (Samuel), d. 1715. / [1684] Observations on the mineral waters of France made in the Royal Academy of the Sciences / by the Sieur Du Clos.
Du Cros, Simon, 17th cent. / [1693] A letter from Monsieur de Cros (who was an embassador at the Treaty of Nimeguen and a resident in England in K. Ch. the Second's reign) which may serve for an answer to the impostures of Sir. Wm. Temple, heretofore ambassador from England at the Hague and at Nimeguen ... : together with some remarks upon his memoirs, to make appear how grosly he is mistaken in the greatest part of the most important matters he relates concerning what passed from the year 1672 until the year 1679.
Du Moulin, Lewis, 1606-1680. / [1641] Vox populi, expressed in XXXV motions to the present Parliament being the generall voyce and the humble and earnest request of the people of God in England to that most honorable and religious assembly, for reforming the present corrupt state of the church / published by Irenæus Philadelphus.
Du Moulin, Lewis, 1606-1680. / [1680] The last words of Lewis du Moulin being his retractation of all the personal reflectins he had made on the divines of the Church of England (in several books of his) / signed by himself on the 5th and the 17th day of October, 1680.
Du Moulin, Lewis, 1606-1680. / [1679] Declaratory considerations upon the present state of affairs of England by way of supplement.
Du Moulin, Lewis, 1606-1680. / [1680] The conformity of the discipline and government of those who are commonly called independants to that of the ancient primitive Christians by Lewis Du Moulin.
Du Moulin, Lewis, 1606-1680. / [MDCLXXXI 1681] An appeal of all the non-conformists in England to God and all the Protestants of Europe in order to manifest their sincerity in point of obedience to God and the King to which is added a sober and unpassionate reply to the author of The lively picture of Lewis du Moulin / by Dr. Lewis Du Moulin ...
Du Moulin, Pierre, 1568-1658. / [1636] A wittie encounter betweene Monsieur du Moulin, and Monsieur De Balzac Esteemed two the most elegant pens of their nation. Wherein they deliver things weighty, and important both in religion and state. Faithfully translated out of the french (sic) coppy by A.S. Gent.
Du Moulin, Pierre, 1568-1658. / [1610] Theophilus, or Loue diuine A treatise containing fiue degrees, fiue markes, fiue aides, of the loue of God. Translated by Richard Goring, out of the third French edition: renewed, corrected and augmented by the author M. Peter Moulin, preacher the reformed Church of Paris.
Du Moulin, Pierre, 1568-1658. / [1671] The monk's hood pull'd off, or, The Capvcin fryar described in two parts / translated out of French.
Du Moulin, Pierre, 1568-1658. / [M.DC.XXIV 1624] Heraclitus: or, Meditations vpon the misery of mankinde, and the vanitie of humane life with the inconstancie of worldly things; as also the wickednesse of this deceitfull age described. Faithfully translated out of the last edition written in French by that learned diuine, Monsieur Du Moulin By Abraham Darcie.
Du Moulin, Pierre, 1568-1658. / [1652] Heraclitus, or, Mans looking-glass and survey of life written in French by Peter du Moulin ; and translated into English by Sir H. L'Estr.
Du Moulin, Pierre, 1568-1658. / [1614] Father Cotton a Iesuite, the Kings confessour, his two and thirtie demands, to the ministers of France with the answeres added at the end of euerie demand. Also threescore and foure demands proposed to Father Cotton, by way of counter-change. By Peter Moulin, minister of the word of God in the church of Paris. Printed according to the French copie, printed in Paris. Also a new late chalenge, by a learned diuine, to all Papists, in 24. other Popish articles.
Du Moulin, Pierre, 1568-1658. / [1615] A conference held at Paris betweene Father Gontier a Iesuite, and Doctor Du Moulin seconded by the Lady of Salignac. Together with Doctor Du Moulin his answere to Gontier his letter to the King concerning the subiect of this conference. By Peter Du Moulin Doctor of Diuinitie, and minister of the Word of God in the church of Paris. Translated according to the French copie printed in Paris.
Du Moulin, Pierre, 1568-1658. / [1613] The accomplishment of the prophecies; or The third booke in defence of the Catholicke faith contained in the booke of the high & mighty King Iames. I. by the grace of God King of Great Brittaine and Ireland. Against the allegations of R. Bellarmine; and F.N. Coëffeteau & other doctors of the Romish church: by Peter Du Moulin minister of the word of God in the church of Paris. Translated into English by I. Heath, fellow of New College in Oxford.
Du Perron, Jacques Davy, 1556-1618. / [1630] The reply of the most illustrious Cardinall of Perron, to the ansvveare of the most excellent King of Great Britaine the first tome. Translated into English.
Du Perron, Jacques Davy, 1556-1618. / [Anno M.DC.XII. 1612] A letter vvritten from Paris, by the Lord Cardinall of Peron, to Monsr. Casaubon in England. Translated out of the French corrected copie, into English.
Du Perron, Jacques Davy, 1556-1618. / [1641] The copy of a letter sent from the Cardinall du Perron embassadour for the French king at Rome concerning the divisions of the papists of England their difference in government whether by bishops or Jesuites with the care of His Holinesse in the agreement, and his judgement in placing of bishops in England for making priests to increase the Catholic number : whereunto is added a certaine conjecture of the use both prelates and papists have made of the cardinals counsell to augment and establish their greatnesse.
Du Pin, Louis Ellies, 1657-1719. / [MDCXCIII 1693] A new history of ecclesiastical writers containing an account of the authors of the several books of the Old and New Testament, of the lives and writings of the primitive fathers, an abridgement and catalogue of their works ... also a compendious history of the councils, with chronological tables of the whole / written in French by Lewis Ellies du Pin.
Du Quesne, Abraham, ca. 1653-1724. / [1696] A new voyage to the East-Indies in the years 1690 and 1691 being a full description of the isles of Maldives, Cicos, Andamants, and the Isle of Ascention ... / by Monsieur Duquesne ; to which is added, a new description of the Canary Islands, Cape Verd, Senegal, and Gambia, &c. ; illustrated with sculptures, together with a new map of the Indies, and another of the Canaries ; done into English from the Paris edition.
Du Rosier, Hugues Sureau. / [1573] A lamentable discourse of the fall of Hughe Sureau (commonly called Du Rosier) from the truth: & his shamefull offence to the church togither with confession ... & remorse Seruing for a notable example to al the world of the fraieltie & vntowardnesse of man, & of the great and vnmeasurable mercie of God to his chosen.
Du Vair, Guillaume, 1556-1621. / [1664] The morall philosophy of the stoicks written originally in French by that ingenious gentleman Monsieur du Vaix, first president of the Parliament of Provence ; Englished by Charles Cotton ...
Du Vair, Guillaume, 1556-1621. / [1598] The moral philosophie of the Stoicks. Written in French, and englished for the benefit of them which are ignorant of that tongue. By T.I. fellow of New-Colledge in Oxford
Du Vair, Guillaume, 1556-1621. / [1612] Holy meditations vpon seauen penitentiall and seauen consolatory psalmes of the kingly prophet Dauid. Written by the noble and learned G.D.V.
Du Verger, S. / [1657] Du Vergers humble reflections vpon some passages of the Right Honorable the Lady Marchionesse of Nevvcastles Olio, or, An appeale from her mes-informed, to her ovvne better informed iudgement
Du Vignau, sieur des Joanots. / [1688] The Turkish secretary containing the art of expressing ones thoughts, without seeing, speaking, or writing to one another : with the circumstances of a Turkish adventure : as also a most curious relation of translated by the author of the Monthly account.
Dublin (Ireland). Common Council. / [1690] To the King's Most Excellent Majesty, the humble address of the Lord Mayor, aldermen and sheriffs of the city and liberties of Dublin, in behalf of themselves and others, the Protestant freemen and inhabitants thereof
Dublin (Ireland). Common Council. / [1690] To the King's most excellent Majesty, The humble address of the Lord Mayor, aldermen and sheriffs of the city and liberties of Dublin, in behalf of themselves and others, the Protestant freemen and inhabitants thereof
Dubourdieu, Jean, 1652-1720. / [1685] A true copy of a project for the reunion of both religions in France
Dubourdieu, Jean, 1652-1720. / [1696] An historical dissertation upon the Thebean Legion plainly proving it to be fabulous / by John Dubourdieu ...
Ducci, Lorenzo. / [1607] Ars aulica or The courtiers arte
Duck, Arthur, Sir, 1580-1648. / [1699] The life of Henry Chichele, Archbishop of Canterbury, who lived in the times of Henry the V. and VI. Kings of England written in Latin by Arth. Duck ; now made English and a table of contents annexed.
Duckett, Thomas. / [1646] To the right hon[']ble lords, and hon[']ble knights, citizens, and burgesses of the High Court in Parliament assembled the humble petition of Thomas Dvcket, Gent., practitioner in physick.
Duckett, Thomas. / [1676?] Mr. Duckets case Wherein he humbly, by petition, appeals to the right honourable, the Lords spiritual and temporal, in the high court of Parliament assembled; for relief against a decree pronounced against him by this present lord chancellor.
Dudley, Dud, 1599-1684. / [1665] Dud Dudley's Metallum martis, or, Iron made with pit-coale, sea-coale, &c. and with the same fuel to melt and fine imperfect mettals and refine perfect mettals.
Dudley, Gamaliel. / [1644] A true copie of Colonel Sr. Gamaliel Dudley's letter to His Highnesse Prince Rupert from Newark 4. March. 1644 being an exact relation of Sr. Marm. Langdale's march northward, as also the great victory obtained by him over Lord Fairfax neare Pontefract 1. Martii, 1644.
Duffett, Thomas. / [1678] Psyche debauch'd a comedy : as it was acted at the Theatre-Royal / by T.D.
Duffett, Thomas. / [1684] The prologue to the last new play, A duke and no duke spoken by Mr. Jevon.
Duffett, Thomas. / [1676] New poems, songs, prologues, and epilogues never before printed / written by Thomas Duffett ; and set by the most eminent musicians about the town.
Duffett, Thomas. / [1674] The empress of Morocco a farce : acted by His Majesties servants.
Duffett, Thomas. / [1675] The mock-tempest, or, The enchanted castle acted at the Theatre Royal / written by T. Duffett.
Duffett, Thomas. / [between 1684-1686] The bleeding lover. Young men that do promise make, in your performance be not slack. For well you know, 'tis often so. Ingratitude makes all things black. To the tune of, The doubting virgin.
Duffett, Thomas. / [1676] Beauties triumph a masque / written by T. Duffett.
Duffett, Thomas. / [MDCLXXIV. 1674] The amorous old-vvoman: or, 'tis vvell if it take. A comedy. Acted by His Majesties servants. Written by a person of honour.
Duffett, Thomas. / [1676] Amintor's lam[en]tation [for Celia's unkindness.] Setting forth the passion of a young man, who falling in love with a coy lady that had no kindness for him, persued his inclinations so far, that she was forced to fly beyond the sea, to avoid the importunity of his address, whereupon he thus complains. Both sexes from this song may learn, of what they should beware: how in extreams they may discern, unkindness and dispair. To a delicate new tune: or, Since Celias my foe.
Dufour de Longuerue, Louis, 1652-1733. / [1687] An historical treatise, written by an author of the communion of the Church of Rome, touching transubstantiation wherein is made appear, that according to the principles of that church, this doctrine cannot be an article of faith.
Dufour, Philippe Sylvestre, 1622-1687. / [1685] The manner of making of coffee, tea, and chocolate as it is used in most parts of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, with their vertues / newly done out of French and Spanish.
Dufresnoy, Charles-Alphonse, 1611-1668. / [1695] De arte graphica The art of painting / by C.A. Du Fresnoy ; with remarks ; translated into English, together with an original preface containing a parallel betwixt painting and poetry, by Mr. Dryden ; as also A short account of the most eminent painters, both ancient and modern, continu'd down to the present times, according to the order of their succession, by another hand.
Dugard, William, 1606-1662. / [printed in the year of our Lord. 1661] An humble remonstrance presented to the right worshipfull Company of Merchant-Tailors Maii 15. 1661. By William Du-gard.
Dugard, William, 1606-1662. / [An. Do. 1656] The English rudiments of the Latine tongue, explained by question and answer. VVhich are so formed, that a childe, omitting altogether the questions, may learn onely the answers, and bee fully instructed in the rudiments of the Latine tongue. / By William Du-Gard. For the use of Marchant-Tailor's School.
Dugdale, Gilbert. / [1604] A true discourse of the practises of Elizabeth Caldwell, Ma: Ieffrey Bownd, Isabell Hall widdow, and George Fernely, on the parson of Ma: Thomas Caldwell, in the county of Chester, to haue murdered and poysoned him, with diuers others Together with her manner of godly life during her imprisonment, her arrainement and execution, with Isabell Hall widdow; as also a briefe relation of Ma: Ieffrey Bownd, who was the assise before prest to death. Lastly, a most excellent exhortorie letter, written by her own selfe out of the prison to her husband, to cause him to fall into consideration of his sinnes, &c. Seruing like wise for the vse of euery good Christian. Beeing executed the 18. of Iune. 1603. VVritten by one then present as witnes, their owne country-man, Gilbert Dugdale.
Dugdale, Stephen, 1640?-1683. / [1680] The information of Stephen Dugdale, gent. delivered at the Bar of the House of Commons, Munday the first day of November, in the year of our Lord 1680.
Dugdale, Stephen, 1640?-1683. / [1680] A narrative of unheard of popish cruelties towards Protestants beyond seas, or, A new account of the bloody Spanish inquisition published as a caveat to Protestants / by Mr. Dugdale.
Dugdale, Stephen, 1640?-1683. / [1680] The further information of Stephen Dugdale, gent. delivered at the bar of the House of Commons pursuant to an order of the said house, on the 30th of October, 1680.
Dugdale, William, Sir, 1605-1686. / [1681] A short view of the late troubles in England briefly setting forth, their rise, growth, and tragical conclusion, as also, some parallel thereof with the barons-wars in the time of King Henry III : but chiefly with that in France, called the Holy League, in the reign of Henry III and Henry IV, late kings of the realm : to which is added a perfect narrative of the Treaty at U[n]bridge in an.
Dugdale, William, Sir, 1605-1686. / [1685] A perfect copy of all summons of the nobility to the great councils and parliaments of this realm from the XLIX of King Henry the IIId until these present times with catalogues of such noblemen as have been summoned to Parliament in right of their wives, and of such other noblemen as derive their titles of honour from the heirs-female from whom they are descended, and of such noblemens eldest sons as have been summoned to Parliament by some of their fathers titles / extracted from publick records by Sir William Dugdale, Kt. ...
Dugdale, William, Sir, 1605-1686. / [1666] Origines juridiciales, or, Historical memorials of the English laws, courts of justice, forms of tryall, punishment in cases criminal, law writers, law books, grants and settlements of estates, degree of serjeant, Innes of court and chancery also, a chronologie of the lord chancelors and keepers of the great seal, lord treasurers, justices itinerant, justices of the Kings Bench and Common Pleas, barons of the Exchequer, masters of the rolls, Kings attorneys and sollicitors, & serjeants at law / by William Dugdale, Esq. ...
Dugdale, William, Sir, 1605-1686. / [1693] Monasticon anglicanum, or, The history of the ancient abbies, and other monasteries, hospitals, cathedral and collegiate churches, in England and Wales with divers French, Irish, and Scotch monasteries formerly relating to England / collected, and published in Latin, by Sir William Dugdale, Knight ..., in three volums; and now epitomized in English, page by page; with sculptures of the several religious habits.
Dugdale, William, Sir, 1605-1686. / [1662] The history of imbanking and drayning of divers fenns and marshes, both in forein parts and in this kingdom, and of the improvements thereby extracted from records, manuscripts, and other authentick testimonies / by William Dugdale.
Dugdale, William, Sir, 1605-1686. / [1645] Considerations touching the late treaty for a peace held at Uxbridge with some reflections upon the principall occasions and causes of the frustration thereof : extracted out of the late printed full relation of the passages concerning it.
Dugdale, William, Sir, 1605-1686. / [1675-1676] The baronage of England, or, An historical account of the lives and most memorable actions of our English nobility in the Saxons time to the Norman conquest, and from thence, of those who had their rise before the end of King Henry the Third's reign deduced from publick records, antient historians, and other authorities / by William Dugdale ...
Dugdale, William, Sir, 1605-1686. / [1656] The antiquities of Warwickshire illustrated from records, leiger-books, manuscripts, charters, evidences, tombes, and armes : beautified with maps, prospects and portraictures / by William Dugdale.
Dugdale, William, Sir, 1605-1686. / [1682] The antient usage in bearing of such ensigns of honour as are commonly call'd arms with a catalogue of the present nobility of England / by William Dugdale ... ; to which is added, a catalogue of the present nobility of Scotland and Ireland, &c.
Duke, Richard, 1658-1711. / [1681] Floriana a pastoral upon the death of Her Grace the Duchess of Southampton.
Duke, Richard, 1658-1711. / [1680] Funeral tears upon the death of Captain William Bedloe
Duke, Richard, 1658-1711. / [1681] Funeral tears upon the death of Captain William Bedloe
Dumay, Louis, d. 1681. / [1669] A discourse historical and political of the War of Hungary and of the causes of the peace between Leopold the First, Emperor of the Romans, and Mahomet the Fourth, Sultan of Turky / by Louis De May ... ; translated in English.
Dumont, Jean, baron de Carlscroon, 1667-1727. / [1696] A new voyage to the Levant containing an account of the most remarkable curiosities in Germany, France, Italy, Malta, and Turkey : with historical observations relating to the present and ancient state of those countries / by the Sieur du Mont ; done into English, and adorn'd with figures.
Dunbar, William, 1460?-1520? / [1508] The ballade of ane right noble victorius & myghty lord Barnard Stewart lord of Aubigny erle of Beaumont ... be Maistir Willyam Dunbar ....
Dunbar, William, 1460?-1520? / [1507?] [The tua mariit wemen and the wedo. And other poems]
Dunbar, William, 1460?-1520? / [1508] Here begynns ane litil tretie intitulit the goldyn targe compilit be Maister Wilyam dunbar
Dunbar, William, 1460?-1520? / [1508] [The flyting of Dunbar and Kennedy]
Duncon, Eleazar, 1597 or 8-1660. / [1606] The copy of a letter written by E.D. Doctour of Physicke to a gentleman, by whom it was published The former part conteineth rules for the preseruation of health, and preuenting of all diseases vntill extreme olde age. Herein is inserted the authours opinion of tabacco. The latter is a discourse of emperiks or vnlearned physitians, wherein is plainly prooued that the practise of all those which haue not beene brought vp in the grammar and vniuersity, is alwayes confused, commonly dangerous, and often deadly.
Dundas, William, fl. 1665-1673. / [1673] A few vvords of truth from the spirit of truth to all who are convinced of the truth, and stand in opposition to the cross ... also a few words to all the litteral professors, who can own the ministration of Christ without them but deny him within them and to those that have their dependance upon the teaching of men, in oppostion to the ministration of the spirit within : together with a short discovery of the Presbyterian government, and some reasons of dissenting from it / William Dundas.
Dunstar, Mr. (Samuel), 1675-1754. / [1699] Anglia rediviva being a full description of all the shires, cities, principal towns and rivers, in England : with some useful observations concerning what is most remarkable ... : to which is prefix'd a short account of the first origine of our nation, of its being conquer'd by the Romans, as also the occasion of the Saxons and Danes first entring England / collected from the best historians by Mr. Dunstar.
Dunton, John, 1627 or 8-1676. / [1692] The mourning-ring, in memory of your departed friend ...
Dunton, John, 1627 or 8-1676. / [1685] An hue and cry after conscience, or, The pilgrims progress by candle-light in search after honesty and plain-dealing represented under the similitude of a dream ... / written by John Dunton ...
Dunton, John, 1627 or 8-1676. / [1682] The house of weeping, or, Mans last progress to his long home fully represented in several funeral discourses, with many pertinent ejaculations under each head, to remind us of our mortality and fading state / by John Dunton ...
Dunton, John, 1627 or 8-1676. / [1685] Heavenly pastime, or, Pleasant observations on all the most remarkable passages throughout the Holy Bible of the Old and New Testament newly allegoriz'd in several delightful dialogues, poems, similitudes, and divine fancies / by John Dunton, author of The sickmans passing-bell.
Dunton, John, 1659-1733. / [1692] The visions of the soul, before it comes into the body in several dialogues / written by a member of the Anthenian Society.
Dunton, John, 1659-1733. / [1691] A voyage round the world, or, A pocket-library divided into several volumes ... : the whole work intermixt with essays, historical, moral, and divine, and all other kinds of learning / done into English by a lover of travels ...
Dunton, John, 1659-1733. / [1691] The parable of the top-knots
Dunton, John, 1659-1733. / [1689] An impartial history of the life and death of George Lord Jeffreys late Lord Chancellor of England
Dunton, John, 1659-1733. / [1683] The informer's doom, or, An unseasonable letter from Utopia directed to the man in the moon giving a full and pleasant account of the arraignment, tryal, and condemnation of all those grand and bitter enemies that disturb and molest all kingdoms and states throughout the Christian world : to which is added (as a caution to honest country-men) the arraignment, tryal, and condemnation of the knavery and cheats that are used in every particular trade in the city of London / presented to the consideration of all the tantivy-lads and lasses in Urope [sic] by a true son of the Church of England.
Dunton, John, 1659-1733. / [1693] England's alarum, being an account of God's most considerable dispensations of mercy and judgement toward these kingdoms for fourteen years last past and also of the several sorts of sins and sinners therein ... with an earnest call to speedy humiliation, supplication, and reformation ...
Dunton, John, 1659-1733. / [1699] The Dublin scuffle being a challenge sent by John Dunton, citizen of London, to Patrick Campbel, bookseller in Dublin : together with small skirmishes of bills and advertisements : to which is added the billet doux sent him by a citizens wife in Dublin, tempting him to lewdness, with his answers to her : also some account of his conversation in Ireland, intermixt with particular characters of the most eminent persons he convers'd with in that kingdom ... : in several letters to the spectators of this scuffle, with a poem on the whole encounter.
Dunton, John, 1659-1733. / [1682] A congratulatory poem to the ministers sons, on their splendid feast, Thursday December 7th, 1682.
Dunton, John, 1659-1733. / [1700] The case of John Dunton, citizen of London with respect to his mother-in-law, Madam Jane Nicholas, of St. Albans, and her only child, Sarah Dunton : with the just reasons for her husband's leaving her : in a letter to his worthy friend, Mr. George Larkin, Senior : to which is added his letter to his wife.
Dunton, John, 1659-1733. / [1700] The art of living incognito being a thousand letters on as many uncommon subjects / written by John Dunton during his retreat from the world, and sent to that honourable lady to whom he address'd his conversation in Ireland ; with her answer to each letter.
Dunton, John, mariner. / [1637] A true iournall of the Sally fleet vvith the proceedings of the voyage. Published by Iohn Dunton, London mariner, master of the admirall call'd the Leopard. Whereunto is annexed a list of Sally captives names, and the places where they dwell, and a description of the three townes in a card.
Dupin, Nicholas. / [printed in the year, 1698] Proposals of Nicholas Dupin, Esq; The first deputy governour of the linnen and white writing-paper corporation in England, Scotland, and Ireland To all the parishes in and about the city of London, and within the weekly bills of mortality, to set the poor to work, who are not employed in the woollen manufacture; whereby the said parishes will (after the expiration of the first year) be not only eased and discharged of the burthen of them for ever, but also be considerable gainers: for by employing 50000 poor, in the several parish workhouses, the product of their labour will amount, in one year, to the sum of 225000l. as it is hereafter more at large explained; which sum is to remain for a perpetual fund or stock, to be lodged and secured in the chamber of London or Bank of England, for the use of the poor, besides the charitable gifts, legacies, and other revenues formerly given and bequeathed by pious persons, and the voluntary, liberal, and charitable contributions to be bestowed by well disposed Christians, towards the encreasing the said poor's stock, and also the profits of the manufactured goods when sold.
Dupleix, Scipion, 1569-1661. / [Anno Domini MDC XXXV 1635] The resoluer; or Curiosities of nature written in French by Scipio Du Plesis counseller and historiographer to the French King. Vsefull & pleasant for all
Duport, James, 1606-1679. / [1676] Three sermons preached in St. Maries Church in Cambridg, upon the three anniversaries of the martyrdom of Charles I, Jan. 30, birth and return of Charles II, May 29, gun-powder treason, Novemb. 5 by James Duport ...
Duport, James, 1606-1679. / [1660] Evangelical politie, or, A Gospel conversation a sermon preached at St. Paul's, London, May 20, 1660. : being the Sunday next (but one) before His Majesties happy return to his said citie / by James Duport ...
Duppa, Brian, 1588-1662. / [1644] Two prayers one for the safety of His Majesties person : the other for the preservation of this university and city of Oxford : to be used in all churches and chappells.
Duppa, Brian, 1588-1662. / [1660] Private forms of prayer, fitted for the late sad-times. Particularly, a form of prayer for the thirtieth of January, morning and evening. With additions. &c.
Duppa, Brian, 1588-1662. / [1643] A prayer of thanksgiving for His Majesties late victory over the rebels.
Duppa, Brian, 1588-1662. / [1683] Holy rules and helps to devotion both in prayer and practice In two parts. The fourth edition. Written by the right reverend father in God, Bryan Duppa, late Lord Bishop of Winton, in the time of his sequestration.
Duppa, Brian, 1588-1662. / [1664] A guide for the penitent, or, A modell drawn up for the help of a devout soul wounded with sin
Durham, James, 1622-1658. / [1675] A practical exposition of the X. Commandements with a resolution of several momentous questions and cases of conscience.
Durham, James, 1622-1658. / [1643] The Parliaments commission: delivered in a sermon, upon Nehemiah chap. 2 vers. 19, 20. / By J. Durham.
Durham, James, 1622-1658. / [1676] The law unsealed: or, A practical exposition of the Ten Commandments With a resolution of several momentous questions and cases of conscience. By the learned, laborious, faithful servant of Jesus Christ, Mr. James Durham, late minister of the Gospel at Glasgow.
Durham, James, 1622-1658. / [1685] Heaven upon earth in the serene tranquillity and calm composure, in the sweet peace and solid joy of a good conscience sprinkled with the blood of Jesus and exercised always to be void of offence toward God and toward men : brought down and holden forth in XXII very searching sermons on several texts of Scripture ... / by James Durham.
Durham, James, 1622-1658. / [1659] The dying man's testament to the Church of Scotland, or, A treatise concerning scandal divided into four parts ... : in each of which there are not a few choice and useful questions, very shortly and satisfyingly discussed and cleared / by ... Mr. James Durham ... who being dead (by this) yet speaketh ; and published by John Carstares ... ; to which is prefixed an excellent preface of famous Mr. Blair ... ; together with a table of the contents of the several chapters of each part.
Durham, James, 1622-1658. / [anno Dom. 1658] A commentarie upon the book of the Revelation Wherein the text is explained, the series of the several prophecies contained in that book, deduced according to their order and dependance on each other; the periods and succession of times, at, or about which, these prophecies, that are already fulfilled, began to be, and were more fully accomplished, fixed and applied according to history; and those that are yet to be fulfilled, modestly, and so far as is warrantable, enquired into. Together with some practical observations, and several digressions, necessary for vindicating, clearing, and confirming many weighty and important truths. Delivered in several lectures, by that learned, laborious, and faithfull servant of Jesus Christ, James Durham, late Minister of the Gospel in Glasgow. To which is affixed a brief summary of the whole book, with a twofold index, one of the several digressions, another of the chief and principall purposes and words contained in this treatise.
Durham, James, 1622-1658. / [1681] The blessednesse of the death of these that die in the Lord and more especially in ane evil time excellently discoursed in seven very searching but sweet sermons on Revel. 14, v. 13 : wherein several weighty cases relating to death in genereal and to dieing in Lord in particular are succinctly, solidly and satisfieingly handled / by James Durham.
Durham, James, 1622-1658. / [1668] Clavis cantici, or, An exposition of the Song of Solomon by James Durham ...
Dury, John, 1596-1680. / [1649?] The reformed school by John Dury.
Dury, John, 1596-1680. / [1650] The reformed librarie-keeper with a supplement to The reformed-school, as subordinate to colleges in universities / by John Durie ; whereunto is added, I. An idea of mathematicks II. The description of one of the chiefest libraries which is in Germanie ...
Dury, John, 1596-1680. / [1642] A motion tending to the publick good of this age and of posteritie, or, The coppies of certain letters written by Mr. John Dury to a worthy Knight at his earnest desire shewing briefly vvhat a publik good is and how by the best means of reformation in learning and religion it may be advanced to some perfection / published by Samuel Hartlib ...
Dury, John, 1596-1680. / [1650] Just re-proposals to humble proposals. Or An impartiall consideration of, and answer unto, the humble proposals, which are printed in the name of sundry learned and pious divines, concerning the Engagement which the Parliament hath ordered to be taken Shewing, how farre those proposals are agreeable to reason, to Christianity and to policie. How the proposers thereof may receive satisfaction therein, in all these respects. Hereunto are added, The humble proposals themselves; because they are not currantly to be found. Written by John Dury. January 7. 1650. Imprimatur, Joseph Caryl.
Dury, John, 1596-1680. / [1654] A demonstration of the necessity of settling some Gospel-government amongst the churches of Christ in this nation held forth in an answer to a querie whereby Mr. Saltmarch did once endeavour to hinder the settlement of all church-government in the nation : written in the year 1646, and now published for the present use of these times, wherein it may be seasonable to be taken into consideration for the preventing of further confusion and disorder amongst the professors of the Gospell / by John Dury.
Dury, John, 1596-1680. / [1643] The copy of a letter written to Mr. Alexander Hinderson
Dutch merchant. / [1699] An ansvver to a late ill-natur'd libel, entituled, A trip to Holland being a real description of the country, the bravery, wisdom and industry of its inhabitants, and the several vertues which have their growth and encouragement in the seven United Provinces / by a Dutch merchant.
Dutiful and well meaning subject. / [1698] A letter humbly addrest to the most excellent father of his country, the wise and victorious prince, King William III by a dutiful and well-meaning subject.
Duverdier, Gilbert Saulnier, d. 1686. / [1640] The love and armes of the Greeke princes. Or, The romant of the romants. Written in French by Monsieur Verdere, and translated for the Right Honourable, Philip, Earle of Pembroke and Montgomery, Lord Chamberlaine to his Majesty