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Do-Well, Theophilus. / [1681] A conference between a Bensalian bishop and an English doctor, concerning church-government shewing the difference betwixt that of Bensalia and the Church of England : together with a letter from the Bishop of Bensalia to the Archbishop of Canterbury in order to the healing of our church-differences ...
Dobson, John, 1633-1681. / [1663] Queries upon queries, or, Enquiries into Certain queries upon Dr. Pierce's sermon at Whitehall, Feb. 1
Dobson, John, 1633-1681. / [1663] Dr. Pierce, his preaching confuted by his practice sent in a letter by N.G. to a friend in London.
Dockwra, William, d. 1716. / [1681] The practical method of the penny-post being a sheet very necessary for all persons to have by them ... : With an explaination [sic] of the following stamps for the marking of all letters.
Docwra, Anne, 1624-1710. / [1700] The second part of An apostate-conscience exposed being an answer to a scurrilous pamphlet, dated the 11th of April, 1699. Written and published, by F. Bugg, intituled, Jezabel withstood, and her daughter Ann Docwra reproved for her lies and lightness, in her book, stiled, An apostate conscience exposed, &c. By Ann Docwra.
Docwra, Anne, 1624-1710. / [1683] An epistle of love and good advice to my old friends & fellow-sufferers in the late times, the old royalists and their posterity and to all others that have any sincere desires towards God.
Docwra, Anne, 1624-1710. / [1699] An apostate-conscience exposed, and the miserable consequences thereof disclosed, for information and caution By an ancient woman, and lover of truth, and the sincere friends thereof, A.D.
Dod, Henry. / [1603] Certaine Psalmes of Dauid, heretofore much out of vse because of their difficult tunes. The nomber whereof are contained in the page following. Reduced into English meter better fitting the common tunes. By H.D.
Dod, John, 1549?-1645. / [1671] Old Mr. Dod's sayings
Dod, John, 1549?-1645. / [1693] Ymadroddion hen Mr. Dod
Dod, John, 1549?-1645. / [1611] Foure godlie and fruitful sermons two preached at Draiton in Oxford-shire, at a fast, enioyned by authoritie, by occasion of the pestilence then dangerously dispearsed. Likewise two other sermons on the twelfth Psalme. VVhereunto is annexed a briefe tract of zeale. / By I. Dod. R. Cleauer.
Dod, John, 1549?-1645. / [MDCLXXVIII 1678] Old Mr. Dod's sayings
Dodd, Sam. / [1700?] Inter Robertum Williamson, quer' et Mr. Attorney General, deft. Upon a writ of error in Parliament The case of the plaintiff, one of the assigns of Sir Robert Vyner. For 60 l. per annum, and the arrears thereof, out of the hereditary revenue of excise.
Doddridge, John, Sir, 1555-1628. / [1629] The lavvyers light: or, A due direction for the study of the law for methode. Choyce of bookes moderne. Selection of authours of more antiquitie. Application of either. Accommodation of diuers other vsefull requisits. All tending to the speedy and more easie attayning of the knowledge of the common law of this kingdome. With necessary cautions against certaine abuses or ouersights, aswell in the practitioner as student. Written by the reuerend and learned professor thereof, I.D. To which is annexed for the affinitie of the subiect, another treatise, called The vse of the law.
Doddridge, John, Sir, 1555-1628. / [M.DC.XXX. 1630] The history of the ancient and moderne estate of the principality of Wales, dutchy of Cornewall, and earldome of Chester Collected out of the records of the Tower of London, and diuers ancient authours. By Sir Iohn Dodridge Knight, one of his Maiesties iudges in the Kings Bench. And by himselfe dedicated to King Iames of euer blessed memory.
Doddridge, John, Sir, 1555-1628. / [1630] A compleat parson: or, A description of advovvsons, or church-liuing Wherein is set forth, the intrests of the parson, patron, and ordinarie, &c. With many other things concerning the same matter, as they were deliuered at severall readings at New-Inne, / by I. Doderidge, anno, 1602, 1603. And now published for a common good, by W.I.
Dodson, William. / [1665] The designe for the perfect draining of the great level of the fens, called Bedford level, lying in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge, Huntingtonshire, Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire and the isle of Ely as it was delivered to the honourable corporation for the draining of the said great level the 4th of June, 1664 : as also several objections answered since the delivery of the said designe now in agitation : and as for the new works intended in this designe appears in the annexed map : and the charge of the whole calculated / by Collonel William Dodson.
Dodsworth, Christopher. / [1690] Christopher Dodsworth's proceedings against the exportation of silver by the Jews and others
Dodwell, Henry, 1641-1711. / [1676] Two short discourses against the Romanists by Henry Dodwell ...
Dodwell, Henry, 1641-1711. / [1692] A vindication of the deprived Bishops, asserting their spiritual rights against a lay-deprivation, against the charge of schism, as managed by the late editors of an anonymous Baroccian ms in two parts ... to which is subjoined the latter end of the said ms. omitted by the editors, making against them and the cause espoused by them, in Greek and English.
Dodwell, Henry, 1641-1711. / [1672] Two letters of advice I. For the susception of Holy Orders, II. For studies theological, especially such as are rational : at the end of the former is inserted a catalogue of the Christian writers, and genuine works that are extant of the first three centuries.
Dodwell, Henry, 1641-1711. / [1700] A treatise concerning the lawfulness of instrumental musick in holy offices by Henry Dodwell ... ; to which is prefixed, a preface in vindication of Mr. Newte's sermon concerning the lawfulness and use of organs in the Christian church, &c. ...
Dodwell, Henry, 1641-1711. / [1679] Separation of churches from episcopal government, as practised by the present non-conformists, proved schismatical from such principles as are least controverted and do withal most popularly explain the sinfulness and mischief of schism ... by Henry Dodwell ...
Dodwell, Henry, 1641-1711. / [1681] A reply to Mr. Baxter's pretended confutation of a book entituled, Separation of churches from episcopal government, &c. proved schismatical to which are added, three letters written to him in the year 1673, concerning the possibility of discipline under a diocesan-government ... / by Henry Dodwell ...
Dodwell, Henry, 1641-1711. / [1698] Reflexions on a pamphlet entitled, Remarks on the occasional paper, numb. VIII relating to the controversy betwixt Dr. Hody and Mr. Dodwell and on another entitl'd A defence of the vindication of the depriv'd bishops, some time since seiz'd and suppress'd by the Government, and now reprinted : with an answer to a third call'd historical collections concerning church affairs.
Dodwell, Henry, 1641-1711. / [1697] The doctrine of the Church of England concerning the independency of the clergy on the lay-power, as to those rights of theirs which are purely spiritual, reconciled, with our oath of supremacy, and the lay-deprivations of the popish-bishops in the beginning of the reformation / by the author of The vindication of the depriv'd bishops.
Dodwell, Henry, 1641-1711. / [1683] A discourse concerning the one altar and the one priesthood insisted on by the ancients in their disputes against schism wherein the ground and solidity of that way of reasoning is explained, as also its applicableness to the case of our modern schismaticks, with particular regard to some late treatises of Mr. Richard Baxter ... / by H. Dodwell.
Dodwell, Henry, 1641-1711. / [1695] A defence of the vindication of the deprived bishops wherein the case of Abiathar is particularly considered, and the invalidity of lay-deprivations is further proved, from the doctrine received under the Old Testament, continued in the first ages of christianity, and from our own fundamental laws, in a reply to Dr. Hody and another author : to which is annexed, the doctrine of the church of England, concerning the independency of the clergy on the lay-power, as to those rights of theirs which are purely spiritual, reconciled with our oath of supremancy, and the lay-deprivations of the popish bishops in the beginning of the reformation / by the author of the Vindication of the deprived bishops.
Dodwell, Henry, 1641-1711. / [1681] A discourse concerning Sanchoniathon's Phœnician history by Henry Dodwell ...
Dodwell, Henry, 1641-1711. / [1689] Concerning the care of taking the new oath of fealty and allegiance with a declaration, &c.
Dogerell, Owen. / [1642] A brief dialogve between Zelotopit one of the daughters of a zealous Round-head, and Superstition a holy fryer newly come out of France shewing the zeal of good motions of the one and the idolatry of the other : as also the passages of their holy ones when that they be in their conventicles each one condoling with his holy sister / composed by Owen Dogerell.
Dogget, Thomas, d. 1721. / [1696] The country-wake a comedy, as it is acted at the New Theatre in Little Lincoln's-Inn-Fields by His Majesty's servants / written by Mr. Tho. Dogget.
Dolben, John, 1625-1686. / [1665] A sermon preached before the king on Tuesday, June 20th. 1665 being the day of solemn thanksgiving for the late victory at sea / by J. Dolben ...
Dolben, John, 1625-1686. / [1665] A sermon preached before His Majesty on Good-Friday at Whitehall, March 24, 1664/5 by J. Dolben ...
Dole, Dorcas. / [1682/3 i.e. 1683] Salutation and seasonable exhortation to children
Dole, Dorcas. / [1683] Once more a warning to thee O England but more particularly to the inhabitants of the city of Bristol.
Dominican fryer. / [1689] A sermon preached on the occasion of a funeral at Gabuly in Ireland by a Dominican fryer.
Donaldson, James, fl. 1697-1713. / [1698] A pick-tooth for swearers, or, A looking glass for atheists and prophane persons wherein the greatness of the party offended, the solemn giving of the law, together with the strickness and purity thereof, the unquestionable verity of the Holy Scriptures, and what fearfull sentence the wiked may expect in the great day are briefly touched.
Donaldson, James, fl. 1697-1713. / [1698] Elegie on the much to be lamented death of the Right Honourable, Alexander Lord Reath, one of his Majesties most honourable Privy Council, and Exchequer, &c. Departed this life, March 21 1698.
Donaldson, James, fl. 1697-1713. / [1697] Husbandry anatomized, or, An enquiry into the present manner of teiling and manuring the ground in Scotland for most part and several rules and measures laid down for the better improvement thereof, in so much that one third part more increase may be had, and yet more than a third part of the expence of the present way of labouring thereof saved / by Ja. Donaldson.
Done, John. / [1650] A miscellania of morall, theologicall and philosophicall sentances [sic] worthy observation.
Donne, George. / [1625] The signes that doe declare a person to be infected with the pestilence
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [1623] Three sermons vpon speciall occasions preached by Iohn Donne ...
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [1626] A sermon, preached to the Kings Mtie. at Whitehall, 24 Febr. 1625. By Iohn Donne Deane of Saint Pauls, London. And now by his Maiestes [sic] commandment published
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [1622] A sermon vpon the XX. verse of the V. chapter of the booke of Ivdges wherein occasion was iustly taken for the publication of some reasons, which His Sacred Maiestie had been pleased to giue, of those directions for preachers, which hee had formerly sent foorth : preached at the Crosse the 15th. of September. 1622 / by Iohn Donne ..., ; and now by commandement of His Maiestie published, as it was then preached.
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [1627] A sermon of commemoration of the Lady Da[n]uers late wife of Sr. Iohn Da[n]uers. Preach'd at Chilsey, where she was lately buried. By Iohn Donne D. of St. Pauls, Lond. 1. Iuly 1627. Together with other commemorations of her; by her sonne G. Herbert.
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [1610] Pseudo-martyr Wherein out of certaine propositions and gradations, this conclusion is euicted. That those which are of the Romane religion in this kingdome, may and ought to take the Oath of allegiance.
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [1633] Poems, by J.D. VVith elegies on the authors death
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [1652] Paradoxes, problemes, essayes, characters written by Dr. Donne, dean of Pauls ; to which is added a book of epigrams ; written in Latin by the same author ; translated into English by J. Maine D.D. ; as also, Ignatius his Conclave, a satyr, translated out of the originall copy written in Latin by the same author, found lately amongst his own papers.
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [1651] Letters to severall persons of honour written by John Donne ... ; published by John Donne, Dr. of the civill law.
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [anno Dom. 1633] Iuuenilia or Certaine paradoxes and problemes, written by I. Donne
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [1611] Ignatius his conclaue or his inthronisation in a late election in hell: wherein many things are mingled by way of satyr; concerning the disposition of Iesuits, the creation of a new hell, the establishing of a church in the moone. There is also added an apology for Iesuites. All dedicated to the two aduersary angels, which are protectors of the Papall Consistory, and of the Colledge of Sorbon. Translated out of Latine.
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [1612] The first anniuersarie An anatomie of the vvorld. Wherein, by occasion of the vntimely death of Mistris Elizabeth Drury, the frailtie and the decay of this whole world is represented.
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [MDCXLIX 1649] Fifty sermons. The second volume preached by that learned and reverend divine, John Donne ...
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [1624] Devotions vpon emergent occasions and seuerall steps in my sicknes digested into I. Meditations vpon our humane condition, 2. Expostulations, and debatements with God, 3. Prayers, vpon the seuerall occasions, to Him / by Iohn Donne ...
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [M.DC.XXXII. 1632] Deaths duell, or, A consolation to the soule, against the dying life, and liuing death of the body Deliuered in a sermon at White Hall, before the Kings Maiesty, in the beginning of Lent, 1630. By that late learned and reuerend diuine, Iohn Donne, Dr. in Diuinity, & Deane of S. Pauls, London. Being his last sermon, and called by his Maiesties houshold the doctors owne funerall sermon.
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [1611] Conclaue Ignati: siue Eius in nuperis inferni comitiis in thronisatio Vbi varia De Iesuitarum indole, de nouo inferno creando, de ecclesia lunatica institue[n]da, per satyram congesta sunt. Accessit et apologia pro Iesuitis. Omnia duobus angelis aduersariis, qui consistorio papali, & Collegio Sorbone præsident, dedicata.
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [An. Dom. 1611] An anatomy of the vvorld Wherein, by occasion of the vntimely death of Mistris Elizabeth Drury the frailty and the decay of this whole world is represented.
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [1644] Biathanatos a declaration of that paradoxe or thesis, that selfe-homicide is not so naturally sinne, that it may never be otherwise : wherein the nature and the extent of all those lawes, which seeme to be violated by this act, are diligently surveyed / written by Iohn Donne ...
Donne, John, 1604-1662. / [February 23, 1662] Dr. Donne's Last will and testament, July 21, 1657
Donne, John, 1604-1662. / [1662] Donne's satyr containing 1. a short map of mundane vanity, 2. a cabinet of merry conceits, 3. certain pleasant propositions and questions with their merry solutions and answers : being very useful, pleasant and delightful to all, and offensive to none / by Jo. Donne.
Donneau de Visé, Jean, 1638-1710. / [1684] A diary of the siege of Luxembourg by the French king's forces under the command of the Mareschal de Crequi containing a full account of all that passed in the siege and surrendry of the town : together with a compleat description of the town, as it stood besieged, exactly engraven on a copper-plate / done out of French.
Doolittle, Samuel. / [1692] A sermon occasioned by the late earthquake which happen'd in London and other places on the eighth of September, 1692 / Preached to a congregation in Reading by Samuel Doolittle.
Doolittle, Thomas, 1632?-1707. / [1698] The saints convoy to heaven a discourse occasioned by (and in part preached upon) the death and funeral of Mr. Benjamin Lindsey, who deceased the 21st of February, 1697 / by Tho. Doolittle ...
Doolittle, Thomas, 1632?-1707. / [1666] Man ashiv le-Yahoweh, or, A serious enquiry for a suitable return for continued life, in and after a time of great mortality, by a wasting plague (anno 1665) answered in XIII directions / by Tho. Doolitel.
Doolittle, Thomas, 1632?-1707. / [1693] Earthquakes explained and practically improved occasioned by the late earthquake on Sept. 8, 1692 in London, many other parts in England, and beyond sea / by Thomas Doolittle ...
Dopping, Anthony, 1643-1697. / [1690] Speech of the right reverend father in God, Anthony Lord Bishop of Meath, when the clergy waited on His Majesty at his camp nigh Dublin, July 7, 1690 : together with His Majesty's most gracious answer.
Dopping, Anthony, 1643-1697. / [1690] The speech of the Right Reverend Anthony Bishop of Meath when the clergy waited on His Majesty at his camp nigh Dublin, July 7, 1690 : together with His Majesty's most gracious answer.
Dopping, Anthony, 1643-1697. / [1691] A form of reconciliation of lapsed Protestants and of admission of Romanists to the communion of the Church of Ireland / written by the Right Reverend Father in God Anthony Lord Bishop of Meath.
Dorchester, Henry Pierrepont, Marquis of, 1606-1680. / [1660] A true and perfect copy of a letter written by the Lord Marquis of Dorchester to the Lord Roos
Dorchester, Henry Pierrepont, Marquis of, 1606-1680. / [1660] The Lord Marquesse of Dorchesters letter to the Lord Roos with the Lord Roos's answer thereunto : whereunto is added the reasons why the Lord Marquesse of Dorchester published his letter of the 25 of Febr. 1659 dated the 13 of the same moneth : with his answer to the Lord Roos in his letter.
Dorke, Walter. / [1589] A tipe or figure of friendship. VVherein is liuelie, and compendiouslie expressed, the right nature and propertie of a perfect and true friend. Also a conclusion at the end in the praise of friendship. Written by. W.D.
Dorman, Thomas, d. 1577? / [Anno. 1564] A proufe of certeyne articles in religion, denied by M. Iuell sett furth in defence of the Catholyke beleef therein, by Thomas Dorman, Bachiler of Diuinitie. VVhereunto is added in the end, a conclusion, conteinyng .xij. causes, vvhereby the author acknovvlegeth hym self to haue byn stayd in hys olde Catholyke fayth that he vvas baptized in, vvysshyng the same to be made common to many for the lyke stay in these perilouse tymes.
Dormer, P. / [1666] Monarchia triumphans, or, The super-eminency of monarchy over poliarchy or Of the government of one above any free-state or other kinde of soveraignty in many.
Dorrell, Hadrian. / [1594] Willobie his Auisa. Or the true picture of a modest maid, and of a chast and constant wife In hexamiter verse. The like argument wherof, was neuer hereto fore published. Read the preface to the reader before you enter farther.
Dorrington, Theophilus, d. 1715. / [1683] The right use of an estate briefly directed and urg'd in a sermon lately preacht to a person of quality upon his coming to be of age / by Theophilus Dorrington.
Dorrington, Theophilus, d. 1715. / [1700] Arweiniwr cartrefol ir iawn a'r buddiol dderbyniad o Swpper yr Arglwydd. Ym ha ûn hefyd, y mae'r ffordd a'r modd o'n hiechydwriaeth, wedi eu Gosod allan yn fyr, ac fal y bo hawdd eu deall ... / gan Theophilus Dorrington. ; Ac a Gyfieithwyd i'r Gamberaeg, gan Ddafydd Maurice, D.D.
Dorrington, Theophilus, d. 1715. / [1692] The excellent woman described by her true characters and their opposites
Dorset, Edward Sackville, Earl of, 1591-1652. / [1643] Two speeches spoken at Oxford by the Right Honovrable, Edward, Earle of Dorset before His Majesty and the lords of his Privy-councell the one at his receiving the office of Lord privy-seal : the other at his being made president of His Majesties Councell : shewing his good affection to the Parliament and the whole state of this kingdome.
Dorset, Edward Sackville, Earl of, 1591-1652. / [1642 i.e. 1643] The Earle of Dorset his speech for propositions of peace delivered to His Majesty at Oxford, on January 18.
Doughty, John, 1598-1672. / [1644] The Kings cavse rationally, briefly, and plainly debated, as it stands de facto against the irrationall, groundlesse misprisions of a still deceived sort of people.
Doughty, John, 1598-1672. / [anno Dom. 1628] A discourse concerning the abstrusenesse of divine mysteries together with our knowledge of them May 1. 1627. Another touching church-schismes but the unanimity of orthodox professors Feb. 17. 1628. By I.D. Mr of Arts and fellow of Merton Colledge in Oxford.
Douglas, Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. / [1643] The star to the wise, 1643 to the high Court of Parliament the honorale Hovse of Commons : the Lady Eleanor her petition, shewing cause to have her book licensed being the Revelations interpretation.
Douglas, Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. / [1641] The Lady Eleanor her appeale to the high covrt of Parljament
Douglas, Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. / [1649] The crying charge
Douglas, Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. / [1649] The blasphemous charge against her
Douglas, Gawin, 1474?-1522. / [1553?] The palis of honoure compyled by Gawayne dowglas Byshope of Dunkyll
Douglas, Robert, 1594-1674. / [1651] The form and order of the coronation of Charles the Second, King of Scotland, England, France and Ireland as it was acted and done at Scoone, the first day of Ianuarie, 1651.
Douglas, William, Earl of Morton, 1582-1650. / [1627] Encouragments for the vvarres of France to excitate and induce all generous minded and heroick noble-men, gallant gentlemen, and couragious souldiers, who vnder the conduct and regiment of the most martiall and magnanimous Lord the Earle of Mortoun are worthilie disposed to serue our King His Most Sacred Maiestie in France / by William Douglasse North-Britaine.
Dove, Henry, 1640-1695. / [1680] A sermon preached before the honourable House of Commons at St. Margarets Westminster, November 5, 1680 / by Henry Dove ...
Dove, Henry, 1640-1695. / [1695] Albiana a poem humbly offered to the memory of our late Sovereign Lady, Mary, Queen of England, &c. : address'd to Her Royal Highness / by Mr. Dove.
Dove, John, 1560 or 61-1618. / [1597] A sermon preached at Paules Crosse, the sixt of February. 1596 In which are discussed these three conclusions. 1 It is not the will of God that all men should be saued. 2 The absolute will of God, and his secret decree from all eternitie is the cause why some are predestined to saluation, others to destruction, and not any foresight of faith, or good workes in the one, or infidelitie, neglect, or contempt in the other. 3 Christ died not effectually for all. By Iohn Doue, Doctor of Diuinitie.
Dove, John, 1560 or 61-1618. / [1601] Of diuorcement A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse the 10. of May. 1601. By Iohn Doue, Doctor of Diuinitie.
Dove, John, 1560 or 61-1618. / [1610] An aduertisement to the English seminaries, amd [sic] Iesuites shewing their loose kind of writing, and negligent handling the cause of religion, in the whole course of their workes. By Iohn Doue Doctor in Diuinity.
Dove, John, 1560 or 61-1618. / [1605] A confutation of atheisme by Iohn Doue Doctor of Diuinitie. The contents are to be seene in the page following
Dove, Jonathan. / [1635] Dove. An almanack for the yeare since the nativitie of our Lord, 1635 Being the third after bissextile or leap-yeare; and from our Saviours passion, 1602. Being also the yeare from the Worlds creation, 5584. Calculated properly for the famous Universitie and town of Cambridge, where the pole is elevated above the horizon 52 degrees and 17 minutes.
Dow, Christopher, B.D. / [M DC XXXVI. 1636] A discourse of the Sabbath and the Lords Day Wherein the difference both in their institution and their due observation is briefly handled. By Christopher Dow, B.D.
Dowdall, Henry. / [1689] The speech of Henry Dowdall, Esq., recorder of Drogheda to His Majesty, at his entry into the town of Drogheda on the seventh of April, 1689
Dowell, John, ca. 1627-1690. / [1683] The Leviathan heretical, or, The charge exhibited in Parliament against M. Hobbs justified by the refutation of a book of his entituled The historical narration of heresie and the punishments thereof by John Dowel.
Dowland, John, 1563?-1626. / [1612] A pilgrimes solace VVherein is contained musicall harmonie of 3. 4. and 5. parts, to be sung and plaid with the lute and viols. By Iohn Douland, Batchelor of Musicke in both the vniuersities: and lutenist to the Right Honourable the Lord Walden.
Dowland, John, 1563?-1626. / [1603] The third and last booke of songs or aires Newly composed to sing to the lute, orpharion, or viols, and a dialogue for a base and meane lute with fiue voices to sing thereto. By Iohn Dowland, Bacheler in Musicke, and lutenist to the most high and mightie Christian the fourth by the grace of God king of Denmark and Norwey, &c.
Dowland, John, 1563?-1626. / [1600] The second booke of songs or ayres, of 2. 4. and 5. parts vvith tableture for the lute or orpherian, with the violl de gamba. Composed by Iohn Dovvland Batcheler of Musick, and lutenist to the King of Denmark: also an excelent lesson for the lute and base viol, called Dowlands adew. Published by George Eastland, and are to be sould at his house neere the greene Dragon and Sword, in Fleetstreete.
Dowland, John, 1563?-1626. / [1597] The first booke of songes or ayres of fowre partes with tableture for the lute so made that all the partes together, or either of them seuerally may be song to the lute, orpherian or viol de gambo. Composed by Iohn Dowland lutenist and Batcheler of musicke in both the vniversities. Also an inuention by the sayd author for two to playe vpon one lute.
Dowland, John, 1563?-1626. / [1604] Lachrimæ, or Seauen teares figured in seauen passionate pauans vvith diuers other pauans, galiards, and almands, set forth for the lute, viols, or violons, in fiue parts: By Iohn Dowland Bacheler of Musicke, and lutenist to the most royall and magnificent, Christian the fourth, King of Denmarke, Norway, Vandales, and Gothes, Duke of Sleswicke, Holsten, Stormaria, and Ditmarsh: Earle of Oldenburge and Delmenhorst.
Downame, George, d. 1634. / [1608] Tvvo sermons the one commending the ministerie in generall: the other defending the office of bishops in particular: both preached, and since enlarged by George Dovvname Doctor of Diuinitie.
Downame, George, d. 1634. / [1633] A treatise of iustification· By George Dovvname, Doctor of Divinity and Bishop of Dery
Downame, George, d. 1634. / [1604] Lectures on the XV. Psalme read in the cathedrall church of S. Paule, in London. Wherein besides many other very profitable and necessarie matters, the question of vsurie is plainely and fully decided. By George Dovvname, Doctor of Diuinitie. Whereunto are annexed two other treatises of the same authour, the one of fasting, the other of prayer.
Downame, George, d. 1634. / [1603] A treatise concerning Antichrist divided into two bookes, the former, proving that the Pope is Antichrist, the latter, maintaining the same assertion, against all the obiections of Robert Bellarmine, Iesuit and cardinall of the church of Rome / by George Douuname ...
Downame, George, d. 1634. / [1640] A godly and learned treatise of prayer which both conteineth in it the doctrine of prayer, and also sheweth the practice of it in the exposition of the Lords prayer: by that faithfull and painfull servant of God George Downame, Doctr of Divinity, and late L. Bishop of Dery in the realm of Ireland.
Downame, George, d. 1634. / [1607] A funerall sermon preached at Watton in Hertfordshire, at the buriall of the ancient and worthy knight, Sir Philip Boteler, Decemb. 9. 1606
Downame, George, d. 1634. / [1656] The doctrine of practicall praying together with a learned exposition on the Lords prayer / by George Downam.
Downame, George, d. 1634. / [1611] A defence of the sermon preached at the consecration of the L. Bishop of Bath and VVelles against a confutation thereof by a namelesse author. Diuided into 4. bookes: the first, prouing chiefly that the lay or onely-gouerning elders haue no warrant either in the Scriptures or other monuments of antiquity. The second, shewing that the primitiue churches indued with power of ecclesiasticall gouernment, were not parishes properly but dioceses, and consequently that the angels of the churches or ancient bishops were not parishionall but diocesan bishops. The third, defending the superioritie of bishops aboue other ministers, and prouing that bishops alwayes had a prioritie not onely in order, but also in degree, and a maioritie of power both for ordination and iurisdiction. The fourth, maintayning that the episcopall function is of apostolicall and diuine institution.
Downame, George, d. 1634. / [1647] The covenant of grace, or, An exposition upon Luke I. 73, 74, 75 by George Dovvname ...
Downame, George, d. 1634. / [Anno Dom. 1631] The covenant of grace or An exposition upon Luke 1. 73.74.75. By George Downame Doctour of Divinity, and Bishop of Dery
Downame, George, d. 1634. / [1604] The Christians sanctuarie vvhereinto being retired, he may safely be preserued in the middest of all dangers. Fit for all men to read at all times, especially for those that are exercised in the schoole of affliction, in the time of Gods present visitation. Described in two bookes or treatises: I. Of the Christian exercise of fasting. II. Of holy inuocation on Gods name. By George Dovvname Doctor of Diuinitie.
Downame, George, d. 1634. / [An. Dom. M.DC.XXXV. 1635] The Christians freedome wherein is fully expressed the doctrine of Christian libertie. By the rt. reuerend father in God, George Downeham, Doctor of Diuinity and Ld. Bp. of Derry.
Downame, George, d. 1634. / [1620] The Christian arte of thriving, whereby a man may become rich to God, or, A sermon vpon Matth.6.33 preached by the right reuerend father in God, George, Lord Bishop of Derry.
Downame, George, d. 1634. / [1652] A briefe summe of divinitie shewing the plainest way, how a man ought to examine his waies in this life, to the attainment of eternitie : wherein the whole doctrine of Christian libertie is briefly handled, and may serve for instruction of all such as desire to exercise their guifts aright, which are in these our daies very much abused.
Downame, George, d. 1634. / [1639] An apostolicall injunction for unity and peace. Or, a sermon preached by George Downame Master of Arts of Christs Colledge in Cambridge, to the parishioners of Saint Stephens in Walbrooke, at his departure from them
Downame, George, d. 1634. / [1620] An abstract of the duties commanded, and sinnes forbidden in the Law of God. By the Right Reuerend Father in God, George Dovvname, Doctor of Diuinity, and Lord Bishop of Derry
Downame, George, d. 1634. / [1602] Abrahams tryall a sermon preached at the Spittle, in Easter weeke. Anno Domini 1602. By George Downame Doctor of Diuinity.
Downe, John, 1570?-1631. / [A.D. 1633] Certaine treatises of the late reverend and learned divine, Mr Iohn Downe, rector of the church of Instow in Devonshire, Bachelour of Divinity, and sometimes fellow of Emanuell Colledge in Cambridge. Published at the instance of his friends
Downes, Henry, 1667-1735. / [1697] The excellency of publick charity a sermon preach'd before the University of Oxford in New-College-Chappel, on the Feast of the Annuntiation, 1697 / by H. Downes.
Downes, Theophilus, d. 1726. / [1689] A discourse concerning the signification of allegiance, as it is to be understood in the new oath of allegiance
Downes, Theophilus, d. 1726. / [1691] An examination of the arguments drawn from Scripture and reason, in Dr. Sherlock's Case of allegiance, and his Vindication of it
Downes, Thomas. / [1620] To all people to whome this present vvriting shall come, I, Thomas Dovvnes of the citie of Dublin, stationer, send greeting ...
Downes, Thomas. / [1618] To all Christian people to whom this present writing shall come, wee Felix Kyngston and Thomas Downes, citizens and stationers of London send greeting ...
Downes, Thomas, d. 1658. / [1620?] Bookes as they are sold bound, at London, at Dublin with all other priuiledged bookes according to these differences in their prizes.
Downing, Calybute, 1606-1644. / [1641] A sermon preached to the renowned company of the artillery, 1 September, 1640 designed to compose the present troubles by discovering the enemies of the peace of the church and state / by Calybute Downing...
Downing, Calybute, 1606-1644. / [1641] Considerations toward a peaceable reformation in matters ecclesiasticall submitted to the judicious reader / by Calybute Downing.
Downing, George, Sir, 1623?-1684. / [1651] A true relation of the progress of the Parl[i]aments forces in Scotland together with the king's wholly abandoning Scotland, and in despair, with what forces were left them, marching into England, with part of our forces in his van, and my Lord General following in his reer / by an express messenger to the Council of State.
Downing, George, Sir, 1623?-1684. / [1665] A reply of Sir George Downing Knight and Baronet, envoy extraordinary from His Majesty of Great-Britain, &c. to the remarks of the deputies of the Estates-General upon his memorial of December 20, 1664, old stile
Downing, George, Sir, 1623?-1684. / [1672] A discourse written by Sir George Downing, the King of Great Britain's envoy extraordinary to the states of the United Provinces vindicating his royal master from the insolencies of a scandalous libel, printed under the title of (An extract out of the register of the States General of the United Provinces, upon the memorial of Sir George Downing, envoy, &c.), and delivered by the agent De Hyde for such to several publick ministers : whereas no such resolution was ever communicated to the said envoy, nor any answer returned at all by their lordships to the said memorial : whereunto is added a relation of some former and later proceedings of the Hollanders / by a meaner hand.
Downing, George, Sir, 1623?-1684. / [1664] A discourse vindicating His Royal Master from the insolencies of a scandalous libel printed under the title of (An extract out of the register of the States General of the United Provinces, upon the memorial of Sir George Downing envoye͡e &c.) and delivered by the agent de Heyde for such to several publick ministers, wheras no such resolution was ever communicated to the same envoye͡e, nor any answer at all returned by Their Lordships to the said memorial / written by Sr George Downing.
Dowriche, Anne, fl. 1589. / [1589] The French historie, that is, A lamentable discourse of three of the chiefe, and most famous bloodie broiles that haue happened in France for the Gospell of Iesus Christ namelie, 1. The outrage called the winning of S. Iames his streete, 1557, 2. The constant martirdome of Annas Burgans one of the K. Councell, 1559, 3. The bloodie marriage of Margaret sister to Charles the 9, anno 1572 / published by A.D.