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Daborne, Robert, d. 1628. / [1618] A sermon preached in the cathedrall church of the citie of Waterford in Febr. 1617. before the Right Honorable the Lord President of Munster, and the state: as also, before Sr William Iones knight, Lord Chiefe Iustice of Ireland, and Gerrard Loder Esquire, one of the iudges of the Common Pleas, the then iustices of assize held in the same place. At which time the charter of the same citie, being by diuers iuries found forfeit, was lastly surrendred. By Robert Daborne chancelor of the said cathedrall church of Waterford.
Daborne, Robert, d. 1628. / [1655] The poor-mans comfort a tragi-comedy : as it was divers times acted at the Cock-pit in Drury Lane with great applause / written by Robert Dauborne ...
Daborne, Robert, d. 1628. / [1612] A Christian turn'd Turke: or, The tragicall liues and deaths of the two famous pyrates, Ward and Dansiker As it hath beene publickly acted. VVritten by Robert Daborn, Gentleman.
Dade, John, fl. 1589-1614. / [1600] A prognostication in which you may beholde the state of this present yeere of our Lord God, M.DC. Made and set foorth by Iohn Dade Gent. practicioner in phisicke
Daffy, Anthony. / [1675?] Daffy's original elixir salutis, vindicated against all counterfeits, &c. or, An advertisement by mee, Anthony Daffy, of London, citizen and student in physick by way of vindication of my famous and generally approved cordial drink, (called elixir salutis) from the notoriously false suggestions of one Tho. Witherden of Bear-steed in the county of Kent, Gent. (as pretended), Jane White, Robert Brooke, apothecary, and Edward Willet ...
Dagget, George. / [1688] The estate of the poor in Sion College London truly stated by George Dagget ... in a letter to a friend.
Daillé, Jean, 1594-1670. / [1675] A treatise concerning the right use of the Fathers, in the decision of the controversies that are this day in religion written in French by John Daille ...
Daillé, Jean, 1594-1670. / [1680] A lively picture of Lewis du Moulin drawn by the incomparable hand of Monsieur Daille, late minister of Charenton.
Daillé, Jean, 1594-1670. / [MDCLIII. 1653] An apologie for the Reformed churches wherein is shew'd the necessitie of their separation from the Church of Rome: against those who accuse them of making a schisme in Christendome. By John Daille pastor of the Reformed Church at Paris. Translated out of French. And a preface added; containing the judgement of an university-man, concerning Mr. Knot's last book against Mr. Chillingworth.
Daines, Simon. / [anno Domini 1640] Orthoepia Anglicana: or, the first principall part of the English grammar teaching the art of right speaking and pronouncing English, with certaine exact rules of orthography, and rules of spelling or combining of syllables, and directions for keeping of stops or points between sentence and sentence. A work in it selfe absolute, and never knowne to be accomplished by any before ... Methodically composed by the industry and observation of Simon Daines schoolemaster of Hintlesham in Suffs.
Dalairac, M. (François-Paulin) / [1700] Polish manuscripts, or, The secret history of the reign of John Sobieski the III, of that name, K. of Poland containing a particular account of the siege of Vienna ... with the letters that passed on that occasion betwixt the Emperor, King of Poland, Pope, Elector of Brandenburg, Duke of Lorrain, Republick of Venice ... : the whole intermix'd with an account of the author's travels thro' Germany, Poland, Hungary, &c. .../ translated from the French original, wrote by M. Dalerac ...
Dale, Elizabeth, Lady. / [1624] A briefe of the Lady Dales petition to the Parliament
Dalhusius, Johannes H. (Johannes Hermanus) / [1689] The salvation of Protestants asserted and defended in opposition to the rash and uncharitable sentence of their eternal damnation pronounc'd against them by the Romish Church / by J.H. Dalhusius ... ; newly done into English.
Dalicourt, P. / [1669] A relation of the French kings late expedition into the Spanish-Netherlands in the years 1667 and 1668 with an introduction discoursing his title thereunto, and an account of the peace between the two crowns, made the second of May, 1668 / Englished by G.H., Gent.
Dallington, Robert, 1561-1637. / [1604] The vievv of Fraunce
Dallington, Robert, 1561-1637. / [1605] A suruey of the great dukes state of Tuscany In the yeare of our Lord 1596.
Dallington, Robert, 1561-1637. / [1613] Aphorismes ciuill and militarie amplified with authorities, and exemplified with historie, out of the first quarterne of Fr. Guicciardine.
Dallison, Charles, d. 1669. / [1648] The royalist's defence vindicating the King's proceedings in the late warre made against him, clearly discovering, how and by what impostures the incendiaries of these distractions have subverted the knowne law of the land, the Protestant religion, and reduced the people to an unparallel'd slavery.
Dalton, James, 17th cent. / [1647] A strange and true relation of a young woman possest with the Devill, by name Joyce Dovey ... with a particular of her actions, and how the evill spirit speakes within her, giving fearefull answers unto those ministers and others that come to discourse with her / as it was certified in a letter from Mr. Iames Dalton unto Mr. Tho. Groome ... ; also A letter from Cambridge, wherein is related the late conference between the Devil ... and one Ashbourner, a scholler of S. Johns Colledge ...
Daman, William, ca. 1540-1591. / [1591] The former booke of the musicke of M. William Damon, late one of her maiesties musitions conteining all the tunes of Dauids Psalmes, as they are ordinarily soung in the Church: most excellently by him composed into 4. parts. In which sett the tenor singeth the church tune. Published for the recreation of such as delight in musicke: by W. Sawyne Gent.
Daman, William, ca. 1540-1591. / [1591] Bassus. The second booke of the musicke of M. William Damon, late one of her maiesties musitions conteining all the tunes of Dauids Psalmes, as they are ordinarily soung in the Church: most excellently by him composed into 4. parts. In which sett the highest part singeth the church tune. Published for the recreation of such as delight in musicke: by W. Sawyne Gent.
Damiano, da Odenara. / [1562] The pleasaunt and vvittie playe of the cheasts renewed with instructions both to learne it easely, and to play it well. Lately translated out of Italian into French: and now set furth in Englishe by Iames Rowbothum.
Damiano, da Odenara. / [1597] Ludus scacchiæ: = chesse-play A game, both pleasant, wittie, and politicke: with certain briefe instructions therevnto belonging; translated out of the Italian into the English tongue. Containing also therein, a prety and pleasant poeme of a whole game played at chesse. Written by G.B.
Dammee, Agamemnon Shaglock van. / [1642] The speech of a cavaleere to his comrades, in answer to the wardens speech written by Agamemnon Shaglock Van Dammee ...
Damon, John, 17th cent. / [1642] Joyfull newes from Captain Marro in Ireland, or, His second victory over the rebels, April 18 shewing in a most true and exact relation the manner of two glorious battles, never to be forgotten : the first, by the invincible courage of Captiain [sic] Marro, April 18 : also his parley, and the assault and repulse of Mongarrets army, April 19 : the second, by the said Captain Marro, and being seconded by Sir Henry Tichbourn, gave the rebels a great overthrow, with the number of men that were slain in each battle : also His Majesties message to the House of Peers, April the 22, 1642.
Damon, John, 17th cent. / [1642] Joyfull newes from Captain Marro in Ireland or, His second victory over the rebels, April 18. Shewing in a most true and exact relation, the manner of two glorious battles, never to be forgotten. The first, by the invincible courage, of Captiain [sic] Marro, April 18. Also his parley, and the assault and repulse of Mongarrets army, April 19. The second, by the said Captain Marro, and being seconded by Sir Henry Tichbourn, gave the rebels a great overthrow, with the number of men that were slain in each battle. Also His Majesties message to the House of Peers, April the 22. 1642.
Dampier, William, 1652-1715. / [1697-1703] A new voyage round the world describing particularly the isthmus of America, several coasts and islands in the West Indies, the isles of Cape Verd, the passage by Terra del Fuego, the South Sea coasts of Chili, Peru and Mexico, the isle of Guam one of the Ladrones, Mindanao, and other Philippine and East-India islands near Cambodia, China, Formosa, Luconia, Celebes, &c., New Holland, Sumatra, Nicobar Isles, the Cape of Good Hope, and Santa Hellena : their soil, rivers, harbours, plants, fruits, animals, and inhabitants : their customs, religion, government, trade, &c. / by William Dampier ; illustrated with particular maps and draughts.
Dancer, John, fl. 1660-1675. / [1675] Agrippa, King of Alba, or, The false Tiberinus as it was several times acted with great applause before His Grace the Duke of Ormond then Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, at the Theatre Royal in Dublin / from the French of Monsieur Quinault.
Dando, John. / [1595] Maroccus extaticus. Or, Bankes bay horse in a trance A discourse set downe in a merry dialogue, betweene Bankes and his beast: anatomizing some abuses and bad trickes of this age. Written and intituled to mine host of the Belsuage, and all his honest guests. By Iohn Dando the wierdrawer of Hadley, and Harrie Runt, head ostler of Bosomes Inne.
Daneau, Lambert, ca. 1530-1595? / [1578] The wonderfull vvoorkmanship of the world wherin is conteined an excellent discourse of Christian naturall philosophie, concernyng the fourme, knowledge, and vse of all thinges created: specially gathered out of the fountaines of holy Scripture, by Lambertus Danæus: and now Englished, by T.T.
Daneau, Lambert, ca. 1530-1595? / [1586] True and Christian friendshippe With all the braunches, members, parts, and circumstances thereof, Godly and learnedly described. Written first in Latine by that excellent and learned man, Lambertus Danæus, and now turned into English. Together also with a right excellent inuectiue of the same author, against the wicked exercise of diceplay, and other prophane gaming.
Daneau, Lambert, ca. 1530-1595? / [1575] A dialogue of witches, in foretime named lot-tellers, and novv commonly called sorcerers VVherein is declared breefely and effectually, vvhat soueuer may be required, touching that argument. A treatise very profitable ... and right necessary for iudges to vnderstande, which sit vpon lyfe and death. Written in Latin by Lambertus Danæus. And now translated into English.
Danet, Pierre, ca. 1650-1709. / [1700] A complete dictionary of the Greek and Roman antiquities explaining the obscure places in classic authors and ancient historians relating to the religion, mythology, history, geography and chronology of the ancient Greeks and Romans, their ... rites and customs, laws, polity, arts and engines of war : also an account of their navigations, arts and sciences and the inventors of them : with the lives and opinions of their philosophers / compiled originally in French ... by Monsieur Danet ; made English, with the addition of very useful mapps.
Danforth, Samuel, 1626-1674. / [1671] A brief recognition of New-Englands errand into the wilderness made in the audience of the General Assembly of the Massachusetts Colony at Boston in N.E. on the 11th of the third moneth, 1670, being the day of election there / by Samuel Danforth.
Danforth, Samuel, 1626-1674. / [1674] The cry of Sodom enquired into; upon occasion of the arraignment and condemnation of Benjamin Goad, for his prodigious villany. Together with a solemn exhortation to tremble at Gods judgements, and to abandon youthful lusts. S.D.
Danforth, Samuel, 1626-1674. / [1665] An astronomical description of the late comet or blazing star as it appeared in New-England in the 9th, 10th, 11th, and in the beginning of the 12th moneth, 1664 : together with a brief theological application thereof / by S.D.
Dangerfield, Thomas, 1650?-1685. / [1680] Thomas Dangerfield's answer to a certain scandalous paper entituled, The Kings evidence vindicated as to the imputation of perjury
Dangerfield, Thomas, 1650?-1685. / [1680] Tho. Dangerfield's answer to a certain scandalous lying pamphlet entituled, Malice defeated, or, The deliverance of Elizabeth Cellier together with some particular remarks made from her own words, an acknowledgment of matter of fact, and a short compendium of the principal transactions of her life and conversation / all which are wrote by the hand of Tho. Dangerfield ...
Dangerfield, Thomas, 1650?-1685. / [1679] Mr. Tho. Dangerfields particular narrative of the late popish design to charge those of the Presbyterian party with a pretended conspiracy against His Majesties person and government written by himself.
Dangerfield, Thomas, 1650?-1685. / [1680] The information of Thomas Dangerfield, Gent. delivered at the bar of the Hovse of Commons, Tuesday the twentieth day of October in the year of Our Lord 1680 / perused and signed to be printed according to the order of the House of Commons by me William Williams ...
Dangerfield, Thomas, 1650?-1685. / [1680] Mr. Tho. Dangerfield's second narrative wherein is contained a faithful charge against the Lady Powis, Mr. Stamford, (the Duke of Newburghs resident) and Mrs. Cellier relating to the murther of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey and the late plot made by the papists, to be cast upon the Protestants : wherein is I. A true account of methods used to invalidate the testimony of Captain William Bedloe and Mr. Prance, II. An account of the several papists imprisoned, and their crimes, with the charges it cost them to get out upon bail / written by his own hand.
Dangerfield, Thomas, 1650?-1685. / [1681] More shams still, or, A further discovery of the designs of the Papists to impose upon the nation the belief of their feigned Protestant or Presbyterian plot by Thomas Dangerfield.
Dangerfield, Thomas, 1650?-1685. / [1682] The grand impostor defeated by Tho. Dangerfield.
Dangerfield, Thomas, 1650?-1685. / [1680] Don Tomazo, or, The juvenile rambles of Thomas Dangerfield
Dangerfield, Thomas, 1650?-1685. / [1685] Dangerfield's memoires, digested into adventures, receits, and expences by his own hand.
Dangerfield, Thomas, 1650?-1685. / [168-?] Dangerfield's ghost to Jefferys
Dangerfield, Thomas, 1650?-1685. / [1680] The case of Tho. Dangerfield with some remarkable passages that happened at the tryals of Elizabeth Cellier, the popish midwife, and the Earl of Castlemain, at the Kings-bench bar at Westminster, before Sir Will. Scroggs Kt, Lord Chief Justice, &c. in the month of June, 1680 : together with divers informations never yet publisht, John Gadbury his testimony, with all its evasions, some points of law insisted upon by the king & prisoners counsel; and the chief justice his opinion given therein, the manner and occasion of Dangerfield's commitment to prison, and also of his being discharged again and some animadversions upon the L.C.J. words / written by the hand of an indifferent person.
Dangerfield, Thomas, 1650?-1685. / [1682] Animadversions upon Mr. John Gadbury's Almanack, or diary for the year of our Lord 1682 by Thomas Dangerfeild [sic] and printed for the author.
Daniel, Gabriel, 1649-1728. / [1692] A voyage to the world of Cartesius written originally in French, and now translated into English.
Daniel, Samuel, 1562-1619. / [1623] The whole vvorkes of Samuel Daniel Esquire in poetrie
Daniel, Samuel, 1562-1619. / [1604] The vision of the 12. goddesses presented in a maske the 8. of Ianuary, at Hampton Court: by the Queenes most excellent Maiestie, and her ladies.
Daniel, Samuel, 1562-1619. / [1599] The poeticall essayes of Sam. Danyel
Daniel, Samuel, 1562-1619. / [1606] The Queenes Arcadia A pastorall trage-comedie presented to her Maiestie and her ladies, by the Vniuersitie of Oxford in Christs Church, in August last. 1605.
Daniel, Samuel, 1562-1619. / [1604] The true discription of a royall masque Presented at Hampton Court, vpon Sunday night, being the eight of Ianuary. 1604. And personated by the Queenes most excellent Majestie, attended by eleuen ladies of honour.
Daniel, Samuel, 1562-1619. / [1606] A funerall poem vppon the death of the late noble Earle of Deuonshyre
Daniel, Samuel, 1562-1619. / [1615] Hymens triumph A pastorall tragicomædie. Presented at the Queenes court in the Strand, at her Maiesties magnificent entertainement of the Kings most excellent Maiestie, being at the nuptials of the Lord Roxborough. By Samuel Daniel.
Daniel, Samuel, 1562-1619. / [1603] A panegyrike congratulatorie to the Kings Maiestie Also certaine epistles, by Samuel Daniel.
Daniel, Samuel, 1562-1619. / [1612] The first part of the historie of England. By Samuel Danyel
Daniel, Samuel, 1562-1619. / [1594] Delia and Rosamond augmented Cleopatra by Samuel Daniel.
Daniel, Samuel, 1562-1619. / [1618] The collection of the historie of England. By S.D.
Daniel, Samuel, 1562-1619. / [1609] The ciuile wars betweene the howses of Lancaster and Yorke corrected and continued by Samuel Daniel one of the groomes of hir Maiesties most honorable Priuie Chamber
Daniel, Samuel, 1562-1619. / [1605] Certaine small poems lately printed with the tragedie of Philotas. Written by Samuel Daniel.
Daniel, Samuel, 17th cent. / [Printed anno 1642] Archiepiscopal priority instituted by Christ, proved by plaine testimonies of Scripture. Asserted by the ancient fathers. And whereunto all the moderne divines of the Protestant side doe fully assent, without contradiction of any one man. / By Samuel Daniel Master of Arts.
Daniell, Benjamin. / [May 17, 1642] True nevves from Cork being the copie of a letter sent from thence to Master Oliver Daniell citizen ..., from his brother ... in Cork : wherein is declared the severall proceedings of the Protestant armie from the fifth of May to the 12, 1642 : likevvise ... intelligence of a great insurrection made by the papists in Cork on the 7 day of this instant moneth : with a declaration how by the valour ... of my Lord of Cork and Sir Thomas Meer they were appeased, disarmed and their store and munition seized on for the use of our English : also many other ... passages concerning ... the Earl of Ormond, Sir Charles Coot, Sir Christopher Loftus, Captain Morra, and the Protestant army in the neweries : whereunto is annexed another remarkable passage concerning Oneal late prisoner in the Tower.
Danson, Thomas, d. 1694. / [1668] A synopsis of Quakerism, or, A collection of the fundamental errors of the Quakers whereof these are a taste, viz. 1. That there are not three persons in the God-head, 2. That Christ did not make satisfaction for the sin of man, 3. That justification is not by imputed righteousness, 4. That our good works are the meritorious cause of our justification, 5. That a state of freedom from sin, is attainable in this life, 6. That there is a light in every man, sufficient to guide him to salvation, 7. That the Scripture is not the word of God, nor a standing rule of faith and life, 8. That there is no resurrection in the body, 9. That there's no need nor use of ordinances, baptisme, Lords Supper, &c. : collected out of their printed books : with a brief refutation of their most material arguments, (and particularly, W. Pens, in his late Sandy foundation shaken) and an essay towards the establishment of private Christians, in the truths opposed by those errors / by Tho. Danson ...
Danvers, Henry, d. 1687. / [1689?] Murther will out, or, A clear and full discovery that the Earl of Essex did not felloniously murther himself but was barbarously murthered by others both by undenyable circumstances and positive proofs / by Coll. Danvers.
Danvers, John. / [1660] The royal oake, or, An historicall description of the royal progresse, wonderful travels, miraculous escapes, and strange accidents of His Sacred Majesty Charles the II, third monarch of Great Britain wherein is observable and worth publique view ... / by John Danverd [sic]
Danyel, John, 1564-ca. 1626. / [1606] Songs for the lute viol and voice: composed by I. Danyel, Batchelar in musicke. 1606. To Mris Anne Grene
Darcie, Abraham, fl. 1625. / [1623?] To immortalize the noble memorie of the right honourable young Lords Iames and Charles Egerton both vicounts of Brackley, both onely heires to the Earledome of Bridgwater, and both onely sonnes to that noble earle, by his gracious and princely ladie, Frances Countess of Bridgwater, a fruitfull branch of the ancient House of Darbie, and noble familie of the Spencers / Abraham Darcie consecrates these French and English verses ...
Darcie, Grace, Lady. / [1624] To the honorable assembly of the Commons House in Parliament the humble petition of Dame Grace Darcie, widow, mother, and one of the committes of the body and lands of Edward Darcie, Esquire, His Maiesties warde.
Darcy, Patrick, 1598-1668. / [1643] An argument delivered by Patrick Darcy, esquire by the expresse order of the House of Commons in the Parliament of Ireland, 9 iunii, 1641.
Dare, Josiah, 17th cent. / [1673] Counsellor Manners, his last legacy to his son enriched and embellished with grave adviso's, pat histories, and ingenious proverbs, apologues, and apophthegms / by Josiah Dare.
Darell, Walter. / [1578] A short discourse of the life of seruingmen plainly expressing the way that is best to be followed, and the meanes wherby they may lawfully challenge a name and title in that vocation and fellowship. With certeine letters verie necessarie for seruingmen, and other persons to peruse. With diuerse pretie inuentions in English verse. Hereunto is also annexed a treatise, concerning manners and behauiours.
Dares, Phrygius. / [Anno. 1553] The faythfull and true storye of the destruction of Troye, compyled by Dares Phrigius, which was a souldier while the siege lasted, translated into Englyshe by Thomas Paynell
Darley, John, 1622?-1699. / [1662] The glory of Chelsey Colledge revived by John Darley.
Darrel, John, b. ca. 1562. / [1641] A true relation of the grievous handling of William Sommers of Nottingham being possessed with a devill shewing how he was first taken and how lamentable from time to time he was tormented and afflicted / published by John Darrel ...
Darrel, John, b. ca. 1562. / [1599] A brief apologie prouing the possession of William Sommers. Written by Iohn Dorrell, a faithful Minister of the Gospell: but published without his knowledge, with a dedicatorie epistle disclosing some disordered procedings against the saide Iohn Dorrell
Darrel, John, b. ca. 1562. / [1600] A true narration of the strange and greuous vexation by the Devil, of 7. persons in Lancashire, and VVilliam Somers of Nottingham Wherein the doctrine of possession and dispossession of demoniakes out of the word of God is particularly applyed vnto Somers, and the rest of the persons controuerted: togeather with the vse we are to make of these workes of God. By Iohn Darrell, minister of the word of God.
Darrell, William, 1651-1721. / [1688] A vindication of Saint Ignatius (founder of the Society of Jesus) from phanaticism ; and of the Jesuites, from the calumnies laid to their charge in a late book, entitul'd, The enthusiasm of the Church of Rome by William Darrel ...
Dartmouth, George Legge, Baron, 1648-1691. / [1688] To the King's Most Excellent Majesty, the humble address of George Lord Dartmouth, admiral of Your Majesties fleet for the present expedition, and the commanders of Your Majesties ships of war now actually at the Spithead in Your Majesties service under his Lordships command
Dash, Jacob, fl. 1698. / [1698] Æsop at Richmond, recovered of his late illness a poem in burlesque, dedicated to His Royal Highness the Duke.
Daunce, Edward. / [1590] A briefe discourse of the Spanish state vvith a dialogue annexed intituled Philobasilis.
Daunce, Edward. / [1590] A briefe discourse dialoguevvise shevving how false & dangerous their reports are, which affirme, the Spaniards intended inuasion to be, for the reestablishment of the Romish religion; for her Maiesties succors giuen to the Netherlanders, and for Sir Frances Drakes enterprise three yeares past into the VVest Indies.
Dauncey, John, fl. 1663. / [1660] The history of the thrice illustrious Princess Henrietta Maria de Bourbon, Queen of England
Dauncey, John, fl. 1663. / [1660] The history of His Sacred Majesty Charles the II, third monarch of Great Britain, crowned King of Scotland, at Scoone the first of Ianuary 1650 begun from the death of his royall father of happy memory, and continued to the present year, 1660 / by a person of quality.
Dauncey, John, fl. 1663. / [1662] The English lovers, or, A girle worth gold both parts, so often acted with general applause, now newly formed into a romance / by the accurate pen of I.D., Gent.
Dauncey, John, fl. 1663. / [1661] A compendious chronicle of the kingdom of Portugal, from Alfonso, the first King, to Alfonso the Sixth, now reigning together with a cosmographical description of the dominions of Portugal / by John Dauncey.
Davanzati, Bernardo, 1529-1606. / [1696] A discourse upon coins by Signor Bernardo Davanzati, a gentleman of Florence, being publickly spoken in the academy there, anno 1588 ; translated out of Italian by John Toland.
Davenant, Charles, 1656-1714. / [1677] The songs in Circe
Davenant, Charles, 1656-1714. / [1695] An essay upon the ways and means of supplying the war
Davenant, Charles, 1656-1714. / [1699] An essay upon the probable methods of making a people gainers in the ballance of trade ... by the author of The essay on ways and means.
Davenant, Charles, 1656-1714. / [1696] An essay on the East-India-trade by the author of The essay upon wayes and means.
Davenant, Charles, 1656-1714. / [c 1700] Dr. Davenant's opinion anent the salt and malt-taxes in England
Davenant, Charles, 1656-1714. / [1700] A discourse upon grants and resumptions showing how our ancestors have proceeded with such ministers as have procured to themselves grants of the crown-revenue, and that the forfeited estates ought to be applied towards the payment of the publick debts / by the author of the Essay on ways and means.
Davenant, Charles, 1656-1714. / [1677] Circe a tragedy as it is acted at His Royal Highness the Duke of York's Theatre / by Charles D'Avenant ...
Davenport, John, 1597-1670. / [1661] The saints anchor-hold, in all storms and tempests preached in sundry sermons, and published for the support and comfort of Gods people, in all times of tryal / by John Davenport ...
Davenport, Robert, fl. 1623. / [1639] A pleasant and vvitty comedy: called, A new tricke to cheat the Divell . Written by R.D. Gent
Davenport, Robert, fl. 1623. / [1655] King Iohn and Matilda a tragedy : as it was acted with great applause by Her Majesties servants at the Cock-pit in Drury-Lane / written by Robert Davenport, Gent.
Davenport, Robert, fl. 1623. / [1661] The city-night-cap, or, Crede quod habes a tragi-comedy / by Robert Davenport ; as it was acted with great applause by Her Majesties servants at the Phoenix in Drury Lane.
Davidson, John, ca. 1549-1603. / [1595. Cum privilegio regali] A memorial of the life [et] death of two vvorthye Christians, Robert Campbel of the Kinyeancleugh, and his wife, Elizabeth Campbel In English meter.
Davidson, John, ca. 1549-1603. / [Anno. 1590] D. Bancrofts rashnes in rayling against the Church of Scotland noted in an answere to a letter of a worthy person of England, and some reasons rendred, why the answere thereunto hath not hitherto come foorth. By I.D. a brother of the sayd Church of Scotland.
Davies, James, fl. 1657-1709. / [1679] A sermon on Psal. CXIX, v. 57 shewing wherein the good man's portion and dependence consists / by James Davies.
Davies, John, 1565?-1618. / [1607] Yehovah summa totalis or, All in all, and, the same for euer: or, an addition to Mirum in modum. / By the first author, Iohn Dauies.
Davies, John, 1565?-1618. / [1605?] Wittes pilgrimage, (by poeticall essaies) through a vvorld of amorous sonnets, soule-passions, and other passages, diuine, philosophicall, morall, poeticall, and politicall. By Iohn Dauies
Davies, John, 1565?-1618. / [1617] VVits bedlam ----vvhere is had, whipping-cheer, to cure the mad.
Davies, John, 1565?-1618. / [1616] A select second husband for Sir Thomas Ouerburie's wife, now a matchlesse widow
Davies, John, 1565?-1618. / [1625] A scourge for paper-persecutors. Or Papers complaint, compil'd in ruthfull rimes, against the paper-spoylers of these times. / By I.D. With a continu'd iust inquisition of the same subiect, fit for this season. Against paper-persecutors. By A.H.
Davies, John, 1565?-1618. / [1613] The muses-teares for the losse of their hope; heroick and ne're-too-much praised, Henry, Prince of Wales. &c. Together with times sobs for the vntimely death of his glory in that his darling: and, lastly, his epitaphs. Consecrated to the high and mighty prince, Frederick the fift, Count-palatine of Rheyn. &c. Where-vnto is added, consolatory straines to wrest nature from her bent in immoderate mourning; most loyally, and humbly wisht to the King and Queenes most exeellent [sic] Maiesties. / By Iohn Dauies of Hereford, their Maiesties poore beads-man, and vassall.
Davies, John, 1565?-1618. / [1612] The muses sacrifice
Davies, John, 1565?-1618. / [1602] Mirum in modum A glimpse of Gods glorie and the soules shape.
Davies, John, 1565?-1618. / [1603] Microcosmos The discovery of the little world, with the government thereof. By Iohn Davies.
Davies, John, 1565?-1618. / [ca. 1623] Lo here her type who was of latt [sic], the propp of Belgia [by] Io. Davies ; [--] sumpter Elizabetha Regina, Nic. Hilliard delin. et excud. cum priuilegio Maiestatis.
Davies, John, 1565?-1618. / [1609] Humours heau'n on earth with the ciuile warres of death and fortune. As also the triumph of death: or, the picture of the plague, according to the life; as it was in anno Domini. 1603. / By Iohn Dauies of Hereford.
Davies, John, 1565?-1618. / [1609] The holy roode, or Christs crosse containing Christ crucified, described in speaking-picture. / By Iohn Dauies.
Davies, John, 1565?-1618. / [1606] Bien venu Great Britaines welcome to hir greate friendes, and deere brethren the Danes
Davies, John, 1565?-1618. / [1620?] [Thy motto's lyke thy mind ...] J.D. Cambro- Britannus.
Davies, John, 1625-1693. / [1666] Historical relations, or, A discovery of the true causes why Ireland was never intirely subdu'd nor brought under obedience of the Crown of England until the beginning of the reign of King James of happy memory / by ... John Davis ...
Davies, John, 1625-1693. / [1679] Political and military observations a new collection / by J.D. of Kidwelly.
Davies, John, 1625-1693. / [1672] The ancient rite and monuments of the monastical, & cathedral church of Durham collected out of ancient manuscripts, about the time of the suppression / published by J.D.
Davies, John, Citizen and fishmonger of London. / [1641] An answer to those printed papers published in March last 1640 by the late patentees of salt in their pretended defence and against free trade composed by Iohn Davies.
Davies, John, Sir, 1569-1626. / [1653] A work for none but angels & men. That is to be able to look into, and to know our selves. Or a book shewing what the soule is, subsisting and having its operations without the body; its more th[e]n a perfection or reflection of the sense, or teperature of humours: how she exercises her powers of vegetative or quickening power of the senses. Of the imaginations or common sense, the phantasie, sensative memory, passions motion of life, local motion, and intellectual powers of the soul. Of the wit, understanding, reason, opinion, judgement, power of will, and the relations betwixt wit & wil. Of the intellectual memory, that the soule is immortall, and cannot dye, cannot be destroyed, her cause ceaseth not, violence nor time cannot destroy her; and all objections answered to the contrary.
Davies, John, Sir, 1569-1626. / [1656] The question concerning impositions, tonnage, poundage, prizage, customs, &c. fully stated and argued, from reason, law, and policy dedicated to King James in the latter end of his reign / by Sir John Davies ...
Davies, John, Sir, 1569-1626. / [1658] A work for none but angels & men that is to be able to look into and to know ourselves, or a book shewing what the soule is, subsisting and having its operations without the body ... : of the imagination or common sense, the phantasie, sensative memory, passions, motion of life, the local motion, intellectual power of the soul ... Thomas Jenner has lineas composuit.
Davies, John, Sir, 1569-1626. / [1697] The original, nature, and immortality of the soul a poem : with an introduction concerning humane knowledge / written by Sir John Davies ... ; with a prefatory account concerning the author and poem.
Davies, John, Sir, 1569-1626. / [MDCLIX 1659] Jus imponendi vectigana, or, The learning touching customs, tonnage, poundage, and impositions on merchandizes, asserted as well from the rules of the common and civil law, as of generall reason and policy of state / by Sir John Davis ...
Davies, John, Sir, 1569-1626. / [1596] Orchestra or A poeme of dauncing Iudicially proouing the true obseruation of time and measure, in the authenticall and laudable vse of dauncing.
Davies, John, Sir, 1569-1626. / [1599] Nosce teipsum this oracle expounded in two elegies, 1. Of humane knowledge, 2. Of the soule of man, and the immortalitie thereof.
Davies, John, Sir, 1569-1626. / [anno. 1615] Le primer report des cases & matters en ley resolues & adiudges en les courts del Roy en Ireland. Collect et digest per Sr. Iohn Dauys Chiualer Atturney Generall del Roy en cest realme
Davies, John, Sir, 1569-1626. / [1599] Hymnes of Astræa in acrosticke verse.
Davies, John, Sir, 1569-1626. / [1612] A discouerie of the true causes why Ireland was neuer entirely subdued, nor brought vnder obedience of the crowne of England, vntill the beginning of his Maiesties happie raigne
Davies, John, Sir, 1569-1626. / [ca. 1599] Epigrammes and elegies by I.D. and C.M.
Davies, John, Sir, 1569-1626. / [1591] [O Vtinam 1 For Queene Elizabeths securitie, 2 for hir subiects prosperitie, ...]
Davies, Richard, 1501-1581. / [Anno Domi. 1577] A funerall sermon preached the xxvi. day of Nouember in the yeare of our Lord M.D.LXXVI. in the parishe church of Caermerthyn, by the Reuerende Father in God, Richard by the permission of God, Bishoppe of Saint Dauys, at the buriall of the Right Honourable VValter Earle of Essex and Ewe ...
Davies, Richard, fl. 1610. / [1610] Chesters triumph in honor of her prince As it was performed vpon S. Georges Day 1610. in the foresaid citie.
Davies, Rowland, 1649-1721. / [1692] A letter to friend concerning his changing his religion
Davies, William, barber-surgion of London. / [1614] A true relation of the travailes and most miserable captiuitie of William Dauies, barber-surgion of London, vnder the Duke of Florence VVherein is truly set downe the manner of his taking, the long time of his slauierie, and meanes of his deliuerie, after eight yeeres, and ten moneths captiuitie in the gallies. Discouering many manye landes, ilandes, riuers, cities, and townes, of the Christians and infidels, the condition of the people, and the manner of their countrey: with many more strange things, as in the booke is briefely and plainely expressed. By William Dauies, barber-surgion of London, and borne in the citie of Hereford.
Davila, Arrigo Caterino, 1576-1631. / [1678] The history of the civil wars of France written in Italian, by H.C. Davila ; translated out of the original.
Davis, Chaplain to the Lord Cottington. / [1642] Hosanna before the bishops preached to them when they were come to the tower / by Master Davis ... ; being the heads of his sermon as it taken by one of his hearers on Sunday morning being the second of Ianuary, 1642.
Davis, Edward, auctioneer. / [1691] Auctio Davisiana. Picturarum verè originalium: or, A collection of valuable pictures, consisting of the collections, of Cardinal Antonio Barberini. Sir James Palmer, &c. (All which shall be warranted originals to the nobility and gentry, &c.) and for their accommodation are brought from the auction-house in St. Albans-street, and will be sold by auction, at the house on the fight-hand at the foot of the stairs of the House of Lords on Monday Novemb. 23, 1691. from ten in the morning, to two in the afternoon. By Edward Davis, Edward Millington. Catalogues are given at Mr. Sam. Crouch in Cornhil. Richards Coffee-house in Fleetstreet. Mr. Notts in Pall-Mall. Waggoners Coffee-house in the Court of Requests, and at the place of sale, 1691.
Davis, John, 1550?-1605. / [1595] The vvorldes hydrographical discription Wherein is proued not onely by aucthoritie of writers, but also by late experience of trauellers and reasons of substantiall probabilitie. that the worlde in all his zones clymats and places, is habitable and inhabited, and the seas likewise vniuersally nauigable ... whereby appeares that from England there is a short and speedie passage into the South Seas, to China, Molucca, Phillipina, and India, by northely nauigation ... Published by I. Dauis of Sandrudg by Dartmouth in the countie of Deuon. Gentleman. Anno 1595. May 27.
Davis, John, 1550?-1605. / [1595] The seamans secrets deuided into 2. partes, wherein is taught the three kindes of sayling, horizontall, peradoxall [sic], and sayling vpon a great circle : also an horizontall tyde table for the easie finding of the ebbing and flowing of the tydes, with a regiment newly calculated for the finding of the declination of the sunne, and many other most necessary rules and instruments, not heeretofore set foorth by any / newly published by Iohn Dauis of Sandrudge ...
Davis, John, Attendant on Sir Charles Vavasour. / [1642] Certaine and good news from the west of Ireland and city of Cork sent in a letter from John Davis ... ; concerning the taking and besieging of the town of Dungarven and the overthrow of many hundred of the Irish rebells ; with some other shirmishes as they marcht from Youghall.
Davis, John, b. 1628 or 9. / [1652.] Psalmos theios, or a Divine psalme or, song, wherein predestination is maintained, yet the honour of Jehovah preserved and vindicated: and to that eternall song the holy scripture dedicated, / by John Davis. Whereunto is annexed an elogie upon the patron, with certaine divine epigrams to whom the author presented some of his books..
Davis, John, pastor of a congregation in Dover. / [1655] Seismos megas. Or Heaven & earth shaken. A treatise shewing how kings, princes, and their governments are turned and changed by Jesus Christ as [brace] King of Kings, and King of Saints. / By John Davis, M.A. sometime lecturer at Christ Church in London, and now pastour of a congregation in Dover.
Davis, John, Servant to Mistris Lewis. / [1641] A great discovery of a damnable plot at Rvgland castle in Monmoth-shire in Wales related to the high court of Parliament / by Iohn Davis, November the 12, 1641 ; the chiefe actor being the Earle of Worcester ; wherein is discovered the number of horses, men, powder, match and shot by them prepared with the places where they are, and the danger wee were in had not God by his mercy protected us ; with certain quæres presented to the high court of Parliament concerning such wicked designes ; as also the reasons wherefore the House of Commons gave strict command that there should be a strong watch set about the Earle of Worcesters house and the French ambassadors ; whereunto is annexed the true relation of a damnable plot which was discovered on Tuesday last, by a religious man intended against the high court of Parliament.
Davis, Richard, 1658-1714. / [1692] Truth and innocency vindicated against falshood & malice exprest in a late virulent pamphlet intituled, (A true account of a most horrid and dismal plague began at Rothwell, &c.) without printer's licenser's or author's name thereunto) : together with an account of the Kettering visitation / by R. Davis ... ; to which is added, Mr. Rob. Betson's answer to so much as concerns him in the said libel.
Davison, Francis, 1575?-1619? / [1611] A poetical rapsodie containing: diuerse sonnets, odes, elegies, madrigals, epigrams, pastorals, eglogues, with other poems, both in rime and measured verse. For varietie and pleasure, the like neuer yet published.
Davyes, Thomas. / [1658] The tenth vvorthy. Or, Several anagrams in Latine, Welsh, and English, upon the name of that most highly renowned worthy of worthies, Oliver late Lord Protector. Together with some elegeical verses upon his much lamented death, who dyed in body Sept. 3. 1658. And also more anagrams on his now Highness, and others of that most noble and puissant family.
Daw, Jack. / [1622] Vox graculi, or Iacke Davves prognostication No lesse wittily, then wondrously rectified, for the eleuation of all vanity, villany, sinne, and surquedrie sublimate, keeping quarter in the courts, cities, and countries, of all Christendome; for this yeere 1623. Published by authority.
Dawe, fl. 1653. / [1653] The keepers of the liberties of England by authority of Parliament, to all parsons, ministers, lecturers, viccars, and curates as also to all justices of the peace, mayors, burgers, sheriffes, bayliffes, constables, overseers of the poor, and headboroughs. And to all other officers, ministers, and people whatsoever, as well within liberties as without, to whom these presents shall come, greeting.
Dawe, fl. 1653. / [1653] The keepers of the liberties of England by authority of Parliament, to all parsons, ministers, lecturers, viccars, and curates as also to all justices of the peace, mayors, burgers, sheriffes, bayliffes, constables, overseers of the poor, and headboroughs. And to all other officers, ministers, and people whatsoever, as well within liberties as without, to whom these presents shall come, greeting.
Dawes, Lancelot, 1580-1653. / [1653] Sermons preached upon severall occasions by Lancelot Dawes ...
Dawes, William, Sir, 1671-1724. / [1694] Religion, the only happiness a poem : in a letter to a friend.
Dawes, William, Sir, 1671-1724. / [1694] An anatomy of atheisme a poem / by a person of quality.
Dawson, Richard. / [1661] The humble addresse and remonstrance of Richard Dawson gentleman, now prisoner in the Fleet To the Right Honourable Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled. With all possible submission, representing the sad oppressures under which he groans, his estate being pluckt away from him by injustice, perjury, and subornation thereto, forgery, counterfeiting his hand and seal, and other unjust, illegal unconscionable grievances; by the ... confederacy of Roger Porrington gentleman, Philip Read attorney of the Kings Bench, Edward, and Francis Luttrel, solicitor, and counsellor of law, Sir John Lenthall knight marshall of the Kings Bench, and others, set on, encouraged, and defended by them.
Dawson, Thomas. / [1597] The second part of the good hus-wiues iewell Where is to be found most apt and readiest wayes to distill many wholsome and sweet waters. In which likewise is shewed the best maner in preseruing of diuers sorts of fruits, & making of sirrops. With diuers conceits in cookerie with the booke of caruing.
Dawson, Thomas. / [1587] The good husvvifes ievvell VVherein is to be found most excellent and rare deuises for conceits in cookerie, found out by the practise of Thomas Dawson. Whereunto is adioyned sundry approued reseits for many soueraine oyles, and the way to distill many precious waters, with diuers approued medicines for many diseases. Also certaine approued points of husbandry, very necessarie for all husbandmen to know.
Day, Angel, fl. 1575-1595. / [1586?] Vpon the life and death of the most worthy, and thrise renowmed knight, Sir Phillip Sidney a commemoration of his worthines, contayning a briefe recapitulation, of his valiant vsage and death taken, in her Maiesties seruices of the warres in the Low-countries of Flaunders.
Day, Angel, fl. 1575-1595. / [1586] The English secretorie VVherin is contayned, a perfect method, for the inditing of all manner of epistles and familiar letters, together with their diuersities, enlarged by examples vnder their seuerall tytles. In which is layd forth a path-waye, so apt, plaine and easie, to any learners capacity, as the like wherof hath not at any time heretofore beene deliuered. Nowe first deuized, and newly published by Angel Daye.
Day, Henry, M.A. / [1694] A thanksgiving-sermon preach'd at Sutton in Surrey, April the 16th, 1696 being the national thanksgiving day for His Majesty's most happy preservation from the most detestable assassination, in order to a French invasion / by Henry Day ...
Day, James, fl. 1637. / [1637] A new spring of divine poetrie. I. Day. philomusus composuit - inest sua gratia parvis
Day, John, 1574-1640? / [1653] Truth shut out of doors being brief discovery of the partial and unjust proceedings of some formal professors, members of a church at Rumney in Kent, against John Day, the publisher hereof.
Day, John, 1574-1640? / [1607] The trauailes of the three English brothers Sir Thomas Shirley Sir Anthony [Shirley] Mr. Robert [Shirley]. As it is now play'd by her Maiesties Seruants.
Day, John, 1574-1640? / [1641] The parliament of bees, with their proper characters. Or a bee-hive furnisht with twelve hony-combes, as pleasant as profitable Being an allegoricall description of the actions of good and bad men in these our daies. By John Daye, sometimes student of Caius Colledge in Cambridge.
Day, John, 1574-1640? / [1608] Lavv-trickes or, VVho vvould haue thought it As it hath bene diuers times acted by the Children of the Reuels. Written by Iohn Day.
Day, John, 1574-1640? / [1606] The ile of guls As it hath been often playd in the blacke Fryars, by the Children of the Reuels. / VVritten by Iohn Day.
Day, John, 1574-1640? / [1659] The blind-beggar of Bednal-green vvith the merry humor of Tom Strowd the Norfolk yeoman, as it was divers times publickly acted by the Princes Servants / written by John Day.
Day, John, 1574-1640? / [1608] Humour out of breath A comedie diuers times latelie acted, by the Children of the Kings Reuells. Written by Iohn Day.
Day, John, 1574-1640? / [1633] The ile of gulls As it hath been often acted in the Black Fryers, by the Children of the Revels.
Day, Richard, b. 1552. / [1578] A booke of Christian prayers, collected out of the auncie[n]t writers, and best learned in our tyme, worthy to be read with an earnest mynde of all Christians, in these daungerous and troublesome dayes, that God for Christes sake will yet still be mercyfull vnto vs
Day, Richard, of Eton. / [in the year, 1652] The humble petition or remonstrance of Rich: Day of Eton neer Windsor, to the Parliament of the Common-wealth of England. I. For the repairing of the decay of wood and timber. II. For the planting of an able preaching ministry throughout the land. III. For the working of the works of mercy and charitie: and for an act against the pride of apparell.
Day, Robert. / [1700] Free thoughts in defence of a future state, as discoverable by natural reason, and stript of all superstitious appendages ... with occasional remarks on a book intituled, An inquiry concerning virtue, and a refutation of the reviv'd Hylozoicism of Democritus and Leucippus.
Day, Thomas, fl. 1583. / [1583] VVonderfull straunge sightes seene in the element, ouer the citie of London and other places on Munday being the seconde day of September: beginning betweene eight and nine of the clocke at night, increasing and continuing till after midnight: most strange and fearefull to the beholders.