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Zouch, Richard, 1590-1661. / [A.D. 1652] Cases and questions resolved in the civil-lavv. Collected by R. Zouch professor of the civil-law in Oxford.
Zouch, Richard, 1590-1661. / [1613] The doue: or Passages of cosmography. By Richard Zouche ciuillian, of New Colledge in Oxford
Zouch, Richard, 1590-1661. / [1663] The jurisdiction of the admiralty of England asserted against Sr. Edward Coke's Articuli admiralitatis, in XXII chapter of his jurisdiction of courts by Richard Zouch ...
Zouch, Richard, 1590-1661. / [1639] The sophister· A comedy.
Zouche of Harringworth, Edward La Zouche, Baron, 1556?-1625. / [1619] To all mayors, iurates, constables, bayliffes, ministers, churchwardens, and to all other his maiesties officers within the libertie of the Cinque Ports, as it shall appertain