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Sydenham, William, d. ca. 1738. / [1696] To the knights, citizens, and burgesses, in Parliament assembled, the proposals of William Sydenham, esquire, for the raising a considerable revenue to His Majesty, by a tax on mony, proportionable to that on land; which he humbly layeth before your honours great wisdom and consideration
Sylvester, Josuah, 1563-1618. / [1620] The vvood-mans bear A poeme. By Io. Syluester.
Sylvester, Josuah, 1563-1618. / [Anno 1620] All the small vvorkes of that famous poet Iosuah Siluester Gathered into one volume.
Symmons, Edward. / [Printed in the yeere, 1648] A vindication of King Charles: or, A loyal subjects duty Manifested in vindicating his soveraigne from those aspersions cast upon him by certaine persons, in a scandalous libel, entituled, The Kings cabinet opened: and published (as they say) by authority of Parliament. Whereunto is added, a true parallel betwixt the sufferings of our Saviour and our soveraign, in divers particulars, &c. By Edw: Symmons, a minister, not of the late confused new, but of the ancient, orderly, and true Church of England.
Symmons, Edward. / [1645] Scripture vindicated from the mis-apprehensions, mis-interpretations, and mis-applications of Mr Stephen Marshall, [in] his sermon preached before the Commons House of Parliament, Feb. 23. 1641. and published by order of that House. : Also a militarie sermon, wherein [b]y the VVord of God, the nature and disposition of a rebell is discovered, and the kings true souldier described and characterized. / [B]y Edward Symmons ...
Symmons, Edward. / [1644] A militarie sermon wherein by the vvord of God, the nature and disposition of a rebell is discovered, and the Kings true souldier described and characterized : preached at Shrewsbury, May 19. 1644, to His Majesties army there under the command of the high and most illustrious Prince Rvpert / by Edw. Symmons ...
Symmons, Edward. / [1642] Foure sermons vvherein is made a foure-fold discovery viz. of ecclesiasticall selfe-seeking, a wisemans carriage in evill times, the benefit of Christian patience, the right nature and temper of the spirit of the Gospel / by Edvvard Symons ...
Symon, John. / [1572] A pleasant posie, or Sweete nosegay of fragrant smellyng flowers: gathered in the garden of heaunely pleasure, the holy and blessed bible. To the tune of The black Almayne.
Syms, Christofer. / [1647] To the noble, and right honorable Lords, and the honorable knights, citizens, and burgesses in the high court of parliament assembled the humble petition of Chistofer Syms touching a book entituled Great Britans Al arm [sic] by him to them dedicated.
Synesius, of Cyrene, Bishop of Ptolemais. / [1579] A paradoxe, prouing by reason and example, that baldnesse is much better than bushie haire, &c. Written by that excellent philosopher Synesius, Bishop of Thebes, or (as some say) Cyren. A prettie pamphlet, to pervse, and replenished with recreation. Englished by Abraham Fleming. Herevnto is annexed the pleasant tale of Hemetes the Heremite, pronounced before the Queenes Maiestie. Newly recognised both in Latine and Englishe, by the said A.F.
Synod of Gap. / [1607] Solenne decretum a nationali ecclesiarum Gallicarum Synodo (celebrata Gapinci apud Delphinates) proclamatum & publicæ confessioni earumdem adscriptum A solemn decree of the nationall synod of Gap, in the province of Delphine, in France, publikely proclaimed, and ascribed to the publique confession of the Church.