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Suckling, John, Sir, 1609-1642. / [1679] A letter from Sir John Suckling to Mr. Henry German, in the beginning of the late Long Parliament, anno 1640
Suckling, John, Sir, 1609-1642. / [MDCXLVI. 1646] Fragmenta aurea A collection of all the incomparable peeces, written by Sir John Suckling. And published by a friend to perpetuate his memory. Printed by his owne copies.
Suckling, John, Sir, 1609-1642. / [1642] The discontented colonell writtten by Sir Iohn Sucklin.
Suckling, John, Sir, 1609-1642. / [1641] The coppy of a letter written to the Lower Hovse of Parliament touching divers grievances and inconveniences of the state &c.
Suckling, John, Sir, 1609-1642. / [1641] A coppy of a letter fovnd in the privy lodgeings at White-Hall
Suckling, John, Sir, 1609-1642. / [1638] Aglaura
Suetonius, ca. 69-ca. 122. / [1606] The historie of tvvelve Cæsars emperours of Rome: written in Latine by C. Suetonius Tranquillus, and newly translated into English. With a marginall glosse, and other briefe annotations there-upon.
Suffolk (England) / [ca. 1625] Suff. ss. memorandum that the [blank] day of [blank] anno Dom. [blank] in the countie aforesaid, vpon his recognisance acknowledged according to the forme of the statute in that case made and prouided, is licensed, assigned and allowed by [blank] Iustices of the Peace of the said countie, to keepe a common victaulling and ale-house ...
Sutcliffe, Matthew, 1550?-1629. / [1629] A true relation of Englands happinesse, vnder the raigne of Queene Elizabeth and the miserable estate of papists, vnder the Popes tyrany / by M.S.
Sutcliffe, Matthew, 1550?-1629. / [1606] The subuersion of Robert Parsons his confused and worthlesse worke, entituled, A treatise of three conuersions of England from paganisme to Christian religion
Sutcliffe, Matthew, 1550?-1629. / [1625?] The blessings on Mount Gerizzim, and the curses on Movnt Ebal. Or, The happie estate of Protestants compared with the miserable estate of papists vnder the Popes tyrannie. By M.S. Doctor of Diuinitie.
Sutton, Christopher, 1565?-1629. / [1601] Godly meditations vpon the most holy sacrament of the Lordes Supper With manie thinges apperteininge to the highe reuerenee [sic] of soe greate a mysterie. In the end. De Eucharistiæ controuersia, admonitio breuis.
Sutton, Christopher, 1565?-1629. / [1604?] Disce vivere Learne to live : a briefe treatise of learning to liue, vvherein is shewed, that the life of Christ is the most perfect patterne of direction to the life of a Christian : in which also, the well disposed may behold their orderlie passage, from the state of grace, to the state of glorie.
Sutton, Christopher, 1565?-1629. / [1600] Disce mori. = Learne to die A religious discourse, moouing euery Christian man to enter into a serious remerbrance of his ende. Wherein also is contained the meane and manner of disposing himselfe to God, before, and at the time of his departure. In the whole, somewhat happily may be abserued, necessary to be thought vpon, while we are aliue, and when we are dying, to aduise our selues and others.