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Spain. Sovereign (1556-1598 : Philip II) / [1598] A true coppie of the transportation of the Lowe Countries, Burgundie, and the countie of Charrolois: doone by the King of Spayne, for the dowrie of his eldest daughter. Giuen in marriage vnto the Cardinall Albert, Duke of Austria, vvith the articles and conditions of the same, signed by the King in Madrill. Translated out of Dutch by H.W. Nouember. 1598
Spalding, John, 1633?-1699. / [anno Dom. 1690] A sermon preached before His Grace George Earl of Melvil Their Majesties high commissioner, and the nobility, barons, and burrows, members of the high court of Parliament. In the Parliament-House, upon Sunday, May 11, 1690. By John Spalding, minister at Kirkcudbright.
Sparrow, Anthony, 1612-1685. / [1672] A rationale upon the Book of common prayer of the Church of England by Anth. Sparrow ... ; with the form of consecration of a church or chappel, and of the place of Christian burial ; by Lancelot Andrews ...
Speed, John, 1552?-1629. / [1611, i.e. 1612] The theatre of the empire of Great Britaine presenting an exact geography of the kingdomes of England, Scotland, Ireland, and the iles adioyning: with the shires, hundreds, cities and shire-townes, within ye kingdome of England, divided and described by Iohn Speed.
Speed, John, 1552?-1629. / [1646] A prospect of the most famous parts of the vvorld Viz. Asia, 3 Affrica, 5 Europe, 7 America. 9 With these kingdomes therein contained. Grecia, 11 Roman Empire, 13 Germanie, 15 Bohemia, 17 France, 19 Belgia, 21 Spaine, 23 Italie, 25 Hungarie, 27 Denmarke, 29 Poland, 31 Persia, 33 Turkish Empire, 35 Kingdome of China, 37 Tartaria, 39 Sommer Ilands, 41 Civill Warres, in England, Wales, and Ireland. You shall find placed in the beginning of the second booke marked with these [3 asterisks in triangle formation] and (5) together with all the provinces, counties, and shires, contained in that large theator of Great Brittaines empire. / Performed by John Speed.
Speed, John, 1552?-1629. / [1611] The history of Great Britaine under the conquests of ye Romans, Saxons, Danes and Normans Their originals, manners, warres, coines & seales: with ye successions, lives, acts & issues of the English monarchs from Iulius Cæsar, to our most gracious soueraigne King Iames. by Iohn Speed.
Speed, John, 1552?-1629. / [1676] An epitome of Mr. John Speed's theatre of the empire of Great Britain And of his prospect of the most famous parts of the world. In this new edition are added, the despciptions of His Majesties dominions abroad, viz. New England, New York, 226 Carolina, Florida, 251 Virginia, Maryland, 212 Jamaica, 232 Barbados, 239 as also the empire of the great Mogol, with the rest of the East-Indies, 255 the empire of Russia, 266 with their respective descriptions.
Speed, John, 1552?-1629. / [Anno 1627] England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland described and abridged with ye historic relation of things worthy memory from a farr larger voulume done by Iohn Speed.
Speed, John, 1552?-1629. / [1601?] A description of the ciuill vvarres of England [collected by Iohn Speede, citizen of London, anno 1600]
Speed, John, 1552?-1629. / [1620] A cloud of vvitnesses and they the holy genealogies of the sacred Scriptures. Confirming vnto vs the truth of the histories in Gods most holy word, and the humanitie of Christ Iesus. The second addition. By Io. Speed.
Speed, John, 1628-1711. / [1680] Batt upon Batt a poem upon the parts, patience, and pains of Barth. Kempster, clerk, poet, cutler, of Holy-Rood-Parish in Southampton / by a person of quality; to which is annexed The vision, wherein is described Batts person and ingenuity ... by the same author ...
Speed, Samuel, 1631-1682. / [1673] The prisoners complaint to the King's Most Excellent Majestie, or,The cries of the Kings Bench with advice to the disconsolate gentlemen-prisoners in the several prisons of England especially the Kings bench / by S.S., a fellow of Kings Colledge in Southwark.
Speed, Samuel, 1631-1682. / [1677] Prison-pietie, or, Meditations divine and moral digested into poetical heads, on mixt and various subjects : whereunto is added a panegyrick to the right reverend, and most nobly descended, Henry Lord Bishop of London / by Samuel Speed ...
Speed, Samuel, 1631-1682. / [1674] Fragmenta carceris, or, The Kings-bench scuffle, with the humours of the common-side The Kings-bench litany : and The legend of Duke Humphrey / by Samuel Speed ...
Speght, Rachel. / [1617] A mouzell for Melastomus, the cynicall bayter of, and foule mouthed barker against Euahs sex. Or an apologeticall answere to that irreligious and illiterate pamphlet made by Io. Sw. and by him intituled, The arraignement of women. By Rachel Speght
Spelman, Henry, Sir, 1564?-1641. / [1656] Villare Anglicum, or, A vievv of the tovvnes of England collected by the appointment of Sir Henry Spelman ...
Spelman, Henry, Sir, 1564?-1641. / [1698] Reliquiæ Spelmannianæ the posthumous works of Sir Henry Spelman, Kt., relating to the laws and antiquities of England : publish'd from the original manuscripts : with the life of the author.
Spelman, Henry, Sir, 1564?-1641. / [1642] A Protestants account of his orthodox holding in matters of religion at this present in difference in the church, and for his own and others better confirmation or rectification in the points treated on : humbly submitted to the censure of the Church of England.
Spelman, Henry, Sir, 1564?-1641. / [1684] Of the law-terms, a discourse wherein the laws of the Jews, Grecians, Romans, Saxons and Normans, relating to this subject are fully explained / written by ... Sir Henry Spelman, Kt.
Spelman, Henry, Sir, 1564?-1641. / [1647] The larger treatise concerning tithes long since written and promised by Sir Hen. Spelman, Knight ; together with some other tracts of the same authour and a fragment of Sir Francis Bigot, Knight, all touching the same subject ; whereto is annexed an answer to a question ... concerning the settlement or abolition of tithes by the Parliament ... ; wherein also are comprised some animadversions upon a late little pamphlet called The countries plea against tithes ... ; published by Jer. Stephens, B.D. according to the appointment and trust of the author.
Spelman, Henry, Sir, 1564?-1641. / [1698] The history and fate of sacrilege discover'd by examples of scripture, of heathens, and of Christians; from the beginning of the world continually to this day / by Sir Henry Spelman ...
Spelman, Henry, Sir, 1564?-1641. / [1641] De sepultura by Sr. Henry Spelman, Knight.
Spelman, Henry, Sir, 1564?-1641. / [1616] De non temerandis ecclesiis A tract of the rights and respect due vnto churches. Written to a gentleman, who hauing an appropriate parsonage, imploied the church to prophane vses, and left the parishioners vncertainely prouided of diuine seruice, in a parish neere there adioyning. By Sr. Henry Spelman knight.
Spelman, Henry, Sir, 1564?-1641. / [1646] An apology of the treatise De non temerandis ecclesiis against a treatie by an unknowne authour, written against it in some particulars / by Sir Henry Spelman Knight ; also his epistle to Richard Carew Esquire, of Anthony in Cornwall concerning tithes.
Spelman, John, Sir, 1594-1643. / [1642. i.e. 1643] A view of a printed book intituled Observations upon His Majesties late answers and expresses.
Spelman, John, Sir, 1594-1643. / [1642] Certain considerations upon the duties both of prince and people written by a gentleman of quality ...
Spelman, John, Sir, 1594-1643. / [1643] The case of our affaires in law, religion, and other circumstances examined and presented to the conscience
Spencer, John, 1601-1671. / [1643] Votivæ Angliæ, Englands complaint to their king:, or, The humble desires of all the zealous and true-hearted Protestants in this kingdome, for a speedy and happy reformation of abuses in church government, being the onely meanes to remove these distractions, and to avert the judgement of God from us. : As they were expressed in sundry petitions, remonstrances and letters, lately presented from them to the king, upon sundry occasions. / Collected by a wel-wisher to reformation.
Spencer, John, 1601-1671. / [MDCLV 1655] Scripture mistaken the ground of Protestants and common plea of all new reformers against the ancient Catholicke religion of England : many texts quite mistaken by Nouelists are lay'd open and redressed in this treatis[e] by Iohn Spenser.
Spencer, John, 1601-1671. / [1688] The schism of the Church of England &c. demonstrated in four arguments formerly propos'd to Dr. Gunning and Dr. Pearson, the late Bishops of Ely and Chester / by two Catholick disputants, in a celebrated conference upon that point.
Spencer, John, 1601-1671. / [1657] Questions propounded for resolution of unlearned Protestants in matter of religion, to the doctours of the prelaticall pretended reformed church of England.
Spencer, John, 1630-1693. / [1660] The righteous ruler a sermon preached at St Maries in Cambridge, June 28, 1660 / by John Spencer, B.D., fellow of Corpus Christi Colledge in Cambridge.
Spencer, John, 1630-1693. / [1665] A discourse concerning vulgar prophecies wherein the vanity of receiving them as the certain indications of any future event is discovered, and some characters of distinction between true and pretending prophets are laid down / by John Spencer.
Spencer, John, 1630-1693. / [1663] A discourse concerning prodigies wherein the vanity of presages by them is reprehended, and their true and proper ends asserted and vindicated / by John Spencer.
Spencer, John, Gentleman. / [1461 i.e. 1641] A discovrse of divers petitions of high concernment and great consequence delivered by the authour into the hands of King James, of famous memory, and into the hands of our gracious King Charles : and divers other letters delivered unto some great peers of the land and divers knights and ladies and others of great worth and quality : a treatise of melancholie and the strange effects thereof : with some directions for the comforting of poor afflicted soules and wounded consciences : and some directions for the curing and reclaiming surious mad men and some rare inventions in case of great extremity to feed them and preserve them from famishing and to procure them to speak : which it pleased the God of wisdom to enable me to finde out in the long time of fifty years experience and observation / by John Spencer, gentleman.
Spencer, John, Groom. / [1642] The spirituall vvarfare a sermon preched in the parish church of St. Michael Crookedland in London : on the 30 of March being a fast day / by Mr. John Spencer sometime groom to a nobleman.
Spencer, John, Groom. / [1641] A short treatise concerning the lawfullnese of every mans exercising his gift as God shall call him thereunto by John Spencer.
Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599. / [Anno Domini. 1580] Three proper, and wittie, familiar letters: lately passed betvveene tvvo vniuersitie men: touching the earthquake in Aprill last, and our English refourmed versifying With the preface of a wellwiller to them both.
Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599. / [1579] The shepheardes calender conteyning tvvelue æglogues proportionable to the twelue monethes. Entitled to the noble and vertuous gentleman most worthy of all titles both of learning and cheualrie M. Philip Sidney.
Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599. / [1596] Prothalamion or A spousall verse made by Edm. Spenser. In honour of the double mariage of the two honorable & vertuous ladies, the Ladie Elizabeth and the Ladie Katherine Somerset, daughters to the Right Honourable the Earle of Worcester and espoused to the two worthie gentlemen M. Henry Gilford, and M. William Peter Esquyers
Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599. / [1596] The faerie queene Disposed into twelue bookes, fashioning XII. morall vertues.
Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599. / [1590] The faerie qveene disposed into twelue books, fashioning XII. morall vertues.
Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599. / [1595] Amoretti and Epithalamion. Written not long since by Edmunde Spenser
Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599. / [1595] Colin Clouts come home againe. By Ed. Spencer
Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599. / [1591] Complaints Containing sundrie small poemes of the worlds vanitie. VVhereof the next page maketh mention. By Ed. Sp.
Spinoza, Benedictus de, 1632-1677. / [1689] A treatise partly theological, and partly political containing some few discourses, to prove that the liberty of philosophizing (that is making use of natural reason) may be allow'd without any prejudice to piety, or to the peace of any common-wealth, and that the loss of public peace and religion it self must necessarily follow, where such a liberty of reasoning is taken away / translated out of Latin.
Spon, Issac, 1647-1685. / [1682] Observations on fevers and febrifuges. Written in French by Monsieur Spon, one of the most eminent physicians of Lyons; upon occasion of reading a book entituled, The discovery of the admirable English remedy. Now made English, by J. Berrie
Spon, Jacob, 1647-1685. / [1687] The history of the city and state of Geneva, from its first foundation to this present time faithfully collected from several manuscripts of Jacobus Gothofredus, Monsieur Chorier, and others / by Isaac Spon ...
Spottiswood, John, 1565-1639. / [1655] The history of the Church of Scotland, beginning in the year of our Lord 203 and continued to the end of the reign of King James the VI of ever blessed memory wherein are described the progress of Christianity, the persecutions and interruptions of it, the foundation of churches, the erecting of bishopricks, the building and endowing monasteries, and other religious places, the succession of bishops in their sees, the reformation of religion, and the frequent disturbances of that nation by wars, conspiracies, tumults, schisms : together with great variety of other matters, both ecclesiasticall and politicall / written by John Spotswood ...
Sprat, Thomas, 1635-1713. / [1685] A true account and declaration of the horrid conspiracy against the late King, His present Majesty and the government as it was order'd to be published by His late Majesty.
Sprat, Thomas, 1635-1713. / [1688] To the right honourable my Lords, of his Majesty's Commission Ecclesiastical
Sprat, Thomas, 1635-1713. / [1677] A sermon preached before the King at White-Hall, Decemb. the 24th. 1676 by Thomas Sprat ...
Sprat, Thomas, 1635-1713. / [1682] A sermon preached before the Lord mayor, and the Court of Aldermen, at Guild-Hall Chappel, on the 29th of January 1681/2 by Thomas Sprat ...
Sprat, Thomas, 1635-1713. / [1690] A sermon preached before the King and Queen at Whitehal, on Good-Friday, 1690 by the Lord Bishop of Rochester, Dean of Westminster.
Sprat, Thomas, 1635-1713. / [1678] A sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons at St. Margarets Westminster, January 30th 1677/8 by Thomas Sprat ...
Sprat, Thomas, 1635-1713. / [1678] A sermon preached at the anniversary meeting the Sons of Clergy-men in the Church of St. Mary-le-Bow, Nov. vii, 1678 / by Thomas Sprat ...
Sprat, Thomas, 1635-1713. / [1682] A sermon preached before the Artillery Company of London at St. Mary Le Bow, April 20, 1682 by Thomas Sprat ...
Sprat, Thomas, 1635-1713. / [1693] A sermon preach'd to the natives of the county of Dorset, residing in and about the cities of London and Westminster, at St. Mary Le Bowe, on Dec. 8, 1692, being the day of their anniversary feast by the Lord Bishop of Rochester.
Sprat, Thomas, 1635-1713. / [1684] A sermon preach'd before the right honourable Sir Henry Tulse, Lord Mayor, and the Court of Aldermen, and the citizens of the city of London, on May the 29th, 1684 being the anniversary-day of His Majesty's birth ... / by Thomas Sprat ...
Sprat, Thomas, 1635-1713. / [1692] A relation of the late wicked contrivance of Stephen Blackhead, and Robert Young, against the lives of several persons by forging an association under their hands written by the Bishop of Rochester.
Sprat, Thomas, 1635-1713. / [1665] The plague of Athens, which hapned in the second year of the Peloponnesian Warre first described in Greek by Thucydides, then in Latin by Lucretius / now attempted in English, by Tho. Sprat.
Sprat, Thomas, 1635-1713. / [1667] The plague of Athens which hapned in the second year of the Peloponnesian Warr / first described in Greek by Thucydides, then in Latin by Lucretius, now attempted in English by Tho. Sprat.
Sprat, Thomas, 1635-1713. / [1665] Observations on Monsieur de Sorbier's Voyage into England written to Dr. Wren, professor of astronomy in Oxford / by Thomas Sprat ...
Sprat, Thomas, 1635-1713. / [1688?] The Lord Bishop of Rochester's letter to the right honourable the Lords Commissioners of His Majesties Ecclesiastical Court
Sprat, Thomas, 1635-1713. / [1688] A letter from the Bishop of Rochester, to the right honourable the Earl of Dorset and Middlesex, Lord-Chamberlain of His Majesties houshold concerning his sitting in the late ecclesiastical commission.
Sprat, Thomas, 1635-1713. / [1667] The history of the Royal-Society of London for the improving of natural knowledge by Tho. Sprat.
Sprat, Thomas, 1635-1713. / [1689] The Bishop of Rochester's second letter to the Right Honourable the Earl of Dorset and Middlesex Lord Chamberlain of His Majesty's household
Sprat, Thomas, 1635-1713. / [1685] Copies of the information and original papers relating to the proof of the horrid conspiracy against the late king, his present Majesty, and the government
Sprigg, William, fl. 1657. / [1660] The royal and happy poverty or, a meditation on the felicities of an innocent and happy poverty: grounded on the fifth of Matthew, the third verse. And addressed to the late and present sufferers of the times.
Sprigg, William, fl. 1657. / [1657] Essayes with brief adviso's accomodated capacity of the ladyes and gentlemen, sometime students of the English academy lately erected at London : to whose use and perusall they are recommended in exchange of their English lectures of late published.