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Society of Apothecaries, London. / [1701?] The oath of a free-man of the Company of Apothecaries, London
Society of Friends. Meeting for Sufferings. / [1692] To the monthly and quarterly meetings of Friends in England, Wales, London, the twenty six day of the sixth month, 1692.
Sohn, Georg, 1152?-1589. / [1592] A briefe and learned treatise, conteining a true description of the Antichrist, who was foretold by the prophets and apostles And an evident proofe that the same agreeth vnto the Pope. Written in Latin by M. George Sohn Doctor of Diuinitie, and publike professor thereof at Heidelberg, and translated into english.
Solinus, C. Julius, 3rd cent.? / [1587] The excellent and pleasant worke of Iulius Solinus Polyhistor Contayning the noble actions of humaine creatures, the secretes & prouidence of nature, the description of countries, the maners of the people: with many meruailous things and strange antiquities, seruing for the benefitt and recreation of all sorts of persons. Translated out of Latin into English, by Arthur Golding. Gent.
Somers Islands Company. / [1677] The answer of the Bermuda Company to the matters complained of in the petition of Mr. Perient Trott humbly offered to the consideration of the honourable the knights, citezens and burgisses assembled in Parliament.
Somerset, William Seymour, Duke of, 1588-1660. / [Nov. 3, 1642] New plots discovered against the Parliament and the peace of the kingdome in two letters, the one sent from the Marquis of Hartford to Sir Ralph Hopton the other sent from Sir Ralph Hopton to the said Marquis : also an exact relation of the treachery of Master Mountague kinsman to the Lord Privie Seale who, notwithstanding His Excellence had commanded the contrary, delivered Banbury to the cavaliers without resistance : also declaring how the Kings Maiesty in his owne person caused the inhabitants to be disarmed, imprisoning the baylisse and other well-affected persons.
Somner, William, 1598-1669. / [1693] A treatise of the Roman ports and forts in Kent by William Somner ; publish'd by James Brome ... ; to which is prefixt, The life of Mr. Somner.
Somner, William, 1598-1669. / [1660] A treatise of gavelkind, both name and thing. Shewing the true etymologie and derivation of the one, the nature, antiquity, and original of the other. With sundry emergent observations, both pleasant and profitable to be known of Kentish-men and others, especially such as are studious, either of the ancient custome, or the common law of this kingdome. By (a well-willer to both) William Somner.
Somner, William, 1598-1669. / [1650] The frontispice [sic] of the Kings book opened With a poem annexed: The in-security of Princes. Considered in an occasionall meditation upon the King's late sufferings and death.
Somner, William, 1598-1669. / [MDCLXIX. 1669] Chartham news: or A brief relation of some strange bones there lately digged up in some grounds of Mr. John Somner's, of Canterbury: written by his brother, Mr. William Somner, late auditor of Christ Church Canterbury, and register of the archbishops court, there; before his death.
Somner, William, 1598-1669. / [1640] The antiquities of Canterbury. Or a survey of that ancient citie, with the suburbs, and cathedrall Containing principally matters of antiquity in them all. Collected chiefly from old manuscripts, lieger-bookes, and other like records, for the most part, never as yet printed. With an appendix here annexed: wherein (for better satisfaction to the learned) the manuscripts, and records of chiefest consequence, are faithfully exhibited. All (for the honour of that ancient metropolis, and his good affection to antiquities) sought out and published by the industry, and goodwill of William Somner.
Soranzo, Lazzaro. / [1603] The Ottoman of Lazaro Soranzo VVherein is deliuered aswell a full and perfect report of the might and power of Mahamet the third, great Emperour of the Turkes now raigning: together with the interestes and dealinges which he hath with sondrie other princes, what hee is plotting against the state of Christendome, and on the other side what we may practise and put in execution against him to his great damage and annoyaunce. As also a true description of diuers peoples, countries, citties and voyages, which are most necessarie to bee knowen, especially at this time of the present warre in Hungarie. Translated out of Italian into English, by Abraham Hartvvell.
Sorel, Charles, 1602?-1674. / [1653] The extravagant shepherd, the anti-romance, or, The history of the shepherd Lysis translated out of French.
Sorocold, Thomas, 1561-1617. / [1612] Supplications of saints A booke of prayers: diuided into three parts.1. Daniels deuotion. 2. Paul, and his company. 3. David alone. prayers for seuerall dayes. seueral occasions. seuerall parties. Wherein are three most excellent prayers made by the late famous Queene Elizabeth.
Soto, Andrés de, 1553?-1625. / [1634] The ransome of time being captive Wherein is declared how precious a thing is time, how much he looseth that looseth it, & how it may be redeemed. Written in Spanish, by the R. Father Andreas de Soto, confessor to the most excellent Infanta Clara Eugenia. Translated into English by J.H.
Souligné, de. / [1698] The political mischiefs of popery, or, Arguments demonstrating I. that the romish religion ruines all those countries where 'tis establish'd II. that it occasions the loss of above 200 millions of livres ... to France in particular, III. that if popery were abolished in France, that kingdom would become incomparably more rich and populous ..., IV. that it is impossible that France should ever be re-established whilst popery is their national religion / by a person of quality.
South, Robert, 1634-1716. / [1698] Twelve sermons upon several subjects and occasions. The third volume by Robert South.
South, Robert, 1634-1716. / [1692] Twelve sermons preached upon several occasions by Robert South ... ; six of them never before printed.
South, Robert, 1634-1716. / [1694] Twelve sermons preached upon several occasions. The second volume by Robert South.
South, Robert, 1634-1716. / [1695] Tritheism charged upon Dr. Sherlock's new notion of the Trinity and the charge made good in an answer to the defense of the said notion against the Animadversions upon Dr. Sherlock's book, entituled, A vindication of the holy and ever-blessed Trinity, &c. / by a divine of the Church of England.
South, Robert, 1634-1716. / [1693] A table of the additions and alterations made in the second edition of the Animadversions upon Dr. Sherlock's book of the Trinity
South, Robert, 1634-1716. / [1665] A sermon preached before the covrt at Christchurch Chappel in Oxford by Robert South ...
South, Robert, 1634-1716. / [1663] A sermon preached at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Novemb. 9, 1662 by Robert Smith.
South, Robert, 1634-1716. / [1660] Interest deposed, and truth restored, or, A word in season, delivered in two sermons the first at St. Maryes in Oxford, on the 24th of July, 1659, being the time of the assizes : as also of the fears and groans of the nation in the threatned, and expected ruin of the lawes, ministry, and universityes : the other preached lately before the honourable Societie of Lincolns-Inn / by Robert South ...
South, Robert, 1634-1716. / [1666] A sermon preached at Lambeth-Chappel on the 25th of November, upon the consecration of the Right Reverend Father in God, Dr John Dolben, Lord Bishop of Rochester by Robert South ...
South, Robert, 1634-1716. / [1700] Musica incantans, or, The power of music written originally in Latin by Dr. South, translated ; with a preface concerning the natural effects of musick upon the mind.
South, Robert, 1634-1716. / [1693] Animadversions upon Dr. Sherlock's book, entituled A vindication of the holy and ever-blessed Trinity, &c, together with a more necessary vindication of that sacred and prime article of the Christian faith from his new notions, and false explications of it / humbly offered to his admirers, and to himself the chief of them, by a divine of the Church of England.
Southaick, Cyprian. / [1660] Fames genius. Or, a panegyrick vpon His Excellency the Lord General Monck. At Vinters-Hall Thursday the 12th of April 1660.
Southerne, Thomas, 1660-1746. / [1682] The loyal brother, or, The Persian prince a tragedy, as it is acted at the Theatre Royal by Their Majesties servants / by Thomas Southern.
Southerne, Thomas, 1660-1746. / [1692] The wives excuse, or, Cuckolds make themselves a comedy, as it is acted at the Theatre-Royal by Their Majesties servants / written by Tho. Southern.
Southerne, Thomas, 1660-1746. / [1696] Oroonoko a tragedy, as it is acted at the Theatre-Royal by His Majesty's servants / written by Tho. Southerne.
Southerne, Thomas, 1660-1746. / [1693] The maids last prayer, or, Any, rather than fail a comedy, as it is acted at the Theatre Royal by Their Majesties servants / written by Tho. Southerne.
Southerne, Thomas, 1660-1746. / [1694] The fatal marriage, or, The innocent adultery a play acted at the Theatre Royal by their Majesties servants / written by Tho. Southerne.
Southwell, Robert, Saint, 1561?-1595. / [1595] The triumphs ouer death: or, A consolatorie epistle, for afflicted mindes, in the affects of dying friends. First written for the consolation of one: but now published for the generall good of all, by R.S. the author of S. Peters complaint, and Mœoniæ his other hymnes
Southwell, Robert, Saint, 1561?-1595. / [An. 1622] A short rule of good life To direct the deuout Christian in a regular and orderly course.
Southwell, Robert, Saint, 1561?-1595. / [1595] Mœoniæ. Or, Certaine excellent poems and spirituall hymnes: omitted in the last impression of Peters complaint being needefull thereunto to be annexed, as being both diuine and wittie. All composed by R.S.
Southwell, Robert, Saint, 1561?-1595. / [1595] Saint Peters complaynt With other poems.
Southwell, Robert, Saint, 1561?-1595. / [1591] Marie Magdalens funeral teares
Southwell, Robert, Saint, 1561?-1595. / [Printed, anno Do. 1595 i.e. 1600] An humble supplication to her Maiestie
Southwell, Robert, Saint, 1561?-1595. / [1587?] An epistle of comfort to the reuerend priestes, & to the honorable, worshipful, & other of the laye sort restrayned in durance for the Catholicke fayth.
Southwell, Robert, Saint, 1561?-1595. / [1632] The dutifull advice of a loving sonne to his aged father