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Skelton, John, 1460?-1529. / [1527?] Skelton Laureate agaynste a comely coystrowne that curyowsly chawntyd and curryshly cowntred, and madly in hys musykkys mokkyshly made, agaynste the. ix. Musys of polytyke poems [and] poettys matryculat.
Skelton, John, 1460?-1529. / [The yere of our lorde god.M.CCCCC.xxiii. The iii. day of Octobre 1523] A ryght delectable treatyse upon a goodly garlande or chapelet of laurell by mayster Skelton poete laureat studyously dyuysed at Sheryshotton Castell. In ye foreste of galtres, where in ar co[m]prysyde many [et] dyuers colacyons [et] ryght pregnant allectyues of syngular pleasure, as more at large it doth apere in ye pees folowynge
Skelton, John, 1460?-1529. / [1528?] Here folowythe dyuers balettys and dyties solacyous deuysyd by Master Skelton Laureat
Skelton, John, 1460?-1529. / [1568] Pithy pleasaunt and profitable workes of maister Skelton, Poete Laureate. Nowe collected and newly published. Anno 1568
Skelton, John, 1460?-1529. / [1545?] Here after foloweth the boke of Phyllyp Sparowe compyled by mayster Skelton Poete Laureate
Skelton, John, 1460?-1529. / [1499?] Here begynneth a lytell treatyse named the bowge of courte
Skelton, John, 1460?-1529. / [1545?] Here after foloweth certayne bokes, co[m]pyled by mayster Skelton, Poet Laureat whose names here after shall appere. Speke parrot The deth of the noble prince Kyng Edwarde the fourth. A treatyse of the Scottes. Ware the hawke The tunnyng of Elynour Rummynge.
Skelton, John, 1460?-1529. / [1545?] Here after foloweth a lytell boke, whiche hath to name, Why come ye nat to courte compyled by maystr Skelton poete Laureate.
Skelton, John, 1460?-1529. / [1545?] Here after foloweth a litel boke called Colyn Cloute compyled by mayster Skelton poete Laureate..
Skelton, John, 1460?-1529. / [1624] Elynour Rummin, the famous ale-wife of England. Written by Mr. Skelton, Poet Laureat to King Henry the egiht [sic].
Skelton, John, 1460?-1529. / [1513] A ballade of the Scottysshe kynge
Skene, Alexander. / [1675] A true and faithful accompt of the most material passages of a dispute betwixt some students of divinity (so called) of the University of Aberdene and the people called Quakers held in Aberdene ... before some hundreds of witnesses upon the fourteenth day of the second month called April, 1675 : there being opponents John Lesly, Alexander Shirreff, Paul Gellie and defendants upon the Quakers part Robert Barclay and George Keith ... / published for preventing misreports by Alexander Skein ... [et. al.] ; to which is added Robert Barclay's offer to the preachers of Aberdene, renewed and re inforced.
Skene, Alexander. / [1685] Memorialls for the government of the royal-burghs in Scotland with some overtures laid before the nobility and gentry of several shyres in this kingdom : as also, a survey of the city of Aberdeen with the epigrams of Arthur Iohnstoun, Doctor of Medicine, upon some of our chief burghs translated into English by I.B. / by Philopoliteious (or,) a lover of the publick well-fare.
Skinner, Dr. / [1694] Some observations made upon the Russia seed shewing its admirable virtues in curing the rickets in children / written by a doctor of physick in the countrey to Esq. Boyle at London, 1674.
Skinner, John, Sir, fl. 1624. / [1624] A true relation of the vniust, cruell, and barbarous proceedings against the English at Amboyna in the East-Indies, by the Neatherlandish gouernour and councel there Also the copie of a pamphlet, set forth first in Dutch and then in English, by some Neatherlander; falsly entituled, A true declaration of the newes that came out of the East-Indies, with the pinace called the Hare, which arriued at Texel in Iune, 1624. Together with an answer to the same pamphlet. By the English East-India companie. Published by authoritie.