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Saavedra Fajardo, Diego de, 1584-1648. / [1700] The royal politician represented in one hundred emblems written in Spanish by Don Diego Saavedra Faxardo ... ; with a large preface, containing an account of the author, his works, and the usefulness thereof ; done into English from the original, by Sir Ja. Astry.
Sabie, Francis. / [1595] Pans pipe three pastorall eglogues, in English hexameter. With other poetical verses delightfull. For the further delight of the reader, the printer hath annexed hereunto the delectable poeme of the Fisher-mans tale.
Sabie, Francis. / [1595] Flora's fortune The second part and finishing of the Fisher-mans tale. Containing, the strange accidentes which chaunced to Flora, and her supposed father Thirsis: also the happie meeting with her desired Cassander. By F.S.
Sabie, Francis. / [1595] The fissher-mans tale of the famous actes, life and loue of Cassander a Grecian knight. Written by Francis Sabie.
Sabie, Francis. / [1596] Adams complaint. The olde vvorldes tragedie. Dauid and Bathsheba
Sacheverell, George. / [1663] Hudibras on Calamy's imprisonment, and Wild's poetry. To the bishops
Sadler, Anthony, b. 1610. / [1660] Maiestie irradiant, or, the splendor display'd, of our soveraigne King Charles.
Sadler, Anthony, b. 1610. / [1660] Maiestie irradiant, or The splendor display'd, of our soveraigne King Charles
Sadler, John, 1615-1674. / [1636] The sicke vvomans private looking-glasse wherein methodically are handled all uterine affects, or diseases arising from the wombe; enabling women to informe the physician about the cause of their griefe· By Iohn Sadler, Doctor in Physicke at Norwich.
Sadler, John, 1615-1674. / [1682] Rights of the kingdom, or, Customs of our ancestors touching the duty, power, election, or succession of our Kings and Parliaments, our true liberty, due allegiance, three estates, their legislative power, original, judicial, and executive, with the militia freely discussed through the British, Saxon, Norman laws and histories, with an occasional discourse of great changes yet expected in the world.
Sadler, John, 1615-1674. / [1660] Olbia, the new i[s]land lately discovered with its religion and rites of worship, laws, customs, and government, characters and language : with education of their children in their sciences, arts and manufactures with other things remarkable / by a Christian pilgrim, driven by tempest from Civita Vecchia, or some other parts about Rome, through the straits, into the Atlantick Ocean ; the first part, from the original.
Sadler, John, 1615-1674. / [1640] Masquarade du ciel presented to the great Queene of the little vvorld. A celestiall map, representing the true site and motions of the heavenly bodies, through the yeeres 1639, 1640, &c. Shadowing the late commotions, between Saturn and Mercury, about the northern Thule. With the happy peace and union, through the whole little world, made by the goodnesse of Phebus and his royall Phebe. By J.S.
Sadler, John, 1615-1674. / [1645] Flagellum flagelli: or Doctor Bastwicks quarters beaten up in two or three Pomeridian exercises, by way of animadversion upon his first booke, intituled, Independency not Gods ordinance. / By J.S. M.A. Published by authoritie.
Sage, John, 1652-1711. / [1695] The fundamental charter of Presbytery as it hath been lately established in the kingdom of Scotland examin'd and disprov'd by the history, records, and publick transactions of our nation : together with a preface, wherein the vindicator of the Kirk is freely put in mind of his habitual infirmities.
Sage, John, 1652-1711. / [1695] The principles of the Cyprianic age with regard to episcopal power and jurisdiction asserted and recommended from the genuine writings of St. Cyprian himself and his contemporaries : by which it is made evident that the vindicator of the Kirk of Scotland is obligated by his own concession to acknowledge that he and his associates are schismaticks : in a letter to a friend / by J.S.
Sage, John, 1652-1711. / [1690] The case of the present afflicted clergy in Scotland truly represented to which is added for probation the attestation of many unexceptionable witnesses to every particular, and all the publick acts and proclamations of the convention and Parliament relating to the clergy / by a lover of the church and his country.
Sage, John, 1652-1711. / [1693] An account of the late establishment of Presbyterian-government by the Parliament of Scotland anno 1690 together with the methods by which it was settled, and the consequences of it : as also several publick acts, speeches, pleadings, and other matters of importance relating to the Church in that kingdom : to which is added a summary of the visitation of the universities there in a fifth letter from a gentleman at Edinburgh, to his friend at London.
Sainctyon, Sieur de. / [1679] The history of Tamerlan the great taken out of Alhacent, the emperour's historian, and some other manuscripts / by the Lord de Sainctyon ; now Englished by M. D'Assigny.
Saint-Evremond, 1613-1703. / [1694] Miscellany essays upon philosophy, history, poetry, morality, humanity, gallantry &c. / by Monsieur de St. Evremont ; done into English by Mr. Brown.
Saint-Evremond, 1613-1703. / [1692] Miscellaneous essays by Monsieur St. Euremont ; translated out of French. With a character / by a person of honour here in England ; continued by Mr. Dryden.
Saint-Evremond, 1613-1703. / [1686] Miscellanea, or, Various discourses upon 1. tragedy, 2. comedy, 3. the Italian & 4. The English comedy, 5. and operas ... together with Epicurus, his Morals / written originally by the Sieur de Saint Euvremont ; and made English by Ferrand Spence ; to which is prefixt a general dissertation introductory to the several tracts, and dedicated to T.M., Esq.
Saint-Réal, M. l'abbé de (César Vichard), 1639-1692. / [1674] Don Carlos, or, An historical relation of the unfortunate life, and tragical death of that Prince of Spain son to Philip the IId written in French anno 1672 and newly Englished by H. I.
Saintliger, W. (William), Sir, d. 1642. / [1642] Ioyfull and happie newes from the west of Ireland sent in three letters from persons of note ...
Saker, Austin. / [1580] Narbonus The laberynth of libertie. Very pleasant for young gentlemen to peruse, and passing profitable for them to prosecute. Wherein is contained the discommodities that insue, by following the lust of a mans will, in youth: and the goodnesse he after gayneth, being beaten with his owne rod, and pricked with the peeushnesse of his owne conscience, in age. VVriten by Austin Saker, of New Inne.
Sala, Angelus, 1576-1637. / [1618] Opiologia: or, A treatise concerning the nature, properties, true preparation and safe vse and administration of opium For the comfort and ease of all such persons as are inwardly afflicted with any extreame griefe, or languishing paine, especially such as depriue the body of all naturall rest, and can be cured by no other meanes or medicine whatsoeuer. Dedicated to the illustrious, high and mighty lords, the estates generall of the vnited prouinces in the Netherlands. By Angelus Sala Vincentinus Venitus. And done into English, and something inlarged by Tho. Bretnor. M. M.
Salas Barbadillo, Alonso Jerónimo de, 1581-1635. / [1670] The fortunate fool written in Spanish by Don Alonso Geronimo de Salas Barbadillo of Madrid ; translated into English by Philip Ayres.
Sales, W., Sir. / [1655] Theophania, or, Severall modern histories represented by way of romance and politickly discours'd upon / by an English person of quality.
Salesbury, William, 1520?-1600? / [The yere of our Lord. M.D.L. 1550] Ban wedy i dynny air yngair allan o hen gyfreith Howel dda vap Cadell brenhin Kymbry ynghylch chwechant mlynedd aeth heibio wrth yr hwn van y gellir ddeall bot yr offeiriait y pryd hynny yn priodi gwragedd yn ddichwith ac yn kyttal ac wynt in gyfreithlawn. = A certaine case extracte out of the auncient Law of Hoel da, kyng of Wales in the yere of oure Lorde, nyne hundred and fourtene passed: whereby it maye gathered that priestes had lawfully maried wyues at that tyme.
Salgado, James, fl. 1680. / [1680] Carmen in serenissimæ Reginæ Elizabethæ Natalitia, classem Hispanicam ab ipsa devictam, & conspirationem papisticam antiquam & modernam A song upon the birthsday of Queen Elizabeth, the Spanish Armado [sic], the Gun-Powder-Treason, and the late Popish Plot.
Salisbury, Robert Cecil, Earl of, 1563-1612. / [Printed in the yeare 1642] The state and dignitie of a secretarie of estates place, with the care and perill thereof, / written by the Right Honourable Robert late Earle of Salisbury. With his excellent instructions to the late Earle of Bedford, for the government of Barwick. A work worthy of memory.
Sallust, 86-34 B.C. / [1629] The workes of Caius Crispus Salustius contayning the Conspiracie of Cateline The Warre of Iugurth. V. bookes of historicall fragments. II orations to Cæsar for the institution of a co[m]monwealth and one against Cicero.
Sallust, 86-34 B.C. / [1608 i.e. 1609] The tvvo most vvorthy and notable histories which remaine vnmained to posterity (viz:) the conspiracie of Cateline, vndertaken against the gouernment of the Senate of Rome, and the vvarre which Iugurth for many yeares maintained against the same state. Both written by C.C. Salustius.
Sallust, 86-34 B.C. / [1525?] Here begynneth the famous cronycle of the warre, which the romayns had agaynst Iugurth vsurper of the kyngdome of Numidy: whiche cronycle is compyled in latyn by the renowmed romayn Salust. And translated into englysshe by syr Alexander Barclay preest, at co[m]maundement of the right hye and mighty prince: Thomas duke of Northfolke
Sallust, 86-34 B.C. / [1692] All the works of that famous historian Salust Containing, I. The conspiracy and war of Cataline, undertaken against the government of the senate of Rome. [2]. The war which Jugurth for many years maintained against the same state. With all his historical fragments. Two epistles to Cæasar concerning the institution of a common-wealth and one against Cicero: with annotations. To which is prefixt the life of Salust. Made English according to the present idiom of speech.
Salmon, Thomas, 1648-1706. / [1672] A vindication of an Essay to the advancement of musick from Mr. Matthew Lock's Observations, by enquiring into the real nature and most convenient practise of that science / by Thomas Salmon ...
Salmon, Thomas, 1648-1706. / [1688] A proposal to perform musick in perfect and mathematical proportions containing I. the state of musick in general, II. the principles of present practice ..., III. the tables of proportions, calculated for the viol ... / by Thomas Salmon ... ; with large remarks upon this whole treatise by the reverend and learned John Wallis ...
Salmon, William, 1644-1713. / [1692] Medicina practica, or, Practical physick shewing the method of curing the most usual diseases happening to humane bodies ... : to which is added, the philosophick works of Hermes Trismegistus, Kalid Persicus, Geber Arabs, Artesius Longævus, Nicholas Flammel, Roger Bachon and George Ripley : all translated out of the best Latin editions into English ... : together with a singular comment upon the first book of Hermes, the most ancient of philosophers : the whole compleated in three books / by William Salmon ...
Salnar. / [1586] An harmony of the confessions of the faith of the Christian and Reformed Churches which purelie professe the holy doctrine of the Gospell in all the chiefe kingdomes, nations, and prouinces of Europe: the catologue and order whereof the pages following will declare. There are added in the ende verie shorte notes: in which both the obscure thinges are made plaine, & those thinges which maie in shew seeme to be contrarie each to other, are plainelie and verie modestlie reconciled, and if anie points doe as yet hang in doubt, they are sincerelie pointed at. All which things, in the name of the Churches of Fraunce and Belgia, are submitted to the free and discrete iudgement of all other Churches. Newlie translated out of Latine into English. Also in the end is added the confession of the Church of Scotland. Alowed by publique authoritie.
Salter, Thomas. / [1579] A mirrhor mete for all mothers, matrones, and maidens, intituled the Mirrhor of Modestie no lesse profitable and pleasant, then necessarie to bee read and practiced.
Salteren, George. / [in the yeare M.DC.XXV. 1625] Sacræ heptades, or Seaven problems concerning Antichrist 1. of his place. 2. Of his state. 3. Of his names. 4. Of his rising. 5. Of his raigne. 6. Of his words and actions. 7. Of his times. Necessarie to be read and knowne of all men, who professe Christ Iesus, and hope to be saved by no other name. By G.S.
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [1644] A voice from Heaven: or, The words of a dying minister, Mr. Kayes, in the county of Kent, at the town of Sundrage, eighteen miles from London, neer Westrum, a market=town in the same county: delivered before those who were then in his chamber severally present to the things he spake, who dyed as he foretold himselfe, the 19. of November, 1644. Master Rogers, Master Rogers his sister, Richard Thomas Yeoman, the wife of Iohn Overy, the wife of one Ford, Master Pain the elder, Master Pain the younger, Mistresse Kaies the sister of Master Kaies, the brother of Master Kaies, Master Saltmarsh minister in the same county, Nicholas Crosse, the son of Master Crosse. Set forth by Iohn Saltmarsh, Preacher of Gods Word in Kent, at Brasteed.
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [1647] Sparkles of glory, or Some beams of the morning-star. Wherein are many discoveries as to truth, and peace. To the establishment, and pure enlargement of a Christian in spirit and truth. / By John Saltmarsh. Preacher of the Gospell.
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [1646] Some drops of the viall, powred out in a season when it is neither night nor day, or, Some discoveries of Iesus Christ His glory in severall books ... : all which books are here reprinted in one booke entirely after the severall impressions of them and presented to the reader / by John Saltmarsh ...
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [1644] A solemn discourse vpon the sacred league and covenant of both kingdomes, opening the divinity and policy of it: / by John Saltmarsh, Master of Arts, and late pastor of Hesterton in Yorkshire.
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [1643] A solemn discourse upon the grand covenant, opening the divinity and policy of it: by John Saltmarsh, Master of Arts, and not long since, pastour of Heslerton in Yorkshire.
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [1646] The smoke in the temple wherein is a designe for peace and reconciliation of believers of the several opinions of these times about ordinances, to a forbearance of each other in love, and meeknesse, and humility : with the opening of each opinion, and upon what Scriptures each is grounded ... : with one argument for liberty of conscience from the national covenant ... : with a full answer to Master Ley ... against my late New-Quere ... / by John Saltmarsh.
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [1646] Reasons for vnitie, peace, and love with an answer (called Shadows flying away) to a book of Mr. Gataker, one of the assembly, intituled, A mistake, &c. and the book of the namelesse author called, The plea, both writ against me : and a very short answer, in a word, to a book by another namelesse author called, An after-reckoning with Master Saltmarsh, and to Master Edward his second part called, Gangrena, directed to me ... / by John Saltmarsh ...
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [1639] The practice of policie in a Christian life taught from the Scriptures / written by I. Saltmarshe ...
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [1643] A peace but no pacification, or, An answer to that new designe of the oath of pacification and accomodation lately printed a subject for all that love true peace and liberty to consider / by Iohn Saltmarsh ...
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [1645] The opening of Master Prynnes new book, called A vindication: or, light breaking out from a cloud of differences, or late controversies. Wherein are inferences upon the Vindication, and antiqueres to the queres; and by that, the way a little cleared to a further discovery of truth in a church-order, by a conference or discourse. / By John Saltmarsh, preacher at Brasteed in Kent. Published according to order.
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [1646] A nevv quære at this time seasonably to be considered as we tender the advancement of trvth & peace : viz. whether it be fit, according to the principles of true religion, and state, to settle any church-government over the kingdome hastily, or not : and with the power commonly desired, in the hands of the ministers / by Iohn Saltmarsh ...
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [1647] A letter from the army, concerning the peaceable temper of the same. Written by M. J. Saltmarsh attending his Excellency Sir Tho. Fairfax, and sent to a friend in London.
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [1640] Holy discoveries and flames. By John Saltmarshe, Mr. of Arts of Magdalen Colledge in Cambridge, and rector of West-Ileslerton in York-shire
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [1646] Groanes for liberty· Presented from the Presbyterian (formerly non-conforming) brethren, reputed the ablest and most learned among them, in some treatises called Smectymnuus, to the high and Honorable Court of Parliament in the yeare 1641, by reason of the prelates tyranny. Now awakened and presented to themselves in the behalf of their now non-conforming brethren. With a beam of light, discovering a way to peace. Also some quæres for the better understanding of Mr Edwards last book called Gangræna. With a parallel betweene the prelacy and presbytery. / By Iohn Saltmarsh preacher of the Gospel.
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [1646] Free grace, or, The flowings of Christs blood free to sinners being an experiment of Jesus Christ upon one who hath been in the bondage of a troubled conscience ... / by John Saltmarsh.
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [printed in the yeare. 1645] The fountaine of free grace opened by questions and answers: proving the foundation of faith to consist only in Gods free love in giving Christ to dye for the sins of all, and objections to the contrary answered by the Congregation of Christ in London, constituted by baptisme upon the profession of faith, falsly called Anabaptists. Wherein they vindicate themselves from the scandalous aspersions of holding free-will, and denying a free election by grace.
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [1648] The fountaine of free grace opened by questions and answers proving the foundation of faith to consist only in Gods free love, in giving Christ to dye for the sins of all, and objections to the contrary answered by the congregation of Christ in London, constituted by baptisme upon the profession of faith, falsly called Anabaptists : wherein they vindicate themselves from the scandalous aspersions of holding free-will, and denying a free election by grace.
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [1643] Examinations, or, A discovery of some dangerous positions delivered in A sermon of reformation preached in the church of the Savoy last fast day July 26 by Tho. Fuller, B.D. and since printed / by Iohn Saltmarsh ...
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [1649] Englands friend raised from the grave. Giving seasonable advice to the Lord Generall, Lievtenant-Generall, and the Councell of Warre. Being the true copies of three letters, / written by Mr. John Saltmarsh, a little before his death.
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [1646] An end of one controversie: being an answer or letter to Master Ley's large last book, called Light for smoke. One of the Assembly at Westminster. Which he writ lately against me. In which the sum of his last book, which relates to the most material passages in it, is gathered up and replied to. / By John Saltmarsh, not revolted (as Master Ley saith) from a pastoral calling; but departed from the Antichristian ministery by bishops, and now a preacher of the Gospel.
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [1646] The divine right of Presbyterie, asserted by the present Assembly, and petitioned for accordingly to the Honourable House of Commons in Parliament. With reasons discussing this pretended divine right; and yet with tendernesse to the brethren of the Presbyterial way. Pleading for a liberty of conscience for them in this their opinion, as for others of their dissenting brethren, and equally for both. With inferences upon their late petition. / By John Saltmarsh, preacher of the gospel.
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [1646] Davvnings of light wherein the true interest of reformation is opened in generall, and in particular, in this kingdome for the establishment of weaker judgements, and many other things impartially hinted, to a further discovery of truth and light in many of our present controversies : with some maximes of reformation / by John Saltmarsh ...
Saltonstall, Wye, fl. 1630-1640. / [1638] A description of time applied to this present time. With times merry orders to be observed.
Saltonstall, Wye, fl. 1630-1640. / [1631] Picturæ loquentes. Or Pictures drawne forth in characters VVith a poeme of a maid. By Wye Saltonstall.
Saltonstall, Wye, fl. 1630-1640. / [1637] The country mouse, and the city mouse. Or a merry morrall fable enlarged out of Horace. Serm. lib. 2. Sat. 6.
Saltonstall, Wye, fl. 1630-1640. / [1639] The complaint of time against the tumultuous and rebellious Scots Sharply inveighing against them (as most justly they deserve) this yeare, 1639. by W.S.
Saltwood, Robert. / [1533-34?] A comparyson bytwene. iiij. byrdes, the larke, the nyghtyngale, ye thrusshe [and] the cuko, for theyr syngynge who shuld be chauntoure of the quere
Salusbury, Thomas. / [1661] Mathematical collections and translations ... by Thomas Salusbury, Esq.
Salvian, of Marseilles, ca. 400-ca. 480. / [1580] A second and third blast of retrait from plaies and theaters the one whereof was sounded by a reuerend byshop dead long since; the other by a worshipful and zealous gentleman now aliue: one showing the filthines of plaies in times past; the other the abhomination of theaters in the time present: both expresly prouing that that common-weale is nigh vnto the cursse of God, wherein either plaiers be made of, or theaters maintained. Set forth by Anglo-phile Eutheo.
Sammes, Aylett, 1636?-1679? / [1676] Britannia antiqua illustrata, or, The antiquities of ancient Britain derived from the Phœenicians, wherein the original trade of this island is discovered, the names of places, offices, dignities, as likewise the idolatry, language and customs of the p by Aylett Sammes ...
Sampson, William, 1590?-1636. / [1636] The vow breaker. Or, The faire maide of Clifton In Notinghamshire as it hath beene diuers times acted by severall companies with great applause. By William Sampson.
Sampson, William, 1590?-1636. / [1636] Virtus post funera viuit or, Honour tryumphing over death Being true epitomes of honorable, noble, learned, and hospitable personages. By VVilliam Sampson.
Samuel, Marochitanus. / [1648] The blessed Jew of Marocco: or, A Blackmoor made white. being a demonstration of the true Messias out of the law and prophets / by Rabbi Samuel, a Iew turned Christian ; written first in the Arabick, after translated into Latin, and now Englished ; to which are annexed a diatriba of the Jews sins and their miserie all over the world, annotations to the book ... with other things for profit in knowledge and undertanding, by Tho. Calvert ...
Samuel, William, fl. 1551-1569. / [1550?] A vvarnyng for the cittie of London that the dwellers therein may repent their evyll lyues for feare of Goddes plages.
Samuel, William, fl. 1551-1569. / [1550?] The practice practised by the Pope and his prelates which they haue vsed synce they came to their estates.
Samuel, William, fl. 1551-1569. / [1559?] The loue of God Here is declared, if you wyl rede that god doth loue this la[n]d in dede by felynge his rod.
Samuel, William, fl. 1551-1569. / [Anno Domini. M.D.L.I 1551] The abridgemente of goddes statutes in myter, set oute by Wylliam Samuel seruaunt to the Duke of Somerset hys grace
Samuel, William, fl. 1551-1569. / [Anno Domini. 1569] An abridgeme[n]t of all the canonical books of the olde Testament written in Sternholds meter by VV. Samuel minister. The names of the books are in the next leaf following.
San Pedro, Diego de, fl. 1500. / [1639] A small treatise betwixt Arnalte and Lucenda entituled The evill-intreated lover, or the melancholy knight. Originally written in the Greeke tongue, by an unknowne author. Afterwards translated into Spanish; after that, for the excellency thereof, into the French tongue by N.H. next by B.M. into the Thuscan, and now turn'd into English verse by L.L. a well-wisher to the Muses
San Pedro, Diego de, fl. 1500. / [1543?] A certayn treatye moste wyttely deuysed orygynally wrytten in the spaynysshe, lately traducted in to frenche entytled, Lamant mal traicte de samye. And nowe out of frenche in to Englysshe, dedicat to the ryght honorable lorde henry Erle of Surrey, one of the knyghtes of the moste honorable ordre of the garter, son[n]e and heyre apparaunt to the ryght hygh and myghete prynce Thomas duke of Norfolke, hygh treasorour, and erle mershall of Englande.
San Pedro, Diego de, fl. 1500. / [1548?] The castell of loue, translated out of Spanishe into Englyshe, by Johan Bowrchier knyght, lorde Bernis, at the instance of lady Elizabeth Carew, late wyfe to Syr Nicholas Carew knyght. The which boke treateth of the loue betwene Leriano and Laureola doughter to the kynge of Masedonia
Sancroft, William, 1617-1693. / [1678] A sermon preach'd to the House of Peers, Novemb. 13th, 1678 being the Fast-day appointed by the King to implore the mercies of Almighty God in the protection of His Majesties sacred person, and His Kingdoms / by William Archbishop of Canterbury.
Sancroft, William, 1617-1693. / [1689] The proceedings and tryal in the case of the most Reverend Father in God, William, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury and the Right Reverend Fathers in God, William, Lord Bishop of St. Asaph, Francis, Lord Bishop of Ely, John, Lord Bishop of Chichester, Thomas, Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells, Thomas, Lord Bishop of Peterborough, and Jonathan, Lord Bishop of Bristol, in the Court of Kings-Bench at Westminster in Trinity-term in the fourth year of the reign of King James the Second, Annoque Dom. 1688.
Sancroft, William, 1617-1693. / [MDCXCIV 1694] Occasional sermons preached by the Most Reverend Father in God, William Sancroft ... ; with some remarks of his life and conversation, in a letter to a friend.
Sancroft, William, 1617-1693. / [1653] Modern policies taken from Machiavel, Borgia, and other choice authors by an eye-witnesse.
Sancroft, William, 1617-1693. / [1666] Lex ignea, or, The school of righteousness a sermon preached before the King, Octob. 10, 1666, at the solemn fast appointed for the late fire in London / by William Sandcroft ...
Sancroft, William, 1617-1693. / [1688] Aen syne koninghlijcke majesteyt de onderdanige bede van de edele heeren soo geestelijcke als wereldtlijcke wiens namen hier onder gespecificeert staen Gepresenteert door den Aertz-Bisschop van Cantelburry ... [] den 17 November 1688.
Sander, Nicholas, 1530?-1581. / [Anno domini 1566 Jan.] The supper of our Lord set foorth according to the truth of the Gospell and Catholike faith. By Nicolas Saunder, Doctor of Diuinitie. With a confutation of such false doctrine as the Apologie of the Churche of England, M. Nowels chalenge, or M. Iuels Replie haue vttered, touching the reall presence of Christe in the Sacrament
Sanders, Edward, 17th cent. / [1660] The three royall cedars or Great Brittains glorious diamonds, being a royal court narrative of the proceedings ... of ... Charles by the grace of God, King of Great Brittain, France and Ireland, His Highness Prince James Duke of York, and the most illustrious Prince. Henry Duke of Glocester. With a brief history of their memorable transactions ... since their too-much-lamented Fxile [sic] in Flanders, and the Lord Chancellour Hide, the Marquess of Ormond, the Earl of Norwich, the Lord Wentworth, the Lord Digby, and many other nobles and gentlemen, created lords of his Majesties privie-council. Also, the resplendent vertues appearing in these princely pearles, to the great joy of all loyal subjects ... By E. Sanders Esq; a lover of his countries liberty, and a loyal subject and servant to his Sacred Majesty.
Sanderson, Robert, 1587-1663. / [MDCLXXXVI 1686] XXXVI sermons viz. XVI ad aulam, VI ad clerum, VI ad magistratum, VIII ad populum : with a large preface / by the right reverend father in God, Robert Sanderson, late lord bishop of Lincoln ; whereunto is now added the life of the reverend and learned author, written by Isaac Walton.
Sanderson, Robert, 1587-1663. / [1628] Two sermons preached at Paules-Crosse London The one November 21. the other Aprill 15. 1627. By Robert Saunderson, Bachelour in Divinitie, and sometimes Fellow of Lincolne Colledge in Oxford.
Sanderson, Robert, 1587-1663. / [1668] Two cases of conscience: resolved by the Right Reverend Father in God Robert Sanderson Late Lord Bishop of Lincoln.
Sanderson, Robert, 1587-1663. / [1656] Twenty sermons formerly preached XVI ad aulam, III ad magistratum, I ad populum / and now first published by Robert Sanderson ...
Sanderson, Robert, 1587-1663. / [1622] Tvvo sermons: preached at tvvo severall visitations, at Boston, in the diocesse and country of Lincolne. By Robert Sanderson, Bachelour of Diuinitie, and late fellow of Lincolne Colledge in Oxford
Sanderson, Robert, 1587-1663. / [M DC XXXV. 1635] Tvvo sermons the former, concerning the right use of Christian liberty, preached at S. Pauls Crosse London. May 6. The later, concerning the perswasion of conscience, preached at a metropoliticall visitation at Grantham Lincoln: Aug. 22. 1634. By Robert Saunderson chaplaine to his Maiestie.
Sanderson, Robert, 1587-1663. / [1627] Ten sermons preached I. Ad clerum. 3. II. Ad magistratum. 3. III. Ad populum. 4. By Robert Saunderson Bachellor in Diuinitie, sometimes fellow of Lincolne Colledge in Oxford.
Sanderson, Robert, 1587-1663. / [1653] A sermon preached at Nevvport in the Isle of Wight, October 1648. In the time of the treaty. / By Robert Sanderson, D.D. chaplain to the late King, and Regius-Professor of Divinity in the University of Oxon.
Sanderson, Robert, 1587-1663. / [Imprinted anno Domini, 1649] A resolution of conscience, (by a learned divine) in answer to a letter sent with Mr Ascham's book, treating, how fair it may bee lawful to submit to an usurped power. Out of which men may satisfie their scruples concerning the present Subscription and Engagement.
Sanderson, Robert, 1587-1663. / [1647] Reasons of the present judgement of the Vniversity of Oxford concerning The Solemne League and Covenant, The Negative Oath, The Ordinances concerning discipline and vvorship : approved by generall consent in a full convocation, 1, Jun. 1647, and presented to consideration.
Sanderson, Robert, 1587-1663. / [1678] Nine cases of conscience occasionally determined by Robert Sanderson.
Sanderson, Robert, 1587-1663. / [1657] Fourteen sermons heretofore preached IIII. Ad clervm, III. Ad magistratvm, VII. Ad popvlvm / by Robert Sanderson ...
Sanderson, Robert, 1587-1663. / [1666] Five cases of conscience occasionally determined by a late learned hand.
Sanderson, Robert, 1587-1663. / [1661] Episcopacy (as established by law in England) not prejudicial to regal power a treatise written in the time of the Long Parliament, by the special command of the late King / and now published by ... Robert Sanderson ...
Sanderson, Robert, 1587-1663. / [1674] Eight cases of conscience occasionally determined by the late Reverend Father in God, Robert Sanderson, Lord Bishop of Lincoln.
Sanderson, Robert, 1587-1663. / [1688] A discourse concerning the church ... by the Right Reverend Father in God, Robert Sanderson ...
Sanderson, Robert, 1587-1663. / [1655] De juramento seven lectures concerning the obligation of promissory oathes / read publicly in the divinity school of Oxford by Robert Sanderson ; translated into English by His Late Majesties speciall command and afterwards revised and approved under His Majesties own hand.
Sanderson, Robert, 1587-1663. / [MDCLXXVIII 1678] Bishop Sanderson's judgment concerning submission to usurpers
Sanderson, Robert, 1587-1663. / [1670] Ad clerum. A sermon preached at a visitation holden at Grantham in the county and diocess of Lincolne, 8. Octob. 1641. By a late learned prelate. Now published by his own copy.
Sanderson, William, Sir, 1586?-1676. / [1658] Post-haste a reply to Peter (Doctor Heylin's) appendix to his treatise intituled, Respondet Petrus, &c. / by William Sanderson, Esq.
Sanderson, William, Sir, 1586?-1676. / [1658] Peter pursued, or, Dr. Heylin overtaken, arrested, and arraigned upon his three appendixes 1. Respondet Petrus, 2. Answer to the Post-haste reply, 3. Advertisements on three histories of Mary Queen of Scots, King Iames, and King Charls : patch'd together in his Examen historicum, for which the doctor is brought to censure / by William Sanderson, Esq.
Sanderson, William, Sir, 1586?-1676. / [1658] Graphice. The use of the pen and pensil. Or, the most excellent art of painting : in two parts. / By William Sanderson, Esq;
Sanderson, William, Sir, 1586?-1676. / [1656] A compleat history of the lives and reigns of, Mary Queen of Scotland, and of her son and successor, James the Sixth, King of Scotland, and (after Queen Elizabeth) King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, the First ... reconciling several opinions in testimony of her, and confuting others, in vindication of him, against two scandalous authors, 1. The court and character of King James, 2. The history of Great Britain ... / by William Sanderson, Esq.
Sanderson, William, Sir, 1586?-1676. / [1658] A compleat history of the life and raigne of King Charles from his cradle to his grave collected and written by William Sanderson, Esq.
Sanderson, William, Sir, 1586?-1676. / [1656] An answer to a scurrilous pamphlet intituled, Observations upon a compleat history of the lives and reignes of Mary, Queen of Scotland, and of her son, King James ... the libeller, without a name, set out by G. Bedell and T. Collins, two booksellers / but the history vindicated by the authour William Sanderson, Esq.
Sandilands, Robert. / [1700] Some queries proposed, to the monethly meeting of the Quakers at Aberdeen; the sixth day of June, 1700. By Robert Sandilands With their answers thereto; together with some remarks thereupon. Published by authority. To which is prefixed a letter from George Keith, sent to the Quakers in Aberdeen, containing a very serious and Christian expostulation with his old friends, &c.
Sandoval, Prudencio de, ca. 1560-1620. / [1652] The civil wars of Spain in the beginning of the reign of Charls [sic] the 5t, Emperor of Germanie and King of that nation written originally in the Spanish-tongue by Prudencio de Sandoval ... ; never yet translated, now put into English by Captain J.W.
Sandys, Edwin, 1516?-1588. / [1585] Sermons made by the most reuerende Father in God, Edwin, Archbishop of Yorke, primate of England and metropolitane
Sandys, Edwin, 1516?-1588. / [1679] A proposal of union amongst Protestants, from the last-will of the most Reverend Doctor Sands sometime Archbishop of York (as the sentiment of the first reformers) humbly presented to the Parliament.
Sandys, Edwin, 1611 or 12-1642. / [1642] A vindication of Colonell Sandys his honour and loyalty from a declaration pretended to be set forth by him at Worcester October 11, 1642 : vvhich is here also republished with it.
Sandys, Edwin, 1611 or 12-1642. / [Octob. 14. 1642] A vindication from Colonell Sands: being the true copie of a letter sent from Colonell Sands to His Excellence the Earle of Eseex [sic] from Worcester the 8. of October. Wherein Colonell Sands doth declare his resolution to maintaine the cause hee hath begun, with the hazard of his life and fortunes. Also manifesting to the world, that those reports of his being slaine, with the contents of the Lord Faulklands letter, to be false and scandalous. With his humble desire to his Excellence, that the coppie of his resolution might be presented to the Parliament, that they might be satisfied concerning his fidelity. Read in the audience of both Houses of Parliament, and by them approved of. Whereunto is annexed seven articles of impeachment of high treason, exhibited in Parliament, against Sir Edward Heron, High Sheriffe of the county of Lincolne.
Sandys, Edwin, 1611 or 12-1642. / [Octob. 17, 1642] The declaration of Col. Edwyn Sandys in vindication of himself from those calumnious aspersions cast upon him by the Lord Falkland and Secretary Nicholas published and subscribed with his own hand at the randevouze at Worcester, Octob. 11, 1642 : in the presence of Sergeant Major Berry : Thomas Cox, Doctor of Physick : Captain Walter Long : Captain Robert Long : Lyonell Copley, Mustermanster Generall : John Rushworth, Clerk Assistant to the Commons House of Parliament.
Sandys, Edwin, Sir, 1561-1629. / [1615] Sacred hymns Consisting of fifti select psalms of David and others, paraphrastically turned into English verse. And by Robert Tailour, set to be sung in five parts, as also to the viole, and lute or orph-arion. Published for the vse of such as delight in the exercise of music in hir original honour.
Sandys, Edwin, Sir, 1561-1629. / [1605] A relation of the state of religion and with what hopes and pollicies it hath beene framed, and is maintained in the severall states of these westerne parts of the world.
Sandys, Edwin, Sir, 1561-1629. / [1629] Europæ speculum. Or, A vievv or survey of the state of religion in the vvesterne parts of the world VVherein the Romane religion, and the pregnant policies of the Church of Rome to support the same, are notably displayed: with some other memorable discoueries and memorations, never before till now published according to the authours originall copie.
Sandys, George, 1578-1644. / [1676] A paraphrase upon the Psalms of David by George Sandys ; set to new tunes for private devotion and a thorough-base for voice or instrument by Henry Lawes ; and in this edition carefully revised and corrected from many errors which passed in former impressions by John Playford.
Sandys, George, 1578-1644. / [1641] A paraphrase vpon the Song of Solomon by G. S.
Sandys, George, 1578-1644. / [M.DC.XXXVIII. 1638] A paraphrase upon the divine poems. By George Sandys
Sandys, George, 1578-1644. / [1684] Anglorum speculum, or, The worthies of England in church and state alphabetically digested into the several shires and counties therein contained : wherein are illustrated the lives and characters of the most eminent persons since the conquest to this present age : also an account of the commodities and trade of each respective county and the most flourishing cities and towns therein.
Sankey, William. / [1689] An exhortation to friends in and about the county of Worcester and elsewhere
Santillana, Iñigo López de Mendoza, marqués de, 1398-1458. / [1579] The prouerbes of the noble and woorthy souldier Sir Iames Lopez de Mendoza Marques of Santillana with the paraphrase of D. Peter Diaz of Toledo: wherin is contained whatsoeuer is necessarie to the leading of an honest and vertuous life. Translated out of Spanishe by Barnabe Googe.
Sarcerius, Erasmus, 1501-1559. / [in the yere of our Lorde God M.CCCCC.xxxviii 1538] Co[m]mon places of Scripture ordrely and after a co[m]pendious forme of teachyng set forth with no litle labour, to the gret profit and help of all such studentes in Gods worde as haue not had longe exercyse in the same, by the ryghte excellent clerke Eras. Sarcerius ; translated in to Englysh by Rychard Tauerner.
Sargy, J. (John) / [1518] These be the articles of the popes Bulle vnder leade translated from latyn into englisshe
Sarpi, Paolo, 1552-1623. / [1673] The papacy of Paul the Fourth, or, The restitution of abby lands and impropriations an indispensable condition of reconciliation to the infallible see, &c.
Sarpi, Paolo, 1552-1623. / [M.DC.XXIX. 1629] The historie of the Councel of Trent Conteining eight bookes. In which (besides the ordinarie actes of the Councell) are declared many notable occurrences, which happened in Christendome, during the space of fourtie yeeres and more. And, particularly, the practises of the Court of Rome, to hinder the reformation of their errors, and to maintaine their greatnesse. Written in Italian by Pietro Soaue Polano, and faithfully translated into English by Nathanael Brent.
Sarpi, Paolo, 1552-1623. / [1639] The history of the Inquisition: composed by the Reverend Father Paul Servita, who was also the compiler of the Councell of Trent. A pious, learned, and curious worke, necessary for councellors, casuists, and politicians. Translated out of the Italian copy by Robert Gentilis
Sarpi, Paolo, 1552-1623. / [1625] The free schoole of vvarre, or, A treatise, vvhether it be lawfull to beare armes for the seruice of a prince that is of a diuers religion
Sarpi, Paolo, 1552-1623. / [1628] A discourse vpon the reasons of the resolution taken in the Valteline against the tyranny of the Grisons and heretiques To the most mighty Catholique King of Spaine, D. Phillip the Third. VVritten in Italian by the author of the Councell of Trent. And faithfully translated into English. With the translators epistle to the Commons House of Parliament.
Satterthwayt, John. / [1680?] A true and perfect narrative of the tryal and acquitment of Mr. John Satterthwayt at the assizes held at Kingston, March 13 being accused for firing the house of Mr. Peter Delanoy, dyer in Southwark / written in his own hand, in a letter to his friend in London.
Saul, Arthur. / [1614] The famous game of chesse-play truely discouered, and all doubts resolued; so that by reading this small booke thou shalt profit more then by the playing a thousand mates. An exercise full of delight; fit for princes, or any person of what qualitie soeuer. Newly published by A.S. Gent.
Saumières, Jacques de Langlade, baron de, ca. 1620-1680. / [1693] New memoirs and characters of the two great brothers, the Duke of Bouillon and Mareschal Tvrenne written in French by James de Langlade, Baron of Saumières ; made English.
Saunders, C. (Charles), fl. 1681. / [1681] Tamerlane the Great a tragedy : as it is acted by Their Majesties servants at the Theatre Royal / by C. Saunders, Gent.
Saunders, Richard, 1613-1675. / [1682] A view of the soul, in several tracts ... by a person of quality.
Savage, J. (John), 1645-1721. / [1690] An answer to an anonimous pamphleteer, who impugns the doctrine contain'd in St. Athanasius his creed by J. Savage Gent.
Savile, Henry, 1642-1687. / [1672] A True relation of the engagement of His Majesties fleet under the command of His Royal Highness with the Dutch fleet, May 28, 1672 in a letter from H.S. Esquire, on board His Royal Highness, to the Earl of Arlington, principal secretary of state.
Savile, Henry, Captain. / [1596] A libell of Spanish lies found at the sacke of Cales, discoursing the fight in the West Indies, twixt the English nauie being fourteene ships and pinasses, and a fleete of twentie saile of the king of Spaines, and of the death of Sir Francis Drake. With an answere briefely confuting the Spanish lies, and a short relation of the fight according to truth, written by Henrie Sauile Esquire, employed captaine in one of her Maiesties shippes, in the same seruice against the Spaniard. And also an approbation of this discourse, by Sir Thomas Baskeruile, then generall of the English fleete in that seruice: auowing the maintenance thereof, personally in armes against Don Bernaldino ...
Saxey, Samuel. / [1538?] A straunge and wonderfull example of the iudgement of almighty God shewed vpon two adulterous persons in London, in the parish of S. Brydes, in Fleetestreete, this thurde of Februarie. 1583. Set forth for a memorable example before our eyes, both to make vs remember the frailty of this life, and to call vs vnto repentance. By Samuel Saxey, student in diuinitie.
Saye and Sele, William Fiennes, Viscount, 1582-1662. / [1641] A speech of the Right Honourable William Lord Viscount Say and Seale, one of His Majesties most honourable privy councell, spoken in Parliament in answer to the Lord Arch-bishop of Canterburies last speech, and concerning the liturgie of the Church of England.
Saywell, William, 1643-1701. / [1688] The reformation of the Church of England justified according to the canons of the Council of Nice, and other general councils, and the tradition of the Catholick Church being an answer to a paper reprinted at Oxford, called (The schism of the Church of England) demonstrated in four arguments, formerly proposed to Dr. Gunning and Dr. Pearson the late bishops of Ely and Chester, by two Catholick disputants, in a celebrated conference upon that point : in which answer the unworthy and false dealings of the papists are shewed, and the charge of schism returned upon them, and the Church of England proved truly Catholick and apostolick in her doctrine and constitution / by Dr. Saywell.