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Robert, Prior of Shrewsbury, d. 1167. / [M.DC.XXXV. 1635] The admirable life of Saint VVenefride virgin, martyr, abbesse. Written in Latin aboue 500. yeares ago, by Robert, monke and priour of Shrewsbury, of the ven. Order of S. Benedict. Deuided into two bookes. And now translated into English, out of a very ancient and authenticall manuscript, for the edification and comfort of Catholikes. By I.F. of the Society of Iesus
Robert, Prior of Shrewsbury, d. 1167. / [1485] The lyf of the holy [and] blessid vyrgyn saynt Wenefryde
Roberts, Alexander, d. 1620. / [1616] A treatise of witchcraft VVherein sundry propositions are laid downe, plainely discouering the wickednesse of that damnable art, with diuerse other speciall points annexed, not impertinent to the same, such as ought diligently of euery Christian to be considered. With a true narration of the witchcrafts which Mary Smith, wife of Henry Smith glouer, did practise: of her contract vocally made between the Deuill and her, in solemne termes, by whose meanes she hurt sundry persons whom she enuied: which is confirmed by her owne confession, and also from the publique records of the examination of diuerse vpon their oathes: and lastly, of her death and execution, for the same; which was on the twelfth day of Ianuarie last past. By Alexander Roberts B.D. and preacher of Gods Word at Kings-Linne in Norffolke.
Roberts, Francis, 1609-1675. / [1673] The true way to the tree of life, or, The natural man directed unto Christ by Fran. Roberts ...
Roberts, Francis, 1609-1675. / [1657] Mysterium & medulla Bibliorum the mysterie and marrow of the Bible, viz. God's covenant with man in the first Adam before the fall, and in the last Adam, Iesvs Christ, after the fall, from the beginning to the end of the world : unfolded & illustrated in positive aphorisms & their explanation ... / by Francis Roberts.
Roberts, Francis, 1609-1675. / [1656] A communicant instructed, or, Practicall directions for worthy receiving of the Lords Supper by Francis Roberts.
Roberts, Francis, 1609-1675. / [1648] Clavis Bibliorum The key of the Bible, unlocking the richest treasury of the Holy Scriptures : whereby the 1 order, 2 names, 3 times, 4 penmen, 5 occasion, 6 scope, and 7 principall parts, containing the subject-matter of every book of Old and New Testament, are familiarly and briefly opened : for the help of the weakest capacity in the understanding of the whole Bible / by Francis Roberts ...
Roberts, Francis, 1609-1675. / [1662] The Christians advantage both by life and death discovered in a sermon preached at the funeral of that faithful and eminent servant of the Lord, Joseph Jackson, late Esq. and alderman of the city of Bristol, on the 17th day of January, an. Dom. 1661, by Fran. Roberts ...
Roberts, Francis, 1609-1675. / [1657] The checqver-work of God's providences, towards His own people, made up of blacks and whites, viz., of their abasements, and advancements, their distresses, and deliverances, their sullying tribulations, and beautifying relaxations represented in a sermon preached at the funeral of that faithful servant of the Lord, Mary the late wife of Joseph Jackson esq, alderman of the city of Bristol, on the 5 day of May, Anno Dom. 1657 / by Francis Roberts ...
Roberts, Francis, 1609-1675. / [1647 i.e. 1646] A broken spirit, God's sacrifices. Or, The gratefulnesse of a broken spirit unto God. Represented in a sermon, before the right Honourable House of Peeres, in K. Henry the Seventh's chappell in the Abbey Westminster, upon Wednesday Decemb. 9. 1646. Being a day of publike humiliation for removing of the great judgment of rain and waters then upon the kingdome, &c. / By Fran. Roberts M. A. Minister of Christ, at Austins, London.
Roberts, Francis, 1609-1675. / [1655] Believers evidences for eternall life collected out of the first epistle of John which is catholique : explained and confirmed by very many subservient signes, or undernotes grounded upon Scriptures and illustrated by testimonies both of ancient fathers and modern writers whereby persons truly regenerate may divers wayes discover their present state of grace and title unto glory / by Francis Roberts.
Roberts, John, of Weston. / [1638] Great Yarmouths exercise In a very compleat and martiall manner performed by their artillery men, upon the twenty second of May last, to the great commendations and applause of the whole town, according to the modern discipline of this our age. 1638. Written by Iohn Roberts of Weston, neere Bathe, Gent.
Roberts, John, of Weston. / [1639] The compleat cannoniere: or, The gunners guide Wherein are set forth exactly the chiefe grounds and principals of the whole art, in a very briefe and compendious forme, never by any set forth in the like nature before. With divers excellent conclusions, both arithmeticall and geometricall belonging thereunto: as also sundry serviceable fireworkes, both for sea and land service. A study delightfull and very usefull for men of the best quality, and imbrac'd by the greatest princes. Written by Iohn Roberts of Weston neere Bathe, Gentleman, practitioner and professor in the arte thereof.
Roberts, Lewes, 1596-1640. / [1641] The treasure of traffike, or, A discourse of forraigne trade wherein is shewed the benefit and commoditie arising to a commonwealth or kingdome, by the skilfull merchant, and by a well ordered commerce and regular traffike / by Lewes Roberts ...
Roberts, Lewes, 1596-1640. / [1640] VVarrefare epitomized in a century, of military observations: confirming by antient principles the moderne practise of armes. By Captaine Levves Roberts.
Roberts, Lewes, 1596-1640. / [MDCXXXVIII. 1638] The merchants mappe of commerce wherein, the universall manner and matter of trade, is compendiously handled. The standerd and currant coines of sundry princes, observed. The reall and imaginary coines of accompts and exchanges, expressed. The naturall and artificiall commodities of all countries for transportation declared. The weights and measures of all eminent cities and tovvnes of traffique, collected and reduced one into another; and all to the meridian of commerce practised in the famous citie of London. By Lewes Roberts, merchant. Necessary for all such as shall be imployed in the publique affaires of princes in forreigne parts; for all gentlemen and others that travell abroad for delight or pleasure, and for all merchants or their factors that exercise the art of merchandizing in any part of the habitable world.
Robertson, Bartholomew, fl. 1620. / [1621] Spirituall encrease: or, Conclusions for pacifying the perplexed conscience of the weake Christian
Robertson, Bartholomew, fl. 1620. / [1617] The heavenly advocate: or a short direction for the speedy vnderstanding of the New Testament of the yeeres and dayes of Christs age heere on Earth, times and places of his miracles, death, resurrection, and ascention: together with a briefe catechisme, for the instruction of Christian families. And also a spirituall combate, betweene mans frailty and faith, in time of sicknesse.
Robertson, Bartholomew, fl. 1620. / [1618] The crovvne of life Containing the combate betwixt the flesh and the spirit, with meditations and prayers in time of afflictions, directing to liue christianly, and die blessedly. Also a comfortable and heauenly dialogue betweene Christ and the soule. Written to comfort the afflicted consciences of all those that groane vnder the burthen of their sinnes.
Robertson, Bartholomew, fl. 1620. / [1615] A blovv for the pope, or, A discourse had in S. Giles Church, in Elgen of Murray at a conference with certaine papists, plainely prouing that Peter was neuer head of the Church : with a short register of all the attempts and murthers vpon kings and princes in our time by the persuasion of the Iesuits.
Robertson, Bartholomew, fl. 1620. / [1619] The anatomie of a distressed soule Wherein, the faults of the elect,are discerned from the sinnes of the wicked, spirituall defections cured, confused consciences resolued, all meanes of presumption and desperation remoued, the sicknesse, dulnesse, and deadnesse of the spirit releeued, crosses and temptations inward, and afflictions outward remedied, for the benefite of all that groane vnder the burthen of sinne, and feeling of Gods anger, thirsting for the sense of reconciliation in the blood of the lambe.
Robeson, A. (Andrew) / [1662] A word of pitty to the prophane and to the unruly rulers in this generation.
Robins, Robert. / [1648?] A whip for the marshalls court and their officers the petition of Robert Robins gent. to the House of Commons against the abuses practised in the marshalls court, and a discovery of the jurisdiction and priviledge of that court, with some of the particular greevances the subjects suffer under the pretended authority threof ... written for the releife and redresse of all that have, or hereafter shall be arrested or wronged there : with directions where to repaire for advice and assistance therein, and how and where to get restitution for the same / by Ro. Robins.
Robins, Robert. / [Feb. 26. 1649] Reasons to resolve the unresolved people of the legality of the Kings tryal and judgment. / By Rob. Robins. Imprimatur, Gilb. Mabbot.
Robins, Thomas, fl. 1672-1685. / [1685?] The scornful maid, and the constant young-man. With mocks and taunts she doth him jear, as in this ditty you may hear; yet no denyal he would have, but still her favour he did crave: yet at the last she granted love, and vowed she would constant prove; yet in this ditty you may find, it is money that doth a bargain bind. Tune of, Times changling I will never be: or, Sawny, or, A fig for France.
Robins, Thomas, fl. 1672-1685. / [1660?] The merry hoastess: or, A pretty new ditty, compos'd by an hoastess that lives in the city: to wrong such an hoastess it were a great pitty, by reason she caused this pretty new ditty. To the tune of, Buff coat has no fellow.
Robins, Thomas, fl. 1672-1685. / [ca. 1676] The lovers battle, being a sore combat fought between Mars and Venus, at a place called Cunney Castle, under Belly-hill. Bold Mars like to a warrier stout great brags did make in field but Venus she gave him the rout. [sic] and forc't him for to yeild [sic], then Mars drew out his rapier strong thinking to win the day but Venus charg'd him so sore he was glad he got away. The tune is, The chorals delight.
Robinson, Clement, fl. 1566-1584. / [1584] A handefull of pleasant delites containing sudrie new sonets and delectable histories, in diuers kindes of meeter. Newly deuised to the newest tunes that are now in vse, to be sung: euerie sonet orderly pointed to his proper tune. With new additions of certain songs, to verie late deuised notes, not commonly knowen, nor vsed heretofore, by Clement Robinson, and diuers others.
Robinson, Henry, 1605?-1664? / [1641] Englands safety in trades encrease most humbly presented to the high court of Parliament / by Henry Robinson ...
Robinson, Henry, 1605?-1664? / [1644] An answer to Mr. William Prynn's twelve questions concerning church government at the end whereof, are mentioned severall grosse absurdities, and dangerous consequences of highest nature, which do necessarily follow the tenets of Presbyteriall, or any other besides a perfect independent government : together with certaine qveries.
Robinson, John, 1575?-1625. / [Anno 1634] A treatise of the lavvfulnes of hearing of the ministers in the church of England: penned by that late learned and reverent deuine, Mr. Iohn Robinsz. late pastor to the new English church of God in Leyden. Printed according to the copie that was found in his studie after his decase [sic]: and now published for the common good. Together with a letter written by the same authore: and approued by his church: vvhich followeth after this treatise
Robinson, John, 1575?-1625. / [Printed in the year, 1641] The peoples plea for the exercise of prophesie. Against master John Yates his monopolie / by Iohn Robinson.
Robinson, John, 1575?-1625. / [Printed anno 1614] Of religious communion private, & publique With the silenceing of the clamours raysed by Mr Thomas Helvvisse agaynst our reteyning the baptism receaved in Engl: & administering of Bapt: vnto infants. As also a survey of the confession of fayth published in certayn conclusions by the remaynders of Mr Smithes company. ... By Iohn Robinson.
Robinson, John, 1575?-1625. / [in the year M.DC.XXV. 1625] Oberuations diuine and morall For the furthering of knowledg, and vertue. By Iohn Robbinson.
Robinson, John, 1575?-1625. / [Anno Domini. 1615] A manumission to a manuduction, or Answer to a letter inferring publique communion in the parrish assemblies upon private with godly persons there. By Iohn Robinson
Robinson, John, 1575?-1625. / [Anno D. 1610] A iustification of separation from the Church of England Against Mr Richard Bernard his invective, intituled; The separatists schisme. By Iohn Robinson.
Robinson, John, 1575?-1625. / [Printed in the yeere of our Lord M.DC.XXV. 1625] A iust and necessarie apologie of certain Christians, no lesse contumeliously then commonly called Brownists or Barrowists. By Mr. Iohn Robinson, pastor of the English Church at Leyden, first published in Latin in his and the churches name over which he was set, after translated into English by himself, and now republished for the speciall and common good of our own countrimen
Robinson, John, 1575?-1625. / [Printed in the year, 1624] A defence of the doctrine propounded by the synode at Dort against Iohn Murton and his associates, in a treatise intituled; A description what God, &c. With the refutation of their answer to a writing touching baptism. By Iohn Robinson.
Robinson, John, 1575?-1625. / [Printed in the yeare, 1642] A briefe catechisme concerning church-governemnt. By that Reverend Divine Mr. Iohn Robinson, and may fitly be adjoyned to Mr. Perkins six Principles as an appendix thereto.
Robinson, John, 1575?-1625. / [1641] An appendix to Mr. Perkins his six principles of Christian religion by Mr. Iohn Robinson.
Robinson, John, 1650-1723. / [1694] An account of Sueden together with an extract of the history of that kingdom.
Robinson, John, 17th cent. / [1642] Irelands tragical tyrannie sent over in two letters, by a speehlesse [sic] damzell, which landed at Miniard upon the 18 day Jan. 1642 : wherein is plainly and truly shown, what cruelty hath possess the Irish rebels hearts, and how barbarously they have dealt with her : first how they defloured her body, and after tore the haire from her head, and lastly how they cut out her tongue and one of her hands for resisting them : also, how the wolves destroyed Mr. Thomas Adams, his wife and children, to the number of fourteen persons in one night, being constrained to forsake their habitation : with a true relation of other remarkable passages performed by the blood-thirsty rebels / these letters were sent from the damzels father out of Ireland, to her Uncle Robinson, who liveth neere unto Miniard in Summerset-shire.
Robinson, John, fl. 1672. / [1672] A true and perfect relation of the great victory obtained over the Dutch with an account of the ships that was taken and sunk in the said engagement. Also, the names of their men of war, their commanders and number of their guns, that were appointed for a convoy to their Smyrna fleet.
Robinson, Mr. / [1677] Strange news from Ireland, or, A true and perfect relation of a famous fish taken at Kingsale the manner of its taking, and description of its horrible shapes / as it was certified in a letter from one Mr. Robinson, living in Kingsale, (an eye-witness) to Mr. John Davie a relation of his, living in Westminster.
Robinson, Richard, citizen of London. / [1579] The vineyarde of vertue collected, composed, and digested into a tripartite order, conteining XXXII. most excellent plants of fruitful vertue: in most beautiful and blessed maner enuironing the true elect churche of God vpon earth. Euery plant conteining this tripartite order: namely definition testimonie examples of vertue by R.R.
Robinson, Richard, citizen of London. / [1577] Certain selected histories for christian recreations vvith their seuerall moralizations. Brought into Englishe verse, and are to be song with seuerall notes: composed by Richard Robinson citizen of London
Robinson, Richard, fl. 1574. / [1574] The rewarde of wickednesse discoursing the sundrye monstrous abuses of wicked and vngodlye worldelinges: in such sort set downe and written as the same haue béene dyuersely practised in the persones of popes, harlots, proude princes, tyrauntes, Romish byshoppes, and others. VVith a liuely description of their seuerall falles and finall destruction. Verye profitable for all sorte of estates to reade and looke vpon. Nevvly compiled by Richard Robinson, seruaunt in housholde to the right Honorable Earle of Shrovvsbury. A dreame most pitiful, and to be dreaded.
Robinson, Richard, fl. 1574. / [1589] A golden mirrour conteining certaine pithie and figuratiue visions prognosticating good fortune to England and all true English subiectes, with an ouerthrowe to the enemies : whereto be adioyned certaine pretie poemes written on the names of sundrie both noble and worshipfull.
Robinson, Robert, Londoner. / [1617] The art of pronuntiation digested into two parts. Vox audienda, & vox videnda. In the first of which are set foorth the elements and seuerall parts of the voice: in the second are described diuers characters, by which euery part of the voice may be aptly known and seuerall distinguished. Very necessary as well thereby to know the naturall structure of the voice, as speedily to learne the exact touch of pronuntiation of any forraine language whatsoeuer. Newly inuented by Robert Robinson Londoner.
Robinson, Thomas, d. 1719. / [1696] New observations on the natural history of this world of matter, and this world of life in two parts : being a philosophical discourse, grounded upon the Mosaick system of the creation and the flood : to which are added some thoughts concerning paradise, the conflagration by Tho. Robinson ...
Robinson, Thomas, fl. 1589-1609. / [1603] The schoole of musicke wherein is taught, the perfect method, of true fingering of the lute, pandora, orpharion, and viol de gamba; with most infallible generall rules, both easie and delightfull. Also, a method, how you may be your owne instructer for prick-song, by the help of your lute, without any other teacher: with lessons of all sorts, for your further and better instruction. Newly composed by Thomas Robinson, lutenist.
Robinson, Thomas, fl. 1589-1609. / [1609] New citharen lessons with perfect tunings of the same, from foure course of strings to fourteene course, euen to trie the sharpest teeth of enuie, with lessons of all sortes, and methodicall instructions for all professors and practitioners of the citharen. By Thomas Robinson, student in all the seuen liberall sciences.
Robinson, Thomas, fl. 1622. / [1622] The anatomy of the English nunnery at Lisbon in Portugall Dissected and laid open by one that was sometime a yonger brother of the conuent: who (if the grace of God had not preuented him) might haue growne as old in a wicked life as the oldest among them. Published by authoritie.
Robinson, Thomas, Sir. / [1684] A book of special entries of declarations, pleadings, issues, verdicts, judgments and judicial process in such actions as are now in use and have not hitherto been published in any printed book of precedents together with such notes and observations as do either illustrate or explain the same : as also such parts of pleadings and judicial process which do naturally fall under the division of each distinct title as necessary and incident thereunto / collected by the particular direction of Sir Thomas Robinson ...
Robotham, Charles, 1625 or 6-1700. / [1651] Omnium futurorum contingentium certissima est in Deo præscientia.
Robson, Charles, 1598-1638. / [1628] Nevves from Aleppo A letter written to T.V. B. of D. vicar of Cockfield in Southsex· By Charles Robson Master of Artes, fellow of Qu: Col: in Oxford, and preacher to the Company of our English Merchants at Aleppo. Containing many remarkeable occurrences obserued by him in his iourney thither.
Roche, Robert, 1575 or 6-1629. / [1599] Eustathia, or the constancie of Susanna containing the preservation of the godly, subversion of the wicked, precepts for the aged, instructions for youth, pleasure with profitte. Penned by R.R.G.
Rochefort, César de, b. 1605. / [1666] The history of the Caribby-islands, viz, Barbados, St Christophers, St Vincents, Martinico, Dominico, Barbouthos, Monserrat, Mevis, Antego, &c in all XXVIII in two books : the first containing the natural, the second, the moral history of those islands : illustrated with several pieces of sculpture representing the most considerable rarities therein described : with a Caribbian vocabulary / rendred into English by John Davies ...
Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of, 1647-1680. / [Printed in the year, 1679] A very heroical epistle from my Lord All-pride to Dol-common. The argument. Dol-common being forsaken by my Lord All-pride, and having written him a most lamentable letter, his Lordship sends her the following answer.
Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of, 1647-1680. / [1675?] A satyr against mankind written by a person of honour.
Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of, 1647-1680. / [1679?] Upon the stately structure of Bow-Church and steeple, burnt, an. 1666, rebuilt, 1679, or, A second poem upon nothing
Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of, 1647-1680. / [1680] A satyr against marriage directed to that inconsiderable animal called husband.
Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of, 1647-1680. / [1689?] Upon nothing a poem / by a person of honour.
Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of, 1647-1680. / [1680?] Poems on several occasions by the right honourable the E. of R-
Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of, 1647-1680. / [1682] A pastoral dialogue between Alexis and Strephon written by the right honourable the late Earl of Rochester, at the bath, 1674.
Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of, 1647-1680. / [1675?] On man a satyr / by a person of honour.
Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of, 1647-1680. / [1697] Familiar letters: vol. I. Written by the Right Honourable, John, late Earl of Rochester, to the honourable Henry Savile, esq; and other letters by persons of honour and quality. With letters written by the most ingenious Mr. Tho. Otway, and Mrs. K. Philips. Publish'd from their original copies. With modern letters by Tho. Cheek, Esq; Mr. Dennis, and Mr. Brown.
Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of, 1647-1680. / [1680] A letter to Dr. Burnet from the Right Honourable the Earl of Rochester, as he lay on his death-bed, at His Honours lodge in Woodstock-Park / printed from the original, wrote with his own hand, June 25, 1680, at twelve at night.
Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of, 1647-1680. / [1680] A letter from Artemiza in the town, to Chloe in the country by a person of honour.
Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of, 1647-1680. / [1679] The enjoyment
Roderick, Richard, 1647 or 8-1730. / [1684] A sermon preached Avgvst the 19th, 1684, at the consecration of the Lord VVeymouth's chapel in Long-leat by Richard Roderick ...
Roderick, Richard, 1647 or 8-1730. / [1683] A sermon preached at Blandford-forum in Dorset-shire, December the 19th, 1682, at the Lord Bishop of Bristol's visitation by Richard Roderick ...
Roe, Thomas, Sir, 1581?-1644. / [1622] A true and faithfull relation, presented to his Maiestie and the prince, of what hath lately happened in Constantinople, concerning the death of Sultan Osman, and the setting vp of Mustafa his vncle Together with other memorable occurrents worthy of obseruation.
Roe, Thomas, Sir, 1581?-1644. / [1641] Sir Thomas Rowe his speech at the councell-table touching brasse-money, or against brasse-money, with many notable observations thereupon, Iuly, 1640.
Roe, Thomas, Sir, 1581?-1644. / [1641] Sir Thomas Roe his speech in Parliament wherein he sheweth the cause of the decay of coyne and trade in this land, especially of merchants trade, and also propoundeth a vvay to the House, how they may be increased.
Roe, Thomas, Sir, 1581?-1644. / [August 4. 1642] The coppy of two letters from Sr. Thomas Rowe Lord Embassador Extraordinary for His Majesty in Germany. One to the Earle of Holland. The other to Mr. Edward Waller, one of the Members of the House of Commons. Concerning the French Embassadors accusation against him in the House of Peeres.
Roe, Thomas, Sir, 1581?-1644. / [1642] A letter from the Right Honourable Sir Thomas Rovve, extraordinary embassadour for his Majestie at vienna To Edmond VValler Esquier one of the Members of the House of Commons. Which letter was read in the said House, Iuly 8. 1642.
Rofe, George, d. 1664. / [1661] Cherubims. Cherubims.
Rogers, John, 1572?-1636. / [1629] A treatise of love. Written by Iohn Rogers, ministers of Gods word in Dedham in Essex
Rogers, John, 1572?-1636. / [1627] The doctrine of faith wherein are practically handled ten principall points, which explain the nature and vse of it / by Iohn Rogers ...
Rogers, John, 1572?-1636. / [1650] A godly & fruitful exposition upon all the First epistle of Peter by that pious and eminent preacher of the word of God, John Rogers.
Rogers, John, 1627-1665? / [1654] Sagrir, or, Doomes-day drawing nigh, with thunder and lightening to lawyers in an alarum for the new laws, and the peoples liberties from the Norman and Babylonian yokes : making discoverie of the present ungodly laws and lawyers of the fourth monarchy, and of the approach of the fifth, with those godly laws, officers and ordinances that belong to the legislative power of the Lord Iesus : shewing the glorious work incumbent to civil-discipline, (once more) set before the Parliament, Lord Generall, army and people of England, in their distinct capasities, upon the account of Christ and his monarchy / humbly presented to them by John Rogers ...
Rogers, John, 1627-1665? / [1653] Ohel or Beth-shemesh A tabernacle for the sun, or, Irenicum evangelicum : an idea of church-discipline in the theorick and practick parts, which come forth first into the world as bridegroom and bride ... by whom you will have the totum essentiale of a true Gospel-church state according to Christs rules and order left us when he ascended ... : published for the benefit of all gathered churches, more especially in England, Ireland and Scotland / by John Rogers ...
Rogers, John, 1627-1665? / [1659] Mr. Pryn's good old cause stated and stunted 10 years ago, or, A most dangerous designe in mistating the good by mistaking the bad old cause clearly extricated and offered to the Parliament, the General Council of Officer's, the good people's and army's immediate consideration.
Rogers, John, 1627-1665? / [1659] Diapoliteia. A Christian concertation with Mr. Prin, Mr. Baxter, Mr. Harrington, for the true cause of the Commonvvealth. Or, An answer to Mr. Prin's (perditory) anatomy of the Republick, and his true and perfect narrative, &c. To Mr. Baxter's (purgatory) pills for the Army: and his wounding answer to the healing question. With some soft reflections upon his Catholick (or rather Cathulactick) key; and an examen of the late petition of the sixth of July to this Parliament. In all which we have a most necessary vindication of the cause; of the honourable persons now in Parliament and Council, from the venome and vilification of their pens. By Joh. Rogers, thorugh grace kept (under many sufferings) a faithful servant to Jesus Christ, his cause and the Commonwealth.
Rogers, John, b. 1647. / [1681] A sermon preached before the corporation of Trinity-house in Deptford Strand, at the election of their master, May XXX, 1681 by John Rogers ...
Rogers, John, fl. 1560-1580. / [1578?] The summe of Christianitie reduced vnto eight propositions, briefly and plainly confirmed out of the holy worde of God.
Rogers, John, fl. 1560-1580. / [1579] [The displaying of an horrible secte of grosse and wicked heretiques, naming themselues the family of loue with the liues of their authours and what doctrine they teach in corners. Newly set foorth by I.R. Whereunto is added certeine letters sent from the same family mainteyning their opinions, which letters are aunswered by the same J.R.]
Rogers, John, fl. 1560-1580. / [Anno. 1579] An answere vnto a wicked & infamous libel made by Christopher Vitel, one of the chiefe English elders of the pretended Family of Loue maintaining their doctrine, & carpingly answeringe to certaine pointes of a boke called the displaing of the Fam. Aunswered by I. Rogers.
Rogers, John, of Chacombe. / [1618] The glory and happines of a true Christian A sermon preached by Master Rogers at Needham in Norfolke the 28 of Iune. 1617
Rogers, John, of Chacombe. / [1620] A discourse of Christian watchfulnesse Preparing how to liue, how to die, and to be discharged at the day of iudgement, and so enioy life eternall. By Iohn Rogers minister to the Church of Chacombe in Northampton-shiere.
Rogers, Lewis. / [1663] Here is something following of a vision and a few words of prophesie concerning the fall of Babilon, and destruction of her people, this signifies the time at hand, therefore I warn all in the fear of the Lord to turn from the evil of their waies.
Rogers, Nehemiah, 1593-1660. / [1623] A strange vineyard in Palæstina in an exposition of Isaiahs parabolical song of the beloued, discouered: to which Gods vineyard in this our land is paralleld. By Nehemiah Rogers, Master in Arts, and pastor of the congregation at Messing in Essex.
Rogers, Richard, 1550?-1618. / [1603] Seuen treatises containing such direction as is gathered out of the Holie Scriptures, leading and guiding to true happines, both in this life, and in the life to come: and may be called the practise of Christianitie. Profitable for all such as heartily desire the same: in the which, more particularly true Christians may learne how to leade a godly and comfortable life euery day. Penned by Richard Rogers, preacher of the word of God at Wethersfield in Essex.
Rogers, Richard, 1550?-1618. / [1620] Samuels encounter with Saul. I Sam. chap. 15 from ver. 13 to ver. 30. Preached and penned, by that worthy seruant of God, Mr. Richard Rogers, late preacher of Wetherfield, in Essex. And published word for word, according to this owne coppy, finished before his death
Rogers, Richard, 1550?-1618. / [1612] Certaine sermons preached and penned by Richard Rogers preacher of Weathersfield in Essex, directly tending to these three ends. First, to bring any bad person (that hath not committed the sinne that is vnpardonable) to true conuersion. Secondly, to stablish and settle all such as are conuerted, in faith and repentance. Thirdly, to leade them forward (that are so setled) in the Christian life, to bring foorth the fruite of both. Whereunto are annexed diuers godlie and learned sermons of another reuerend and faithfull seruant of God, Mr. Samuel Wright, Bachelor of Diuinitie, late president of Sidney Colledge in Camebridge, deceased, tending also to the same ends, with diuers particular points in both, profitable and fit for these times.
Rogers, Richard, 1550?-1618. / [1615] A commentary vpon the vvhole booke of Iudges Preached first and deliuered in sundrie lectures; since collected, and diligently perused, and now published. For the benefit generally of all such as desire to grow in faith and repentance, and especially of them, who would more cleerely vnderstand and make vse of the worthie examples of the saints, recorded in diuine history. Penned by Richard Rogers preacher of Gods word at Wethersfield in Essex.
Rogers, Thomas, 1573 or 4-1609 or 10. / [1598] Celestiall elegies of the goddesses and the Muses de-deploring [sic] the death of the right honourable and vertuous ladie the Ladie Fraunces Countesse of Hertford, late wife vnto the right honorable Edvvard Seymor Vicount Beauchamp and Earle of Hertford. Whereunto are annexed some funerall verses touching the death of Mathevv Evvens Esquire, late one of the barons of her Maiesties Court of Eschequer, vnto whome the author hereof was allyed. By Thomas Rogers Esqui[r]e.
Rogers, Thomas, 1573 or 4-1609 or 10. / [1641] Leycesters ghost
Rogers, Thomas, 1573 or 4-1609 or 10. / [1603] Anglorum lacrimæ in a sad passion complayning the death of our late soueraigne Lady Queene Elizabeth: yet comforted againe by the vertuous hopes of our most royall and renowned King Iames: whose Maiestie God long continue.
Rogers, Thomas, d. 1616. / [1608] Two dialogues, or conferences (about an old question lately renued, and by the schismaticall company, both by printed pamphlets, and otherwise to the disturbance of the Churches quiet, and of peaceable minds, very hotly pursued.) Concerning kneeling in the very act of receiuing the sacramental bread and wine, in the Supper of the Lord The former betweene two ministers of the word, the one refractarie, and depriued; the other not so. The latter betweene an humorous schismatike and a setled professor.
Rogers, Thomas, d. 1616. / [1590] Miles Christianus or A iust apologie of all necessarie writings and writers specialie of them which by their labored writings take paines to build vp the Church of Christ in this age and in a publique, and diffamatorie epistle lately set forth in print, are vniustly depraued. Allowed by auctority.
Rogers, Thomas, d. 1616. / [1576] A philosophicall discourse, entituled, The anatomie of the minde. Nevvlie made and set forth by T.R.
Rogers, Thomas, d. 1616. / [1580] A paterne of a passionate minde conteining a briefe description of the sundry straunge affects of the minde of man : in the ende where-of is set downe a lesson, meete to be learned of all estates in generall.
Rogers, Thomas, d. 1616. / [1589] An historical dialogue touching antichrist and poperie, drawen and published for the common benefit and comfort of our church in these dangerous daies, & against the desperate attemptes of the vowed aduersaries of Iesus Christ, his gospell, and this florishing state. by Thomas Rogers. Allowed by auctoritie.
Rogers, Thomas, d. 1616. / [Anno. 1581] The general session conteining an apologie of the most comfortable doctrine concerning the ende of this world, and seconde comming of Christ, written by Thomas Rogers. The first part, wherein for the comfort of the godlie is proued not onely that God wil, but also that he doth iudge this world.
Rogers, Thomas, d. 1616. / [1607] The faith, doctrine, and religion, professed, & protected in the realme of England, and dominions of the same expressed in 39 articles, concordablie agreed vpon by the reuerend bishops, and clergie of this kingdome, at two seuerall meetings, or conuocations of theirs, in the yeares of our Lord, 1562, and 1604: the said articles analised into propositions, and the propositions prooued to be agreeable both to the written word of God, and to the extant confessions of all the neighbour churches, Christianlie reformed: the aduersaries also of note, and name, which from the apostles daies, and primitiue Church hetherto, haue crossed, or contradicted the said articles in generall, or any particle, or proposition arising from anie of them in particular, heereby are discouered, laid open, and so confuted. Perused, and by the lawfull authoritie of the Church of England, allowed to be publique.
Rogers, Thomas, d. 1616. / [1587] The English creede consenting vvith the true, auncient, catholique, and apostolique Church in al points, and articles of religion, which euerie Christian is to know and beleeue that would be saued. The second part, in most loyal manner to the glorie of God, credit of our Church, and displaieng of al hæresies, and errors, both olde and newe, contrarie to the faith, subscribed vnto by Thomas Rogers. Allowed by auctoritie.
Rogers, Thomas, d. 1616. / [1585] The English creede consenting vvith the true auncient catholique, and apostolique Church in al the points, and articles of religion which euerie Christian is to knowe and beleeue that would be saued. The first parte, in most loyal maner to the glorie of God, credit of our Church, and displaieng of al hærisies, and errors, both olde and newe, contrarie to the faith, subscribed vnto by Thomas Rogers. Allowed by auctoritie.
Rogers, Thomas, of Tewkesbury. / [1612] Gloucesters myte deliuered vvith the mournefull records of Great Britaine, into the worlds register. For the inrolement of the euerlasting fame and perpetuall remembrance of our late and most gratious Prince Henrie. With motiues to repentance. The materiall points touched, appeare in the next page.
Rogers, Timothy, 1658-1728. / [1691] Practical discourses on sickness & recovery in several sermons, as they were lately preached in a congregation in London / by Timothy Rogers, M.A. ; after his recovery from a sickness of near two years continuance.
Rojas, Fernando de, d. 1541. / [1631] The Spanish bavvd, represented in Celestina: or, The tragicke-comedy of Calisto and Melibea Wherein is contained, besides the pleasantnesse and sweetnesse of the stile, many philosophicall sentences, and profitable instructions necessary for the younger sort: shewing the deceits and subtilties housed in the bosomes of false seruants, and cunny-catching bawds.
Rolland, John. / [M. D. LXXV 1575] Ane treatise callit the court of Venus deuidit into four buikis, newlie compylit be Iohne Rolland in Dalkeith.
Rolland, John. / [M.D.LXXVIII. 1578] The seuin seages translatit out of prois in Scottis meter be Iohne Rolland in Dalkeith, with ane moralitie efter euerie doctouris tale, and siclike efter the Emprice Tale, togidder with ane louing and laude to euerie doctour efter his awin tale, [and] ane exclamation and outcrying vpon the empreouris wife efter hir fals contrusit tale
Rollock, Robert, 1555?-1599. / [1603] A treatise of Gods effectual calling: written first in the Latine tongue, by the reuerend and faithfull seruant of Christ, Maister Robert Rollock, preacher of Gods word in Edenburgh. And now faithfully translated for the benefite of the vnlearned, into the English tongue, by Henry Holland, preacher in London
Rollock, Robert, 1555?-1599. / [Anno 1616] Lectures, vpon the history of the Passion, Resurrection, and Ascension of our Lord Iesus Christ Beginning at the eighteenth chapter of the Gospell, according to S. Iohn, and from the 16. verse of the 19. chapter thereof, containing a perfect harmonie of all the foure Euangelists, for the better vnderstanding of all the circumstances of the Lords death, and Resurrection. Preached by that reuerend and faithfull seruant of God, Mr. Robert Rollocke, sometime minister of the Euangell of Iesus Christ, and rector of the Colledge of Edinburgh.
Rollock, Robert, 1555?-1599. / [An. Dom. M.D.C.VI. 1606] Lectures vpon the first and second Epistles of Paul to the Thessalonians: preached by that faithfull seruant of God M. Robert Rollock, some-tyme minister of the Euangell of Iesus Christ, and rector of the Colledge in Edinburgh
Rollock, Robert, 1555?-1599. / [1600] An exposition vpon some select Psalmes of David conteining great store of most excellent and comfortable doctrine, and instruction for all those that (vnder the burthen of sinne) thirst for comfort in Christ Iesus. Written by that faithfull servant of God, M. Robert Rollok, sometime pastour in the Church of Edinburgh: and translated out of Latine into English, by C. L. minister of the Gospell of Christ at Dudingstoun. The number of the psalmes are set downe in the page following.
Rollock, Robert, 1555?-1599. / [anno 1619] Fiue and twentie lectures, vpon the last sermon and conference of our Lord Iesus Christ, with his disciples immediately before his Passion contained in the fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth chapters of the Gospel of Sainct Iohn. As also vpon that most excellent prayer, contained in the seuenteenth chap. of the same Gospel. Preached by the reuerend and faythfull seruant of God, M. Robert Rollok, minister of the Kirke (and rector of the Colledge) of Edinburgh.
Rollock, Robert, 1555?-1599. / [1603] Lectures vpon the Epistle of Paul to the Colossians. Preached by that faithfull seruant of God, Maister Robert Rollok, sometime rector of the Vniuersitie of Edenburgh
Rollock, Robert, 1555?-1599. / [Anno Domini M.D.XCIIII. 1594] De aeterna mentis divi nae approbatione et improbatione, doctrina brevis, et pro natura reitam arduae, explicata. Per Robertum Rollocum
Rollock, Robert, 1555?-1599. / [1616] Certaine sermons, vpon seuerall texts of Scripture: preached by that reuerend and faithfull seruant of Iesus Christ M. Robert Rollok, minister of the Church (and rector of the Colledge) of Edinburgh. Whereof the first eleuen were before published, and the remnant seuen, are newly adjoyned thereunto
Rolph, Edmund. / [1648] To the honorable the Commons in Parliament assembled the humble petition and remonstrance of Edmond Rolph, prisoner in the Gatehouse, Westminster:
Romney Marsh (England) / [1686] The charter of Romney-Marsh, or, The laws and customs of Romney Marsh very useful for all professors of the law, and also for all lords of towns ... / framed and contrived by the Venerable Justice Henry de Bathe.
Romney, Henry Sidney, Earl of, 1641-1704. / [1692] His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland's speech, with the Lord Chancellours, to both Houses of Parliament in Dublin, at the prorogation on Thursday the third of November, 1692 to Thursday the sixth of April, 1693
Rone, Elizabeth. / [1680] The description of the singers of Israel, or, The family of love, in a song of Zion. The tune of Flora farewell, or False lover.
Rookwood, Ambrose, 1664-1696. / [1696] True copies of the papers which Brigadier Rookwood and Major Lowick delivered to the sheriffs of London and Middlesex at Tyburn April 29, 1696
Rookwood, Ambrose, 1664-1696, defendant. / [1696] The arraignment, tryal, and condemnation of Ambrose Rookwood, for the horrid and execrable conspiracy to assassinate His Sacred Majesty King William, in order to a French invasion of this kingdom who upon full evidence was found guilty of high treason before His Majesty's justices of Oyer and Terminer, at Westminster on Tuesday the 21st of April 1696, and received sentence the day following, and was executed at Tyburn on the 29th day of the said month : in which tryal is contained all the learned arguments of the King's council and likewise the council for the prisoner, upon the new act of Parliament for regulating tryals in cases of treason.
Roper, William, 1496-1578. / [M·DC·XXVI 1626] The mirrour of vertue in worldly greatnes. Or The life of Syr Thomas More Knight, sometime Lo. Chancellour of England
Ros, William Cecil, Lord, 1590-1618. / [1616] Lord William Cecill and mannars baron of Roos ...
Roscommon, Wentworth Dillon, Earl of, 1633?-1685. / [1681?] A Letter from Scotland written occasionally upon the speech made by a noble peer of this realm by a better Protestant than the author of it (though a servant to His R.H).
Roscommon, Wentworth Dillon, Earl of, 1633?-1685. / [1684] An essay on translated verse by the Earl of Roscomon.
Rosencreutz, Christian. / [1690] The hermetick romance, or, The chymical wedding written in High Dutch by Christian Rosencreutz ; translated by E. Foxcroft ...
Rosier, James, 1575-1635. / [1605] A true relation of the most prosperous voyage made this present yeere 1605, by Captaine George Waymouth, in the discouery of the land of Virginia where he discouered 60 miles vp a most excellent riuer; together with a most fertile land. Written by Iames Rosier. a gentleman employed in the voyage.
Ross, Alexander, 1591-1654. / [1630] Three decads of diuine meditations VVhereof each one containeth three parts. 1 A history. 2 An allegory. 3 A prayer. With a commendation of the priuate countrey life. By Alexander Rosse his Maiesties chaplaine in ordinarie.
Ross, Alexander, 1591-1654. / [1648] Som animadversions and observations upon Sr. Walter Raleigh's Historie of the world wherein his mistakes are noted and som doubtful passages cleered / by Alexander Ross.
Ross, Alexander, 1591-1654. / [1646] The picture of the conscience drawne to the life, by the pencell of divine truth. VVherein are set out 1. Its nature. 2. Infirmities. 3. Remedies. 4. Its duties. Consisting first in the truths to be beleived [sic]. 2. The vertues to be practised. 3. The vices to bee avoyded. 4. The heresies to bee rejected. All seasonable for these distracted times. By Alexander Rosse.
Ross, Alexander, 1591-1654. / [1645] The philosophicall touch-stone, or, Observations upon Sir Kenelm Digbie's Discourses of the nature of bodies and of the reasonable soule in which his erroneous paradoxes are refuted, the truth, and Aristotelian philosophy vindicated, the immortality of mans soule briefly, but sufficiently proved, and the weak fortifications of a late Amsterdam ingeneer, patronizing the soules mortality, briefly slighted / by Alexander Ross.
Ross, Alexander, 1591-1654. / [1655] Pansebeia, or, A view of all religions in the world with the severall church-governments from the creation, to these times : also, a discovery of all known heresies in all ages and places, and choice observations and reflections throughout the whole / by Alexander Ross.
Ross, Alexander, 1591-1654. / [1647] Mystagogvs poeticvs, or, The muses interpreter explaining the historicall mysteries and mysticall histories of the ancient Greek and Latine poets : here Apollo's temple is opened, the muses treasures discovered and the gardens of parnassus disclosed whence many flowers of usefull delightfull and rare observations never touched by any other mythologist are collected / by Alexander Ross.
Ross, Alexander, 1591-1654. / [1646] The new planet no planet, or, The earth no wandring star, except in the wandring heads of Galileans here out of the principles of divinity, philosophy, astronomy, reason, and sense, the earth's immobility is asserted : the true sense of Scripture in this point, cleared : the fathers and philosophers vindicated : divers theologicall and philosophicall points handled, and Copernicus his opinion, as erroneous, ridiculous, and impious, fully refuted / by Alexander Rosse ; in answer to a discourse, that the earth may be a planet.
Ross, Alexander, 1591-1654. / [1642] Mel heliconium, or, Poeticall honey gathered out of the weeds of Parnassus divided into VII chapters according to the first VII letters of the alphabet : containing XLVIII fictions, out of which are extracted many historicall, naturall, morall, politicall and by Alexander Rosse ...
Ross, Alexander, 1591-1654. / [1645] Medicus medicatus, or, The physicians religion cured by a lenitive or gentle potion with some animadversions upon Sir Kenelme Digbie's observations on Religio medici / by Alexander Ross.
Ross, Alexander, 1591-1654. / [1653] Leviathan drawn out with a hook, or, Animadversions upon Mr. Hobbs his Leviathan by Alex. Rosse.
Ross, Alexander, 1591-1654. / [1652] The history of the world the second part in six books, being a continuation of famous history of Sir Walter Raleigh, Knight : beginning where he left viz at the end of the Macedonian kingdom, and deduced to these later-times : that is from the year of the world 3806, or 160 years before Christ till the end of the year 1640 after Christ / by Alexander Ross ; wherein the most remarkable passages of those times both ecclesiasticall and civill, in the greatest states, empires, and kingdomes, are represented ; together with a chronologie of those times and an alphabeticall-table by the author.
Ross, Alexander, 1591-1654. / [1642] Gods house, or, The hovse of prayer vindicated from prophanenesse and sacriledge delivered in a sermon the 24 day of February, Anno 1641 in Southampton / by Alexander Rosse ...
Ross, Alexander, 1591-1654. / [1642] Gods house made a den of theeves delivered in a second sermon in Southampton / by Alexander Rosse ...
Ross, Alexander, 1591-1654. / [1626] An exposition on the fourteene first chapters of Genesis, by way of question and answere Collected out of ancient and recent writers: both briefely and subtilly propounded and expounded. By Abraham [sic] Rosse of Aberden, preacher at St. Maries neere South-Hampton, and one of his Maiesties chaplaines.
Ross, Alexander, 1591-1654. / [1646] A centurie of divine meditations upon predestination and its adjuncts wherein are shewed the comfortable uses of this doctrine : to which are annexed sixteen meditations upon Gods justice and mercy / Alexander Ross.
Ross, Alexander, 1591-1654. / [1641] The black box of Rome, or, A true and short discourse shewing the blasphemous treacheries and conjurations of the wicked Iesuites when they intend and encourage any of their impious disciples to murther a king and overthrow a kingdome
Ross, Alexander, 1591-1654. / [1652] Arcana microcosmi, or, The hid secrets of man's body discovered in an anatomical duel between Aristotle and Galen concerning the parts thereof : as also, by a discovery of the strange and marveilous diseases, symptomes & accidents of man's body : with a refutation of Doctor Brown's Vulgar errors, the Lord Bacon's natural history, and Doctor Harvy's book, De generatione, Comenius, and others : whereto is annexed a letter from Doctor Pr. to the author, and his answer thereto, touching Doctor Harvy's book De Generatione / by A.R.
Rosseter, Philip, 1567 or 8-1623. / [1601] A booke of ayres, set foorth to be song to the lute, orpherian, and base violl, by Philip Rosseter lutenist: and are to be solde at his house in Fleetstreete neere to the Grayhound
Rother, M. E. / [1677] Memoriam vesperiarum et comitiorum in Theatro Oxoniensi triduo, sc: 6,7,&9. Jul: solenniter habitorum amico suo nobilissimo & doctissimo Dn. Paulo Brand serenissimi schlesvici Ernesti Guntheri medico aulico Oxonio lugdunum in batavis iter paraturo ...
Rothmann, Johann. / [1652] Keiromantia [sic] or, The art of divining by the lines and signatures engraven in the hand of man, by the hand of nature, theorically, practically. Wherein you have the secret concordance, and harmony betwixt it, and astrology, made evident in 19. genitures. Together with a learned philosophicall discourse of the soule of the world, and the vniversall spirit thereof. A matchlesse piece. / Written originally in Latine by Io: Rothmanne, D. in Phisique, and now faithfully Englished, by Geo: Wharton Esq.
Rous, Francis, 1579-1659. / [1598] Thule, or Vertues historie To the honorable and vertuous Mistris Amy Audely. By F.R. The first booke.
Rous, Francis, 1579-1659. / [1626] Testis veritatis the doctrine [brace] of King Iames our late soueraigne of famous memory, of the Church of England, of the Catholicke Church : [brace] plainely shewed to bee one in the points of [brace] pradestination, free-will, certaintie of saluation [brace] : with a discouery of the grounds [brace] naturall, politicke [brace] of Arminianisme / by F. Rous.
Rous, Francis, 1579-1659. / [1641] A religious and worthy speech spoken by Mr. Rovse in Parliament concerning the goods, libertjes, and lives of his Majesties subjects laying open, the paintings that are used by the whore of Rome, and Arminianisme amongst us, to draw the people thereby to idolatry : by which meanes, they seeke both to take away our wealth and religion, and the dangerous consequence thereof : with the neere correspondencie, and allyance, that is apparently evident to be betweene our Bishops, and the Bishop of Rome, and the remedy propounded to redresses all such greevances.
Rous, Francis, 1579-1659. / [1627] The onely remedy that can cure a people, when all other remedies faile. By F. Rous.
Rous, Francis, 1579-1659. / [1643] The Psalms of David set forth in English meeter set forth by Francis Rous...
Rous, Francis, 1579-1659. / [1623] Oile of scorpions The miseries of these times turned into medicines and curing themselues. By Francis Rous.
Rous, Francis, 1579-1659. / [1631] The mysticall marriage Experimentall discoveries of the heavenly marriage betweene a soule and her saviour. By F. Rous.
Rous, Francis, 1579-1659. / [1642] Mr. Rowse his speech made in the lower House of Parliament the thirtieth of December, 1641 in opposition of the making of Doctor Winniff, Doctor Holsworth, Doctor King, bishops, lately elected by His Majesty, till a setled government in religion be established in this kingdome.
Rous, Francis, 1579-1659. / [1641] Mr. Rovse his speech before the lords at the transmission of Dr. Cossens March 16, 1640
Rous, Francis, 1579-1659. / [1638] The heavenly academie
Rous, Francis, 1579-1659. / [1616] Meditations of instruction, of exhortation, of reprofe indeauouring the edification and reparation of the house of God.
Rous, Francis, 1579-1659. / [1649] The lawfulnes of obeying the present government and acting under it with some other additions to a former edition / by one that loves all presbyterian lovers of truth and peace and is of their communion.
Rous, Francis, 1579-1659. / [1622] The diseases of the time, attended by their remedies. By Francis Rous
Rous, Francis, 1579-1659. / [1641] Catholick charitie complaining and maintaining, that Rome is uncharitable to sundry eminent parts of the Catholick Church, and especially to Protestants, and is therefore Uncatholick : and so, a Romish book, called Charitie mistaken, though undertaken by a second, is it selfe a mistaking / by F. Rous.
Rous, Francis, 1579-1659. / [1649] The bounds & bonds of publique obedience, or, A vindication of our lawfull submission to the present government, or to a government supposed unlawfull, but commanding lawfull things likewise how such an obedience is consistent with our Solemne League and Covenant : in all which a reply is made to the three answers of the two demurrers, and to the author of The grand case of conscience, who professe themselves impassionate Presbyterians.
Rous, Francis, 1579-1659. / [1619] The arte of happines Consisting of three parts, whereof the first searcheth out the happinesse of man. The second, particularly discouers and approues it- The third, sheweth the meanes to attayne and increase it. By Francis Rous.
Rous, Francis, b. 1615. / [M.DC.XXXVII. 1637] Archæologiæ Atticæ libri tres. = Three bookes of the Attick antiquities Containing the description of the citties glory, government, division of the people, and townes within the Athenian territories, their religion, superstition, sacrifices, account of their yeare, as also a full relation of their iudicatories. By Francis Rous scholler of Merton Colledge in Oxon.
Rous, Francis, b. 1615. / [1654] Archaelogiae Atticae libri septem Seaven [sic] books of the Attick antiquities : containing the description of the citties glory, government, division of the people, and townes within the Athenian territories, their religion, superstition, sacrifices, account of the yeare, a full relation of their judicatories / by Francis Rous ... ; with an addition of their customes in marriages, burialls, feastings, divinations &c. in the foure last bookes by Zachary Bogan ...
Roussat, Richard. / [1562?] The most excellent, profitable, and pleasant booke of the famous doctour and expert astrologien Arcandain or Aleandrin to fynd the fatal desteny, constellation; complexion, and naturall inclination of euery man and childe by his byrth: with an addition of phisiognomie very delectable to reade. Now newly tourned out of French into our vulgar tonge, by Williamd Warde.
Row, James, 17th cent. / [1642] The Red-Shankes sermon preached at Saint Giles church in Edenburgh, the last Sunday in April / by a highland minister.
Row, John, 1598?-1672? / [1660] Eucharistia Basilike
Row, Peter, fl. 1662. / [1661] The magistrates power vindicated, and the abominablenesse of resisting their power discovered by Peter Row.
Rowe, Elizabeth Singer, 1674-1737. / [1696] Poems on several occasions written by Philomela.
Rowland, John, 1606-1660. / [1658] Upon the much lamented departure of the high and mighty Prince Oliver Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland, &c. A funeral elegie.
Rowland, William. / [1646] An elegie upon the death of the right Honourable & most renowned, Robert Devereux Earle of Essex and Ewe, Viscount Hereford, Lord Ferrers of Chartley, Bourchier Lovaine, late Generall of the Forces of the Parliament of England, who deceased the 14. of September, 1646.
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [1606?] A terrible battell betweene the two consumers of the whole world: time, and death. By Samuell Rowlands
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [1614?] Sir Thomas Overbury, or, The poysoned knights complaint
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [1618] A sacred memorie of the miracles wrought by our Lord and Sauiour Iesus Christ. Written by Samuel Rowlands
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [1620?] [A paire of spy-knaues]
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [1620] The night-rauen. By S.R.
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [1639] A most excellent treatise containing the way to seek heavens glory, to flie earths vanity, to feare hells horror with Godly prayers and the bell-mans summons.
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [1613?] More knaues yet? The knaues of spades and diamonds. With new additions.
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [1615] The melancholie knight. By S.R.
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [1604] Looke to it: for, Ile stabbe ye
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [1600] The lettin[g] of humours blood in the head-vaine with a new morissco, daunced by seauen satyres, vpon the bottome of Diog[e?]nes tubbe.
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [1609] The knaue of clubbs
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [1605?] Humors ordinarie where a man may be verie merrie, and exceeding vvell vsed for his sixe-pence.
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [1608] Humors looking glasse
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [1605] Humors antique faces Drawne in proportion to his seuerall antique iestures.
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [1605] Hell's broke loose
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [Anno 1628] Heavens glory, seeke it. Earts [sic] vanitie, flye it. Hells horror, fere it
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [1602] Greenes ghost haunting conie-catchers wherein is set downe, the arte of humouring. The arte of carrying stones. Will. St. lift. Ia. Fost. law. Ned Bro. catch. and Blacke Robins kindnesse. With the conceits of Doctor Pinch-backe a notable makeshift. Ten times more pleasant than anything yet published of this matter.
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [1622] Good nevves and bad nevves. By S.R.
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [ca. 1620] [The famous history, of Guy Earle of Warwicke]
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [ca. 1615] Diogenes lanthorne
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [1609] Doctor Merrie-man, or, Nothing but mirth written by S.R.
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [1607] Democritus, or Doctor Merry-man his medicines, against melancholy humors. Written by S.R.
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [1613] A crevv of kind gossips, all met to be merrie complayning of their husbands, with their husbands ansvveres in their owne defence. Written, and newly inlarged by S.R.
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [1617] The bride by S.R.
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [1598] The betraying of Christ Iudas in despaire. The seuen words of our Sauior on the crosse. With other poems on the Passion.
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? / [1603] Aue Cæsar. = God saue the King The ioyfull ecchoes of loyall English hartes, entertayning his Maiesties late ariuall in England. With an epitaph vpon the death of her Maiestie our late Queene.
Rowley, Samuel, d. 1633? / [1634] The noble souldier. Or, A contract broken, justly reveng'd A tragedy. Written by S.R.
Rowley, Samuel, d. 1633? / [1605] When you see me, you know me. Or the famous chronicle historie of King Henry the eight, with the birth and vertuous life of Edward Prince of Wales As it was playd by the high and mightie Prince of Wales his seruants. By Samvell Rovvly, seruant to the Prince.
Rowley, William, 1585?-1642? / [1633] A tragedy called All's lost by lust. Written by William Rowley. Divers times acted by the Lady Elizabeths Servants. And now lately by her Maiesties Servants, with great applause, at the Phœnix in Drury Lane
Rowley, William, 1585?-1642? / [1658] The witch of Edmonton a known true story / composed into a tragi-comedy by divers well-esteemed poets, William Rowley, Thomas Dekker, John Ford, &c.
Rowley, William, 1585?-1642? / [1609] A search for money. Or The lamentable complaint for the losse of the wandring knight, Mounsieur l'Argent Or come along with me, I know thou louest money. Dedicated to all those that lack money. By William Rovvley.
Rowley, William, 1585?-1642? / [1638] A merrie and pleasant comedy: never before printed, called A shoo-maker a gentleman As it hath beene sundry times acted at the Red Bull and other theaters, with a generall and good applause. Written by W.R. Gentleman.
Rowley, William, 1585?-1642? / [1632] A nevv vvonder, a woman never vext A pleasant conceited comedy: sundry times acted: never before printed. Written by VVilliam Rowley, one of his Maiesties servants.
Rowley, William, 1585?-1642? / [1633] A match at mid-night A pleasant comœdie: as it hath beene acted by the Children of the Revells. Written by VV.R.
Rowley, William, 1585?-1642? / [1621] For a funerall elegie on the death of Hugh Atwell, seruant to Prince Charles this fellow-feeling farewell : who died the 25 of Sept. 1621 / [by] Will. Rowley.
Rowley, William, 1585?-1642? / [1662] The birth of Merlin, or, The childe hath found his father as it hath been several times acted with great applause / written by William Shakespear and William Rowley.
Royal Chapel of Whitehall (London, England) / [1661] Lent-preachers at court
Royal Chapel of Whitehall (London, England) / [1681] A list of the lent-preachers appointed to preach before His Majesty, for the year 1680/81
Royal College of Physicians of London. / [1649] A physicall directory, or, A translation of the London dispensatory made by the Colledge of Physicians in London ... by Nich. Culpeper, Gent.
Royal College of Physicians of London. / [1653] Pharmacopœia Londinensis, or, The London dispensatory further adorned by the studies and collections of the Fellows, now living of the said colledg ... / by Nich. Culpeper, Gent.
Royal College of Physicians of London. / [printed in the year, 1683] The names of the fellows of the King's College of Physicians in London, and others authorized by them to practise in the said city, and within seven miles compass thereof.
Royal College of Physicians of London. / [1636] The Kings medicines for the plague prescribed for the yeare 1604. by the whole Colledge of Physitians, both spirituall and temporall. And now most fitting for this dangerous time of infection, to be used all England over.
Royal College of Physicians of London. / [printed in the year 1676] An exact account of all who are the present members of the King's College of Physicians in London, and others authorized by them to practice in the said City, and within seven miles compass thereof, whereby ignorant and illegal pretenders to the exercise of the said faculty, may be discovered, who dayly impose on unwary people, and claim immunities and priviledges, appertaining only to that corporation.
Royal College of Physicians of London. / [1636] Certain necessary directions, aswell for the cure of the plague as for preuenting the infection; with many easie medicines of small charge, very profitable to His Maiesties subiects / set downe by the Colledge of Physicians by the Kings Maiesties speciall command ; with sundry orders thought meet by His Maiestie, and his Priuie Councell, to be carefully executed for preuention of the plague ; also certaine select statutes commanded by His Maiestie to be put in execution by all iustices, and other officers of the peace throughout the realme ; together with His Maiesties proclamation for further direction therein, and a decree in Starre-Chamber, concerning buildings and in-mates.
Royal Society (Great Britain). Council. / [1663] A list of the fellovvs of the Royal Society, out of which ten are to be chosen into the Council, November 30th, 1663
Roye, Gui de, ca. 1345-1409. / [after 7 May 1489] Thus endeth the doctrinal of sapyence the whyche is ryght vtile and prouffytable to alle crysten men, whyche is translated out of Frenshe in to englysshe by wyllyam Caxton at westmestter [sic] fynysshed the. vij. day of may the yere of our lord, M,cccc lxxx ix Caxton me fieri fecit