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Rhegius, Urbanus, 1489-1541. / [1587] The solace of Sion, and ioy of Ierusalem. Or consolation of Gods church in the latter age redeemed by the preaching of the Gospell vniuersallye. Beeing a godly and learned exposition of the Lxxxvij. Psalme of the princelye prophet Dauid: written in Latine by the reuerend Doctor Vrbanus Regius, pastor of Christes Church at Zelle, in Saxonie. 1536. Translated into english by R. Robinson citizen of London 1587.
Rhegius, Urbanus, 1489-1541. / [1583?] An homelye or sermon of good and euill angels: preached by the Reuerend D. Vrbanus Rhegius, pastor and superintendent of Christes Church at Zelle in Saxony. Anno. 1537. Newly translated into English by Ric. Ro. citizen of London. 1583. Seene, perused, and allowed
Rhegius, Urbanus, 1489-1541. / [Cum priuilegio. Anno. 1579] A necessary instruction of christian faith and hope for Christians to holde fast, and to be bolde vp on the promise of God, & not to doubt of their saluation in Christ. Translated out of D. Vrbanus Regius, into English and newly recognized by Iohn F.
Rhodes, Hugh, fl. 1550. / [1560?] The boke of nurtur for men seruauntes, and children with Stans puer ad mensam, newelye corrected, verye vtyle and necessarye vnto all youth.
Rhodes, John, fl. 1606. / [1602] An ansvvere to a Romish rime lately printed, and entituled, A proper new ballad wherein are contayned Catholike questions to the Protestant, the which ballad was put foorth without date or day, name of authour or printer, libell-like scattered and sent abroad, to withdraw the simple from the fayth of Christ, vnto the doctrine of Antichrist the pope of Rome / written by that Protestant Catholike, I.R.
Rhodes, John, minister of Enborne. / [1637] The countrie mans comfort. Or Religious recreations fitte for all well disposed persons. Which was printed in the yeere of our Lord 1588. And since corrected, amended, and enlarged by the same author. I.R.
Rhodes, John, minister of Enborne. / [1606] A briefe summe of the treason intended against the King & state, when they should haue been assembled in Parliament. Nouember. 5. 1605 Fit for to instruct the simple and ignorant heerein: that they be not seduced any longer by papists. With a few other meeters: viz, a song for traytors to make vse of now and hereafter, wherof the first three verses was made in an other foote, by one of Babingtons conspiracy at his death. And certaine songs in prayse of the Kings Maiesty, with prayers for him, and the prosperous estate of all his kingdomes. By I.R. minister.
Rhodes, Math. / [1623] The dismall day at the Black-Fryers, or, A deplorable elegie on the death of almost an hundred persons, who were lamentably slaine by the fall of a house in the Blacke-Fryers being all assembled there (after the manner of their deuotions) to heare a sermon on Sunday night, the 26 of October last past, An. 1623.
Rhodes, Simon. / [1642] A letter written by master Symon Rodes, minister in Yorke, to his brother in London, with the substance of Sir Tho: Widringtons (deputy recorders speech of Yorke) to His Majestie, at his entry into the citie.