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Nye, Philip, 1596?-1672. / [1643] Two speeches delivered before the subscribing of the Covenant, the 25. of September, at St. Margarets in Westminster the one by Mr. Philip Nye, the other by Mr. Alexander Henderson.
Nye, Stephen, 1648?-1719. / [Printed in the Year MDCXCV 1695] The exceptions of Mr. Edwards in his Causes of atheism against the Reasonableness of Christianity, as deliver'd in the Scriptures, examin'd and found unreasonable, unscriptural, and injurious also it's clearly proved by many testimonies of Holy Scripture, that the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is the only God and Father of Christians.
Nye, Stephen, 1648?-1719. / [MDCXCIII 1693] Considerations on the explications of the doctrine of the Trinity by Dr. Wallis, Dr. Sherlock, Dr. S-th, Dr. Cudworth, and Mr. Hooker as also on the account given by those that say the Trinity is an unconceivable and inexplicable mystery / written to a person of quality.
Nye, Stephen, 1648?-1719. / [1687] A brief history of the Unitarians, called also Socinians in four letters, written to a friend.
Nye, Stephen, 1648?-1719. / [1691] An answer to Dr. Wallis's three letters concerning the Doctrine of the Trinity