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Numan, Philippe, d. 1617. / [1606] Miracles lately vvrought by the intercession of the glorious Virgin Marie, at Mont-aigu, nere vnto Siché in Brabant Gathered out of the publik instruments, and informations taken thereof. By authoritie of the Lord Archbishop of Maclin. Translated out of the French copie into English by M. Robert Chambers priest, and confessor of the English religious dames in the citie of Bruxelles.
Nutt, Thomas, 17th cent. / [1643] Nineteene humble propositions for peace, which the author desireth to cleere and make evident to all the true-hearted citizens of London if God will direct their hearts to heare and imbrace the same (and importune the Parliament for the practice thereof) for the good of city and countrey, humbly shewing.
Nutt, Thomas, 17th cent. / [1643] The humble request of certain Christians reproachfully called Anabaptists who onely desire to owne, imbrace, professe and maintain the pure truths of God in the hatred of all errours, as namely universall redemption, ...