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Niccols, Richard, 1584-1616. / [1613] The three sisters teares Shed at the late solemne funerals of the royall deceased Henry, Prince of Wales, &c. R.N. Oxon.
Niccols, Richard, 1584-1616. / [1616] Sir Thomas Ouerburies vision With the ghoasts of Weston, Mris. Turner, the late Lieftenant of the Tower, and Franklin. By R.N. Oxon.
Niccols, Richard, 1584-1616. / [1615] Monodia or Walthams complaint vpon the death of that most vertuous and noble ladie, late deceased, the Lady Honor Hay, sole daughter and heire to the Right Honorable Edward, Lord Dennie, Baron of Waltham, and wife to the Right Honourable Iames Lord Hay. By R.N. Oxon.
Niccols, Richard, 1584-1616. / [1603] Expicedium [sic]. A funeral oration, vpon the death of the late deceased Princesse of famous memorye, Elizabeth by the grace of God, Queen of England, France and Ireland. Written: by Infelice Academico Ignoto. Wherunto is added, the true order of her Highnes imperiall funerall.
Niccols, Richard, 1584-1616. / [1607] The cuckovv. Richardus Niccols, in Artibus Bac. Oxon
Niccols, Richard, 1584-1616. / [1627] The beggers ape
Niccols, Richard, of the Inner Temple. / [1613] A day-starre for darke-wandring soules shewing the light, by a Christian controuersie: or briefely and plainely setting forth the mysterie of our saluation. Diuided into principles, obiections, and answeres. By Richard Niccolls, th'elder, of the Inner Temple London, Gent. deceased. Published for the generall benefit of all those who heartily, and with a true path desire their owne saluation: by I.C.
Nicholls, William, 1664-1712. / [1691] An answer to an heretical book called The naked Gospel which was condemned and ordered to be publickly burnt by the convocation of the University of Oxford, Aug. 19, 1690 : with some reflections on Dr. Bury's new edition of that book : to which is added a short history of Socinianism / by William Nicholls.
Nichols, Philip. / [1626] Sir Francis Drake reuiued calling vpon this dull or effeminate age, to folowe his noble steps for golde & siluer, by this memorable relation, of the rare occurrances (neuer yet declared to the world) in a third voyage, made by him into the West-Indies, in the yeares 72. & 73. when Nombre de Dios was by him and 52. others only in his company, surprised. Faithfully taken out of the reporte of M· Christofer Ceely, Ellis Hixon, and others, who were in the same voyage with him. By Philip Nichols, preacher. Reviewed also by Sr. Francis Drake himselfe before his death, & much holpen and enlarged, by diuers notes, with his owne hand here and there inserted. Set forth by Sr Francis Drake Baronet (his nephew) now liuing.
Nicholson, Samuel, fl. 1600-1602. / [1602] A sermon, called Gods new yeeres-guift sent vnto England. Conteined in these wordes. So God loued the worlde, that he hath giuen his onely begotten sonne, that whosoeuer beleeueth in him, should not perish but should haue life euerlasting. Ioh. 3. 16.
Nicholson, Samuel, fl. 1600-1602. / [1600] Acolastus his after-witte. By S.N.
Niclaes, Hendrik, 1502?-1580? / [1575?] Reuelatio Dei The reuelation of God, and his great propheatie: which God now; in the last daye; hath shewed vnto his elect. Set-fourth by HN, and by him pervsed anew and more distinctlie declared. Translated out of Base-almayne.
Niclaes, Hendrik, 1502?-1580? / [Anno. 1574] A publishing of the peace vpon earth and of the gratious tyme and acceptable yeare of the Lorde, which is now in the last tyme & out of the peace of Iesu christ and out of his holie spirit of loue; published by HN, and on the earth. Wherewith all men that make warre by battaile one against another, ... Translated out of Base-almayne into English.
Niclaes, Hendrik, 1502?-1580? / [1575?] Prouerbia HN. The prouerbes of HN. which hee; in the dayes of his olde-age; hath set-fourth as similitudes and mysticall sayinges. Translated out of Base-almayne.
Niclaes, Hendrik, 1502?-1580? / [Anno. 1574] The prophetie of the spirit of loue. Set-fourth by HN: and by him perused a-new, and more distinctlie declared. Translated out of Base-almayne into English
Niclaes, Hendrik, 1502?-1580? / [1652] Evangelium regni = A joyful message of the kingdom : published by the holy Spirit of the love of Jesus Christ, and sent forth unto all nations of people which love the truth in Jesus Christ / set forth by H.N. ... ; translated out of Base-Almayn.
Niclaes, Hendrik, 1502?-1580? / [1575?] Epistolæ HN. The principall epistles of HN, which he hath set-foorth through the holy Spirit of Loue and written and sent them most-cheefly; vnto the Louers of ye trueth and his acquaintance. And are by him newly perused, and more-playnly declared. Translated out of Base-Almaine.
Niclaes, Hendrik, 1502?-1580? / [1574?] Dicta HN. Documentall sentences eauen-as those-same were spoken-fourth by HN, and writen-vp out of the woordes of his mouth. And are by him perused, and more-distinctlie declared. Translated out of Base-almayne.
Niclaes, Hendrik, 1502?-1580? / [1575] A benedicitie or blessinge to be saide ouer the table before meate, and a grace or thankesgeeuinge, to be saide after meate
Niclaes, Hendrik, 1502?-1580? / [Anno. 1575.] All the letters of the A.B.C. by euery sondrye letter wherof ther is a good document set-fourth and taught in ryme. Translated out of Base-almaine into English..
Nicolay, Nicolas de, 1517-1583. / [1585] The nauigations, peregrinations and voyages, made into Turkie by Nicholas Nicholay Daulphinois, Lord of Arfeuile, chamberlaine and geographer ordinarie to the King of Fraunce conteining sundry singularities which the author hath there seene and obserued: deuided into foure bookes, with threescore figures, naturally set forth as well of men as women, according to the diuersitie of nations, their port, intreatie, apparrell, lawes, religion and maner of liuing, aswel in time of warre as peace: with diuers faire and memorable histories, happened in our time. Translated out of the French by T. Washington the younger.
Nicole, Pierre, 1625-1695. / [1666] The pernicious consequences of the new heresie of the Jesuites against the King and the state by an advocate of Parliament.
Nicolls, Philip. / [1548?] The copie of a letter sente to one maister Chrispyne chanon of Exceter for that he denied ye scripture to be the touche stone or trial of al other doctrines whereunto is added an appologie and a bulworke, in defe[n]ce of the same letter.
Nicolson, William, 1655-1727. / [1700] Of the medals and coins of Scotland
Nicolson, William, 1655-1727. / [1696] The English historical library, or, A short view and character of most of the writers now extant, either in print or manuscript which may be serviceable to the undertakers of a general history of this kingdom / by William Nicholson ...
Nieuhof, Johannes, 1618-1672. / [1673] An embassy from the East-India Company of the United Provinces, to the Grand Tartar Cham, Emperor of China deliver'd by their excellencies, Peter de Goyer and Jacob de Keyzer, at his imperial city of Peking : wherein the cities, towns, villages, ports, rivers, &c. in their passages from Canton to Peking are ingeniously describ'd / by Mr. John Nieuhoff ... ; also an epistle of Father John Adams their antagonist, concerning the whole negotiation ; with an appendix of several remarks taken out of Father Athanasius Kircher ; English'd, and set forth with their several sculptures, by John Ogilby Esq. ...
Nisbet, John, Scoto-Britannus. / [1646] Epicedium nobilissimi et inclyti herois, Dni Roberti Deverux comitis Essexiæ et Ewe, Vice-comitis Herefordiæ, Baronis Ferrers de Chartley, Bourchier et Lovaine, Copiarum Comitialium pro Religione & Libertate patrie desudantium summi ducis; qui terris relictis in cœlum rediit; Anno redempti generis humani 1646 Septembris die 14. Ætatis fue 57.
Nixon, Anthony. / [1609] The vvarres of Svvethland With the ground and originall of the said vvarres, begun and continued betwixt Sigismond King of Poland, and Duke Charles his vnkle, lately crowned King of Swethland. As also the state and condition of that kingdome, as it standeth to this day.
Nixon, Anthony. / [1608] A true relation of the trauels of M. Bush, a gentleman who with his owne handes without any other mans helpe made a pynace, in which hee past by ayre, land, and water: from Lamborne, a place in Bark.shire, to the Custome house Key in London. 1607
Nixon, Anthony. / [1607] The three English brothers Sir Thomas Sherley his trauels, vvith his three yeares imprisonment in Turkie: his inlargement by his Maiesties letters to the great Turke: and lastly, his safe returne into England this present yeare, 1607. Sir Anthony Sherley his embassage to the Christian princes. Master Robert Sherley his wars against the Turkes, with his marriage to the Emperour of Persia his neece.
Nixon, Anthony. / [1605] Oxfords triumph in the royall entertainement of his moste Excellent Maiestie, the Queene, and the Prince: the 27. of August last, 1605. With the Kings oration deliuered to the Vniuersitie, and the incorporating of diuers noble-men, Maisters of Arte.
Nixon, Anthony. / [1615] The scourge of corruption. Or A crafty knaue needs no broker. Written by Anthony Nixon
Nixon, Anthony. / [1612] Londons doue: or A memoriall of the life and death of Maister Robert Doue, citizen and marchant-taylor of London and of his seuerall almesdeeds and large bountie to the poore, in his life time. He departed this life, on Saterday the 2. day of this instant moneth of May, 1612.
Nixon, Anthony. / [1603] Elizaes memoriall. King Iames his arriuall. And Romes downefall
Nixon, Anthony. / [1616] The foot-post of Douer With his packet stuft full of strange and merry petitions.
Nixon, Anthony. / [1613] Great Brittaines generall ioyes. Londons glorious triumphes Dedicated to the immortall memorie of the ioyfull mariage of the two famous and illustrious princes, Fredericke and Elizabeth. Celebrated the 14. of Februarie, being S. Valentines day. With the instalment of the sayd potent Prince Fredericke at Windsore, the 7. of Februarie aforesaid.
Nixon, Anthony. / [1612] The dignitie of man both in the perfections of his soule and bodie. Shewing as well the faculties in the disposition of the one: as the senses and organs, in the composition of the other. By A.N.
Nixon, Anthony. / [1606] The blacke yeare Seria iocis.