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Neale, Thomas, 1614-1646? / [1643] A treatise of direction, how to travell safely and profitably into forraigne countries written by Thomas Neal ...
Neale, Thomas, d. 1699? / [1696] The tryal and comdemnation of the trustees of the land-bank at Exeter Exchange for murdering the Bank of England at Grocers-Hall. Before Sir J.H. L--d M-r, Sir S.L. R-r, at the Old-Bayly.
Neale, Thomas, d. 1699? / [1693] A translation of the articles established by the most excellent magistracy of revisors and regulators of the publick revenue in the exchequer at Venice and approved by the Senate the 5th of March, 1693 in matter of erecting a profitable adventure for the fortunate of one hundred and fifty thousand tickets or bolletines of two ducats each : March the 9th, 1693.
Neale, Thomas, d. 1699? / [1695] To preserve the East-India trade
Neale, Thomas, d. 1699? / [1694?] A proposal for raising a million on a fund of interest by setling one hundred thousand pounds yearly, to pay 8 per cent. for one million two hundred thousand pounds, of which the King to have a million.
Neale, Thomas, d. 1699? / [1696] A proposal for amending the silver coins of England, and the possibility of it, without any great charge to the nation. Demonstrated in two different ways.
Neale, Thomas, d. 1699? / [1693/4] A profitable adventure to the fortunate, and can be unfortunate to none. Being a proposal for raising one million of money, by setling a fund of one hundred and forty thousand pounds per annum for fifteen years only for it.
Neale, Thomas, d. 1699? / [1695] A proposal concerning the coin
Neale, Thomas, d. 1699? / [1695/6] The national land-bank, together with money so composed, as not only to be easie understood, and easily practiced, but more capable also of supplying the government with any sum of money in proportion to what fund shall be settled: as likewise, the free-holder with money at a more moderate interest, than if such bank did consist of money alone without land.
Neale, Thomas, d. 1699? / [1697] Fourteen hundred thousand pound, made into one hundred forty thousand bills, of ten pound apiece, to be given out for so much, as occasion requires, and to be paid as chance shall determine in course, out of 1515000 l. to be raised on a duty on malt, the odd 115000 l. being left to be only made use of to pay interest, premium and charge
Neale, Thomas, d. 1699? / [Feb. 20. 1696/7 1697] The best way of disposing of hammer'd money and plate as well for the advantage of the owners thereof, as for raising one million of money, in (and for the service of) the year 1697. By way of a lottery.
Neale, Thomas, d. 1699? / [1695] About mending the coyn.
Nebrija, Antonio de, 1444?-1522. / [1631] A briefe introduction to syntax Compendiously shewing the true vse, grounds, and reason of Latin construction. Collected for the most part out of Nabrissa his Spanish copie. With the concordance supplyed, by I.H. med. doct. Together with the more difficult assertions, proued by the vse of the learned languages.
Nederlandsche Oost-Indische Compagnie. / [1688] A justification of the directors of the Netherlands East-India Company as it was delivered over unto the high and mighty lords the States General of the United Provinces, the 22d of July, 1686 : upon the subject and complaint of Mr. Skelton, Envoy Extraordinary from the King of Great Brittain, touching the affair of Bantam, and other controversies at Macassar, and on the coast of Mallabar and at Gamron, in the Gulf of Persia : likewise a justification in answer to the several memorials lately given unto the States General by the Marquess of Albeville, touching Meslepatam and other places in the Indies / translated out of Dutch by a good friend for the satisfaction of all such as are impartial judges of the matters now in dispute between the two companies.
Nedham, Marchamont, 1620-1678. / [1660] A rope for Pol, or, A hue and cry after Marchemont Nedham, the late surrulous news-writer being a collection of his horrid blasphemies and revilings against the king's majesty, his person, his cause, and his friends, published in his weekly Politicus.
Nedham, Marchamont, 1620-1678. / [1649] A most pithy exhortation delivered in an eloquent oration to the watry generation aboard their admirall at Graves-End, by the Right Reverend, Mr. Hugh Peters, doctor of the chair for the famous university of Whitehall, and Chaplain in Ordinary to the high and mighty K. Oliver, the first of that name as it was took, verbatim, in short hand (when he delivered it) / by Mercurius Pragmaticus.
Nedham, Marchamont, 1620-1678. / [1657] The great accuser cast down, or, A publick trial of Mr. John Goodwin of Coleman-street, London, at the bar of religion & right reason it being a full answer to a certain scandalous book of his lately published, entituled, The triers tried and cast, &c. whereupon being found guilty of high scandal and malediction both against the present authority, and the commissioners for approbation and ejection, he is here sentenced and brought forth to the deserved execution of the press / by Marchamont Nedham, Gent.
Nedham, Marchamont, 1620-1678. / [1661] The cities feast to the Lord Protector. To the tune of Cooke Lorrell.
Nedham, Marchamont, 1620-1678. / [1650] The case of the Common-wealth of England stated, or, The equity, utility, and necessity of a submission to the present government cleared out of monuments both sacred and civill, against all the scruples and pretences of the opposite parties, viz. royallists, Scots, Presbyterians, Levellers : wherein is discovered severally the vanity of their designes, together with the improbability of their successe and inconveniences which must follow (should either of them take effect) to the extreme prejudice of the nation : two parts : with a discourse of the excellencie of a free-state above a kingly-government / by Marchamont Nedham, Gent.
Nelson, Thomas, fl. 1580. / [1586] A proper newe ballad declaring the substaunce of all the late pretended treasons against the Queenes Maiestie, and estates of this realme by sundry traytors who were executed in Lincolnes-Inne fielde on the 20 and 21 daies of September, 1586 : to Wilsons new tune.
Nelson, Thomas, fl. 1580. / [1590] A memorable epitaph, made vpon the lamentable complaint of the people of England, for the death of the right honorable Sir Frauncis Walsingham Knight principall secretarie of estate, chauncellor of her Maiesties court for the Dutchy of Lankaster, and one of her highnesse most honorable priuie councell. Who deceassed at his house in London on the 7. day of Aprill last past. Anno. Dom. 1590.
Nemesius, Bp. of Emesa. / [1636] The nature of man A learned and usefull tract written in Greek by Nemesius, surnamed the philosopher; sometime Bishop of a city in Phœnicia, and one of the most ancient Fathers of the Church. Englished, and divided into sections, with briefs of their principall contents: by Geo: Wither.
Nenna, Giovanni Battista. / [1600] A discourse whether a noble man by birth or a gentleman by desert is greater in nobilitie
Nepos, Cornelius. / [1684] The lives of illustrious men written in Latin by Cor. Nepos and done into English by several hands.
Ness, Christopher, 1621-1705. / [1682] A key (with the whip) to open the mystery & iniquity of the poem called, Absalom & Achitophel shewing its scurrilous reflections upon both king and kingdom.
Netherlands (before 1581) / [An. 1579] Antvverpes vnitye An accord or peace in religion, and gouernment, concluded by his Highnes, and the members of the citie, to the commonweale and quietnes thereof there lately proclaymed the 12. of Iune anno. 1579. Printed in French, and Dutch, by the Kinges printer, and Englished by the printer hereof.
Neville, Alexander, 1544-1614. / [1615] Norfolkes furies, or a view of Ketts campe necessary for the malecontents of our time, for their instruction, or terror; and profitable for euery good subiect, to incourage him vpon the vndoubted hope of the victorie, to stand faithfully to maintayne his prince and countrey, his wife and children, goods, and inheritance. With a table of the maiors and sheriffes of this worshipfull city of Norwich, euer since the first grant by Henry the fourth: together with the bishops of that see, and other accidents here. Set forth first in Latin by Alexander Nenil. Translated into English, for the vse of the common people, by R.W. minister at Frettenham in Norfolke, and a citizen borne, who beheld part of these things with his yong eyes.
Neville, Henry, 1620-1694. / [1681] Plato redivivus, or, A dialogue concerning government wherein, by observations drawn from other kingdoms and states both ancient and modern, an endeavour is used to discover the present politick distemper of our own, with the causes and remedies ...
Neville, Henry, 1620-1694. / [1691] A true copy of a letter written by N. Machiavill in defence of himself and his religion translated from an original copy.
Neville, Henry, 1620-1694. / [1647] A parliament of ladies with their lawes newly enacted.
Neville, Henry, 1620-1694. / [Printed in the yeare 1647] The ladies, a second time, assembled in Parliament. A continuation of the Parliament of ladies. Their votes, orders, and declarations. Die Martis August 2. 1647. Ordered by the ladies assembled in Parliament, that these their votes, orders, and declarations, be forthwith printed and published. T. Temple Cler. Mrs Martha Peele Messenger.
Neville, Henry, 1620-1694. / [1668] The Isle of Pines, or, A late discovery of a fourth island near Terra Australis Incognita by Henry Cornelius van Sloetten.
Neville, William, b. 1497. / [1530?] The castell of pleasure The conueyaunce of a dreme how Desyre went to the castell of pleasure, wherin was the gardyn of affeccyon inhabyted by Beaute to whome he amerously expressed his loue vpon ye whiche supplycacyon rose grete stryfe dysputacyon, and argument betwene Pyte and Dysdayne.
New Plymouth Colony. General Court. / [1689] An address presented to the King, August 7th, 1689 when those from the Massachuset's colony were, by that worthy citizen, Sir Henry Ashurst, Baronet : to Their Most Excellent Majesties, King William and Queen Mary of England, &c., the humble address and petition of the General Court of Your Majesties most ancient colony of New-Plymouth in New-England.
New York (State) / [1693] An act for restraining and punishing privateers and pyrates
Newbery, William. / [1685] A letter to Dr. Fowler vicar of St. Giles Cripplegate in answer to his late vindicatory preface by William Newbery & William Edmvnds.
Newcastle upon Tyne (England). Town Council. / [1681] The town of New-Castle upon Tine having elected Sir William Blacket, Baronet; and Sir Ralph Carr, Knight. their burgesses, in the late Parliament, dissolved by his Majesties proclamation, bearing date the 18th. day of January 1680. Sir William Blacket had the honour of dying in that service, upon which the said town unanimously chose their present mayor Nathaniel Johnson Esq; who accordingly this last session of Parliament gave his attendance at Westminster, and had the honour of knighthood conferred on him by his Majesty. Sir Nathaniel's residence being at present in London, the said town of New-Castle sent him the following letter
Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674. / [1655] The worlds olio written by the Right Honorable, the Lady Margaret Newcastle.
Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674. / [1662] Playes written by the thrice noble, illustrious and excellent princess, the Lady Marchioness of Newcastle.
Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674. / [1653] Poems, and fancies written by the Right Honourable, the Lady Margaret Newcastle.
Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674. / [1655] The philosphical and physical opinions written by Her Excellency the Lady Marchionesse of Newcastle.
Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674. / [1653] Philosophicall fancies. Written by the Right Honourable, the Lady Newcastle.
Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674. / [1664] Philosophical letters, or, Modest reflections upon some opinions in natural philosophy maintained by several famous and learned authors of this age, expressed by way of letters / by the thrice noble, illustrious, and excellent princess the Lady Marchioness of Newcastle.
Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674. / [1671] Natures picture drawn by fancies pencil to the life being several feigned stories, comical, tragical, tragi-comical, poetical, romanicical, philosophical, historical, and moral : some in verse, some in prose, some mixt, and some by dialogues / written by ... the Duchess of Newcastle.
Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674. / [1662] Orations of divers sorts accommodated to divers places written by the Lady Marchioness of Newcastle.
Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674. / [1666] Observations upon experimental philosophy to which is added The description of a new blazing world / written by the thrice noble, illustrious, and excellent princesse, the Duchess of Newcastle.
Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674. / [1667] The life of the thrice noble, high and puissant prince William Cavendishe, Duke, Marquess and Earl of Newcastle ... written by the thrice noble, illustrious and excellent princess, Margaret, Duchess of Newcastle, his wife.
Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674. / [1668] Ground of natural philosophy divided into thirteen parts : with an appendix containing five parts / written by the ... Dvchess of Newcastle.
Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674. / [1668] The description of a new world, called the blazing-world written by the thrice noble, illustrious, and excellent princesse, the Duchess of Newcastle.
Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674. / [M.DC.LXIV 1664] CCXI sociable letters written by the thrice noble, illustrious, and excellent princess, the Lady Marchioness of Newcastle.
Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674. / [1668] De vita et rebus gestis nobilissimi illustrissimique principis, Guilielmi ducis Novo-Castrensis, commentarii ab excellentissima principe, Margareta, ipsius uxore sanctissima conscripti ; et ex Anglico in Latinum conversi.
Newcastle, William Cavendish, Duke of, 1592-1676. / [1667] A new method, and extraordinary invention, to dress horses, and work them according to nature as also, to perfect nature by the subtility of art, which was never found out, but by ... William Cavendishe ...
Newcastle, William Cavendish, Duke of, 1592-1676. / [1677] The triumphant widow, or, The medley of humours a comedy acted by His Royal Highness's servants / written by His Grace the Duke of Newcastle.
Newcastle, William Cavendish, Duke of, 1592-1676. / [1642 i.e. 1643] A declaration of the Right Honourable the Earle of Newcastle His Excellency, &c in answer of six groundlesse aspersions cast upon him by the Lord Fairefax, in his late warrant bearing date Feb. 1642.
Newcastle, William Cavendish, Duke of, 1592-1676. / [1643] A declaration made by the Earle of New-Castle, Governour of the towne and county of New-Castle, and generall of all His Majesties forces raised in the northerne parts of this kingdome, for the defence of the same for his resolution of marching into Yorkshire : as also a just vindication of himselfe from that unjust aspersion laid upon him for eutertaining [sic] some popish recusants in his forces : with other passages of consequence.
Newcastle, William Cavendish, Duke of, 1592-1676. / [1649] The country captaine and the Varietie, two comedies written by a person of honor ; lately presented by His Majesties servants at the Black-Fryars.
Newcastle, William Cavendish, Duke of, 1592-1676. / [1662] Being commanded by his Excellency the Ld Marquis of New-Castle to publish the following articles for his new course ...
Newcastle, William Cavendish, Duke of, 1592-1676. / [1642] An answer of the Right Honourable Earle of Newcastle, his excellency &c. to the six groundless aspersions cast upon him by the Lord Fairefax in his late warrant (here inserted) bearing date Feb. 2, 1642 by the Earl himselfe.
Newcastle, William Cavendish, Duke of, 1592-1676. / [1643] The answer of His Excellency the Earle of Newcastle, to a late declaration of the Lord Fairefax dated the 8. of June, 1643.
Newcome, Henry, 1627-1695. / [1693] A plain discourse about rash and sinful anger as a help for such as are willing to be relieved against so sad and too generally prevailing a distemper even amongst professors of religion : being the substance of some sermons preached at Manchester in Lancashire / by Henry Newcome ...
Newland, Francis. / [1695] A true account of the behaviour of Mr. Francis Newland, who was executed at Tyburn, on Friday the 19th of April, 1695. for the murther of Francis Thomas, Esq; : together with a paper delivered to the Ordinary, attested with his own hand, desiring that he would publish it, for the benefit of his friends and acquaintance.
Newrobe, Richard. / [1641] Farewell myter, or, Canterbwies meditations and Wrenn's syllogismes also the divels moane for the discontent of his servants and assistants, and his epitaphs upon each of their burials : together with his chronicles for their hereafter memories, inserted the 13 day of the moneth Tridemiter, according to the infernall collateration ... / by Richard Newrobe.
Newton, George, 1602-1681. / [1672] A sermon preached at the funeral of Mr. Joseph Aleine by George Newton ...
Newton, Isaac, Sir, 1642-1727. / [1687] Philosophiæ naturalis principia mathematica autore Js. Newton ...
Newton, John, 1622-1678. / [1671] An introduction to the art of rhetorick composed for the benefit of young schollars and others, who have not opportunity of being instructed in the Latine tongue ... / by John Newton ...
Newton, John, 1622-1678. / [1645] A table to know what a hundred waight commeth to from a farthing the pound, to 2'-6d the pound.
Newton, John, 1622-1678. / [1671] An introduction to the art of logick composed for the use of English schools, and all such who having no opportunity of being instructed in the Latine tongue ... / by John Newton ...
Newton, John, 1622-1678. / [1654] Institutio mathematica, or, A mathematical institution shewing the construction and use of the naturall and artificiall sines, tangents, and secants in decimal numbers, and also of the table of logarithms in the general solution of any triangle, whether plain or spherical, with their more particular application in astronomie, dialling, and navigation / by John Newton.
Newton, John, 1622-1678. / [1693] The English academy, or, A brief introduction to the seven liberal arts grammar, arithmetick, geometrie, musick, astronomie, rhetorick & logic : to which is added the necessary arts and mysteries of navigation, dyaling, surveying, mensuration, gauging & fortification, practically laid down in all their material points and particulars, highly approved to be known by the ingenious, and as such are desirous to profit, or render themselves accomplished : chiefly intended for the instruction of young scholars, who are acquainted with no other than their native language, but may also be very useful to other persons that have made some progress in the studies of the said arts / by John Newton.
Newton, John, 1622-1678. / [1659] Geometrical trigonometry, or, The explanation of such geometrical problems as are most useful & necessary, either for the construction of the canons of triangles, or for the solution of them together with the proportions themselves suteable unto every case both in plain and spherical triangles ... / by J. Newton ...
Newton, John, 1622-1678. / [1679] Cosmographia, or, A view of the terrestrial and cœlestial globes in a brief explanation of the principles of plain and solid geometry applied to surveying and gauging of cask : the doctrine of primum mobile : with an account of the Juilan & Gregorian calendars, and the computation of the places of the sun, moon, and fixed stars ... : to which is added an introduction unto geography / by John Newton ...
Newton, John, 1622-1678. / [1691] The compleat arithmetician, or, The whole art of arithmetick, vulgar and decimal in a plain and easie method, suitable to the meanest capacity : in which the multiplication and division of numbers of several denominations, and the rule of alligation are more fully explained than in any treatise of this nature, yet extant / by J.N., Philomath.
Newton, John, 1622-1678. / [1657] Astronomia Britannica exhibiting the doctrine of the sphere, and theory of the planets decimally by trigonometry, and by tables : fitted for the meridian of London ... / by John Newton ...
Newton, John, 1637 or 8-1711. / [1684] The penitent recognition of Joseph's brethren a sermon occasion'd by Elizabeth Ridgeway, who for the petit treason of poysoning her husband, was, on March 24, 1683/4, according to the sentence of the Right Honourable Sir Thomas Street ... burnt at Leicester ... : to which is prefixed a full relation of the womans fact, tryal, carriage, and death / by John Newton ...
Newton, Thomas, 1542?-1607. / [1580] A view of valyaunce Describing the famous feates, and martiall exploites of two most mightie nations, the Romains and the Carthaginians, for the conquest and possession of Spayne. Translated out of an auncient recorde of antiquitie, written by Rutilius Rufus, a Romaine Gentleman, and a Capitaine of charge vnder Scipio, in the same warres. Very delightfull to reade, and neuer before this time publyshed.
Newton, Thomas, 1542?-1607. / [1569] An epitaphe vpon the worthy and honorable lady, the Lady Knowles
Newton, Thomas, 1542?-1607. / [1586] The olde mans dietarie A worke no lesse learned then necessary for the preseruation of olde persons in perfect health and soundnesse. Englished out of Latine, and now first published by Thomas Newton.
Newton, Thomas, 1542?-1607. / [1580] Approoved medicines and cordiall receiptes with the natures, qualities, and operations of sundry samples. Very commodious and expedient for all that are studious of such knowledge.
Newton, Thomas, gent. / [1603] Atropoïon Delion, or, The death of Delia with the teares of her funerall. A poeticall excusiue discourse of our late Eliza. T.N. G.
Newton, William, One of the gentlemen ushers unto the Lady Elizabeth. / [1642] The copy of a letter written by Mr. William Newton, one of the gentlemen ushers unto the Lady Elizabeth, unto his brother Francis Newton, Esq. one of the foure squires of the body to his Maiestie.