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Modena, Leone, 1571-1648. / [1650] The history of the rites, customes, and manner of life, of the present Jews, throughout the world. VVritten in Italian, by Leo Modena, a rabbine of Venice. Translated into English, by Edmund Chilmead, Mr. of Arts, and chaplain of Christ-Church Oxon
Moellenbrock, Valentin Andreas, d. 1675. / [1676] Cochlearia curiosa: or The curiosities of scurvygrass. Being an exact scrutiny and careful description of the nature and medicinal vertue of scurvygrass. In which is exhibited to publick use the most and best preparations of medicines, both Galenical and chymical; either for internal or external use, in which that plant, or any part thereof is imployed. Written in Latine by Dr. Andreas Valentinus Molimbrochius of Lipswick. Englished by Tho. Sherley, M.D. and physitian in ordinary to His present Majesty.
Moffett, Thomas, 1553-1604. / [1599] The silkewormes, and their flies: liuely described in verse, by T.M. a countrie farmar, and an apprentice in physicke. For the great benefit and enriching of England
Moffett, Thomas, 1553-1604. / [1634] Insectorum sive minimorum animalium theatrum olim ab Edoardo Wottono, Conrado Gesnero, Thomaque Pennio inchoatum ; tandem Tho. Movfeti Londinâtis operâ sumptibusq́[ue] maximis concinnatum, auctum, perfectum ; et ad vivum expressis iconibus suprà quingentis illustratum.
Moffett, Thomas, 1553-1604. / [1655] Healths improvement: or, Rules comprizing and discovering the nature, method, and manner of preparing all sorts of food used in this nation. Written by that ever famous Thomas Muffett, Doctor in Physick: corrected and enlarged by Christopher Bennet, Doctor in Physick, and fellow of the Colledg of Physitians in London.
Molesworth, Robert Molesworth, Viscount, 1656-1725. / [1694] Etat present de Danemarc par lequel on voit le fort, & le foible de cette couronne, avec des remarques treś utiles, sur son gouvernement despotique , & la conduite qu'elle tient aujourd'hui. Traduit de l'Anglois.
Molesworth, Robert Molesworth, Viscount, 1656-1725. / [1694] An account of Denmark, as it was in the year 1692
Molina, Antonio de, d. 1619? / [M.DC.XXIII 1623] A treatise of the holy sacrifice of the masse, and excellencies therof. Written in Spanish by the R. F. Ant. de Molina, a Carthusian monke, & translated into English by I.R. of the Society of Iesus. VVith order, hovv to be present at the said Holy Mystery, vvith deuotion & profit
Molloy, Charles, 1646-1690. / [1666] Hollands ingratitude, or, A serious expostulation with the Dutch shewing their ingratitude to this nation, and their inevitable ruine, without a speedy compliance and submission to His Sacred Majesty of Britain / by Charles Molloy of Lincolns-Inn, Gent.
Molloy, Charles, 1646-1690. / [1676] De jure maritimo et navali, or, A treatise of affairs maritime and of commerce in three books / by Charles Molloy.
Molyneux, William, 1656-1698. / [1682] Whereas there is an accurate account and description of Ireland designed to be made publick in the English Atlas undertaken by Moses Pitt of London, and in order thereto, some gentlemen in Dublin have agreed to meet weekly for reviewing such an account, as shall from time to time come from under the pen of Mr. William Molyneux, as also to bring in some materials to the said description; this is earnestly to entreat all persons that they would be pleased freely to communicate their answers to these following quæries, or any of them, directing them to Mr. William Molyneux nigh Ormonds Gate in Dublin, or to any other of their acquaintance in Dublin that may communicate to them the said Mr. Molyneux, not forgetting to specifie in their letters the place of their habitation that they may be again written to if occasion requires.
Molyneux, William, 1656-1698. / [1686] Sciothericum telescopicum, or, A new contrivance of adapting a telescope to an horizontal dial for observing the moment of time by day or night useful in all astronomical observations, and for regulating and adjusting curious pendulum-watches and other time-keepers, with proper tables requisite thereto / by William Molyneux ...
Molyneux, William, 1656-1698. / [1692] Dioptrica nova, A treatise of dioptricks in two parts : wherein the various effects and appearances of spherick glasses, both convex and concave, single and combined, in telescopes and microscopes, together with their usefulness in many concerns of humane life, are explained / by William Molyneux of Dublin, Esq. ...
Molyneux, William, 1656-1698. / [MDCXCVIII 1698] The case of Ireland's being bound by acts of Parliament in England stated by William Molyneux.
Monardes, Nicolás, ca. 1512-1588. / [1580] Ioyfull newes out of the newfound world wherein are declared the rare and singular vertues of diuers and sundrie herbs, trees, oyles, plants, [and] stones, with their applications, aswell to the vse of phisicke, as chirurgery: which being wel applied, bring such present remedy for all diseases, as may seeme altogether incredible: notwithstanding by practize found out, to be true. Also the portrature of the sayde herbes, very aptly described: Englished by Iohn Frampton merchant. Newly corrected as by conference with the olde copies may appeare. Wherevnto are added three other bookes treating of the Bezaar stone, the herbe escuerçonera, the properties of yron and steele, in medicine and the benefite of snowe.
Monings, Edward, Sir. / [1596] The Landgraue of Hessen his princelie receiuing of her Maiesties embassador
Monipennie, John. / [1612] A Christian almanacke Needefull and true for all countryes, persons and times. Faithfully calculated by the course of holy Scripture, not onely for this present yeere 1613, but also for many yeeres to come. Written by J. M.
Monipennie, John. / [1603] Certeine matters concerning the realme of Scotland, composed together The genealogie of all the kings of Scotland, their liues, the yeeres of their coronation, the time of their reigne, the yeere of their death, and maner thereof, with the place of their buriall. The whole nobilitie of Scotland, their surnames, their titles of honour, the names of their chiefe houses, and their mariages. The arch-bishopricks, bishopricks, abbacies, priories, & nunries of Scotland. The knights of Scotland. The forme of the oth of a duke, earle, lord of Parliament, and of a knight. The names of barons, lairds, and chiefe gentlemen in euerie sherifdome. The names of the principall clannes, and surnames of the borderers not landed. The stewartries and baileries of Scotland. The order of the calling of the Table of the Session. The description of whole Scotland, with all the iles, and names thereof. The most rare and woonderfull things in Scotland. As they were anno Domini, 1597.
Monipennie, John. / [1612] The abridgement or summarie of the Scots chronicles with a short description of their originall, from the comming of Gathelus their first progenitor out of Græcia into Egypt. And their comming into Portingall and Spaine, and of their kings and gouernours in Spaine, Ireland and Albion, now called Scotland, (howbeit the whole number are not extant) with a true chronologie of all their kings. Their reignes, deaths and burials, from Fergusius the first king of Scotland, vntill his Royall Maiestie, now happily raigning ouer all Great Brittaine and Ireland, and all the isles to them appertaining. With a true description and diuision of the whole realme of Scotland, and of the principall cities, townes, abbies, fortes, castles, towers and riuers, and of the commodities in euery part thereof, and of the isles in generall, with a memoriall of the most rare and wonderfull things in Scotland. By Iohn Monipennie.
Monlas, John. / [1633] Quadrivium Sionis or the foure ways to Sion By John Monlas Mr of arts
Monluc, Blaise, seigneur de, 1500?-1577. / [MDCLXXIV 1674] The commentaries of Messire Blaize de Montluc, mareschal of France wherein are describ'd all the combats, rencounters, skirmishes, battels, sieges, assaults, scalado's, the taking and surprizes of towns and fortresses, as also the defences of the assaulted and besieg'd : with several other signal and remarkable feats of war, wherein this great and renowned warriour was personally engag'd, in the space of fifty or threescore years that he bore arms under several kings of France : together with divers instructions, that such ought not to be ignorant of, as propose to themselves by the practice of arms to arrive at any eminent degree of honor, and prudently to carry on all the exploits of war.
Monmouth, Henry Carey, Earl of, 1596-1661. / [1641] A speech made in the House of Peeres by the Right Honourable the Earl of Monmouth on Thursday the 13 of Ianuary 1641 upon the occasion of the present distractions and of His Majesties removall from White- hall.
Monmouth, James Scott, Duke of, 1649-1685. / [1681] Whereas Nat. Thompson hath lately, in his Publick intelligence of the 25th of October 1681, published these words following, as delivered by the Earl of Huntington to His Majesty ...
Monmouth, James Scott, Duke of, 1649-1685. / [1685] The declaration of James Duke of Monmouth, & the noblemen, gentlemen & others, now in arms, for defence & vindication of the Protestant religion, & the laws, rights, & privilieges of England, from the invasion made upon them, & for delivering the kingdom from the usurpation & tyranny of James Duke of York
Monro, Alexander, d. 1715? / [1693] The spirit of calumny and slander, examin'd, chastis'd, and expos'd, in a letter to a malicious libeller more particularly address'd to Mr. George Ridpath, newsmonger, near St. Martins in the Fields : containing some animadversions on his scurrilous pamphlets, published by him against the kings, Parliaments, laws, nobility and clergy of Scotland : together with a short account of Presbyterian principles and consequential practices.
Monro, Alexander, d. 1715? / [MDCXCIII 1693] Sermons preached upon several occasions (most of them) before the magistrates and judges in the Northeast-auditory of S. Giles's Church Edinburgh / by Al. Monro ...
Monro, Alexander, d. 1715? / [1691] Presbyterian inquisition as it was lately practised against the professors of the Colledge of Edinburgh, August and September, 1690 in which the spirit of Presbytery and their present method of procedure is plainly discovered, matter of fact by undeniable instances cleared, and libels against particular persons discussed.
Monro, Alexander, d. 1715? / [1696] A letter to the Honourable Sir Robert Howard, occasioned by a late book entituled, A two-fold vindication of the late Archbishop of Canterbury, and of the author of The history of religion by Al. Monro ...
Monro, Alexander, d. 1715? / [1692] A letter to a friend giving an account of all the treatises that have been publish'd with relation to the present persecution against the Church of Scotland
Monro, Alexander, d. 1715? / [1696] An enquiry into the new opinions, chiefly propagated by the Presbyterians of Scotland together with some animadversions on a late book, entitled, A defence of The vindication of the kirk : in a letter to a friend at Edinburgh / by A.M., D.D.
Monro, Alexander, d. 1715? / [1693] An apology for the clergy of Scotland chiefly oppos'd to the censures, calumnies, and accusations of a late Presbyterian vindicator, in a letter to a friend : wherein his vanity, partiality and sophistry are modestly reproved, and the legal establishment of episcopacy in that kingdom, from the beginning of the Reformation, is made evident from history and the records of Parliament : together with a postscript, relating to a scandalous pamphlet intituled, An answer to The Scotch Presbyterian eloquence.
Monro, Alexander, d. 1715? / [1693] Advertisement by Dr. Monro Presbyter of the Church of Scotland.
Monro, Robert. / [1642] A trve relation of the proceedings of the Scottish armie now in Ireland by three letters / the first sent from General Major Monroe to Generall Leslie his excellence ; the second writ by the Major and aldermen of London-Derry to Generall Major Monroe ; the third sent by the Earle of Antrvm to Generall Major Monroe ; which letters were sent by Generall Major Monroe to Generall Leslie his excellence.
Monro, Robert. / [1637] Monro his expedition vvith the vvorthy Scots Regiment (called Mac-Keyes Regiment) levied in August 1626. by Sr. Donald Mac-Key Lord Rhees, colonell for his Majesties service of Denmark, and reduced after the Battaile of Nerling, to one company in September 1634. at Wormes in the Paltz Discharged in severall duties and observations of service; first under the magnanimous King of Denmark, during his warres against the Emperour; afterward, under the invincible King of Sweden, during his Majesties life time; and since, under the Directour Generall, the Rex-chancellor Oxensterne and his generalls. Collected and gathered together at spare-houres, by Colonell Robert Monro ... for the use of all worthie cavaliers favouring the laudable profession of armes. To which is annexed the abridgement of exercise, and divers practicall observations, for the younger officer his consideration; ending with the souldiers meditations going on service.
Monson, William, Sir, 1569-1643. / [1682] A true and exact account of the wars with Spain, in the reign of Q. Elizabeth (of famous memory) being the particulars of what happened between the English and Spanish fleets, from the years 1585 to 1602, shewing the expeditions, attempts, fights, designs, escapes, successes, errors, &c. on both sides : with the names of Her Majesty's ships and commanders in every fleet : being a patern and warning to future ages : never printed before / written by Sir William Monson ...
Monson, William, Sir, 1569-1643. / [1682] Megalopsychy, being a particular and exact account of the last XVII years of Q. Elizabeths reign, both military and civil the first written by Sir William Monson ..., the second written by Heywood Townsend, Esq. ; wherein is a true and faithful relation ... of the English and Spanish wars, from the year 1585, to the Queens death ; with a full account of the eminent speeches and debates, &c., in the said time ; to which is added Dr. Parry's tryal in the year 1584 ; all written at the time of the actions, by persons eminently acting therein.
Montagu, Richard, 1577-1641. / [1624] Immediate addresse vnto God alone First deliuered in a sermon before his Maiestie at Windsore. Since reuised and inlarged to a just treatise of inuocation of saints. Occasioned by a false imputation of M. Antonius De Dominis vpon the authour, Richard Montagu.
Montagu, Richard, 1577-1641. / [1624] A gagg for the new Gospell? No: a nevv gagg for an old goose VVho would needes vndertake to stop all Protestants mouths for euer, with 276. places out of their owne English Bibles. Or an ansvvere to a late abridger of controuersies, and belyar of the Protestants doctrine. By Richard Mountagu. Published by authoritie.
Montagu, Richard, 1577-1641. / [1625?] [A brief censure upon] an appeale to Cæsar
Montagu, Richard, 1577-1641. / [M.DC.XXV. 1625] Appello Cæsarem A iust appeale from two vniust informers· / By Richard Mountagu.
Montagu, Walter, 1603?-1677. / [1629 i.e. 1659] The shepheard's paradise a comedy : privately acted before the late King Charls by the Queen's Majesty, and ladies of honour / written by W. Mountague ...
Montagu, Walter, 1603?-1677. / [MDCXLVIII. 1648] Miscellanea spiritualia: or, Devout essaies: composed by the Honourable Walter Montagu Esq.
Montagu, Walter, 1603?-1677. / [1641] The coppy of a letter sent from France by Mr. Walter Mountagu to his father the Lord Privie Seale, with his answere thereunto also a second answere to the same letter by the Faukland.
Montaigne, Michel de, 1533-1592. / [1613] Essays vvritten in French by Michael Lord of Montaigne, Knight of the Order of S. Michael, gentleman of the French Kings chamber: done into English, according to the last French edition, by Iohn Florio reader of the Italian tongue vnto the Soueraigne Maiestie of Anna, Queene of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, &c. And one of the gentlemen of hir royall priuie chamber
Montaigne, Michel de, 1533-1592. / [1685-1686] Essays of Michael, seigneur de Montaigne in three books, with marginal notes and quotations of the cited authors, and an account of the author's life / new rendered into English by Charles Cotton, Esq.
Montaigne, Michel de, 1533-1592. / [1700] Essays of Michael, seigneur de Montaigne in three books : with marginal notes and quotations and an account of the author's life : with a short character of the author and translator, by a person of honour / made English by Charles Cotton ...
Montanus, Arnoldus, 1625?-1683. / [MDCLXXI 1671] Atlas Chinensis being a second part of A relation of remarkable passages in two embassies from the East-India Company of the United Provinces to the vice-roy Singlamong and General Taising Lipovi and to Konchi, Emperor of China and East-Tartary : with a relation of the Netherlanders assisting the Tarter against Coxinga and the Chinese fleet, who till then were masters of the sea : and a more exact geographical description than formerly both of the whole empire of China in general and in particular of every of the fifteen provinces / collected out of their several writings and journals by Arnoldus Montanus ; English'd and adorn'd with above a hundred several sculptures by John Ogilby.
Montenay, Georgette de, 1540-ca. 1581. / [Anno MDCXIX. 1519] A booke of armes, or remembrance wherein ar one hundered godly emblemata, in péeces if brasse very fine graven, and adorned pleasant to bé séen; first by the noble, and industrious minde Georgetta de Montenay, invented and only in the Frenchtongve [sic] elabourated; bot [sic] now, in severall langvages, as; Latin, Spanish, Italian, Highdutch, English, and Lovedutch, meetre or verse wys, of the same manner declared, and augmented.
Montgomerie, Alexander, 1545?-1598. / [1605] The mindes melodie Contayning certayne psalmes of the kinglie prophete Dauid, applyed to a nevv pleasant tune, verie comfortable to euerie one that is rightlie acquainted therewith.
Montgomerie, Alexander, 1545?-1598. / [Anno Dom. 1597] The cherrie and the slaye. Composed into Scottis meeter, by Alexander Montgomerie
Montgomeryshire (Wales). Bailiffs. / [1678] The case of Edward Lloyd Esq; concerning the election of a burgess for the burough of Montgomery in the county of Montgomery, to serve in the Parliament, to be holden at Westminster the sixth day of March 1678.
Montrose, James Graham, Marquis of, 1612-1650. / [1649 i.e. 1650] The declaration of His Excellencie James Marquis of Montrosse, Earle of Kilcairn, Lord Greme, Baron of Mont-Dieu, Lievtenant Governour of Scotland, and Captaine Generall of all His Majesties forces by sea or land, for that kingdome
Montrose, James Graham, Marquis of, 1612-1650. / [1641] Certaine instrvctions given by the L. Montrose, L. Nappier laerd of Keer and Blackhall with a trve report of the committee for this new treason that they had a three-fold design.
Montulmo, Antonius de. / [1554] A ryghte excellente treatise of astronomie made in the Thuscane or Italian tongue, by maister Antonius de Montulmo, called in latin Facies cœli, the face of the Heues wherin a man may see tofore hand the mutations of the ayre that shall happen for this present yeare of our lorde 1554, [and] 1555, next folowyng, declaryng also what diseases, warres, pestilence, dearth of victuals shal happen to them that dwelle in the eyght climate vnder the eleuation of the pole artike 52. degrees as the inhabitantes of the most part of England do dwelle. Translated into English by Frederike van Brunswike.
Moone, Peter. / [1548] A short treatyse of certayne thinges abused in the Popysh Church longe vsed: but now abolyshed, to our consolation, and Gods word auaunced, the lyght of our saluation.
Moore, Adam. / [1653] Bread for the poor, and advancement of the English nation promised by enclosure of the wastes and common grounds of England / by Adam Moore ...
Moore, Andrew, Gent. / [1660 i.e. 1659] A compendious history of the Turks: containing an exact account of the originall of that people; the rise of the Othoman family; and the valiant undertakings of the Christians against them: with their various events. / By Andrew Moore, Gent.
Moore, John, 1595?-1657. / [1656] A Scripture-vvord against inclosure, viz. such as doe un-people townes, and un-corne fields as also against all such that daub over this black sinne with untempered morter / by John Moore ...
Moore, John, 1646-1714. / [1691] A sermon preached on the 28th of June, at St. Andrew's Holborn by John Moore ...
Moore, John, 1646-1714. / [1682] A sermon preach'd before the Lord Mayor, and the Court of Aldermen, at Guild-Hall Chappel, on the 28th of May, 1682 by John Moore ...
Moore, John, 1646-1714. / [1696] A sermon preach'd before the King at St. James's, April 16, 1696 being a day of publick thanksgiving for the discovery of a horrid design to assassinate His Majesty's person, and for the deliverance of the Nation from a French invasion / by ... John, Lord Bishop of Norwich.
Moore, John, 1646-1714. / [1697] A sermon preach'd before the House of Lords in the abby-church at Westminster, upon Monday January 31, 1697 / by John Lord Bishop of Norwich.
Moore, John, 1646-1714. / [1690] Of the vvisdom and goodness of Providence two sermons preached before the Queen, at White-Hall, on August 17, 24, MDCXC / by John Moore ...
Moore, John, 1646-1714. / [1694] Of the immortality of the soul a sermon preached before the King and Queen at White-Hall upon Palm-Sunday, 1694 / by the Right Reverend Father in God, John Bishop of Norwich.
Moore, John, 1646-1714. / [1692] Of religious melancholy a sermon preach'd before the Queen at White-Hall March the 6th, 1691/2 / by the Right Reverend Father in God John, Lord Bishop of Norwich.
Moore, John, 1646-1714. / [1684] Of patience and submission to authority a sermon preach'd before the Lord Mayor and the Court of Aldermen at Guild-Hall Chapel on the 27th of January, 1683/4 / by John Moore ...
Moore, John, b. 1621. / [1696] The banner of Corah, Dathan, and Abiram, display'd, and their sin discover'd in several sermons, preach'd at Bristol / by John Moore ...
Moore, John, d. 1619. / [1612] A target for tillage briefly containing the most necessary, pretious, and profitable vse thereof both for king and state. By Iohn Moore Minister of Gods word, and Parson of Knaptoft in Leicestershire. Anno 1611.
Moore, John, d. 1619. / [1617] A mappe of mans mortalitie Clearely manifesting the originall of death, with the nature, fruits, and effects thereof, both to the vnregenerate, and elect children of God. Diuided into three bookes; and published for the furtherance of the wise in practise, the humbling of the strong in conceit, and for the comfort and confirmation of weake Christians, against the combat of death, that they may wisely and seasonably be prepared against the same. Whereunto are annexed two consolatory sermons, for afflicted Christians, in their greatest conflicts. By Iohn Moore, minister of the word of God, at Shearsbie in Leicester-shire.
Moore, John, Sir, 1620-1702. / [1681] The speech of the Right Honourable Sir John Moore, Kt., Lord Mayor Elect, at Guild-Hall, Sept. 29, 1681
Moore, Mary, fl. 1650. / [1650] Wonderfull newes from the north. Or, A true relation of the sad and grievous torments, inflicted upon the bodies of three children of Mr. George Muschamp, late of the county of Northumberland, by witch-craft: and how miraculously it pleased God to strengthen them, and to deliver them: as also the prosecution of the sayd witches, as by oaths, and their own confessions will appear, and by the indictment found by the jury against one of them, at the sessions of the peace held at Alnwick, the 24. day of April, 1650. Novemb. 25. 1650. Imprimatur, John Dovvname.
Moore, Philip, fl. 1564-1573. / [Maii. Anno salutis. M.D.lxiiii. 1564] The hope of health wherin is conteined a goodlie regimente of life: as medicine, good diet and the goodlie vertues of sonderie herbes, doen by Philip Moore.
More, Cresacre, 1572-1649. / [1642] The life and death of Sr. Thomas Moore, who was Lord Chancelor of England to King Henry the Eight
More, Cresacre, 1572-1649. / [1631?] D.O.M.S. The life and death of Sir Thomas Moore Lord high Chancellour of England. Written by M. T.M. and dedicated to the Queens most gracious Maiestie
More, Edward, 1537?-1620. / [Anno Domini. M.D.LX. 1560] A lytle and bryefe treatyse, called the defence of women and especially of Englyshe women, made agaynst the Schole howse of women.
More, Gertrude, 1606-1633. / [1658] The spiritval exercises of the most vertvovs and religious D. Gertrvde More of the holy order of S. Bennet and English congregation of Our Ladies of Comfort in Cambray she called them Amor ordinem nescit and Ideots deuotions, her only spiritual father and director the ven. Fa. Baker stiled them Confessiones amantis, A lovers confessions.
More, Gertrude, 1606-1633. / [1657] The holy practises of a devine lover, or, The sainctly [sic] Ideots Deuotions the contents of the booke are contained in the ensuinge page.
More, Henry, 1586-1661. / [1656] The life and doctrine of ovr Savior Iesvs Christ. The first part with short reflections for the help of such as desire to use mentall prayer : also 24 intertaynments of our Blessed Saviour in the most blessed sacrament : with certaine aspirations tending to the encrease of the love of God / by H.M. ...
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [1668] The two last dialogues treating of the kingdome of God within us and without us, and of his special providence through Christ over his church from the beginning to the end of all things : whereunto is annexed a brief discourse of the true grounds of the certainty of faith in points of religion, together with some few plain songs of divine hymns on the chief holy-days of the year.
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [1681] Tetractys anti-astrologica, or, The four chapters in the explanation of the grand mystery of holiness which contain a brief but solid confutation of judiciary astrology, with annotations upon each chapter : wherein the wondrous weaknesses of John Butler, ... his answer called A vindication of astrology, &c. are laid open ... / by Hen. More.
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [1685] Some cursory reflexions impartially made upon Mr. Richard Baxter his way of writing notes on the Apocalypse, and upon his advertisement and postcript / by Phililicrines Parrhesiastes.
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [1651] The second lash of Alazonomastix, laid on in mercie upon that stubborn youth Eugenius Philalethes, or, A sober reply to a very uncivill answer to certain observations upon Anthroposophia theomagica, and Anima magica abscondita
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [1642] Psychodia platonica, or, A platonicall song of the soul consisting of foure severall poems ... : hereto is added a paraphrasticall interpretation of the answer of Apollo consulted by Amelius, about Plotinus soul departed this life / by H.M., Master of Arts and Fellow at Christs Colledge in Cambridge.
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [1676] Remarks upon two late ingenious discourses the one, an essay touching the gravitation and non-gravitation of fluid bodies, the other, observations touching the Torricellian experiment, so far forth as they may concern any passages in his Enchiridium Metaphysicum / D. Henry More.
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [1681] A plain and continued exposition of the several prophecies or divine visions of the prophet Daniel which have or may concern the people of God, whether Jew or Christian : whereunto is annexed a threefold appendage touching three main points, the first relating to Daniel, the other two to the Apocalypse / by Henry More ...
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [1650] Observations upon Anthroposophia theomagica, and Anima magica abscondita by Alazonomastix Philalethes.
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [1694] Letters on several subjects with several other letters : to which is added by the publisher two letters, one to the Reverend Dr. Sherlock, Dean of St. Paul's, and the other to the Reverend Mr. Bentley : with other discourses / by Henry More ; publish'd by E. Elys.
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [1664] A modest enquiry into the mystery of iniquity by H. More.
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [1659] The immortality of the soul, so farre forth as it is demonstrable from the knowledge of nature and the light of reason by Henry More ...
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [1669] An exposition of the seven epistles to the seven churches together with a brief discourse of idolatry, with application to the Church of Rome / by Henry More ...
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [Printed in the year of our redemption. 1660] Free-Parliament quæres: proposed to tender consciences; and published for the use of the Members now elected. By Alazonomastix Philalethes.
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [1660] An explanation of the grand mystery of godliness, or, A true and faithfull representation of the everlasting Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the onely begotten Son of God and sovereign over men and angels by H. More ...
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [MDCLVI. 1656] Enthusiasmus triumphatus, or, A discourse of the nature, causes, kinds, and cure, of enthusiasme; written by Philophilus Parresiastes, and prefixed to Alazonomastix his observations and reply: whereunto is added a letter of his to a private friend, wherein certain passages in his reply are vindicated, and severall matters relating to enthusiasme more fully cleared.
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [1668] Divine dialogues containing sundry disquisitions & instructions concerning the attributes and providence of God : the three first dialogues treating of the attributes of God and his providence at large / collected and compiled by the care and industry of F.P.
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [1692] Discourses on several texts of Scripture by Henry More.
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [1646] Democritus Platonissans, or, An essay upon the infinity of worlds out of Platonick principles hereunto is annexed Cupids conflict, together with the Philosophers devotion, and a particular interpretation appertaining to the three last books of the Song of the soul / by H. More ...
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [1653] Conjectura cabbalistica or, a conjectural essay of interpreting the minde of Moses, according to a threefold cabbala: viz. literal, philosophical, mystical, or, divinely moral. By Henry More fellow of Christs College in Cambridge.
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [MDCLXXII. 1672] A brief reply to a late answer to Dr. Henry More his Antidote against idolatry Shewing that there is nothing in the said answer that does any ways weaken his proofs of idolatry against the Church of Rome, and therefore all are bound to take heed how they enter into, or continue in the communion of that church as they tender their own salvation.
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [1686] A brief discourse of the real presence of the body and blood of Christ in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist wherein the witty artifices of the Bishop of Meaux and of Monsieur Maimbourg are obviated, whereby they would draw in the Protestants to imbrace the doctrine of transubstantiation.
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [MDCLXXII,] An appendix to the late antidote against idolatry Wherein the true and adequate notion or definition of idolatry is proposed. Most instances of idolatry in the Roman Church thereby examined. Sundry uses in the Church of England cleared. With some serious monitions touching spiritual idolatry thereunto annexed.
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [1653] An antidote against atheisme, or, An appeal to the natural faculties of the minde of man, whether there be not a God by Henry More ...
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [1680] Apocalypsis Apocalypseos, or, The revelation of St. John the Divine unveiled containing a brief but perspicuous and continued exposition from chapter to chapter, and from verse to verse, of the whole book of the Apocalypse / by Henry More ...
More, Henry, 1614-1687. / [1682] Annotations upon the two foregoing treatises, Lux orientalis, or, An enquiry into the opinion of the Eastern sages concerning the prae-existence of souls, and the Discourse of truth written for the more fully clearing and further confirming the main doctrines in each treatise / by one not unexercized in these kinds of speculation.
More, John, d. 1592. / [1594] Three godly and fruitfull sermons declaring first how we may be saved in the day of iudgement, and so come to life everlasting: secondly, how we ought to liue according to Gods will during our life: which are the two things that every one ought to be most carefull of as long as they liue. Preached and written by the reverend & godly learned M. Iohn More, late preacher in the citie of Norwitch. And now first published by M. Nicholas Bovvnd: whereunto he hath adioyned of his owne, A sermon of comfort for the afflicted: and, A short treatise of a contented mind.
More, John, d. 1592. / [1596] A liuely anatomie of death wherein you may see from whence it came, what it is by nature, and what by Christ. Togeather with the power, strength, and sting thereof: as also a preparatiue against the same. Tending to teach men to lyue, and die well to the Lord. By Iohn More, preacher of the Gospel.
More, John, of Barnelms. / [1653. i.e. 1654] A lost ordinance restored: or, Eight questions in reference to that principle of the foundation of the doctrine of Christ, termed laying on of hands, (as they are said to be lovingly propounded to all those churches of Jesus Christ in London and elsewhere, that plead or preach for the use thereof; or to any one member of the Lord Jesus Christ that doth so; by Henry Danvers Edm. Chillinden John Freeman John Mason John Pym John Sturgion Fra: Heckman Tho. Dafen James Pilman John Howard Michael Cole Robert Rayner Robert Jeffs. John Showel Rich. Glene) lovingly answered, by one of the least of all saints, and therefore writes himself an unworthy servant to the father of the least of saints: John More.
More, Nicholas, d. 1689. / [1687] A letter from Doctor More with passages out of several letters from persons of good credit relating to the state and improvement of the province of Pennsilvania : published to prevent false reports.
More, Thomas, d. 1685. / [1658] For her highness the most illustrious incomparabley virtuous and religious lady Elizabeth Princess Dowager. Given by a loyall true old friend, and most affectionately devoted servant. A funerall oration; or in a truth, a most just plain wrought panegyrick of the most mighty Lord Oliver Cromwell Protector of England, &c from the love of the most illustrious Lord Thomas de la More, Knight of the Banner, and Garter Royall. And of Great Brittany, France, and Ireland, &c. the most unconquered and thrice adorned standard bearer.
More, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535. / [1684] Utopia written in Latin by Sir Thomas More, Chancellor of England ; translated into English.
More, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535. / [not after 25 Oct. 1529] The supplycacyon of soulys made by syr Thomas More knyght councellour to our souerayn lorde the Kynge and chauncellour of hys Duchy of Lancaster. Agaynst the supplycacyon of beggars
More, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535. / [1533] The second parte of the co[n]futacion of Tyndals answere in whyche is also confuted the chyrche that Tyndale deuyseth. And the chyrche also that frere Barns deuyseth. Made by syr Thomas More knyght.
More, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535. / [1516?] A mery gest how a sergeau[n]t woldel erne [sic] to be a frere
More, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535. / [1533] A letter of syr Tho. More knyght impugnynge the erronyouse wrytyng of Iohn Fryth agaynst the blessed sacrament of the aultare
More, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535. / [1641] The historie of the pitifull life, and unfortunate death of Edward the Fifth, and the then Duke of Yorke, his brother with the troublesome and tyrannical government of usurping Richard the Third, and his miserable end / written by the Right Honorable Sir Thomas Moore ...
More, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535. / [Anno. 1551] A fruteful, and pleasaunt worke of the beste state of a publyque weale, and of the newe yle called Vtopia: written in Latine by Syr Thomas More knyght, and translated into Englyshe by Raphe Robynson citizein and goldsmythe of London, at the procurement, and earnest request of George Tadlowe citezein [and] haberdassher of the same citie
More, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535. / [the yere of our lord. M. and C.xxix. 1529] A dyaloge of syr Thomas More knyghte: one of the counsayll of oure souerayne lorde the kyng [and] chauncellour of hys duchy of Lancaster. Wherin be treated dyuers maters, as of the veneration [and] worshyp of ymages [and] relyques, prayng to sayntys, [and] goyng o[n] pylgrymage. Wyth many othere thyngys touching the pestylent sect of Luther and Tyndale, by the tone bygone in Sarony, and by tother laboryed to be brought in to Englond
More, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535. / [ye xviii. day of Novembre in ye yere of our lord. 1553] A dialoge of comfort against tribulacion, made by Syr Thomas More Knyght, and set foorth by the name of an Hu[n]garie[n], not before this time imprinted
More, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535. / [the yere of our lorde. 1533] The debellacyon of Salem and Bizance
More, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535. / [1639] The common-vvealth of Vtopia containing a learned and pleasant discourse of the best state of a publike weale, as it is found in the government of the new ile called Vtopia. Written by the right Honourable, Sir Thomas Moore, Lord Chancellour of England.
More, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535. / [1532] The co[n]futacyon of Tyndales answere made by syr Thomas More knyght lorde chau[n]cellour of Englonde
More, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535. / [ca. 1540] The boke of the fayre genty[l]woman that no man shulde put his truste, or confydence in that is to say, Lady Fortune, flaterynge euery man that coueyteth to haue all, and specyally, them that truste in her, she deceyueth them at laste.
More, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535. / [1533] The apologye of syr Thomas More knyght
More, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535. / [1534 i.e. 1533?] The answere to the fyrst parte of the poysened booke, which a namelesse heretyke hath named the souper of the lorde. By syr Thomas More knyght
Moretti, Tomaso, d. 1675. / [1683] A general treatise of artillery, or, Great ordnance writ in Italian by Tomaso Morretii ... ; translated into English, with notes thereupon, and some additions out of French for sea-gunners, by Sir Jonas Moore, Kt. ; with an appendix of artificial fire-works for war and delight, by Sir Abraham Dager ...
Morgan, Einon, fl. 1693. / [1693] Hysbys rwudd, a di honglad, am y blyny ddod pros buth wrth yppim ar arwudd ybo y flwuddyn yn dechre.
Morgan, Sylvanus, 1620-1693. / [1652] Horlogiographia optica. Dialling universall and particular: speculative and practicall. In a threefold præcognita, viz. geometricall, philosophicall, and astronomicall: and a threefold practise, viz. arithmeticall, geometricall, and instrumentall. With diverse propositions of the use and benefit of shadows, serving to prick down the signes, declination, and azimuths, on sun-dials, and diverse other benefits. Illustrated by diverse opticall conceits, taken out of Augilonius, Kercherius, Clavius, and others. Lastly, topothesia, or, a feigned description of the court of art. Full of benefit for the making of dials, use of the globes, difference of meridians, and most propositions of astronomie. Together with many usefull instruments and dials in brasse, made by Walter Hayes, at the Crosse Daggers in More Fields. / Written by Silvanus Morgan.
Morgan, Sylvanus, 1620-1693. / [MDCLXX1X 1679] Heraldry epitomiz'd and its reason essay'd / by Silvanus Morgan...
Morgan, T., Gent. / [1642] The Welchmens ivbilee to the honovr of St. David shewing the manner of that solemn celebration which the Welshmen annually hold in honovr of St. David : describing likewise the trve and rea[sonable] cause why they wear that day a Leek on their hans : with an excellent merry sonnet annexed unto it / composed by T. Morgan ...
Morgan, Thomas, Sir, d. 1679? / [December 22. 1645] Two letters sent to the Honorable W. Lenthall Esq; Speaker to the Honorable House of Commons; concerning the taking of Hereford on the 18. of this instant Decem. 1645. By Colonell Morgan Governour of Gloucester, and Colonell John Birch: wherein was taken, one hundred and twenty lords, knights and officers in commission, eleven pieces of ordnance, and great store of ammunition.
Morgan, Thomas, Sir, d. 1679? / [1645] Two Letters from Colonell Morgan governour of Gloucester, to severall members of the honourable House of Commons. Relating the Summons, Answer, and the manner of taking the town and castle of Monmouth: And therein 7. pieces of ordnance. 4. sling-pieces. 300. muskets. 100. Pikes, 10. barrels of powder, with bullet and match proportionable. 24. barrels of peter & brimstone. All other ammunition & provision : Likewise two letters from an officer in Monmouth, concerning the free comming in of the country to block up Hereford, and the driving M. Gen. Washington with 1500 horse and foot out of Glamorganshire.
Morgan, Thomas, Sir, d. 1679? / [March 24. 1645. i.e. 1646] A true relation by Colonell Morgan, in a letter of the totall routing of the Lord Ashley, by him and Sir William Brereton at Stovv. With the names of all the prisoners by them taken. These being true copies and examined, are printed and published according to order of Parliament.
Morgan, Thomas, Sir, d. 1679? / [1699] A true and just relation of Maj. Gen. Sir Thomas Morgan's progress in France and Flanders with the six thousand English, in the years 1657 and 1658, at the taking of Dunkirk and other important places as it was deliver'd by the general himself.
Morgan, Thomas, Sir, d. 1679? / [24. Decemb. 1645] Severall letters from Colonell Morgan Governour of Gloucester, and Colonell Birch. Fully relating the maner of the taking of the city and garrison of Hereford, with the number slain on both sides, and the particular circumstances at the gaining thereof. With a perfect list of the names of the prisoners taken therein. Die Martis 23. Decemb. 1645. Ordered by the Lords in Parliament assembled, that these letters, with the list, be forthwith printed and published. Joh. Brown Cler. Parliamentorum.
Morgan, Thomas, Sir, d. 1679? / [March 24. 1645. i.e. 1646] Col: Morgan Governor of Glocester's letter to the Honoble William Lenthal Esq; Speaker to the Honorable House of Commons. Concerning the total routing and taking of Sir Jacob Ashley and his army upon the Wold, intended to joyn with His Majesties army at Oxford. Together with a list of the persons of quality, and officers in commission taken in that fight by the Parliaments forces. Ordered by the Commons assembled in Parliament, that this letter and list be forthwith printed and published. H: Elsynge, Cler. Parl. D. Com.
Morgan, William. / [1676/7] Proposals by William Morgan His Majesties cosmographer, for vending Mr. Ogilby's works in a standing lottery to enable him to finish Britannia, with the second part of Asia, and Europe. By His Majesties authority under the Great Seal, &c.
Morison, Richard, Sir, d. 1556. / [M.D.XXXVI 1536] A remedy for sedition vvherin are conteyned many thynges, concernyng the true and loyall obeysance, that comme[n]s owe vnto their prince and soueraygne lorde the Kynge.
Morison, Richard, Sir, d. 1556. / [Anno. M.D.XXXVI. 1536] A lamentation in vvhiche is shevved what ruyne and destruction cometh of seditious rebellyon
Morison, Richard, Sir, d. 1556. / [Anno. M.D.XXXIX. 1539] An exhortation to styrre all Englyshe men to the defence of theyr countreye. made by Richard Morysine
Morison, Richard, Sir, d. 1556. / [Anno. M.D.XXXIX. 1539] An invective ayenste the great and detestable vice, treason wherein the secrete practises, and traiterous workinges of theym, that suffrid of late are disclosed. made by Rycharde Morisyne.
Morison, Robert, 1620-1683. / [MDCLXXX. 1680] Plantarum historiæ universalis Oxoniensis. Pars secunda seu herbarum distributio nova, per tabulas congnationis & affinitatis ex libro naturæ observata & detecta / authore Roberto Morison ...
Morland, Samuel, Sir, 1625-1695. / [1695] The Urim of conscience to which the author has had recourse for plain answers, in his own particular case (as every man living ought to do in his) to four questions of great weight and importance, viz. 1. who and what art thou? 2. where hast thous been? 3. where art thou now going? 4. whither art thou going? : together with three select prayers for private families / by Sir Samuel Morland.
Morland, Samuel, Sir, 1625-1695. / [1671] Tuba stentoro-phonica an instrument of excellent use as well at sea as at land / invented ... in the year 1670 and humbly presented to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty Charles II in the year 1671 by S. Morland.
Morland, Samuel, Sir, 1625-1695. / [1689] The poor man's dyal· With an instrument to set it. Made applicable to any place in England, Scotland, Ireland, &c. By Sir Samuel Morland knight and baronet. 1689.
Morland, Samuel, Sir, 1625-1695. / [1679] The doctrine of interest, both simple & compound explained in a more exact and satisfactory method then [sic] has hitherto been published : discovering the errors of the ordinary tables of rebate for annuities at simple interest, and containing tables for the interest and rebate of money for days, months, and years, both at simple and compound interest, also tables for the forbearance, discomps, and purchase of annulites : as likewise, equation of payments made practicable and useful for all merchants and others : together with divers other useful reflections / ... Sir S. Morland.
Morland, Samuel, Sir, 1625-1695. / [1673] The description and use of two arithmetick instruments together with a short treatise, explaining and demonstrating the ordinary operations of arithmetick, as likewise a perpetual almanack and several useful tables : presented to His most excellent Majesty Charles II ... / by S. Morland.
Morley, Caleb. / [1621] To the most honorable assembly of the Commons House of Parliament a briefe of the petitioners cause.
Morley, George, 1597-1684. / [1683] A sermon preached before the King at White-Hall, November 5, 1667 by ... George Lords Bishop of Winton ...
Morley, George, 1597-1684. / [1661] A sermon preached at the magnificent coronation of the most high and mighty King Charles the IId King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c. : at the Collegiate Church of S. Peter Westminster the 23d of April, being S. George's Day, 1661 / by George Lord Bishop of Worcester.
Morley, George, 1597-1684. / [1641] A modest advertisement concerning the present controversie about church-government wherein the maine grounds of that booke, intituled The unlawfulnesse and danger of limited prelacie, are calmly examined.
Morley, George, 1597-1684. / [1683] The Bishop of Winchester's vindication of himself from divers false, scandalous and injurious reflexions made upon him by Mr. Richard Baxter in several of his writings ...
Morley, George, 1597-1684. / [1663] Epistola apologetica et parænetica ad theologum quendam Belgam scripta
Morley, George, 1597-1684. / [1683] A letter to Her Highness the Duchess of York some few months before her death written by the Bishop of Winchester.
Morley, George, 1597-1684. / [1662] The Bishop of VVorcester's letter to a friend for vindication of himself from Mr. Baxter's calumny
Morley, Henry Parker, Lord, 1476-1556. / [1534 i.e. 1539] The exposition and declaration of the Psalme, Deus ultionum Dominus, made by syr Henry Parker knight, lord Morley, dedicated to the kynges highnes
Morley, Thomas, 1557-1603? / [1597] A plaine and easie introduction to practicall musicke set downe in forme of a dialogue: deuided into three partes, the first teacheth to sing with all things necessary for the knowledge of pricktsong. The second treateth of descante and to sing two parts in one vpon a plainsong or ground, with other things necessary for a descanter. The third and last part entreateth of composition of three, foure, fiue or more parts with many profitable rules to that effect. With new songs of 2. 3. 4. and .5 [sic] parts. By Thomas Morley, Batcheler of musick, & of the gent. of hir Maiesties Royall Chapell.
Morley, Thomas, 1557-1603? / [M.D.XC.V. 1595] Of Thomas Morley the first booke of balletts to fiue voyces
Morley, Thomas, 1557-1603? / [M.D.XC.V. 1595] Di Tomasso Morlei il primo libro delle ballette a cinque voci
Morley, Thomas, fl. 1689. / [1689] A congratulatory poem on the sitting of the great convention in the Parliament house at Westminster, January 22. 1688/9.
Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623. / [1587] A vvoorke concerning the trewnesse of the Christian religion, written in French: against atheists, Epicures, Paynims, Iewes, Mahumetists, and other infidels. By Philip of Mornay Lord of Plessie Marlie. Begunne to be translated into English by Sir Philip Sidney Knight, and at his request finished by Arthur Golding
Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623. / [1602.] The true knowledge of a mans owne selfe. Written in French by Monsieur du Plessis, Lord of Plessie Marly. *And truly translated into English by A.M..
Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623. / [1609] Philip Mornay, Lord of Plessis his teares For the death of his sonne. Vnto his wife Charlotte Baliste. Englished by Iohn Healey.
Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623. / [1646] The soules own evidence, for its own immortality. In a very pleasant and learned discourse, selected out of that excellent treatise entituled, The trunesse of Christian religion, against atheists, epicures, &c. / First compiled in French by famous Phillip Mornay, Lord of Plessie Marlie, afterward turned into English by eloquent Sir Phillip Sydney, and his assistant, Master Arthur Golden, anno Domini M D LXXX VII. And now re-published. By John Bachiler Master of Arts, somtimes of Emanuell Colledge in Cambridge. Published according to order.
Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623. / [1586] A necessary discourse concerning the right which the house of Guyze pretendeth to the crowne of France. Faithfully translated out of the French
Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623. / [1608] A discourse of life and death: written in French, by Phil. Mornay. Done in English by the Countesse of Pembroke
Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623. / [1576] The defence of death Contayning a moste excellent discourse of life and death, vvritten in Frenche by Philip de Mornaye Gentleman. And doone into English by E.A.
Morrell, William, fl. 1625. / [1625] New-England. Or A briefe enarration of the ayre, earth, water, fish and fowles of that country With a description of the natures, orders, habits, and religion of the natiues; in Latine and English verse.
Morton, Anne Douglas, Countess of, d. 1700. / [1679] The Countess of Morton's daily exercise: or, A book of prayers, and rules how to spend the time in the service and pleasure of Almighty God.
Morton, Charles, 1627-1698. / [1692] The spirit of man, or, Some meditations (by way of essay) on the sense of that scripture, 1 Thes. 1:23 ... by Charles Morton ...
Morton, David. / [1633 1663] Sacris ordinibus non-rite intiati tenentur ad eos rite ineundos ; Non datur purgatorium pontificium aut Platonicum respondente Mr. Morton.
Morton, David, fl. 1663. / [1633 i.e. 1663] Sacris ordinibus non-ritè initiati, tenentur ad eos ritè ineundos
Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659. / [1639] A sermon preached before the Kings most excellent Majestie, in the cathedrall church of Durham Upon Sunday, being the fifth day of May. 1639. By the Right Reverend Father in God, Thomas Lord Bishop of Duresme. Published by his Majesties speciall command.
Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659. / [1642] The presentment of a schismaticke by Thomas, Lord Bishop of Dvrham ; in his sermon preached at the cathedrall church of Saint Pauls the 19 of Iune, 1642.
Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659. / [1608] A preamble vnto an incounter with P.R. the author of the deceitfull treatise of mitigation concerning the Romish doctrine both in question of rebellion and aequiuocation: by Thomas Morton. Published by authoritie.
Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659. / [MDCXXXI. 1631] Of the institution of the sacrament of the blessed bodie and blood of Christ, (by some called) the masse of Christ eight bookes; discovering the superstitious, sacrilegious, and idolatrous abominations of the Romish masse. Together with the consequent obstinacies, overtures of perjuries, and the heresies discernable in the defenders thereof. By the R. Father in God Thomas L. Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield.
Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659. / [1637?] New English Canaan, or New Canaan containing an abstract of New England, composed in three bookes : the first booke setting forth the originall of the natives, their manners and customes, together with their tractable nature and love towards the English : the second booke setting forth the naturall indowments of the countrie, and what staple commodities it yeeldeth : the third booke setting forth what people are planted there, their prosperity, what remarkable accidents have happened since the first planting of it, together with their tenents, and practise of their church / written by Thomas Morton ...
Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659. / [1643] The necessity of Christian subjection demonstrated, and proved by the doctrine of Christ, and the apostles, the practice of primitive Christians, the rules of religion, cases of conscience, and consent of latter Orthodox divines, that the power of the King is not of humane, but of divine right, and that God onely is the efficient cause thereof : whereunto is added, an appendix of all the chief objections that malice is selfe could lay upon His Majestie, with a full answer to every particular objection : also a tract intituled, Christvs Dei : wherein is proved that our Soveraign Lord the King is not onely major singulis, but major universis.
Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659. / [M.D.C.LVI. 1656] The Lords Supper or, A vindication of the sacrament of the blessed body and blood of Christ according to its primitive institution. In eight books; discovering the superstitious, sacrilegious, and idolatrous abomination of the Romish Master. Together with the consequent obstinacies, overtures of perjuries, and the heresies discernable in the defenders thereof. By Thomas Morton B.D. Bp. of Duresme.
Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659. / [1626?] The grand imposture of the (now) Church of Rome manifested in this one article of the new Romane creede, viz: the holy, catholike, and apostolike Romane Church, mother and mistresse of all other churches, without which there is no saluation. Proued to ba a new, false, sacrilegious, scandalous, schismaticall, hereticall, and blasphemous article (respectiuely) and euerie way damnable. The last chapter containeth a determination of the whole question, concerning the separation of Protestants from the present Church of Rome: whereby may be discerned whether side is to be accounted schismaticall, or may more iustly pleade soules saluation. By the B. of Couentrie & Lichfield.
Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659. / [1606] A full satisfaction concerning a double Romish iniquitie; hainous rebellion, and more then heathenish æquiuocation Containing three parts: the two former belong to the reply vpon the Moderate Answerer; the first for confirmation of the discouerie in these two points, treason and æquiuocation: the second is a iustification of Protestants, touching the same points. The third part is a large discourse confuting the reasons and grounds of other priests, both in the case of rebellion, and æquiuocation. Published by authoritie.
Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659. / [1605] An exact discoverie of Romish doctrine in the case of conspiracie and rebellion by pregnant obseruations: collected (not without direction from our superiours) out of the expresse dogmaticall principles of popish priests and doctors.
Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659. / [1670] Episkopos apostolikos, or, The episcopacy of the Church of England justified to be apostolical from the authority of the antient primitive church, and from the confessions of the most famous divines of the reformed churches beyond the seas : being a full satisfaction in this cause, as well for the necessity, as for the just right thereof, as consonant to the word of God / by ... Thomas Morton ... ; before which is prefixed a preface to the reader concerning this subject, by Sir Henry Yelverton, Baronet.
Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659. / [1610] The encounter against M. Parsons, by a revievv of his last sober reckoning, and his exceptions vrged in the treatise of his mitigation. Wherein moreouer is inserted: 1. A confession of some Romanists, both concerning the particular falsifications of principall Romanists, as namely, Bellarmine, Suarez, and others: as also concerning the generall fraude of that curch, in corrupting of authors. 2. A confutation of slaunders, which Bellarmine vrged against Protestants. 3. A performance of the challenge, which Mr. Parsons made, for the examining of sixtie Fathers, cited by Coccius for proofe of Purgatorie ... 4. A censure of a late pamphlet, intituled, The patterne of a Protestant, by one once termed the moderate answerer. 5. An handling of his question of mentall equiuocation (after his boldnesse with the L. Cooke) vpon occasion of the most memorable, and feyned Yorkeshire case of equiuocating; and of his raging against D. Kings sermon. Published by authoritie
Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659. / [1609] A direct answer vnto the scandalous exceptions, which Theophilus Higgons hath lately obiected against D. Morton In the which there is principally discussed, two of the most notorious obiections vsed by the Romanists, viz. 1. M. Luthers conference with the diuell, and 2. The sence of the article of Christ his descension into hell.
Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659. / [1633] A discharge of five imputations of mis-allegations, falsly charged upon the (now) Bishop of Duresme, by an English baron Shewing, that no solid or reall answer is to be expected, from the Romish party, to his late booke (against their Masse) so greatly maligned by them.
Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659. / [1618] A defence of the innocencie of the three ceremonies of the Church of England viz. the surplice, crosse after baptisme, and kneeling at the receiuing of the blessed Sacrament. Diuided into two parts: in the former whereof the generall arguments vrged by the non-conformists; and, in the second part, their particular accusations, against these III. ceremonies seuerally, are answered, and refuted. Published by authoritie.
Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659. / [1662] Confessions and proofes of Protestant divines of reformed churches that episcopacy is in respect of the office according to the word of God, and in respect of the use the best : together with a brief treatise touching the originall of bishops and metropolitans.
Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659. / [1609] A catholike appeale for Protestants, out of the confessions of the Romane doctors particularly answering the mis-named Catholike apologie for the Romane faith, out of the Protestants: manifesting the antiquitie of our religion, and satisfying all scrupulous obiections which haue bene vrged against it. Written by Th. Morton Doctor of Diuinitie.
Morton, Thomas, of Berwick. / [1597] Two treatises concerning regeneration, 1. Of repentance, 2. Of the diet of the soule shewing the one, how it ought to be sought after and may be attained vnto, the other, how it being gotten, is to be preserued and continued.
Morton, Thomas, of Berwick. / [1596] Salomon or A treatise declaring the state of the kingdome of Israel, as it was in the daies of Salomon Whereunto is annexed another treatise, of the Church: or more particularly, of the right constitution of a Church.
Morton, Thomas, of Berwick. / [1596] A treatise of the threefolde state of man wherein is handled, 1 His created holinesse in his innocencie. 2 His sinfulnesse since the fall of Adam. 3 His renewed holinesse in his regeneration.
Morton, Thomas, of Berwick. / [1599] A treatise of the nature of God
Moryson, Fynes, 1566-1630. / [1617] An itinerary vvritten by Fynes Moryson Gent. First in the Latine tongue, and then translated by him into English: containing his ten yeeres trauell through the tvvelue dominions of Germany, Bohmerland, Sweitzerland, Netherland, Denmarke, Poland, Jtaly, Turky, France, England, Scotland, and Ireland. Diuided into III parts. The I. part. Containeth a iournall through all the said twelue dominions: shewing particularly the number of miles, the soyle of the country, the situation of cities, the descriptions of them, with all monuments in each place worth the seeing, as also the rates of hiring coaches or horses from place to place, with each daies expences for diet, horse-meate, and the like. The II. part. Containeth the rebellion of Hugh, Earle of Tyrone, and the appeasing thereof: written also in forme of a iournall. The III. part. Containeth a discourse vpon seuerall heads, through all the said seuerall dominions.
Mossam, Elam. / [1696] The famous tryal in B.R. between Thomas Neale, Esq. and the late Lady Theadosia Ivy the 4th of June, 1684, before the Right Honourable the late Lord Jeffreys, lord chief justice of England, for part of Shadwell in the county of Middlesex ... together with a pamphlet heretofore writ ... by Sir Thomas Ivy ...
Mosse, Miles, fl. 1580-1614. / [1603] Scotlands welcome a sermon preached at Needham in the countie of Suff. on Tuesday, April 5, 1603, vpon Pro. 11. 10 : in the prosperitie of the righteous the citte reioyceth, and when the wicked perish, there is ioy / by Miles Mosse ... ; with some notes and allegations then omitted by reason of the time, and the capacitie of the audience.
Mosse, Miles, fl. 1580-1614. / [1614] Iustifying and sauing faith distinguished from the faith of the deuils In a sermon preached at Pauls crosse in London, May 9. 1613. By Miles Mosse pastor of the church of God at Combes in Suffolke, and Doctor of Diuinitie.
Mosse, Miles, fl. 1580-1614. / [1595] The arraignment and conuiction of vsurie That is, The iniquitie, and vnlawfulnes of vsurie, displayed in sixe sermons, preached at Saint Edmunds Burie in Suffolke, vpon Prouerb. 28.8. By Miles Mosse, minister of the worde, and Bacheler of Diuinitie. Seene and allowed by authoritie. The especiall contents of this booke, are declared in the page next before the treatise it self. Reade all, or censure none.
Mote, Humphrey. / [1585] The Primrose of London with her valiant aduenture on the Spanish coast, beeing of the burthen of 150. tunne. Declaring the maner how 97. Spanyards came aboord the same ship, the course of the skirmish, and how by their valiancie they discomfited them. Wherunto is added the copie of the Kinges commission for the imbarment of all English ships. Truely published by Humphrey Mote.
Motteux, Peter Anthony, 1660-1718. / [1695] Words for an entertainment at the music-feast on St. Ceceila's Day being the 22d of November, 1695 / set to music by Dr. John Blow ; written by Mr. Motteux ; perform'd by two choirs.
Motteux, Peter Anthony, 1660-1718. / [1700] A two part song between Cupid & Bacchus in Timon of Athens set by Mr. Henry Purcell
Motteux, Peter Anthony, 1660-1718. / [1699?] A song in the opera call'd The island princess set by Mr. Leveridge ; sung by Mrs. Camption ; and exactly engraved by Tho. Cross.
Motteux, Peter Anthony, 1660-1718. / [1697] The novelty every act a play : being a short pastoral, comedy, masque, tragedy, and farce, after the Italian manner : as it is acted at the new-theatre in Little Lincolns Inn-Fields, by His Majesties servants / written by Mr. Motteux and other hands.
Motteux, Peter Anthony, 1660-1718. / [1700?] A song in the Mad Lover, set by Mr. G: Eccles, sung by Mrs. Bracegirdle
Motteux, Peter Anthony, 1660-1718. / [1695] Maria a poem occasioned by the death of Her Majesty, addrest to three persons of honour / by Mr. Mottevx.
Motteux, Peter Anthony, 1660-1718. / [1696] The loves of Mars & Venus a play set to music, as it is acted at the New Theatre, in Little Lincolns Inn-Fields, by His Majesty's servants / written by Mr. Motteux.
Motteux, Peter Anthony, 1660-1718. / [MDCXCVI 1696] Love's a jest a comedy as it is acted at the new theatre in Little-Lincolns-Inn-Fields by His Majesties servants / written by Mr. Motteux.
Motteux, Peter Anthony, 1660-1718. / [1699] The island princess, or, The generous Portuguese made into an opera, as it is performed at the Theatre Royal / all the musical entertainments and the greatest part of the play new, and written by Mr. Motteux.
Motteux, Peter Anthony, 1660-1718. / [1698] The epilogue in the Island princess set by Mr. Clarke ; sung by Mrs. Lindsey and the boy ; and exactly engraved by Tho. Cross.
Motteux, Peter Anthony, 1660-1718. / [1698] Beauty in distress as it is acted at the theatre in Little Lincolns-Inn-Fields by His Majesties servants / written by Mr. Motteux ; with a discourse of the lawfulness & unlawfulness of plays, lately written by the learned Father Caffaro, divinity-professor at Paris, sent in a letter to the author by a divine of the Church of England.
Moulton, Thomas. / [1580] The mirrour or glasse of health Necessary and needefull for euery person to looke in, that will keepe their bodye from the sickenesse of the pestylence, and it sheweth how the planets do reygne euery hower of the day and nyght, wyth the natures and expositions of the xii. signes, deuyded by the twelue months of the yeare. And sheweth the remedyes for dyuers infirmyties and diseases that hurteth the body of man.
Mountfort, William, 1664?-1692. / [1697] The life and death of Doctor Faustus made into a farce by Mr. Mountford ; with the humours of Harlequin and Scaramouche, as they were several times acted ... at the Queens Theatre in Dorset Garden ...
Mountfort, William, 1664?-1692. / [1690] The successfull straingers a tragi-comedy : acted by Their Majesties servants, at the Theatre Royal / written by William Mountfort.
Mountfort, William, 1664?-1692. / [1688] The injur'd lovers, or, The ambitious father a tragedy acted by Their Majesty's servants at the Theatre Royal / by W. Mountfort ...
Mountfort, William, 1664?-1692. / [1691] Greenwich-park a comedy acted at the Theatre-Royal, by Their Majesties servants / written by William Mountfort.
Moxon, Joseph. / [1692] The use of the astronomical playing-cards teaching any ordinary capacity by them to be acquainted with all the stars in heaven, to know their place in heaven, colour, nature, and bigness. As also the poetical reasons for every constellation, very useful, and pleasant, and delightful for all lovers of ingeniety. By Joseph Moxon hydrographer to the Kings most Excellent Majesty.
Moxon, Joseph, 1627-1691. / [1659] A tutor to astronomie and geographie, or, An easie and speedy way to know the use of both the globes, coelestial and terrestrial in six books : the first teaching the rudiments of astronomy and geography, the 2. shewing by the globes the solution of astronomical & geographical probl., the 3. shewing by the globes the solution of problems in navigation, the 4. shewing by the globes the solution of astrological problemes, the 5. shewing by the globes the solution of gnomonical problemes, the 6. shewing by the globes the solution of of [sic] spherical triangles : more fully and amply then hath ever been set forth either by Gemma Frisius, Metius, Hues, Wright, Blaew, or any others that have taught the use of the globes : and that so plainly and methodically that the meanest capacity may at first reading apprehend it, and with a little practise grow expert in these divine sciences / by Joseph Moxon ; whereunto is added Antient poetical stories of the stars, shewing reasons why the several shapes and forms are pictured on the coelestial globe, collected from Dr. Hood ; as also a Discourse of the antiquity, progress and augmentation of astronomie.
Moxon, Joseph, 1627-1691. / [1676] Regulæ trium ordinum literarum typographicarum, or, The rules of the three orders of print letters viz. the Roman, Italick, English capitals and small : shewing how they are compounded of geometrick figures, and mostly made by rule and compass, useful for writing masters, painters, carvers, masons, and others that are lovers of curiosity / by Joseph Moxon ...
Moxon, Joseph, 1627-1691. / [1670] Practical perspective, or, Perspective made easie teaching [brace] by the opticks, how to delineate all bodies, buildings, or landskips, &c., by the catoptricks, how to delineate confused appearences, so as when seen in a mirror or pollisht body of any intended shape, the reflection shall shew a designe, by the dioptircks [sic], how to draw parts of many figures into one, when seen through a glass or christal cut into many faces : usefull for all painters, engravers, architects, &c., and all others that are any waies inclined to speculatory ingenuity / by Joseph Moxon ...
Moxon, Joseph, 1627-1691. / [1679] Mathematicks made easy, or, A mathematical dictionary explaining the terms of art and difficult phrases used in arithmetick, geometry, astronomy, astrology, and other mathematical sciences wherein the true meaning of the word is rendred, the nature of things signified discussed, and (where need requires) illustrated with apt figures and diagrams : with an appendix exactly containing the quantities of all sorts of weights and measures, the characters and meaning of the marks, symbols, or abbreviations commonly used in algebra and sundry other observables / by Joseph Moxon.
Moxon, Joseph, 1627-1691. / [1668] Mechanick dyalling teaching any man, though of an ordinary capacity and unlearned in the mathematicks, to draw a true sun-dyal on any given plane, however scituated : only with the help of a straight ruler and a pair of compasses, and without any arithmetical calculation / by Joseph Moxon ...
Moxon, Joseph, 1627-1691. / [1693-1701] Mechanick exercises, or, The doctrine of handy-works by Joseph Moxon.
Moxon, Joseph, 1627-1691. / [1692] An epitome of the whole art of war In two parts. The first of military discipline, containing the whole exercise of the pike and musquet, &c. with plain directions for the various postures. Also the drawing up of battalions, and way of forming them; with the art of doubling, wheeling, forming and drawing up an army into any figure. The way of conducting armies in hilly, woody or plain countries: of encampings, besiegings, giving of battle, &c. The second of fortification and gunnery, which shews the principles and practices of fortification, as now used, as well by the English, as several other European nations, (especially by Their Majesties army) at the late siege of Athlone, Galoway, Limerick, &c. ... Of casements, cittadels, crownworks, ravelins, &c. Of gunnery, ... morters, demy-cannon, &c. with the manner of batteries, &c. All illustrated and further explained by 18 copper-plates, curiously designed and engraven.
Moxon, Joseph, 1627-1691. / [1676] A collection of some attempts made to the North-East, and North-West, for the finding a passage to Japan, China, &c. As also somewhat relating to the satisfaction of all inquirers into Captain John Wood's present search of a passage by the North-Pole, &c. By Joesph Moxon, Hydroprapher to the King's most excellent Majesty.
Moxon, Joseph, 1627-1691. / [1674] A brief discourse of a passage by the North-pole to Japan, China, &c. pleaded by three experiments, and answers to all objections that can be urged against a passage that way ... with a map of all the discovered lands neerest to the pole / by Jospeh Moxon ...