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Mead, Matthew, 1630?-1699. / [1665] Solomon's prescription for the removal of the pestilence, or, The discovery of the plague of our hearts, in order to the healing of that in our flesh by M.M.
Mead, Robert, 1616-1653. / [1654. i.e. 1653] The combat of love and friendship, a comedy, as it hath formerly been presented by the gentlemen of Ch. Ch. in Oxford. By Robert Mead, sometimes of the same colledge.
Meadows, Philip, Sir, 1626-1718. / [M.DC.LXXVII 1677] A narrative of the principal actions occurring in the wars betwixt Sueden and Denmark before and after the Roschild Treaty with the counsels and measures by which those actions were directed : together with a view of the Suedish and other affairs, as they stood in Germany in the year 1675, with relation to England : occasionally communicated by the author to the Right Honourable George, late Earl of Bristol, and since his decease found among his papers.
Meath, Edward Brabazon, Earl of, ca. 1638-1708. / [1654] To the Parliament of the Common-wealths of England, Scotland, and Ireland. The humble petition of Edward Earle of Meath in the dominion of Ireland.
Mede, Joseph, 1586-1638. / [1672] The works of the pious and profoundly-learned Joseph Mede, B.D., sometime fellow of Christ's Colledge in Cambridge
Mede, Joseph, 1586-1638. / [1638] The reverence of Gods house· A sermon preached at St. Maries in Cambridge, before the Universitie on St. Matthies day, anno 1635/6. By Joseph Mede B.D. and late fellow of Christs Colledge in Cambridge.
Mede, Joseph, 1586-1638. / [1642] A paraphrase and exposition of the prophesie of Saint Peter concerning the day of Christs second comming described in the third chapter of his second epistle as also how the conflagration or destruction of the world by fire, whereof Saint Peter speaks, and especially of the heavens is to be understood / by Ioseph Mede ...
Mede, Joseph, 1586-1638. / [MDCXXXVII. 1637] The name altar, or thysiastērion, anciently given to the holy table A common-place, or theologicall discourse, in a colledge chappell more than two yeares since. By Joseph Mede B.D. and fellow of Christs Colledge in Cambridge.
Mede, Joseph, 1586-1638. / [1653] Dissertationum ecclesiasticarum triga De sanctitate relativa De veneratione sacra, De sortitione & alea : quibus accednnt [sic] fragmenta sacra / a Josepho Medo ...
Mede, Joseph, 1586-1638. / [1642-1648] Diatribae discovrses on on divers texts of Scriptvre / delivered upon severall occasions by Joseph Mede ...
Mede, Joseph, 1586-1638. / [1643] Daniels weekes an interpretation of part of the prophecy of Daniel / by Joseph Mede ...
Mede, Joseph, 1586-1638. / [anno MDCXXVII. 1627] Clauis apocalyptica ex innatis et insitis visionum characteribus eruta et demonstrata. Ad eorum usum quibus deus amorem studiúmq[ue] indiderit prophetiam illam admirandam cognoscendi scrutandíque.
Mede, Joseph, 1586-1638. / [M DC XXXVIII. 1638] Churches, that is, appropriate places for Christian vvorship both in, and ever since the Apostles times. A discourse at first more briefly delivered in a colledge chappell, and since enlarged. By Joseph Mede, B.D. and fellow of Christs Colledge in Cambridge.
Mede, Joseph, 1586-1638. / [1641] The apostasy of the latter times in which, according to divine prediction, the world should wonder after the beast the mystery of iniquity should so farre prevaile over the mystery of godlinesse, whorish Babylon over the virgin-Church of Christ, as that the visible glory of the true church should be much clouded the true unstained Christian faith corrupted the purity of true worship polluted, or, The gentiles theology of dæmons i.e. inferiour divine powers, supposed to be mediatours between God and man : revived in the latter times amongst Christians in worshipping of angels, deifying and invocating of saints, adoring and templing of reliques, bowing downe to images, worshipping of crosses, &c : all which together with a true discovery of the nature, originall, progresse, of the great, fatall and solemn apotisy are cleared : delivered in publique some years since upon I Tim. 4. 1,2,3 / by Joseph Mede ...
Medical Women's Federation (Great Britain) / [Permissu superiorum anno 1650] A manifest touching M.W.F. aversion from the Protestant congregation And his conversion to the Catholique Church presented to the right wor. ll [sic] Sir A.P. his much honoured father, and his other best friends, for their better satisfaction and his owne iustification.
Medina, Pedro de, 1493?-1567? / [1581] The arte of nauigation wherein is contained all the rules, declarations, secretes, & aduises, which for good nauigation are necessarie & ought to be knowen and practised: and are very profitable for all kind of mariners, made by (master Peter de Medina) directed to the right excellent and renowned lord, don Philippe, prince of Spaine, and of both Siciles. And now newely translated out of Spanish into English by John Frampton. 1581.
Medwall, Henry, fl. 1486. / [between 1529 and 1535] Nature A goodly interlude of nature co[m]pylyd by mayster Henry Medwall chapleyn to the ryght reuerent father in god Iohan Morton somtyme cardynall and archebyshop of Canterbury.
Mela, Pomponius. / [1585] The vvorke of Pomponius Mela. the cosmographer, concerninge the situation of the world wherein euery parte, is deuided by it selfe in most perfect manner, as appeareth in the table at the ende of the booke. A booke right plesant and profitable for all sortes of men: but speciallie for gentlemen, marchants, mariners, and trauellers, translated out of Latine by Arthur Golding Gentleman.
Melanchthon, Philipp, 1497-1560. / [the vi. daie of Auguste, the yere of our lorde. M.D.XLVIII. 1548] A waying and considering of the Interim by the honourworthy and highly learned Phillip Melancthon. Tra[n]slated into Englyshe by Iohn Rogers
Melanchthon, Philipp, 1497-1560. / [1579] Of two vvoonderful popish monsters to wyt, of a popish asse which was found at Rome in the riuer of Tyber, and of a monkish calfe, calued at Friberge in Misne. Which are the very foreshewings and tokens of Gods wrath, against blinde, obstinate, and monstrous Papistes. Witnessed, and declared, the one by Philip Melancthon, the other by Martyn Luther. Translated out of French into English by Iohn Brooke of Assh, next Sandwich.
Melanchthon, Philipp, 1497-1560. / [1580] A godly and learned assertion in defence of the true church of God, and of His Woorde written in Latine by that Reuerend Father D. Philip Melancthon, after the conuention at Ratisbona, anno 1541 ; translated into English by R.R.
Melanchthon, Philipp, 1497-1560. / [Anno. 1561] A famous and godly history contaynyng the lyues a[nd] actes of three renowmed reformers of the Christia[n] Church, Martine Luther, Iohn Ecolampadius, and Huldericke Zuinglius. The declaracion of Martin Luthers faythe before the Emperoure Charles the fyft, and the illustre estates of the empyre of Germanye, with an oration of hys death, all set forth in Latin by Philip Melancthon, Wolfgangus Faber, Capito. Simon Grineus, [and] Oswald Miconus, newly Englished by Henry Bennet Callesian.
Melanchthon, Philipp, 1497-1560. / [1550?] A ciuile nosgay wherin is contayned not onelye the offyce and dewty of all magestrates and iudges but also of of [sic] all subiectes with a preface concernynge the lyberty of iustice in this our tyme newly collected and gethered out of latyn and so translated in to the Inglyshe tonge by I.G.
Melish, Stephen. / [in the year, 1663] XII visions of Stephen Melish a Germane being such as concern the affairs now in agitation between the French King & the Pope. Translated by Albertus Otto Faber.
Mell, George. / [1566] A proper new balad of the Bryber Gehesie Taken out of the fourth booke of Kinges the .v. chapter. To the tune of Kynge Salomon.
Mellidge, Anthony. / [1659] Winchester Prison the 21th day of the 1 month, 59 If the measure of my sufferings under the creuel hands of unreasonale men, be finished in this noysome prison by the laying down of my life, ...
Mellys, John. / [1566] The true description of two monsterous chiildren laufully begotten betwene George Steuens and Margerie his wyfe, and borne in the parish of Swanburne in Buckingham shyre, the. iiii. of Aprill. Anno Domini. 1566, the two children havuing both their belies fast ioyned together, and imbraycyng one an other with their armes: which children wer both a lyue by the space of half an hower, and wer baptized, and named the one John, and the other Joan.
Melville, James, 1556-1614. / [1589. i.e. 1598] A spirituall propine of a pastour to his people
Melville, James, 1556-1614. / [Anno Do. 1597] Ane fruitful and comfortable exhortatioun anent death
Melville, James, Sir, 1535-1617. / [1683] The memoires of Sir James Melvil of Hal-hill containing an impartial account of the most remarkable affairs of state during the last age, not mention'd by other historians, more particularly relating to the kingdoms of England and Scotland, under the reigns of Queen Elizabeth, Mary Queen of Scots, and King James : in all which transactions the author was personally and publickly concern'd : now published from the original manuscript / by George Scott, Gent.
Member of the army. / [1661] The noble souldiers advice to his comrades: or, The red-coats resolution. Written by a member of the army.
Mendoza, Bernardino de, 1540 or 41-1604. / [1597] Theorique and practise of warre. Written to Don Philip Prince of Castil, by Don Bernardino de Mendoza. Translated out of the Castilian tonge into Englishe, by Sr. Edwarde Hoby Knight. Directed to Sr. George Carew Knight
Menewe, Gracious. / [1555?] A plaine subuersyon or turnyng vp syde down of all the argumentes, that the Popecatholykes can make for the maintenaunce of auricular confession with a moste wholsome doctryne touchyng the due obedience, that we owe vnto ciuill magistrates, made dialogue wyse betwene the prentyse and the priest by Gracyous Menewe.
Menewe, Gracious. / [1555?] A confutacion of that popishe and antichristian doctryne, whiche mainteineth ye ministracyon and receiuing of the sacrament under one kind made dialoge-wise betwene the prieste and the prentyse by Gracyous Menewe.
Mennes, John, Sir, 1599-1671. / [1658] Wit restor'd in several select poems not formerly publish't.
Mennes, John, Sir, 1599-1671. / [1654] Recreation for ingenious head-peeces, or, A pleasant grove for their wits to walk in of epigrams 700, epitaphs 200, fancies a number, fantasticks abundance : with their addition, multiplication, and division.
Mennes, John, Sir, 1599-1671. / [1655] Musarum deliciæ: or, The Muses recreation. Conteining severall select pieces of sportive vvit. / By Sr J.M. and Ja:S.
Menton, L. / [1698] Pecuniæ obediunt omnia Money masters all things, or, Satyrical poems, shewing the power and influence of money over all men, of what profession or trade soever they be : to which are added, A Lenten litany, by Mr. C____d, A satyr on Mr. Dryden, and several other modern translators : also A satyr on women in general : together with Mr. Oldham's Character of a certain ugly old p----
Merbecke, John, ca. 1510-ca. 1585. / [Anno. 1579] The holie historie of King Dauid wherein is chieflye learned these godly and whosome lessons, that is: to haue sure patience in persecution, due obedience to our prince without rebellion: and also the true and most faithfull dealings of friendes. Drawne into English meetre for the youth to reade; by Iohn Marbeck.
Merbecke, John, ca. 1510-ca. 1585. / [1581] A booke of notes and common places, with their expositions, collected and gathered out of the workes of diuers singular writers, and brought alphabetically into order. A worke both profitable and also necessarie, to those that desire the true vnderstanding & meaning of holy Scripture By Iohn Marbeck
Mercator, Gerhard, 1512-1594. / [1635] Historia mundi: or Mercator's atlas Containing his cosmographicall description of the fabricke and figure of the world. Lately rectified in divers places, as also beautified and enlarged with new mappes and tables; by the studious industry of Iudocus Hondy. Englished by W. S. generosus, & Coll. Regin. Oxoniæ.
Mercer, William, 1605?-1676? / [1646] An elegie vpon the death of the right honorable, most noble, worthily-renowned, and truly valiant lord, Robert, Earle of Essex & Evve &c. His Excellency, late Lord Generall of all the forces raised by the Parliament of England in defence of the Protestant religion. Who departed the 14th. day of September, 1646. / William Mercer.
Mercer, William, 1605?-1676? / [1646] An elegie in memorie, and at the interring of the body of the most famous and truely noble knight, Sir Henrie Mervyn. Paterne of all true valour; worth, and arts, who departed this life the 30. of May, and lyes interred at Westminster, anno Do: 1646.
Mercurius Britanicus. / [1644] The copie of a letter written by Mercurius Britanicus to Mercurius Civicus.
Mercurius Melancholicus, fl. 1648. / [Printed in the yeer, when the city stincks for fear. 1648] The Parliaments thanks to the Citie for their kinde complyance with them in all their treasons from time to time committed against His Maiesties honor, crowne and dignitie. Dedicated to the loyall and treacherous citizens; the valiant and cowardly citizens; the wise and foolish citizens; the wealthy and poor citizens; the square and Round-headed citizens; the honored, and the horned citizens. By Mercurius Melancholicus:
Mercurius, Hibernicus. / [1680?] A seasonable caution to apostate Protestants: or, mercy and judgment at once visible wherein you'l find heart refreshing mercy to the firm Protestants; and soul ruining vengeance on the rotten time-serving ones that turn papists. Verifying, in the very letter, that promise, whosoever will save his life, shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake, shall find it: Mat. 16. 25. (as here the true Protestants did, who gave themselves up for dead men, rather than turn papists to save their lives; and yet were miraculously saved: when, at the same time, the rotten unsound Protestants, who, at that pinch, turn'd papists to save their lives, yet perished. Written by Mercurius Hibernicus, an ey-witness of the Protestants miseries, and of the papists treacheries in Ireland; from whom expect several sheets to the shame of popery.
Meres, Francis, 1565-1647. / [1634] Wits common wealth The second part. A treasurie of diuine, morall, and phylosophicall similies, and sentences, generally vsefull. But more particularly published, for the vse of schooles. By F.M. Master of Arts of bot Vniuersities.
Meres, Francis, 1565-1647. / [1597] Gods arithmeticke. Written by Francis Meres, Maister of Arte of both Vniuersities, and student in diuinity ...
Meriton, Thomas, b. 1638. / [1658] The wandring lover a tragy-comedie being acted severall times privately at sundry places by the author and his friends with great applause / written by T.M. Gent.
Meriton, Thomas, b. 1638. / [1658] Love and war a tragedy / written by Tho. Meriton.
Merret, Christopher, 1614-1695. / [1695] Dr. Merrett aged 81. and upwards, dr. in physick, of Oxford 53. years, practitioner in London from the year 1638. Fellow of both royal societies, keeper of Dr. Harvey's musæum in the College of Physicians, censor eleven years, which never but one ever was, &c. makes to his parish of St. Andrews Holbourn this proposition following, viz. : That he will give without demand of any reward, to 150 persons, medicines of his own making ...
Merret, Christopher, 1614-1695. / [1670] The accomplisht physician, the honest apothecary, and the skilful chyrurgeon detecting their necessary connexion and dependence on each other : withall a discovery of the frauds of the quacking empirick, the praescribing surgeon, and the practicing apothecary :
Mervyn, Audley, Sir, d. 1675. / [1662] Two speeches the one spoken by Sir Audley Mervin, speaker of the honourable House of Commons, upon the reception and return of James, Duke of Ormond, Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, July 27, 1662 : the other at His Graces entrance into the Castle of Dublin by Mr. Norris Jephson.
Meslier, fl. 1610. / [1628] The true history of the tragicke loves of Hipolito and Isabella Neapolitans. Englished
Meteren, Emmanuel van, 1535-1612. / [1602] A true discourse historicall, of the succeeding gouernours in the Netherlands, and the ciuill warres there begun in the yeere 1565 with the memorable seruices of our honourable English generals, captaines and souldiers, especially vnder Sir Iohn Norice knight, there performed from the yeere 1577. vntill the yeere 1589. and afterwards in Portugale, France, Britaine and Ireland, vntill the yeere 1598. Translated and collected by T.C. Esquire, and Ric. Ro. out of the reuerend E.M. of Antwerp. his fifteene bookes Historicæ Belgicæ; and other collections added: altogether manifesting all martiall actions meete for euery good subiect to reade, for defence of prince and countrey.
Mewe, William, ca. 1603-1669. / [1643] The robbing and spoiling of Jacob and Israel considered and bewailed, in a sermon preached at Westminster before the Honourable House of Commons, at the late solemn fast, Nov. 29, 1643 / by William Mevve ...
Mexía, Pedro, 1496?-1552? / [1580] A pleasaunt dialogue, concerning phisicke and phisitions
Mexía, Pedro, 1496?-1552? / [1623] The imperiall historie: or The liues of the emperours, from Iulius Cæsar, the first founder of the Roman monarchy, vnto this present yeere containing their liues and actions, with the rising and declining of that empire; the originall, and successe, of all those barbarous nations that haue inuaded it, and ruined it by peece-meele: with an ample relation of all the memorable accidents that haue happened during these last combustions. First written in Spanish by Pedro Mexia: and since continued by some others, to the death of Maximilian the Second; translated into English by W.T.: and now corrected, amplified and continued to these times by Edvvard Grimeston Sergeant at Armes.
Mexía, Pedro, 1496?-1552? / [1571] The foreste or Collection of histories no lesse profitable, then pleasant and necessarie, dooen out of Frenche into Englishe, by Thomas Fortescue.
Meyer, Albrecht, 1528-1603. / [1589] Certaine briefe, and speciall instructions for gentlemen, merchants, students, souldiers, marriners, &c. employed in seruices abrode, or anie way occasioned to conuerse in the kingdomes, and gouernementes of forren princes
Méndez de Haro, Luis, 1598-1661. / [1660] A translate of a letter from Don Lewis de Harro chief counsellor and Minister of State to his Majesty of Spaine sent unto the King of Scots at Brussels concerning the affaires in England, publication of the Articles of Peace and marriage with France, &c.
Mézeray, François Eudes de, 1610-1683. / [1683] A general chronological history of France beginning before the reign of King Pharamond, and ending with the reign of King Henry the Fourth, containing both the civil and the ecclesiastical transactions of that kingdom / by the sieur De Mezeray ... ; translated by John Bulteel ...